posted by davidt on Tuesday April 27 2004, @08:00AM
the one you left behind writes:

Morrissey is listed on Peel's website for a live performance at the fame studio Maida Vale.


Should be good!
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  • Its getting better all the time, Morrissey seems to be remembering the people who originally stuck their necks out to praise his craft. John Peel is great man, the day he leaves radio will be a sad one indeed. It's nice to see, 20 years on and Morrissey on the Peel show again, both still very relevant in their respective fields.

    CaKeS -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @08:40AM (#98134)
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  • 19th of May. I'm not sure but this is very close to the day that Morrissey first entered the BBC radio studios in 1983 to record the first Smiths Peel session. I could be wrong but I think it was May 18th 1983. Or perhaps that was the date of broadcast. Anyone help out with this one?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @09:20AM (#98151)
  • He's just announced on air that there will be a competition to win tickets to go and see the live performance at Maida Vale studios. This is a regular thing, but I'd wager demand for this one will be higher.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @02:45PM (#98273)
  • i'm sure i read somewhere that Morrissey tried this before and came away complaining it was too cramped, too many people telling him what to do or something like that. Anyhow result was that nothing was recorded - Can anyone confirm this ?
    L'Estrange -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @06:53AM (#98464)
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  • this is more like it.

    It seems like some form of strange karma that Morrissey should be back on the John Peel show, especially now with what clearly appears to be the strongest album of his solo career. I'm sure I'm not the only one who goes all misty eyes when he digs out his old C90 cassettes stuffed with Smiths 'Peel Sessions'. Yeah, they were all gathered for 'Hatful Of Hollow' etc, but nothing compares to hearing John's dry tones introduce the songs.

    I remeber one night in early '88 Peel remarked "Later on I'll be playing you the first fruits of a new 28 year old singer/songwriter from Manchester", and he later all three tracks from the(as then) unreleased 'Suedehead' 12". I had tears im my eyes that night, and I'm fully expecting them again when this is broadcast.
    Requiescant Inpacce -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @11:35AM (#98580)
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  • Have always had an affection for Mr Peel as both a broadcaster and a wit.

    Then I found out the jackass had accepted an MBE.

    Tarnished my perspective somewhat.
    deadpan -- Thursday April 29 2004, @03:54AM (#98772)
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    • John Peel plays some great music, but also some of the most awful, unlistenable shit ever. HE said on that god-awful tv show where they had an animated morrissey that he wondered 'if morrissey had anything to say anymore', i suppose he now thinks that he does.
      xPOIx -- Thursday April 29 2004, @12:14PM (#98939)
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    • Re:Peel the Royal Shoe-licker by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 16 2004, @02:12PM

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