posted by davidt on Sunday April 25 2004, @08:00PM
Morrisseyfan2002 writes:

I just found out through events that Morrissey will be performing on Pepsi Smash May 25th along with Alanis Morissette and 3 other acts.

Be a part of PEPSI SMASH 2004! We are looking for 800 fans to be a part of history.

SMASH will feature five acts per episode. Four of the acts will be hit artists with instant name recognition and the fifth artist will be an act just about to break to a mass audience.

5/25/2004 PERFORMERS:


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  • wha? is that mozzer or someone else? probably is someone not aproaching 50...
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 25 2004, @08:02PM (#97685)
  • not a troll (Score:2, Interesting)

    Pepsi for godsakes?
    LeJentle -- Sunday April 25 2004, @08:40PM (#97691)
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  • mid-life crisis, anyone?
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 25 2004, @09:19PM (#97701)
  • First Pepsi, what's next OPRAH?
    TooledUpAsianBoy -- Sunday April 25 2004, @10:14PM (#97710)
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  • oh dear. I hope he's not going to do Pepsi ads too! They are a bit far off with the 'instant name recognition', I think alanis morrisette is the only one from that list that qualifies.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 25 2004, @11:00PM (#97716)
  • moz will be completely selling out if he appears on that show.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Sunday April 25 2004, @11:11PM (#97720)
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    True friends stab you in the front.
  • When, where, and what time?
    Anonymous -- Monday April 26 2004, @01:40AM (#97753)
  • says "Pepsi Smash will be on the air Thursday, May 27 at 8:00pm ET".

    No mention of who the performing acts will be.
    nonesoever -- Monday April 26 2004, @02:02AM (#97757)
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    "... turn popular song into sickness"
  • hahaha and they have a pic of him ten years ago, when he was still a thin young man. I bet they wouldn't dare put up a present day pic of him with crows feet, gray hair and gun!
    Anonymous -- Monday April 26 2004, @03:20AM (#97770)
  • I am slowly losing all respect for this once brilliant man. He has the audacity to knock American Idol but then appears on Pepsi Smash! Maybe he will be a guest judge on Idol soon too. Hey Barry Manilow did it, wht can't Moz?
    Anonymous -- Monday April 26 2004, @07:22AM (#97803)
  • Even the name is offensive:
    "Pepsi Smash"

    opaeque -- Monday April 26 2004, @07:54AM (#97808)
    (User #9954 Info)
  • Great to see all the media frenzy. The album sounds great as well, etc. But playing at a corporate pop festival? Hmmmm....could it be that the old fella's decided to play the pop game and go for the jugular...full media overload?

    Besides, I prefer Coke Light.
    Ramon -- Monday April 26 2004, @08:09AM (#97811)
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    "I'm all over a vulture, like impending death"
  • What's the big deal? He went on Pop Quiz too, in 1994.
    Anonymous -- Monday April 26 2004, @08:21AM (#97816)
  • he really wants to promote this album and receive some of the prominence he is long over due. I can't seem how going onto to Pepsi Smash will attract more listeners, as you can already second guess the audience census (ie see Vicky Pollard from 'Little Britain'). He's (Morrissey) has always gone for quite mainstream shows however, he use to love appearing on TOTPs with The Smiths. I suppose this is just a further extension of that, albeit, a much more low brow version.
    Anonymous -- Monday April 26 2004, @08:33AM (#97822)
  • Sellout? (Score:1, Insightful)

    Wrong!!! He stays true to his music and doesnt change it. And now he's getting fame and money for his art. People thats called being smart!!! A sellout is when one changes his art(in this case music) to fit whats going in or to please a record company. Morrissey waited seven years to record his album for that very reason. He didnt want to conform. You people make me sick sometimes. Making money isnt selling out ask Donald Trump.
    Anonymous -- Monday April 26 2004, @09:15AM (#97828)
  • One of these days I will post a piece of news saying "This morning Steven Morrissey got off his bed with his left foot" and then I'll watch a lot of messages arrive commenting "The man is a bore", "He's done", "He needs a proper producer", "He needs proper musicians" and "The pace of his songs is too slow".
    Anonymous -- Monday April 26 2004, @10:53AM (#97858)
  • People calling Moz a sell-out are losers. Especially when you consider that HE PROBABLY ISN'T EVEN GETTING PAID FOR THIS APPEARANCE.
        Secondly, anytime Moz is on TV advertisers are going to be selling products because of him.
        Instead of thinking of this as Moz selling out, think of it as Moz fighting the system from the inside. It's the pinacle of rebellion.

        Personally, it takes quite a lot for me to call someone a sellout. Here are clear examples of what I consider selling out.
        -If they have a song in a commercial AND change the words to mention the product. They have to do both for me to cry sellout. That's why I can forgive the Nissan commercial with How Soon Is Now. Because they did not write that song for the sole purpose of selling cars.
        -If they change their style in a calculated attempt to sell more records. This is a grey area as I can forgive someone for a genuine change in musical direction for artistic purpose or just a mellowing out due with age (eg Manic's This My Truth). What is unforgivable is when a respectable artist put out mindless pop garbage (eg. Suede's Head Music).
    LeBlanc -- Monday April 26 2004, @11:30AM (#97871)
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  • Keep calling Moz a sellout from your shitty desk job OK KIDS (because that's what you are all being, regardless of your age). Hell I bet most of you are even unemployed -- from the looks of the crowd at the shows I've been to I wouldn't be surprised if none of you had any talent at anything -- or jobs for that matter. Look at this way -- and try to be an adult about it. THE MUSIC BUSINESS IS IN IT'S WORST SLUMP EVER, and it will continue for years and years and years. Moz HAS to promote his new record. Not only does he want to, be he HAS to. Or it will fail and he will fade away. I mean really -- was it soooooo much better and much more fun seeing him play to small venues in 2002 - saying how he can't get a record deal, playing 4 new songs that no one had any clue if they would ever get released, and opening up with a Smiths song? No, in fact it was very sad to me. That tour and Oye Esteban were sad. They were the "I need to live for the next 4 years and make money" tours. This is the "I have a new record out, I'm proud of it, let's do it ALL!" tour. I'm glad he's back, I'm glad he's getting exposure -- and I'm glad I'm not like his typical fans. Or at least the ones on this board. You are all pathetic. Try being a musician (as a job) before you can call him a sellout. It's hard -- you do things you don't want to do. That's why it's called the music BUSINESS. It's a business, and a sick one. Also if the internet was as huge as it is now back in 1994 and the business was slumping them he would have done the same for press on "Vauxhall" -- his last ultra hyped record. Would you have called him a sell out then? Probably. Fuck you all. It makes me sick to know some of you / most of you will be at the last shows tonight drooling of Moz after talking shit on this board. The only shit talking I will do is on you all. Moz is king, Quarry is great, let him have fun. Enjoy that Moz is still around, and maybe lay off the alcohol. It makes you all pissy. I've seen it at the shows now since 1997. Smoke a joint maybe? You might enjoy this tour and this new record a lot more. Because it's a beautiful thing. - This was written by a true Moz fan who loves his job, loves his life, loves Moz and is poor and will be poor for the rest of his life. I just had to throw that in so you don't think im a rich kid who can follow Moz around 24/7 (cough) JULIA (cough).
    Anonymous -- Monday April 26 2004, @12:02PM (#97885)

  • Morrissey doesn't need to do this.
    so why is he doing it?

    and why Pepsi instead of Coke? my goodness.

    enlighten me.
    bernard -- Monday April 26 2004, @09:39PM (#97997)
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    ...and like all ugly things, it fell in love.
  • The only difference between "Pepsi Smash" and any other show on television is that Pepsi's name appears in the title. You've got to be pretty ignorant to think that any of the shows Morrissey has been on before have not been endorsed and "brought to you by" multinational corporations. Television is a business---a corporate business. Next time you see Craig Kilbourne, look at the adds during the commercial break. I'm sure you might even see a Pepsi Commercial, which means they've paid the network money and have contributed to keeping the show on the air. We all know Morrissey is an artist, but we also know that there's no escaping corporatism if he is to do support the album and do television appearances-- It doesn't mean he's selling out. I think the passion in some of you is indicative of your youth. Just relax and enjoy this excitement.
    delta10km -- Monday April 26 2004, @10:26PM (#98001)
    (User #1081 Info)

  • Morrissey made it clear over the past couple years that his agenda is to INFILTRATE the pop culture that so sikens him. That's part of why he held out so long for a good record deal instead of putting out songs online or whatever.

    So, yes, he's doing Lollapalooza, and now he's doing something as goofy as "Pepsi Smash." But who cares that it's called "Pepsi Smash"? The point is, MORRISSEY WILL BE PERFORMING ON UPN!
    Infiltration, people. That's not selling out. It's trying to fight back. Selling out would be doing an commercial for Pepsi, which OUR MAN would NEVER NEVER NEVER do. = )
    LoafingOaf <reversethis-{moc ... otstnilfcitnarf}> -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @03:33AM (#98078)
    (User #778 Info)
    Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling.
  • You sad, sad person. Morrissey makes pop music, like Cilla Black did, who he loves. Jesus, how much did he love being on Top of the Pops in 1983, a dream come true. No doubt you would have been slagging him off then for being a sellout then. Get a life.
    wally range -- Monday April 26 2004, @08:33AM (#97821)
    (User #9515 Info)
  • Get over yourself. I'd go see Moz if he was the opening act for REO Speedwagon at the County Fair. If he opened his own theater in Branson, MO and performed nothing but Garth Brooks covers, I'd still be there. F You for being so judgemental and self righteous. You probably still cry yourself to sleep at night because you were too indie and cool to go to the prom. Would you prefer he did the Cat Stevens thing? I don't.
    Anonymous -- Monday April 26 2004, @11:03AM (#97861)
    • Re:Sellout! by midson (Score:1) Saturday June 19 2004, @04:19PM
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