posted by davidt on Thursday May 06 2004, @08:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Hairdresser On Fire / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice / Shoplifters of the World Unite / Subway Train [into...] Everyday Is Like Sunday / Now My Heart is Full / A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours / All The Lazy Dykes / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / No One Can Hold A Candle To You / Jack The Ripper / I'm Not Sorry / Irish Blood, English Heart // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by NYCWolf
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  • Apollo Night 3 (Score:3, Informative)

    another fantastic night!

    the band seemed tighter all around and Morrissey was not nearly as chatty as he was on nights 1 and 2. maybe he had a date tonight...

    the setlist changed a bit again:

    The First Of The Gang To Die / Hairdresser On Fire How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice / Shoplifters of the World Unite / Subway Train [into...] Everyday Is Like Sunday / Now My Heart is Full / A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours / All The Lazy Dykes / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / No One Can Hold A Candle To You / Jack The Ripper / I'm Not Sorry / Irish Blood, English Heart // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    NYCWolf -- Thursday May 06 2004, @08:35PM (#100508)
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    "Down here, it's our time! It's our time down HERE!"
  • Who cares??

    Morrissey was INCREDIBLE! And quite built these days too.

    Boz did an incredible job balancing his guitar IBEH!
    Astroman -- Thursday May 06 2004, @08:37PM (#100509)
    (User #8735 Info)
  • I wasn't at mondays show, but this was WAY better than Tuesday. Tonights crowd was way way more into it.

    Notes to the normal setlist:
    Songs done tonight - Shoplifters (done in the main set), Now My Heart is Full, I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday, A Rush And A Push, There is A Light (as the encore), Jack the Ripper

    Songs Not performed tonight: Headmaster Ritual (Please do this tomorrow!), World Is Full Of Crashing Bores, I Like You, Hand In Glove.

    Please please forgive me, but what is "Subway" exactly? Is it a cover or a Morrissey original that just isnt recorded yet? The reaason I ask is that before the vocals start you can sing the lyrics to My Love Life right over the top perfectly! Anyone know?

    And isn't Don't Make Fun Of Daddys Voice amazing???? I can't believe this isn't on the record! It could have been a single!
    5man6devil7god -- Thursday May 06 2004, @08:38PM (#100510)
    (User #10996 Info)
  • Yes, that was Ryan Adams with Parker Posey sitting on the floor.
    5man6devil7god -- Thursday May 06 2004, @08:41PM (#100511)
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  • Night 3 (Score:2, Informative)

    Tonight's performance was the best so far. Lots of people in the balcony were standing, myself included. . . Morrissey and the band seemed especially into it. Best set list so far. All in all, the best show so far. Only complaint? It may have been a bit too loud at times. Not that I mind loud. As I said, I only mind it when sound quality is compromised. On the slower songs, it really doesn't need to be so loud because I'd rather admire Morrissey's great voice!

    David Johansen was a lot of fun again tonight and seemed to get a pretty good crowd response.

    No "I Like You" tonight and no "Hand In Glove" or "The World Is Full of Crashing Bores."

    Instead, we got treated to three excellent additions: "Shoplifters Of The World Unite," "Now My Heart Is Full," and a new song, "I Have Forgiven Jesus." I don't have to tell you, but "Shoplifters" was an incredible crowd pleaser.

    "Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice" is so much fun. I have no idea where this song came from, but Morrissey says it's a new one. It does not appear on the upcoming album, though. Possible b-side?

    The encore was "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" tonight. A much better choice than "Hand In Glove" in my opinion. The band walked off stage and put their instruments down one by one (a la Roxy Music) toward the end of the song, until it was just Mikey, the keyboardist, playing that beautifully sublime keyboard part.

    Oh, and Morrissey threw his shirt into the crowd TWICE tonight! I think he was really pleased with tonight's show. Heaven knows the crowd was more than pleased.

    Can't wait til tomorrow! The Shins will be opening up and happyland will be joining me.

    Was it just me or was Dean a little more reserved tonight? He fuckin rules.
    moss -- Thursday May 06 2004, @08:43PM (#100513)
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      • Re:Night 3 by moss (Score:1) Friday May 07 2004, @08:02AM
  • triumphant!
    witz -- Thursday May 06 2004, @08:51PM (#100518)
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  • that you just paid $77 for a gig that lasted for an hour and ten minutes
    jerrylovesukindie -- Thursday May 06 2004, @09:05PM (#100522)
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  • tonite's gig marked the end of my streak of seeing every Morrissey solo gig in new york city and long island. it doesnt rival miss julia but some people have to work for a living ! boo hoo
    jerrylovesukindie -- Thursday May 06 2004, @09:17PM (#100525)
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  • Morricisms (Score:3, Interesting)

    I think he introduced the band as the Harlem Girls--I could have heard it wrong.
    "Welcome to your third insallment."
    "Are you here to see Ozzy Osbourne?" I *love* Kelly Osbourne. (I don't really.)
    "Don't make fun of my weight." (Before "Don't make fun of Daddy's Voice.)
    "I have a really bad chest. I'm sorry."
    "Julia, promise me you'll get your hair cut tomorrow. Will you let me do it for you? I'll take a blowtorch to it."
    "Tomorrow night we're playing at Shea stadium. (We'll be the only one's there; the stadium will be empty, but we'll be there.")
    "Really, you don't have to stand." (To standing ovation.)
    "Oh stop it." (To clapping.)
    "Thank you. There was one person in the back who didn't clap; I'm really embarassed. (I'm not really.) (Well, maybe a little.)"

    When Morrissey came out he looked a bit bland compared to other nights, but after he took off his jacket he had a great beige rockabilly shirt on. He changed this shortly after for a black one, which sailed into the crowd, and finally for a pristine white one for the encore, with sleeve buttons left open. He opened his rockabilly shirt to flash his nipple once; he also had on dog tags.

    He took a few notes from audience members and folded them up and put them in his pocket, and then took them out again when he sang "written words, on paper, can you write."

    Introduced the band, "and in the wings...Boz" "and never in the wings...Gary" ... "and with wings ... Dean-0" (whereupon the drummer flopped his arms like an angel) ... then he ran out of word play and said and "wings wings ... Alain".... and again "wings wings wings...Mikey."

    After singing "most people keep their brains between their legs" he said, "Maybe it's not really such a bad thing after all to keep your brains between your legs. Maybe I'm just a slower learner." After TIALTNGO he sang the words "thank you." I love you" to the music, and then said "God bless.
    Anna February -- Thursday May 06 2004, @09:37PM (#100532)
    (User #11029 Info)
    • Julia's Hair by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday May 06 2004, @11:00PM
    • Haircut by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday May 06 2004, @11:02PM
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    • Re:Morricisms by papa jack (Score:1) Friday May 07 2004, @12:54PM
  • I would have paid twice as much. Beyond words. : )
    David Johansen was entertaining, especially "Lonely Planet Boy" and the last song, but I was hoping he'd play some of his country-blues stuff. I understand how that a Morrissey crowd might not've hopped to that, but still.
    Does anybody know ANY of the songs that were played before Moz went on? I'd greatly appreciate it, 'cause I loved 'em! Better than listening to Under the Influence by far.
    As for Moz himself... [crumples on the floor and dies happily]
    "I'm Not Sorry" and "All the Lazy Dykes" dragged a bit, Moz is continuing his irritating theme of some lackluster album tracks, phenomenal B-sides (first "He Cried" in place of "Lost" on Maladjusted and now these in place of "Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice"!)
    the rest was flawless, beautiful. I said I didn't have the words but those don't work that well. //end gushing

    ps. ONLY Morrissey could have gotten me to pay $30 for a tee-shirt, ever
    ed is dead -- Thursday May 06 2004, @09:47PM (#100535)
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    "In my Kosmis there will be no feeva of dischord; all my immotions will function in hominy and kind feelings" - Krazy Ka
    • Re:Fantastic by jerrylovesukindie (Score:1) Thursday May 06 2004, @10:16PM
  • i cant begin to explain how great the show was. the band was wonderful, and moz was on top of his game. the set list was fantasic, a special nite. moz and i are only a month apart in age, i feel sometimes as if we grew up together. i had my kids, their boyfriends, and other friends with me. when he sang now my heart is full, i put my arms around my beautiful daughters and lost it, i just started crying . i was so glad to be with them . i pulled my self together, and made it thru to the end, but almost lost it again a few time, especially on "there"s a light.. "
              the recording is so good its scary. i wont even tell you waht i did to get my gear in , but it was worth it. i listened to it in the car , and its sounds like a soundboard, but with the vibe of an aud tape. might be the best i ever did. i'm in a hole to the credit card fiends way over a grand for tickets, so i hope some of you will buy a cd from me. i hope to get the saturday gig on tape too. if you want cd's PLEASE contact me offline, dont take up space on this forum. my address is [email protected]

    be well, all of you, i feel so happy right now.
    mike hook -- Thursday May 06 2004, @10:24PM (#100543)
    (User #10978 Info)
  • the smiths songs are missing something. and if He is going to do smiths songs then He is obligated to do "How soon is now ?"
        and of course you agree !
    jerrylovesukindie -- Thursday May 06 2004, @10:25PM (#100544)
    (User #11014 Info)
  • get out there! (Score:2, Informative)

    for those who dont have tickets but still want to go,when i went on mon and tues there where tickets at the window and people selling tickets outside for face value. He goes on about 9:10 so you have plenty of time. dont be afraid to ask people on line going in they might have extra tickets too. also stay around the will call area sometimes people have an extra ticket or an extra spot on the guest list. Trust me both nights i went i did not have a ticket,got in both nights for a reasonable $40 Good Luck!
    jerrylovesukindie -- Thursday May 06 2004, @10:45PM (#100546)
    (User #11014 Info)
  • What does Julia look like?
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 06 2004, @11:48PM (#100562)
  • This was my first Moz show and it was unreal. I was captivated the entire time. I have been waiting so long and it was so worth it. I cried hysterically during the encore. Couldn't have asked for a better setlist.

    However, was anyone here against the railing, on the left side? There was this unbelieveably annoying girl with black frizzy hair who screamed the most inane and vulgar stuff throughout the show.

    "Morrissey, I love you, you motherfucker!"
    "You have a nice ass, motherfucker!!"

    She would also pump her fists with those rock-and-roll devil signs. It was so obnoxious. She was screaming lyrics at the top of her lungs the entire show. It was like Fran Drescher doing Morrissey karaoke.

    At one point, even Moz got fed up and started making fun of her. He asked her if she was supposed to be at the Ozzy Osbourne show and then called her Kelly Osbourne (to which she replied by screaming "Fuck you!")

    Just wanted to know if anyone else was around this girl, or if this girl posted here. If so, please jump off a cliff and never go to another Morrissey show. Or if you do, take some tranquilizers before you come.

    Thank you and goodnight.

    Anonymous -- Friday May 07 2004, @12:03AM (#100566)
  • Last night's show was my 3rd time seeing Moz and this show was by far THE BEST one I've seen!! Also, it was my wife's first Moz show, very special indeed to share this amazing experience with her.

    Morrissey seems to get better with age. His voice is absolutely, unequivocally, perfectly INCREDIBLE. He's very charismatic. Boz, Alain, Gary, Dean and the keyboard guy were amazingly tight and really rocking out. The keys and synths make a huge difference in the overall effect of the songs. The sound was nice and loud and crispy, but not overpowering or annoying at all. The views in the Apollo Theater are excellent.

    I really like some of Moz's new stuff, especially "First Of The Gang To Die", "I Have Forgiven Jesus" and of course "Irish Blood, English Heart"....those are really quintessential Morrissey style songs and destined to be classics.

    As for Morrissey's back catalog, he played my favorite all-time-- "Now My Heart Is Full" and I was floored, blown away. Also, "A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours" was fucking awesome. "Hairdresser On Fire", "Everyday Is Like Sunday" and "I Know It's Gonna Happen Sunday" were perfect, and I swear, if you closed your eyes you'd think it was Moz in 1990 or something....superior man, I say.

    I was a little surprised he played "Such Little Things Make Such A Big Difference" was performed to perfection, but something else from the Bona Drag era, like "Picadilly Palare" or "Dissapointed" would have really sent me flying.

    Morrissey is the GREATEST! A Gentleman and a Scholar. I salute you!!
    Cubitt <[email protected]> -- Friday May 07 2004, @06:07AM (#100610)
    (User #1795 Info)
    "Has the world changed or have I changed?"
  • here's a scan of the setlist

    rubber ring was not played

    I think this is the song that was played right before they come on stage. Margi Clarke(?) reading a list of her not so favorite things.

    imperfect list
    big hard excellent fish

    adolf hitler. the dentist. terry & june. fucking bastard thatcher. scouse
    impersonator. silly pathetic girlies. silly pathetic woman. macho dickhead. bonnie
    langford. neighbours. lost keys. phoney friend. ungrateful accusing mate. the royal
    family. stock aitken & waterman. smiling judas. heartbreaking lying friend. myra
    hindley. acid rain. stinking rich female in furs. disloyal lover. wife & child
    beater. drunken abuser. racist. bully. the sun newspaper. aids inventor. leon
    brittan. all nonsense. massive massive oilslick. jimmy tarbuck. loneliness. cancer.
    hunger. greed. gut wrenching disappointment. evil gossiping fashion bastard.
    tasteless a&r wanker. hard cold fish. overdraft like a mountain. the jimmy swaggart
    show. the tory invention of the non-working class. poll tax. commie bashers. mister
    jesse helms. hillsborough. weird british judges. apartheid. john lennon's murder.
    anyone's murder. the breakdown of the nhs. the death of the rain forest. heysel
    stadium. rednecks. rape. homelessness. the all-american way. clause 28. tiananmen
    square. sexual harrassment. nelson mandela's imprisonment. nancy's term. ronnie's
    term. miscarriage. where were you?
    prisoner of wombat -- Friday May 07 2004, @06:13AM (#100613)
    (User #54 Info)
    that's no hydroxolide...that's my wife!
  • The guy right infront of me got the shirt. His hand was about two inches infront of mine... bastard.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 07 2004, @06:59AM (#100617)
  • This was my first time seeing Morrissey in concert, although I've been a fan for some time now. I was definitely impressed. There was no aspect of the performance that I did not enjoy, except perhaps that it didn't go on for a few more hours. I'm amazed at how good Morrissey sounds live. And the band, oh my God. Excellent! I'm just wishing I'd have been the one to get one of his shirts tossed my way.

    Thank you Morrissey, for an evening I won't be forgetting too soon.
    ChristinaSandifer -- Friday May 07 2004, @08:07AM (#100634)
    (User #11036 Info)
  • this is my 5th show of the tour and i must say its getting better every night! this night was especially amazing.
    did anyone notice Boz was playing a gituar that was shaped like a "tommy gun" for the first time tonight?? that was dope!!! if you are going friday look out for it! also after the encore, the band exit was absoloutely incredible. Each member "bowed out" while playing the music. Alain first-just stopped playing, walked stage center and bowed, then left with huge applause from all!! and so on. All of this happened while the music only for "there is a light.." was being played. Next was Boz, then Gary, then Dean just stopped drumming stood up and walked out for the same reception! all the while Mikey is still playing the keyboards. After a moment he played a few more chords and ended the song and walked out-handed the set list to someone in the front, bowed and left! this was simply briliant. for those of you who went for just that night, this was a real treat!! My expaination does it no justice at all really.
    crafty -- Friday May 07 2004, @08:07AM (#100635)
    (User #10830 Info)
    • Re:The Band!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday May 07 2004, @11:02AM
    • Re:The Band!! by jerrylovesukindie (Score:1) Friday May 07 2004, @11:17PM
  • Could somebody kindly post the songs being played before Morrissey took the stage?
    Most we're french pop/new wave stuff. Although i was familiar with the Serge Gainsborough and Bridget Bardot, most of it was new to me and i really loved it all.
    Thanks for your help in advance.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 07 2004, @09:32AM (#100648)
  • But WHO is this Julia person that Moz and everyone keeps referring to? Is it a friend of his? A very devoted fan? Julia Stiles?
    ed is dead -- Friday May 07 2004, @11:20AM (#100691)
    (User #8319 Info |
    "In my Kosmis there will be no feeva of dischord; all my immotions will function in hominy and kind feelings" - Krazy Ka
  • this song just sucks. It ruined an otherwise perfectly flowing setlist last night. I've now heard this song live 4 times and it just refuses to grow on me. If he just replaced that song with any number of older songs, or a different new song (even 'I Like You' would of been a much better choice. Or, ideally, what about 'the Never PLayed Symphonies') it would of greatly improved the show. Don't get me wrong, great show...but ugh. I just don't like this song.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 07 2004, @11:36AM (#100699)
  • Am I the only person who feels ripped off paying $80 for 1 hour and 15 min of music? I am a huge fan since the first Smiths singles. He really needs to play longer. Also some of the new songs are really weak! The show was not very well paced at all. The crowd seemed to be waiting for something to happen all show.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 07 2004, @11:38AM (#100700)
  • this was my very first Moz show... i loved every minute of it...he was great (oh, that crooner's voice!), the band was great, the venue was a great place to see him, etc. etc. of course i wished he had played longer, but it didn't upset me...i knew what to expect from posts on this site, and i wasn't going to pay $75 to see him 5 nights anyway...i just couldn't believe i was finally in the same room with him....and i thought the crowd was great...since my wife and friends don't understand Moz, it felt great to be with others who know what i know....
    papa jack -- Friday May 07 2004, @04:19PM (#100745)
    (User #5569 Info)
  • hi, i made some samples of the 5/6 apollo recording . download them at

    use an ftp program or a browser. i dont know tons about stuff like this, so i hope it works.
    mike hook -- Friday May 07 2004, @06:18PM (#100772)
    (User #10978 Info)
  • I`ve had a really good night tonight. My mate wants to take me up the arse but i`ve only had it twice up there before and it kills like hell. Oh well here goes. FIRSTODIE
    Anonymous -- Friday May 07 2004, @06:23PM (#100775)
  • Oh man-David Johansen opened up so I just got off my seat and stood there the whole time. And the Morrissey came on and he threw his flowers n I caught them. And I was like the most vulgar one there. I feel quite embarrasssed but I really couldnt control myself. I was like, "I love you motherfucker" and he's like "oh stop it". Lol. It was kick ass though. Like the drummer was soo rock n roll. It was great!!
    WilliamMozzChick -- Saturday May 08 2004, @08:34AM (#100874)
    (User #7082 Info)
  • This show was just amazing. It's been said already but, yes, Morrissey sounded gorgeous. I cried many times but I was really lettin' them flow during the encore. BTW, there was a guy behind me who was dancing harder than anyone else, was crying (hey, so was I) and was sooo into the show. So dark haired pierced dude who was in row H, left orchestra with the dark blue jacket and white shirt: You friggin rule.
    Tiggzie <{Tiggerlily73316} {at} {}> -- Saturday May 08 2004, @04:47PM (#100971)
    (User #11062 Info | http://www.teenmission.ney/)
    The words that matter...
  • First off, Morrissey means alot to me. When I heard his new album was coming out I put my plans on hold for staying with my mom and brothers and going to school in Cairo so I can see him on tour.And I ended up with my asshole abusive father. Second of all Im a metalhead and I know most Morrissey fans arent. Third of all, Morrissey is the baddest motherfucker ever!! He is such a rebel. I mean look at his lyrics even for the new stuff ,and his drummer had a fucking mowhawk so if thats not rock n roll, I dont know what is. I had a lot of fucking fun. Morrissey talked to me, talked about me, shook my hand twice AND I got his flowers. And I know he wasn't pissed off-he was fucking teasing.(I could tell-I was in the fucking front row. Where were all thoes assholes? Ha! )I mean I was really into his show. And Im sure he's not an asshole like the losers who wrote shit about me(who by the way wouldnt last a second in even a SUM 41 pit). I mean Morrissey fucking saved my life. He helped me through a lot of hard times-most recently the whole Barbarism shit(im 17 btw).I mean I love him.He's the coolest. I had a great fucking night and none of these posers who wrote smack about me is going to take that away. I mean isnt Morrissey all about acceptance and finding people to relate to and like being an outcast? Like if his "fans" don't even get that and they're talking shit, then they're not really fans. So whatever. I had a kick ass night. It was fun. And if I had the money I'd see him all 5 nights. Keep rocking Morrissey. You're a fucking hero to me man!
    WilliamMozzChick -- Tuesday May 11 2004, @07:21PM (#101760)
    (User #7082 Info)

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