posted by davidt on Saturday May 01 2004, @10:00AM
Mozdn writes:

The 27th of August scheduled Morrissey Concert at Rock en Seine Festival in Paris France has just been cancelled according to He has been replaced by "The Roots".
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  • I can't read French.... Does the site say any reason why Moz is no longer playing? I have a feeling that this tour will end up having a few disappointments along the way. At least this one was far enough in advance.
    Sharron Needles -- Saturday May 01 2004, @03:19PM (#99415)
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    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
    • Re:why? by Marie-Celine (Score:1) Sunday May 02 2004, @12:35AM
  • Oh no, i'm still looking forward to this gig!!!
    I hope he came back to France later, allso i hope for Pukkelpop(Belgium) or somewhere in Holland or Germany!!!
    Peter007 -- Saturday May 01 2004, @09:25PM (#99443)
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    • Re:Oh no!!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 02 2004, @12:02AM
  • I knew it! Why me God, why?!

    This is the 1000000000000 time I have bought tickets to a show and he didn't make it. My luck.

    ~Tere pissed in Germany*
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 02 2004, @02:01AM (#99464)
  • Reminds me of 1995... (finally not opening for Bowie, in Lyon, replaced by Placebo).
    I still have the ticket for this old sow, but this time I hope I'll get my money back for Rock En Seine !

    This guy is such a bore sometimes !
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 02 2004, @05:03AM (#99481)
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        • Re:Pffff... by Le Franais (Score:1) Sunday May 02 2004, @02:09PM
  • Holy fuck. There's no other word but FUCK ! Mozza deserves some good spanking !
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 02 2004, @07:57AM (#99491)
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    • Re:Fuck by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 12 2004, @09:26AM
  • Paris was the only concert for a lot of French, Germans, Belgians and Dutch people to got to without having to fly.....

    well, obviously....the Man hates our flat-land arses. It is not the first time that he tours without plaaying in this area..

    I always goes to scandinavia though. and i have been going to Copenhagen two years ago. I am still thinking of buying tickets for Roskilde, but the change of him cancelling is high i think (and Roskilde is 140 euro!!)

    I'm also still hoping for some low-land gigs. Maybe Pukkelpop in Belgium.
    What does he think anyway, that any show somewhere in Brussels,Amsterdam, or Cologne won't sell out???

    at least i've got tickets to MEN Manchester..pffff..

    see ya, Eye (Utrecht)
    Anonymous -- Monday May 03 2004, @12:20AM (#99554)
  • I know why the french visit is canceled: 27th august is too close to the period he's in england for the tour (28 and 29th). And of course, there are more morrissey fans in UK than in France. So... Moz is god but sometimes god forgets to preach and convert lost souls.
    Why am I not a white stripes fan? It could be so easy to be satisfied and unfrustrated. I already got these tickets and now I must sell it back on the black market. You think I could console myself with bands like The Roots or the chemical brothers, do you? pfff...
    Whatever: if someone is interested, I got 2 places for this gig (what a charming concert!).
    [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 11 2004, @06:32AM (#101579)
  • Or manager? We want Morrissey in Paris !!! So much!

    What about making a little e-petition ?

    Er- has s.o. an idea of the appropriate e-mail adress?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 12 2004, @04:48AM (#101848)
  • hi lads,

    for all of you who wish to see morrissey on pukkelpop in Belgium i suggest you take the poll on and add morrissey as your favourite, i'm told the organizers take the result of the poll into account when dealing with the line up. we belgians love Morrissey, i cross my fingers for him to come!
    prometheusunbound -- Sunday May 16 2004, @02:55AM (#102881)
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