posted by davidt on Saturday May 08 2004, @07:00PM
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Set List:

First of the Gang to Die / Hairdresser on Fire / Irish Blood, English Heart / The Headmaster Ritual/ I Have Forgiven Jesus/ Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice/ Let Me Kiss You / Rubber Ring/ Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference/ Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full of Crashing Bores / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / No One Can Hold A Candle To You / All The Lazy Dykes / Jack The Ripper / I Know it's Gonna Happen Someday // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist anonymously provided
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  • RuBbEr RiNg!!!!!!!!
    amenemope -- Saturday May 08 2004, @07:08PM (#100979)
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  • i had the greatest time. the fight for the shirt was great. the girl jumping on stage (and almost getting tackled by security) was great. closing the night with "there is a light" was great.

    anyone out there have the setlist?
    eskywalker -- Saturday May 08 2004, @08:15PM (#100984)
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  • Here is Harlem... (Score:3, Informative)

    not really a set list, more a "what was played", because my memory is shit:

    First of the Gang to Die / Hairdresser on Fire / Irish Blood, English Heart / Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice / The Headmaste Ritual / I Have Forgiven Jesus / How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Rubber Ring / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday/ Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / No One Can Hold A Candle To You / All The Lazy Dykes / Jack The Ripper / I Know it's Gonna Happen Someday // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

    I know the order isn.t right, and I get the feeling that I've missed at least one, but that's what my memory is giving me right now. Please correct my mistakes!

    Three shirts total, only one made it into the crowd. He came out in this fantastic red blazer. "How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?" seemed a bit more rock than it did on Tuesday, which I loved. And Moz was pretty chatty, though he did seem to have been taking dance moves from Ian Curtis. He really seemed to be giving it everything, though, considering it was the last night.

    Someone up front gave him flowers, and another girl made it up on stage before being led off by security.

    Now I have nothing to look forward to!

    "Now you know why the tickets were so expensive. The drama and histronics are extra."
    whosaidilied -- Saturday May 08 2004, @08:17PM (#100985)
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    "Things which could potentially fuck us up just seem deserving of the Shane MacGowan school of drinking."
  • Ruber Ring?!?!?!? This should have been fantastic!!!!!! One of the best Smiths song!!!! We need a bootleg of it!!! Lets kill security!!!!
    Marco -- Saturday May 08 2004, @08:24PM (#100986)
    (User #615 Info)
    And all those lies, written lies, twisted lies. Well, they weren't lies, they weren't lies...
  • First of the Gang to Die / Hairdresser on Fire / Irish Blood, English Heart /The Headmaster Ritual/ I Have Forgiven Jesus/ Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice/ Let Me Kiss You / Rubber Ring/ Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference/Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full of Crashing Bores / How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?/ No One Can Hold A Candle To You / All The Lazy Dykes / Jack The Ripper / I Know it's Gonna Happen Someday // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

    I'm pretty certain this is right, correct me if I'm wrong, much much much more about this AMAZING show later (especially rubber ring. god it's about time!)
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 08 2004, @09:07PM (#100990)
  • Twas.. (Score:2, Funny)

    My first Morrissey show, and it was excellent!
    There were a few nice surprises in the set list tonight as you can see.. overall pretty amazed with the show.
    So, I was the odd tall fellow with odd hair standing near the bar on the top mezzanine as staring as everyone was filing out.

    Kudos to the lady with the white outfit and those wild platform(?) boots!

    Walking through Harlem, I'll never forget the guy in the street who asked "Why so many crackers?" Golden.

    Off to bed.
    opaeque -- Saturday May 08 2004, @09:54PM (#100995)
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  • Final Apollo Show (Score:4, Informative)

    Alright, before I start with the rundown of this show, forgive me for any typos. I'm absolutely exhausted but I simply cannot wait until morning to write about tonight because it really was that good. I just posted the setlist, hopefully I remembered it correctly. So here's exactly what happened tonight for those of you who weren't there. I'm so so tired, so this is just a play by play of what was said and done, not much of my personal reaction. (Oh, and hi to the woman I sat next to from DC whose name I didn't get, Jason who I walked halfway back to the train station with, and the two really nice guys that I talked to while waiting for the train who got off at Croton-Harmon. You were all really cool, made my night even better!)

    I could tell even before Moz came on that tonight was going to be special. A much more excited reaction to David, lots more Morrissey t-shirts. It just felt like it was going to be amazing.

    He finally took the stage around 9:10 wearing a bright red jacket with a checkered shirt underneath. The crowd was really excited, they started off, as they have been, with The First of the Gang to Die. I was really surprised with how many people knew it word for word.

    Hairdresser followed, except with London changed to Harlem in the first few lines, and then he also changed a line to "When he said I'm going to screw you, I felt quite happy for you." I think (if I'm reading my handwriting correctly he also said "Too busy to kiss me" instead of "Too busy to see me"

    Irish Blood, English Heart was next, really really great performance of it. Afterwards, he said " Thank you to those who managed to make it to every show. We know who you are, we have your addresses, we'll be around."

    Headmaster Ritual was really good, I was so glad that they played it tonight. During it, Morrissey did a lot of hand shaking and was given a massive bouquet of yellow gladiolas from someone in the front row with he took.

    I Have Forgiven Jesus seemed really emotional, he seemed very into it, clinging to the mike stand the entire time, occasionally playing with his hair. This was one of the shows high points for me.

    After, he said "Of course, you don't realize it but in a few days we have a new cd album coming out. It's called the Impotence of Earnest."

    Next, Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice and Let Me Kiss You. After he was done singing it but the band wasn't done, he rushed off stage, I could see him taking off his shirt from where I was. He returned on stage a few seconds later this time wearing a yellowish plaidish type shirt with really nice buttons. He thanked the Apollo, saying "Before we go any further, we'd like to extend our extreme thanks to the Apollo and to those who have been here every night."

    And then . . . RUBBER RING! Jesus Christ I nearly died. I cried in fact. It sounded just gorgeous. The crowd sand the second bit of la's by the way. It was so nice to hear.

    He acknowledged Julia just once tonight, just saying her name after Rubber Ring.

    Such a Little Thing was next, with "simple things" changed to "complicated things". At the end of the song he collapses to the stage and just stays ther for a moment. He gets up after the song is over and is laughing a bit and says, "Now you know why the tickets were so expensive. The drama and histronics are extra." Quote of the night in my opinion.

    Then Everyday Is Like Sunday. Then Crashing Bores. During the intro he says the title and at the end says "The world is full of crashing bores. Absolutely full. That is why you're here tonight and not out there with all the people in the world."

    No One Can Hold A Candle to You after which he says "So in that song, I mentioned Gertrude Stein which leads us, incidentally, into the next song" which was All the Lazy Dykes. Clever Moz :)

    Then "this song is about the 80's, but the 1880's" . . .If you haven't guessed they broke into Jack the Ripper. It was during this song that the only stage invader made it. She looked a
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 08 2004, @10:14PM (#100999)
  • Did any of you ever think you would hear Morrissey sing Rubber Ring live in your lives?
    And hearing There Is A Light AND Headmaster Ritual in one inner teenager is glowing, freaking out, jumping up and down!
    Overall, great show....Moz doesn't whip that mic-cord like he did in his thirties, but he's consistent throughout the show, and blazes through the material. Most of the You Are The Quarry material sounded strong, especially IBEH and First Of The Gang at the top of the show-rockin! Everyday Is Like Sunday was beautiful.....makes me think some of the middle of the set wouldn't have sounded better with some more of his early solo material....I Don't Mind If You Forget Me, anyone? How about some Interesting Drug?
    May 8 will be the star of my personal 2004 highlight reel!
    Who can reccommend a good place to get bootlegs?
    headlongintoharm -- Saturday May 08 2004, @10:18PM (#101002)
    (User #11071 Info)
  • I'm listening to 'I am a Rock' by Simon and Garfunkel right now, and I am stunned by how much electric the guitar part from the chorus of this song was lifted almost directly and used for the intro of 'This Charming Man'

    Dunno if anyone ever noticed before, but it just struck me.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 08 2004, @11:39PM (#101011)
  • ROW F seat 2 Lower Mezz: you ruined the show for most of us around you. I simply can not say how horrible and awful you smelled!!! Every time you stood up for even a second your ass-stench and body odor suffocated nearly everyone behind you, especially me. I was one seat behind you and had to mask my face with my coat becuae you fucking stink so bad. This asshole smelled like an old musty wet rag or something and was wearing a "frat boy" ball cap that hadn't ever been washed and smelled like total shit. Honestly...people were gagging!!! WHY?? on earth would you come to a MOZ show in such a state??? Your behavior is another post entirely, and in fact we could have let that slide-assuming you were high or something?? but your disgusting scent and offensive odor is and was inexcusable. Take a fucking shower and wash your clothes. I was at all five shows and you ruined my final night because of your scummy and indifferent self. PIG!!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 09 2004, @04:13AM (#101031)
  • I am sure he sang Rubber Ring live with The Smiths, but has he ever done it solo? New York I envy you.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 09 2004, @04:14AM (#101032)
  • All you thousand of Moz fans and there is not one who has ever been a NY Dolls fan or David Johansen fan? What the hell? We had 5 shows in NY and not one single person can supply a setlist for what was one of the most important musical events ever. Mozs idol opening for him! Are you guys just lazy or do you not know a damn thing about music. Please somebody put a setlist up and say who the members were. Surely, I figured David would have posted a message but no luck there either. Such a sad thing. I know this is a "Morrissey" website but you felt it important enough to put a post that Johansen was opening. The least you could do is follow up with a setlist and info on the band members.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 09 2004, @05:31AM (#101041)
  • i really liked it when david said "you are the are the sophisiti-cates..." as i arrived. and i liked the way he said it.
    ralphjunior -- Sunday May 09 2004, @06:03AM (#101046)
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    sing to me chewbacca armpits!
  • the perfect song for him to play all these years on, really. but the tune was never that good, and why's it called Rubber Ring anyway?
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 09 2004, @07:49AM (#101056)
  • you dont have to kill security, i made a beautiful DAT tape. the harder they try to make it, the more determind i get. i'll tell you though, it wasnt easy. anyway, what a nite. i went
    thursday, and that was like the church of morrissey. very emotional, people hanging quietly on every word. saturday nite was like a party, people went nuts. moz even thanks the crowd for " extending" themselves. right from the start, i knew its was going to be a hoot, when he opened the show with a few bars from sinatra's My WAY.
    when he played headmaster ritual, i punched my daughters boyfriend so hard( from excitememt) he almost fell out of his seat. then rubber ring!
    i had never been to a smiths gig, my kids where very small back then and i made it a point to be home at nite. now i feel almost as if i had , and my kids ( now 20 and 22) were with me. one of the best things in life to me, for us all to experience this together. i'm working on mastering the sat gig now ( the thursday cd is done), so if anyone is interested, e mail me at
    [email protected]
    mike hook -- Sunday May 09 2004, @09:45AM (#101072)
    (User #10978 Info)
  • Did anyone see that total tool in the right front row who was paying off security to remove people from the front rail before the show! Man, was he a prick (and a trendy fan, too, I gathered). I saw him give cash to at least 3 different security people to keep people from getting in front of him- and security took it, of course. Danced like an asshole, too. He claimed he flew in just for the show from New Orleans or something. He made some enemies pretty quickly down in front last night (a couple of us were scheming to dump beer on him), but he didn't have the strength to diminish the show at all. Whoever you are, please know that you suck.

    But once music started, all was well with the world: Moz was absolutely magnetic, amazing, fantastic. Worth the trip from Pittsburgh. Thanks Moz
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 09 2004, @09:55AM (#101077)
  • Hey.

    I'm back to Rochester from NYC. A very sweet time, indeed. I was in the front row, center section for last nights show. I was 3 people in from the aisle where that big black dude was keeping people from getting into the front row in front of Moz. I'm the one who caught the crotch flower and got Moz's setlist after the show. Plus, 3 hand grabs from Moz. Christmas came early!

    What a great show. David Johansen and his band did a great job opening up. I still semi-recall him opening for the Who and the Clash in Buffalo at Rich Stadium back in '82. It must have been his Buster days because it wasn't anything like this and he totally got shit thrown at him for the whole set. Last night was great. Except for the shit bag security who made us sit down after a couple songs. Assholes.

    Then Morrissey. Brilliant! What a performer. That shirt pile on was a great site to see. Very funny.

    I was talking with that girl who made it on stage. She and a friend got a couple of those box tickets right before the show. She must have sneaked around the back of the speakers. I was thinking about going for the stage, but being that I'm 39 and that fence being pretty high and that fence also being a pretty good distance from the stage and those goons standing there with their arms spread wide, I thought better. I can imagine maybe making it up to the top of the fence and then getting grabbed by security and falling fast first into the stage. Plus, I wanted to get that setlist, which I did!

    I put it up real quick on my web-page:

    Oh yea, that tool, paying off the guards in front of the stage was pretty annoying, chumming it up with the guards. I didn't see the big payoffs, but he was getting pretty friendly with those goons.

    asodoma -- Sunday May 09 2004, @01:09PM (#101096)
    (User #10485 Info)
  • Ok, someone has posted that the smiths might have done this live. They never did it fully. They opened the song, then went into What She Said and then went to the outro of Rubber Ring. This is on Rank.

    Last nights version of it was very flat compared to the way Johnny plays it on Rank. It really wasn't very good musically but its actually THE song that made me realize The Smiths were special so to be there for the first ever performance of it was great.

    I met a guy who says he started the song but then went into Is It Really So Strange in California a few years back but I never heard of such a thing so I think he's full of it.

    This song has potential to be great live but they need to keep working on it. This is like Shoplifters which wasn't very good when they first started doing it but was fantastic on Friday night.
    bored -- Sunday May 09 2004, @01:32PM (#101098)
    (User #8415 Info)
  • This song has a teaser of an opening where Boz plays the opening to Suedehead before it becomes IKIGHS.

    Boz strummed so hard on this during this show that he broke his pick and didn't have one on his mic stand and had to get one from his guitar man.
    bored -- Sunday May 09 2004, @01:35PM (#101100)
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  • Hey
    Did anyone notice at the end of the show, when Mikey was the last one left on stage, after he took his bows, he walked over to the right of the stage and gave that redhead his setlist? I was right near her and he seemed totally hell bent on her getting it. Others were trying to grab for it, and he knocked their hands away, pulled hers close, jammed the setlist in it, and closed her hand around it. I was just wondering, was this Julia? She didn't seem old enough to have been a fan for 20 years, but I figured it must be her because of the way he went out of his way for her. Lucky gal.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 09 2004, @01:52PM (#101102)
  • I just wrote my account, it's too long to post... so share with me... Morrissey, May 8th @ The Apollo []
    Ellie <[email protected]> -- Sunday May 09 2004, @02:28PM (#101113)
    (User #2185 Info |
  • Who is Julia???
    NYCMay8 -- Sunday May 09 2004, @04:32PM (#101127)
    (User #11082 Info)
  • As someone mentioned before, I thought "There is a Light..." was the perfect song for the encore. What better way to send people off than singing, "take me out tonight, because I want to see people and I want to see life"?

    My favorite moment of the show had to have been when Moz was thanking the Apollo and staff, and then paused, bowed and swept his hand over the crowd... "And thank you."

    You had to be there. ;)
    whosaidilied -- Sunday May 09 2004, @05:47PM (#101137)
    (User #11061 Info)
    "Things which could potentially fuck us up just seem deserving of the Shane MacGowan school of drinking."
  • [post removed at request of original poster]
    DepecheNYC -- Sunday May 09 2004, @07:34PM (#101156)
    (User #11084 Info)
  • Last night I sat in purgatory, aka the lower mezzanine. I have to say the show began like every other, full of excitement at seeing our old Moz--belting lyrics that once redirected every joyful and sour time in life. A reflection. A chance to give back. But, I have to say the crowd was so bleak. I felt like I was at the opera, being ousted and scorned for standing, and at times screaming. But, I ask, where were the chants, the flowers, the undwindling passion that us, as fans, have for this incredible man? I returned him my everything, and glares ensure. Yes, maybe I was being a bit of a teenage girl but then again why not let go with the people, the fans that have felt what I have felt from this music. I have to say I was sour-ly disappointed. Can anyone relate?
    Boy in the lower mezzanine row F seat one.
    brighteyesphilly -- Sunday May 09 2004, @08:34PM (#101168)
    (User #11085 Info)
  • Instead of retyping my mini-review, you can see it here: []
    suedehed -- Monday May 10 2004, @06:12AM (#101244)
    (User #2482 Info |
  • A quick recap...Moz was excellent again, he was as charming as ever I especially loved the remark about the "histrionics" being extra the man's a riot! No ones mentioned that at the end of "Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice" Alain said into the mike "so don't" and everyone laughed a little and Moz said "what did he say" audience yells "SO DON'T" Moz (sarcasticlly) "uh that's very clever"...Alain then said something to the effect of "just wanted to get that in before I'm sacked again" (?) crowd "oooh" Alain laughs and extends his hand to Moz as if to say I was only joking and Moz backs away from him shaking his head with his hands held away then pantomimes shooting him with a tommy gun It was funny but Alain looked a little embarrased. Also there was an older guy sitting in the lower right balcony right next to the stage that looked just like Moz he had a lot of tatoos, similar quiff, did anyone see him? I woulda sworn it was his dad but he had all those tats. But I digress security was much more manic Sat. nite as was the crowd. Was lucky enough to go Mon & Tues and it was different to say the least Moz seemed more comfortable and chatty unlike Sat when people were yelling random and at times rude comments at the end he actually seemed a little scared of the crowd. He'd also previously said goodnite at the end, Sat. nothing. A minor correction, I was on the floor stage right and when Moz said "and thank you to the balcony for extending themselves" he was oozing sarcasm I can't remember what song he'd just sung but he'd given it everything!...and they'd all sat through it like bumps on a log! well as soon as he said it most everyone stood and clapped. I feel bad for the people who wrote they got yelled at for standing that sucks. Moz is definitely not someone whose concert you sit through!, with those beautiful songs and his voice and after waiting this long to see him how could you possibly sit?? Anyway the set list was amazing I especially love "Let Me Kiss You" and "The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores" terrific songs can't wait for the album!
    I loved every minute of the shows well worth the $800+ spent on tix, though it is gonna make this week rather hard to get through...till the next time - Cheers K
    Anonymous -- Monday May 10 2004, @06:28AM (#101249)
  • Listening to Quarry now, I'm wondering... how do they play TWIFOCB on this tour? Is it like the 2002 live version or more like the slowed down Quarry version? My opinion is that they really screwed up this one on the record. They screwed up a couple of other songs to. The production is way too smooth on most of them. Irish Blood has totally lost its dynamics and edge. I still enjoy the record a lot though. Fantastic singing and great lyrics.
    Ijustpop <reversethis-{moc ... {ta} {poptsuji}> -- Monday May 10 2004, @06:58AM (#101257)
    (User #7040 Info)
  • The show was ok, I think as fans we should be treated to more though! Only an hour-long show is def. not enough given what many of us paid for tickets. And if you're a fool and feel it was worth it just to see The Man, then I worry your life is quite drab to begin with, same goes for those of you gaining religious enlightenment from the whole show! Please get a life, some of the posts on this forum sound so immature and childish, feels like a bunch of high-school kids just discovering The Smiths for the first time after watching "Charmed" on the WB network.

    Morrissey should have played much more, given his long career and our devotion as fans. Most artists with such a portfolio of hits and singles play for 2 hours!

    And as for Julia: really, get a job, get a life......let's be real, not trying to be cruel or spiteful but really.... do someting with your life. Same goes for the foolish fans paying an arm an a leg for all the apollo shows and hoping he would change the setlist every night just for you!

    I enjoyed seeing so many fans with their significant others. Life does go on after high school and it's nice to see people have moved away from adoration and fanaticism to admiration and nostalgia.

    Let's face it: until Morrissey can provide a show worth going wild over, I guess we'll all just be mediocre fans with over-priced tickets to a very overrated show. Not to mention the horrible venue and shady location to say the least. Hopefully everyone made it home ok past the congregation of about 40-50 thugs crowding the sidewalk on the way back to the train station! White people in Harlem, not a good thing! Hang the Tour Manager!!!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 10 2004, @10:00AM (#101313)
  • this was my 8th time seeing morrissey since 1992 & i for one have to say this was the best & most memorable show to date. when i got there i was not too happy with the nosebleed seats since i did buy my tickets seriously the minute they went on sale. i thought to myself this is no central park 1997 when i was lucky enough to be in the front row. but because i was always so lucky to be so close at all of his shows I would become so overwhelmed & then i would leave thinking "what just happened, what did he even sing?" so since we had to stay seated i got to take the whole show in & watch everything. i have to say i have never seen him perform with such energy. he was as always very funny & witty. and the band! they have never sounded better! of course when they played "Rubber Ring" chills ran through me. i was with my sister who introduced me to the smiths back in the early days & it was so nice to share that experience together. There is a light was such a nice way to end the show & i loved that they left one by one as the band kept playing. i think the keyboard alone was so emotional & amazing. but this thought came over me when i sat & listened. the thought was, this is it. he is done. hopefully i am wrong, but it was like a goodbye (sorry if that sounds so "childish”). it also struck me when he said something along the lines of "see you again in far off lands". i have to say the highlight of the night was jack the ripper. i literally felt tears in my eyes. and to hear headmasters ritual…simply amazing!
    *puella* -- Monday May 10 2004, @10:59AM (#101331)
    (User #11105 Info)
  • I'm a pretty big MOZ fan, but this was the first time I ever heard "No One Can Hold A Candle To You" and I LOVE IT.

    Is this recorded anywhere? Where can I get it?
    Anonymous -- Monday May 10 2004, @11:48AM (#101350)
  • There are 3 songs which regularly appear in the setlist of gigs of the current Morrissey tour that I don't know about:
    "Subway train" (used as an intro to "Everyday is like Sunday"), "Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice" & "No One Can Hold A Candle To You".

    Who wrote these songs? Are they covers of one of Morrissey's favourite singers? I've looked for artists who would have performed these songs but didn't get any result. Does anybody know more about it?

    Thanks for your answers!
    Fredi <[email protected]> -- Monday May 10 2004, @11:51AM (#101351)
    (User #8595 Info)
    I love them! Fun, nice, life, youths, beautiful I'm all for it!
  • Does anyone remember what he said just after Rubber Ring and just before Such a Little thing?
    maybe if someone made a recording, they could check?
    thank you so much! it's been driving me crazy trying to figure out what he said.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 10 2004, @07:27PM (#101479)
  • does anyone know the french songs playing before morrissey came on? i actually knew a few from back in the day when i worked at this store on Laffayette street. but i want to know who sang them & what they are called. any help is greatly appreciated! thanks!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 11 2004, @06:51AM (#101598)
  • TV/Film Actor James McCaffrey was sitting in row B of the lower mezz. Spoke to him after show, said he loved the show and will be starring in the upcoming Dennis Leary series. Couldn't help but notice the VERY attractive blonde sitting to his left. Anyone else see her?
    MAC -- Tuesday May 11 2004, @06:54AM (#101600)
    (User #11110 Info)
  • did anyone ever come up with a definitive setlist for all of the songs played between the opener and Morrissey?

    i feel like i may have seen one in either one of the Wiltern or Apollo threads but can't remember fully / can't find it now

    thanks in advance for any help...
    NYCWolf -- Tuesday May 11 2004, @07:57AM (#101618)
    (User #10973 Info |
    "Down here, it's our time! It's our time down HERE!"
  • 1- Brilliant.. Absolutely!!

    2-I sat down the row from Smelly Guy. Only thing worse was that all of us were able to sit and take in teh show except only ugly bitch in a hideous pin striped pants suit who had to stand the whole time, taking the focus off the show and making it about her. We all told her to sit down and she wouldnt.

    3-Daddy's Voice-cover or orginal? Same with Candle.
    mike sorce -- Tuesday May 11 2004, @08:53AM (#101634)
    (User #11075 Info)
  • did anyone else have the overwhelming urge to tape johansen to a chair and make him eat a full meal?
    put down the needle miss karen carpenter....!
    rubber ring!!!!!!!!
    fingers -- Tuesday May 11 2004, @09:12AM (#101636)
    (User #11011 Info)
  • Morrissey was being sarcastic, you fools!

    None of you stood up during the show, and only a handful of you stood up during the encore! Who in their right mind could actually SIT during a Morrissey show? It was ridiculous!

    He made sarcastic remarks two nights in a row about the balcony - it was rather sad that the mundane fools in the balcony actually cheered when Moz insulted them!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 11 2004, @11:34AM (#101687)
  • The day started out a bit anxiously: Morrissey show, no tickets. So my good friend David and I rushed down to the Apollo Theater in hopes we'd score any tickets we could. It was my second time this week (Monday's show was incredible!) For us, it was just about being in the room, so we weren't concerned with seat location. Upon walking up to the theater, we were approached by several shady characters trying to sell us tickets. We politely said "no, thank you" and pressed on looking for those fans who, for one reason or another, were looking to sell off their extra tickets. Unfortunately, I caught the eye of a scalper, who neither knew nor cared who Morrissey was. Out of mere curiosity, I let him give me the hard sell. He then proceeded to show me two of the most bogus tickets I have ever seen in my life. They were printed out on a poor-quality ink jet printer, and I have to admit, it was quite pathetic. I assured the man that there was no way I would part with my money for such an obvious counterfeit; I work too damn hard for it. Many other people were looking to buy tickets as well, and I set out to warn anyone even looking at the "shady characters" that they should hold on to their money. I have to admit, I was quite bummed; I'd come all the way down from Connecticut (ok, it's not that far) and my friend from Amherst, Mass. We had to get in to see Moz... No if's, and's, or but's. We were surrounded by about 20 other people who were also looking for tickets. Just as I was about to give up hope, a guy in an old beat-up Smiths t-shirt walked up to me and asked if I'd like to buy his two extra tickets. Of all the people standing around, he walked up as if he were looking for me. When those around us saw someone selling legitimate tickets, everyone wanted them and it got quite chaotic, but my friend and I quiety paid the man, took our tickets and gleefully headed inside. Lower Mezzanine, Row F... SCORE! I just want to thank that guy in the old beat-up Smiths t-shirt for picking me to sell his tickets to. Words cannot express my gratitude.

    The show was amazing. Morrissey is incredible and can deliver a tune like none other. The two of us stood the entire time, singing along to every tune and smiling from ear to ear. David really wanted to hear Jack the Ripper, and we were both thrilled when it was played. I was surprised to see that we were the only ones not sitting, for the most part. We were located at the far right of the balcony (if you're facing the stage.) Well, during Everyday is Like Sunday, Morrissey noticed the two of us standing up there. I was wearing a white t-shirt and we were, apparently, very visible. At first he looked up, then he turned to face us and sang directly to us. I nudged David and said, "Is this really happening? Are you seeing this?" His response was, "Oh my God, Yes!" It was heaven. Morrissey has a way of making everyone in the room feel special, like he's singing directly to you. This time, he was. Following the song, he said, "I'd like to thank those in the balcony for standing." We were speechless!

    cber25 -- Tuesday May 11 2004, @01:23PM (#101724)
    (User #2456 Info)
    • Re:Karma? by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 12 2004, @07:59AM
      • Re:Karma? by cber25 (Score:1) Wednesday May 19 2004, @07:53AM
    • I know you! by headlongintoharm (Score:1) Wednesday May 12 2004, @11:05AM
  • I saw somebody posting about the french songs that played before each show but there was this one in english one sung by a girl that keeps haunting me! The Chorus has something like
    "...and its raining" "...and I'm single"
    Does anybody know what this song is?!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 11 2004, @08:42PM (#101778)
  • So far I was only able to identify three;

    Andy Williams - "Charade"
    Serge Gainsbourg - "Intials BB"
    Pony Club - "Single"

    Does anyone know the complete set? if so, would you please be so kind as to post it...

    Thank you
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 12 2004, @12:49PM (#102045)

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