posted by davidt on Sunday May 09 2004, @07:00PM
tibby writes:

I was just on the Morrissey website and I noticed this.Morrissey is going to be on CNN headline news on Sunday May 9th.Morrissey is going to be on a segment called Soundcheck.The site says the segment comes on at 6 or 7 p.m.eastern time and it repeats every hour after that.
JoelWhy writes:

I was watching CNN Headline News today, and they had a relatively lengthy story on Morrissey and his new album. Ok, so the story, interview and vid clips included, was only about 3 minutes long, but for CNN Headline News, that's rather long. Morrissey compared his L.A. sightings to "bigfoot", the fact that he's "not 22, not skinny...not despising humanity", and his upcoming return to Manchester. They also talked about his "supposed" feud w/ The Cure, and his views on the state of the world: "I love America so much, that I hope to God that George W. can't last very long, because I think he is so, so bad for the country". But, probably the funniest part of the interview was when he was asked if he is happy now. "I do feel much happier now...I wouldn't say delirious" (he chuckles) "but yes, I am happy."

Thank goodness for my TIVO!!!

Juan writes:

I'm surprised that no one has posted this yet, but all day yesterday (Saturday, May 8th) CNN's Headline News was running a short, 5 minute or so segment on Morrissey's "comeback" and YATQ.

The segment featured a snippet of the beginning to the "Irish Blood, English Heart" video, as well as a quick (I'm sure extremely edited) interview with Moz. The song "Irish Blood..." was featured prominently throughout the piece, and as the outro music as they went to commercial.

Standard discussion topics (i.e., "where have you been?", "do feel people will like the record", etc), although they did keep in a bit where he voiced his sincere hope that George W. is not reelected, as he is "tremendously bad for America" both here and abroad. Surprising, given the U.S. media's typically censorious additude towards dissent...perhaps CNN is fishing for a bit of controversy...
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  • As Loafing Oaf from the message board will be doing, I taped it and will use it as my intro to the whole Kilborn set.

    Thanks again to Loafing Oaf for the heads up.

    Mini-interview was ok. What I found interesting was Morrissey being called by his first, then by his whole name. Never heard it out loud before.
    dallow_bg <[email protected]> -- Sunday May 09 2004, @07:04PM (#101139)
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    "All the people I like are those that are dead."
  • Morrissey on Bush (Score:1, Insightful)

    I was sooooooo happy to hear Morrissey's views on Bush. We do need a new President. Kerry is no Clinton but he's the best of the choices we've got. I know not everyone on this page is a Kerry fan but as Morrissey fans we should see that he made some good points in that CNN interview. And for all of those out there who don't vote, WAKE UP! Your life and your voice will just pass you buy if you don't vote. With all that being said, I can't wait for the new Morrissey CD. William
    texasbloke -- Sunday May 09 2004, @07:43PM (#101145)
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  • "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before"

    "I Started Something I Couldn't Finish"

    Videos were shot on 18 October 1987 (so a few months after the Smiths split) for "I Started Something I Couldn't Finish" and "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before". The same footage of Morrissey biking through Manchester and Salford with a dozen or more look-alike fans was used for both. The fans were found from the Smiths Indeed fanzine. Morrissey's idea was to show Smiths' landmarks around Manchester, with the fans riding behind him as if they were chasing him around. Both videos were directed by Tim Broad.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 09 2004, @08:09PM (#101151)
  • Is that people like CNN say "Remember Morrissey?"

    1. First as if mainstream media ever dared cover him to begin with.

    2. His greatest commercial success came in the mid-1990s with awesome songs like "We hate it when our friends become successful", "Tomorrow" and "The more you ignore me."
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 09 2004, @08:58PM (#101159)
    • the media outlets don't really cover the news. they just create stories in an angle that they believe middle america can digest. and if that's not bad enough, most people in television media organizations believe that they are doctors, comedians, philosophers, economists, sports experts, and lawyers all rolled into one so you get people who tend to overestimate their own intelligence and belief in what the average person knows or thinks.

      i'm sure a lot of the journalists who parrot the same questions over and over again to moz probably know better, but they feel like they have to approach the interview and their article in a way that assumes that not everyone reads morrissey-solo on a daily basis.
      suzanne -- Sunday May 09 2004, @11:41PM (#101182)
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      I scare dead people.
    • CNN Horrible lead-in ! by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 09 2004, @11:58PM
  • anyone seen it there?
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Sunday May 09 2004, @09:03PM (#101161)
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    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
    • Re:CNN europe by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 09 2004, @11:57PM
      • Re:CNN europe by Celibate Cry (Score:1) Monday May 10 2004, @09:18PM
  • Comrade!! (Score:1, Insightful)

    "I love America so much, that I hope to God that George W. can't last very long, because I think he is so, so bad for the country".

    I, and many others, were angrily saying the same thing - "I think he is so, so bad for the country" - 4 years ago, the day he got *illegally* elected into office; it shocked me, though, when someone later said to me, "he's doing the best that he can..."; and then 9/11 happened - "the best"?! Good Lord, I hate to see his *worst*!!!!
    J. Razor -- Sunday May 09 2004, @09:29PM (#101166)
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    I'm Alone
    • Re:Comrade!! by Lon (Score:1) Monday May 10 2004, @02:08AM
      • Re:Comrade!! by J. Razor (Score:1) Tuesday May 11 2004, @12:11PM
  • if i flip on cnn headline news right now, do i have a sporting chance of catching this?
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 09 2004, @10:17PM (#101174)
  • Could some good person post a transcript of Morrissey's interview? I'm too skint for cable!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 10 2004, @12:34AM (#101192)
  • within 2 minutes of reading this, i set up the VCR and taped it.

    really, how cool is that? MOZ on CNN. what's the world coming to?
    mr. superinvisible -- Monday May 10 2004, @12:56AM (#101195)
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  • I just watched this segment... literally as I turned on the TV to the channel, it started 20 seconds later as I heard the newscaster say "Remember Morrissey?"

    Nice interview for an interviewer who obviously had only a passing knowledge of Morrissey. It's always nice to see and hear Morrissey on TV, especially on something so mainstream as CNN. I laughed at his comment on The Cure: "I can't understand how they're still around" or something like that. The Bigfoot comment of his was funny... I used to try to MozSpot when I lived in LA, but to no avail.

    Anyway... I've been lurking here for over 5 years... decided to say hi and leave a comment. If anyone remembers the transcript of the Morrissey interview with Richard Blade a few years back on KROQ, I'm the guy that typed it up and sent it in. =)

    Off topic: my 11 year old daughter loves IBEH, and "The Slum Mums." Too bad TSM didn't make it onto the CD. My 9 year old son has TWO Morrissey posters in his bedroom... the lad has good taste!
    Edge -- Monday May 10 2004, @12:59AM (#101197)
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    -- Veni, vidi, volo in domum redire (I came, I saw, I want to go home)
  • Where do I begin? (Score:1, Insightful)

    1. Did I read in one of the posts that someone was actually surprised that CNN put dissent towards Bush on the air? Okay, that person must be in college.


    2. It's been stated and debated over and over on this site, however, to summarize, Morrissey is not intelligent when it comes to politics. We'll leave it at that.

    One last thing, please explain to me, I'm speaking to the Kerry fans out there, why John F. Kerry, while speaking to union reps in Detroit bragged about his SUV, and then at his home in Idaho a month later said he didn't own an SUV? His family does. Just keep it to that...explain why he changed his answer, and then explain how you can defend someone who is such a genuine liar? John Kerry will say anything to get elected...that's who you want running the most powerful nation on the planet?!?

    As an add on: Morrissey doesn't bring the smarts when it comes to politics, and neither do his fans...
    dewdrop -- Monday May 10 2004, @03:27AM (#101213)
    (User #2326 Info)
  • Wow! Sanctuary Records are really doing their job aren't they? CNN! I wonder (and somewhat fear) what's next. By the way, did anybody listen to Razor Cuts on Virgin Radio yesterday? Morrissey was the guest star. Any news?
    Anonymous -- Monday May 10 2004, @05:45AM (#101230)
  • Ok, Morrissey and his fans knows nothing about politics. but even the animals of zoo can see that. This man is insane. It is not a politics conclusion. is a LOGIC conclusion.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 10 2004, @05:58AM (#101231)
  • Unite and Take Over!!!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 10 2004, @06:11AM (#101232)
  • right after moz made that comment about george W they played I like you right where he sings "this is why i like you.. i like you..."

    ill still be voting for george W. anyway (just like how i still eat meat and still think the Cure are ok)

    viva moz!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 10 2004, @08:06AM (#101260)
  • "Surprising, given the U.S. media's typically censorious additude towards dissent...perhaps CNN is fishing for a bit of controversy..."

    I can see you're not a regular viewer of CNN's Lou Dobbs. Very interesting show. You should watch it. The Exporting America coverage is particularly informative.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 10 2004, @08:11AM (#101262)
  • I saw the Headlines news thing on Saturday night, they played it at the end of each hour.
    I was expecting, from the way I read the news clip on, that there would be an hour long interview, because that 2-3 minute piece seemed to be so poorly edited and all over the place.

    Like the coment on the Cure...he was asked about his "feud", and his reply was about how it surprised him that they (Cure) were still around.
    Well, that comment has nothing to to with the "feud". That was just a comment on his apparent dislike in their music.

    I wish the entire, or at least a decent editing of what seemed like it must have been a lengthy interview would be shown/aired.

    Oh well.
    someraincoatedlovers -- Monday May 10 2004, @08:30AM (#101270)
    (User #10290 Info)
  • I stayed up all night watching CNN, and I didn't see it once.

    I know it was only a short interview, but if anyone is willing to make me a opy (if they recorded it) I would appreciate it so much.
    HopeBlister <[email protected]> -- Monday May 10 2004, @10:16AM (#101303)
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    I dreamt about you last night and I fell out of bed twice. You can pin and mount me like a butterfly.
  • what are the chances of someone putting up the Morrissey segment from Headline News on a website somewhere (anywhere)?

    Living in NYC, the Headline News channel on our cable service cuts to local news during the last 5 minutes of every half hour. I tried to find it Sunday evening-Monday morning, but was out of luck (news is boring, so I could have slept through it).

    BTW - we went to the Apollo on Saturday night - next to last row in the top balcony. fantastic show, except Morrissey disapeared from our view when he interacted with the audience. still, it was a big night out for us, and we actually got to sit and enjoy the man and his music - we're too old (late 40s) to stand all night at gigs.

    Anonymous -- Monday May 10 2004, @11:13AM (#101316)
  • The news clip comes on every 48 minutes past the hour on cnn headline news, not the cnn channel. They showed clips of the IBEH video and some concert footage from the L.A. shows. He was asked about his views on President Bush to which he explained that he wasn't to fond of. He also said that he couldn't believe the Cure was still around. Morrissey also said that he was happy.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Monday May 10 2004, @02:44PM (#101403)
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    True friends stab you in the front.
  • as a canadian watching cnn it makes me absolutely ill. the fear keeps being driven into the american public deaper and deaper.
    a little moz on cnn makes up for 24hours of non-sense.
    THIS IS MOZ!!!!
    fitztomoz -- Monday May 10 2004, @05:56PM (#101458)
    (User #10667 Info)
  • remember morrissey the lead singer of the eighties pop band the smiths,
    well he has a new image and a new cd, denise chuan talks to morrissey
    about his past and his future

    *clip of ibeh video*

    in the seven years since his last solo cd there has been occasional
    morrissey sightings, "i read these sightings and it is like bigfoot",
    most of these occur at a pub near the cnn bureau in sunny los angeles,
    a city the famously gloomy english pop star has ironically called home
    since 1996, (dc) "people when they meet you expect you to be this brooding,
    depressed, suicidal (nervous laugh), morose individual?
    (moz)"people are very surprised when they see me that i'm not 22, i'm not
    skinny, i'm not falling down stairs, that i'm not despising humanity

    *clip of how soon is now live*
    voiceover clip: he gained enormous acclaim as the mysterious lead singer
    of the eighties band the smiths
    *clip of ibeh*
    voiceover clip: AND on may 18th steven patrick morrissey will unleash his
    7th studio album you are the quarrrrry, 4 days before his 45th birthday

    (moz) honestly i don't feel of the eighties, i don't at all, i feel now, my life now is more interesting

    *clip of live performance from U.S.*
    voiceover clip:morrissey recently sold out 5 nights in los angeles, 5 nights
    in new york and one giant homecoming concert in manchester england, that's been 12 years in the making

    (moz) and i'm going back to manchester, where i was born and braised (raises
    eyebrows, she laughs)

    (dc) do you like being on the road?
    (moz) yes i do (sighs)
    (dc) you say that with a (inaudible)
    (moz) i say everything with a (shrugs/sighs), it's how i was born

    *clip of the cure*
    voiceover:what continues to be a pain, his supposed feud with another
    legendary eighties band, the cure

    (moz) it fascinates me that they continue to survive

    voiceover news clips: and he's still troubled by the state of world affairs

    (moz) i love america so much, i hope to god george w can't last any more,
    cause i think he's so, so bad for the country, SO bad for the world

    voiceover clip: but these days on the brink of 45, there's something
    different about morrissey

    (dc) last question for you, are you...................................................hate to say that word.....but...........................happy now?

    (moz) i've had a lot of personal victories so i do feel much happier now
    i wouldn't say delerious (dc laughs as does moz) but yes, i am happy

    denise cuan cnn blah blah blah
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 11 2004, @08:26AM (#101613)
  • Does anyone know where I can see a copy of this interview?? I've checked and I see it mentioned but I can't find a viseo stream of it!! Someone please help!
    grlleast_likly2 -- Monday May 17 2004, @03:11PM (#103278)
    (User #10602 Info)

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