posted by davidt on Tuesday April 27 2004, @11:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Hairdresser On Fire / The Headmaster Ritual / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Jack The Ripper / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / Let Me Kiss You / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / No One Can Hold A Candle To You / I'm Not Sorry / Subway Train [into...] Everyday Is Like Sunday / All The Lazy Dykes / Irish Blood, English Heart // Shoplifters Of The World Unite

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  • Best performance out of all the LA shows. Encore suprisingly was Shoplifters of the world. Crowed went nuts, about 3 stage rushers. One guy grabbed Moz, then when security got him, he lifted his shirt to reveal a tatoo on his stomach that said "MOZ" (only in LA) I got video of the Encore, huge file, I will put it on a site and email the link to whoever wants to shoot me an email. Not the best quality, but still great. All around A++ show. cant wait for Manchester!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @11:24PM (#98340)
  • This concert was a wonderful experience.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @11:34PM (#98341)
  • OH my. That song left some tears in my eyes. Even they guy next to me had to wipe his eyes.
    PeteMoz -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @11:38PM (#98343)
    (User #2608 Info)
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  • What a show! (Score:2, Interesting)

    My friend was the first to successfully get onto the stage and hug MOZ. It was during the 3rd or 4th song. While getting pulled off to the side by security, she slapped his bum! I got pictures of that. (I'll post the picture after I get them developed)

    My other friend got a copy of the set/play list... "RRRRRRIPPER" and "All The Lazy Whytes" were two of the many things that were changed on set/play list

    The second girl that got on stage and while hugging Him whispered, "Pleasures will not save you." into His ear.

    There were plenty of attempts to get on stage during the 2nd half of the show, about a dozen attempts. The rush attempts during the encored matched if not exceeded that number. I attempted three times myself but there were a total of about 10 security men separating the crowd from the stage. Security began to push some of the crowd surfers back into the pit.
    UrArsenal -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @11:39PM (#98344)
    (User #1745 Info)
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  • It was the best of all the shows. The fans were great and Moz was in top form. Headmasters Ritual is the one I go bonkers over. The new song called I never did anything wrong or something like that with the bongos is the best new song he has done in a long time.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @11:39PM (#98345)
  • What A Night (Score:1, Informative)

    what a night , i didnt get a chance to attend the first 4 shows but i can tell this show was tops the crowd was in it all the way through, Some of my fav Morrissey quotes of the night were
    " your looking more beautiful than last night..::crowd roar:: i was talking about me "...and " im going to be on american telivision next week....on elimidate " lol anyways the songs sound great , great encore Shoplifters, my only complaint is when the show ended some beastly creature that was sitting behind me said " thats it , that was cheap" as if she was an artist and she knew how long a setlist should be....oh and whats up with all the beatuiful ladies with ugly BF's? Ladies if u want a real good lookin moz fan im here [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @11:56PM (#98353)
  • Best. Show. Ever. (Score:5, Informative)

    Or pretty damn close to it. I'm still in awe. The crowd was amazing tonight. And the sound was really really good.

    At first, the crowd energy was alive. It mellowed down a bit during the middle. But then it picked up again near the end. The intensity was amazing.

    Here's a recap of what went on:

    The curtains were down during the intermission. When the show was about to start, the curtains lifted up. But for about 2 minutes after, nothing. Then the intro song plays.

    The band walks onto stage, and everyone is cheering and clapping.

    1. The First Of The Gang To Die

    ** at end of song: "You look more beautiful than anything last night..." (crowd yells and screams) "I was talking about myself."

    2. Hairdresser On Fire

    ** during song, a girl manages to get on stage. she apparently tries to dance with morrissey, but gets dragged away before anything happens.

    ** Morrissey says "Thank you friends" at end of song. Then says, "Hello? Julia? Are you there?"

    3. The Headmaster Ritual
    4. Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice

    ** Tells audience song is called "Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice."

    5. Jack The Ripper

    ** mentions that he will have a new album out soon. says that it's called "You and Idaho are the Quarry."

    6. How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?

    ** says "Thank you to those of you who bought tickets to every night. You're insane, but.... Thank you."

    ** "I will be on American television next week. On Elimi-date.... Which just goes to prove the world is full of crashing bores."

    7. The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores

    ** at end of song, says "The world is indeed full of crashing bores. Have you noticed?"

    8. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

    ** during song, someone manages to get on stage again. crowd goes crazy, yelling and screaming.

    ** at end of song: "Thank you for your kindness."

    9. Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference

    ** at end of song, morrissey says: "It's hard to believe when I first met them, they were all exotic dancers. But now, they are:

    Boz (screams, yells, clapping hands),
    Gary (screams, yells, clapping hands),
    Deano (screams, yells, clapping hands),
    Alain (screams, yells, clapping hands),
    and Mikey (screams, yells, clapping hands)."

    ** after introducing band, says: "And who would have believed they were all born female."

    10. I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday

    ** introduces song from the '80s

    11. No One Can Hold A Candle To You
    12. I'm Not Sorry
    13. Subway Train [into...] Everyday Is Like Sunday

    ** during song, some guy gets onto the stage and almost tackles morrissey. But the bouncers manage to drag him away before he gets close to morrissey.

    ** "This song is about you."

    14. All The Lazy Dykes
    15. Irish Blood, English Heart

    ** at end of song, crowd goes wild again. Morrissey walks off stage. Comes back, but it doesn't look like he changed shirts this time.

    ** Says: "(couldn't hear beginning part. crowd was going crazy again).... Don't forget the importance of being... Ernesto."

    ** Thanks the crowd for the memories. says something else, but couldn't hear over the roaring crowd.

    ENCORE: Shoplifters Of The World Unite

    ** the crowd goes f@ckin' crazy. everyone is yelling and screaming. and a lot of people try to get on stage. but the morrissey bouncers are more than prepared. the bouncers wait on both sides of the stage, near the edge of stage. as soon as anyone gets close enough to tough the stage, the bouncers nab them and pull them up and off the stage.

    ** during encore, someone throws a big bra onto the stage near morrissey.

    ** at the end of the encore, morrissey walks to the front of the stage, near the center, and takes off his shirt and then throws it up into the air and into the audience. And of course, the audience goes crazy again.
    half-a-person -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @11:59PM (#98354)
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  • i liked his comment.. "we are going to be on american television next week.. it's called, "elimidate"" HA!

    'let me kiss you' was a surprise. the set was pretty close to last night otherwise- no 'hand in glove' or 'rush and a push'. but SHOPLIFTERS for the encore! amaaaazing!

    i couldn't help but bawl at the end when the lads hugged and bowed. it feels so weird not having another morrissey show to go to. they all stuck their heads out the backstage window again for photos and last goodbyes, as they have done the past few nights.
    allikazoo -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @12:01AM (#98356)
    (User #10277 Info)
  • fucking amazing. I am still speechless. The End.
    Sharron Needles -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @12:13AM (#98359)
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  • I just want to THANK YOU for helping me up when I was on the floor getting trampled by a million fans fighting for Morrissey's shirt.
    I didn't catch your name but all I know is that you were wearing a black t-shirt w/red writing.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @12:14AM (#98360)
  • I decided to hold my tongue until the LA shows were over. I saw 3 of them and hands-down tonight was best . And although I could live the rest of my life without hearing "Hairdresser on Fire" ever again the set was well paced and things finally did catch fire towards the end. But it is really time to face some facts.The band just stinks and always has. I cannot understand why he did not dispense with their services long ago. They can't play the Smiths songs to save their lives. Everything is so ham-handed with no sense of dynamics.. The solo on "Shoplifters" was just pathetic! For the record, I will state i know I'm a bit jaded because I saw the Smiths about a dozen times. But still, these guys are not fit to lick sweat off Joyce and Rourke's balls. There were good moments and Oddly enough, this is the first time I have ever seen "Every day is like Sunday" played properly. As for the new songs... God. I wish he was writing songs with new and different blokes. Just think how greater Morrisseys words would be if all the music didn't sound like you heard it all two albums before!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @12:16AM (#98361)
  • i got his crotch flower. you know, the one he wears for like the first two songs. it didn't break either. also, during shoplifters of the world (encore) i almost got on stage, but the bouncers pulled me off while morrissey was pulling me onto the stage. I am really glad he played Shoplifters. I thought he was gonna do hand in glove. Oh yeah, i'm sorry for Gin&TonicJill, who couldn't get her letter to morrissey again. I'm sure he saw it many times, but he didn't take it. hopefully you'll get another chance. Oh yeah, the killers rocked. Hope all of you that were there had a good time. i'll see you at Lolapaloozer, or in the fall (hopefully).
    Glory Hole -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @12:20AM (#98364)
    (User #9257 Info)
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  • Can anyone tell me about what time Moz goes onstage? I'm going to two shows in new york and i was just curious.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @12:24AM (#98365)
  • As a minor clarification to another post, when I got up there, I actually said 'pleasure can't save you.' I almost wish I had said 'pleasures will not save you,' as it's far more poetic, but I'm in a band called Belt and we have a series of 'pleasure _______' buttons, one of which is 'pleasure can't save you' (which we give out in a set with 'pleasure is easy').

    Jose Maldonado of the Hooligans boosted me onstage. This makes him officially one of the most awesome people I have ever met. I can't, and can, believe what an incredibly nice, genuine person he is. He tried to get onstage a few times, but failed.

    The pit was INSANE. My eyeglasses got broken in the mad dash for the shirt (and I didn't even want it, I kept trying to avoid the mob).

    I don't check this website often. If you want to get in touch with me: [email protected]. I custom make 1" pinback buttons for $1- want a lyric, a picture, a single cover? Also, if anyone videotaped tonight's show (!!), please contact me! I have much to trade, among them very unexpected things!

    God - thank you for beauty, thank you for fandom, thank you for the lift, thank you for pulling me up, thank you for the feeling of his ear on my lips, thank you for that vice grip on my hand, and thank you for music.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @12:27AM (#98366)
  • An ambulance showed up after the show. It seemed someone was hurt. Saw the venue security rush in with a first-aid pack. What happened?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @12:29AM (#98367)
  • on saturday nite, mozz mentioed something inbetween songs relating to west hollywood, but what was said ABOUT west hollywood. i am from there so i am dying to know... it ws hard to hear all of it with the crowd.....
    PLEASE help
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @01:02AM (#98377)
  • Rome is Burning (Score:2, Informative)

    This show was NIIIICCCEEE!!! Moz cranked it up for this last show. What made this show epic was not the crowd or Morrissey (he's always in top form). It was the antics of the band behind Moz's back. I still don't know if my eyes decieved me or not, so i'm just going to throw it out there:

    Alain picks up a black t-shirt someone throws onto the stage, and sets it on top of a (candle?) near Deano's drums. Mid-way through the song, smoke comes up and the shirt is on fire. A stagehand put out the shirt before the flames got real big. Real funny to see the rest of the guys point and pick on Alain afterwards for being an unwilling arsonist.

    Was it my imagination, or did Moz flip off someone in the audience during "All the Lazy Dykes"?

    During "Irish Blood English Heart", Boz loses his pick. He then improvises by playing the guitar with his teeth, and then just uses his fingers during the last riffs causing a real jacked up sound at the end of the song. (No, it was not part of the performance, I have been to a few of the other shows before this one.) Too bad that BUM who was playing Hoobastank songs outside couldn't have lent him his pick! Anyone else catch his performance? I think he was opening for The Killers....

    Also, a word of advice for all who attend Moz's concerts. I probably should have posted this earlier, as I have seen these recurrences throughout the tour:

    If you are going to throw a shirt on stage

    1. Make sure it doesn't hit Alain. With all that heat in the pit, we don't need fire.

    2. Make sure it is clean. I seen the expression on Moz's face as he dragged that sweaty shirt off to the side. It's bad enough he has to clean up after your mess you leave in front of his home, he shouldn't have to be disgusted with it while at work.

    3. Make sure you have an undershirt...unless you are a big-breasted bra-less hot chick. If you happen to be a three hundred pound greaser, no one wants to smell onions!

    WAR finally paying attention to the action on stage instead of the crowd!!!

    WAR panty-less chicks making it onstage!

    WAR Morrissey and YOU ARE THE QUARRY!

    Jim Rome -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @01:24AM (#98380)
    (User #720 Info |
    ...and how?
  • The show was great! I went with a friend and it was his first concert and he was amaze what a live band can do, when they suck you in and spit you out, when its great. I didnt go to the other shows, but I read all the other comments. And I was amaze at all the bad reviews from the previous shows. But now I see more positive reviews already thats good cuz I thought it was an amazing show. Morrissey still has it, he has great stage presence. I believe his the only one with that rock legend presence. Loved the show from begining to end. The last song Shoplifters of the World spun our world.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @01:33AM (#98381)
  • Fonzie (Henry Winkler) was 5 feet to the right of me all night. Made me smile. This show ruled.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @01:38AM (#98384)
  • Hi - it would be very kind if you could send me the link, too --> [email protected]
    Cannot wait to see HIM live again...
    MozAddict -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @03:32AM (#98414)
    (User #1091 Info)
  • Best show ever my ass. Big deal about Shoplifters. I mean yeah it is a good song but we have been hearing it off and on since the boxers tour. Is that the best he can do. I'll tell you what was special, The Queen Is Dead at Bridges Auditorium 1997. Case settled. The shoplefters encore didn't even compare. Plus I have seen him do shoplifters at least 10 times now. At least he made the right decision and dropped Now My Heart Is Full completely from the rest of the shows after friday.
    Kill Uncle Fan -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @03:46AM (#98416)
    (User #465 Info)
  • I'm sad to see he dropped it last night and I hope it is back for all the new york shows. This is one of my top 3 favourite smiths songs and it would be a huge disappointment to not get to see it live.
    bored -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @07:52AM (#98463)
    (User #8415 Info)
  • Maladjustedx -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @08:22AM (#98468)
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  • My highlight was when the woman kept lifting up her shirt and flashing Moz. I think she thought this was a Slayer concert or something. She looked rather ragged. But, her breast were nice(store bought,cough,cough)Anyways, Moz looked amused. This happened right when Moz took off his shirt and threw it to the crowd. My other highlight is when I looked to the left of me and Nancy Sinatra was standing there with Henry Winkler. It was crazy. I expected Nancy but never The Fonz to be a Moz fan.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @09:51AM (#98497)
  • The man is on! Last night was really nice!

    Goooo Mozzzzz
    Morrissey Sucks -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @09:54AM (#98500)
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    Morrissey Sucks (and all is well)!
  • it was awesome last night, i got the opportunity to meet moz through kroq. i nearly died. i started to tear up and he jokingly made fun of me. it was great. and when we took a group pic i was next to him with my arm around him. last night was one of the best nights ever and when they busted out with "shoplifters..." i almost passed out. love that song. overall last night kicked ass!!!!
    mars -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @10:02AM (#98502)
    (User #4290 Info)
  • That was the best show ever. If anyone took pictures please e-mail me some at [email protected] security didn't let me take a camara in i would really love a shot of gary. thank you
    angelicaperez13 -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @10:05AM (#98505)
    (User #9744 Info)
  • I would have just loved to hear shoplifters, the last time I heard it was when he walked offstage at the Greek, and I couldn't fully enjoy it, but I did enjoy when he played headmaster, I wish I could have gone all 5 nights! Does anyone know if he will be at Kilborne show??
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @10:08AM (#98506)
    • Re:Shoplifters by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 28 2004, @10:18AM
      • Re:Shoplifters by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 28 2004, @10:58AM
    • Kilborn by working-class zero (Score:1) Wednesday April 28 2004, @05:04PM
  • Hey you, good catch with the flowers lol I threw my letter on stage, after the show I asked all the roadies to get my letter back and they all said they were not allowed to take anything from the stage, so I then asked Mozs' bodyguard Arturo to retreve it for me, he asked "why?, don't you want him to read it?" I was puzzled by his comment, then he said "I collect all items thrown on stage and give it to him after the show, he's gonna read your letter." I was soo happy I cried, he smiled and shook my hand.
    Fooking good gig it was.
    Gin N Tonic Jil -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @11:35AM (#98543)
    (User #7276 Info)
    You're not down with who I am but, look at you now you're all in my hands...tonight I'm a Rock N' Roll Star!!
  • Congratulations to those lucky ones for getting on stage. A big thank you to the guys and gals who let me camp out with them in the line. some memorable moments:

    The strange lady who took a break and sat with us in line and not even utter a sound.

    Met a girl from Philly. You were very nice, have a great time at the Apollo!

    The Killers rocked!

    Morrissey was beautiful. "Let Me Kiss You" and "I'm Not Sorry" are my favorite so far.

    This butch looking young girl just tried to get onto the stage who gave two male bouncers a run for their money, she just would not give up! It was almost ashame that she didn't get to atleast shake his hand.

    And the best part was when Morrissey got flashed by this girl who was just behind me with a lovely pair of breast. Morrissey looked at them and didn't even flinch, he just stared at them and made a look as if saying, "not bad". Very funny!

    Oh I almost forgot to mention when the singer from that group The Sweet And Tender whatever, tried to get onto the stage but failed twice. The first time he went over he was grabbed and I saw him raise his hands and said something like "Okay, okay, okay don't hurt me, I'm an actor!" I know he didn't say that really except for "ok, ok, ok." But it's just the way he said it sounded funny.

    All in all it was a great show! I hope some of you who have pictures, video and/or audio recording from this show please send me an Email, I would really like to buy a copy off you!
    mozzer130 -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @11:46AM (#98550)
    (User #5329 Info)
    "Here my voice in your head and think of me kindly." Morrissey
  • I went to both Saturday's show and last night's... last night's was one of the best I've ever seen. Morrissey and the band were fantastic, as was the sound, but what made this night special was the energy from the crowd. For both shows I sat in the loge; my first time not being on the floor crushed against the barrier. The perspective one is afforded from sitting so far back is the ability to comprehend what's happening in that room. The way he performs along with what he says and how the audience feeds off him and vice versa... well, it is truly moving.

    It was obvious that Morrissey was feeling it because he was very talkative; while the band were far more energized than they were on Saturday. The songs which stood out for me were Headmaster Ritual, How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel, I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday, All The Lazy Dykes, and Irish Blood, English Heart -- which is infinitely better live than recorded; it's simply triumphant. "Shoplifters..." for the encore was a great surprise even though it's one of the Smiths songs he plays the most. Last night with everyone whipped up into a frenzy as they were, "Shoplifters..." was a near perfect ending. Sure one can go on about, "He could of played this, " or "He should've played that." That is not the point. For that moment in time, "Shoplifters..." was the end all, be all. On Saturday night, people couldn't be bothered to give him a standing ovation, but last night you couldn't possibly stay in your seat!

    It's almost ridiculous to pick out songs here and there from the setlist. I enjoyed them all...

    So, thank you to Morrissey and the boys. And thank you to last night's crowd. You helped make it a truly memorable experience. Here's hoping he'll be back later in the year!

    smithlikeme -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @11:59AM (#98556)
    (User #5175 Info)
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  • hey everyone
    for those of you who managed to sneek your cameras inside the Wiltern, please share your photos with us! I am trying to compile photos for an essay/documentary project I am doing on Moz fans and it would be great to get some pictures from inside the venue (unfortunately I couldn't sneek my camera inside). email me at [email protected] or post a link on this website! Thanks!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @12:01PM (#98558)
  • OK guys, The video is ready to rock. One thing though it is 500 megabytes!!!! anyone have any suggestions? This video is worth seeing. Quality is pretty good, not great but is still sweeeeet!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @12:26PM (#98570)
  • many of your dreams will be destroyed.

    wow. glad i didn't sucker into buying the 5 night deal. pretty much the same exact set every night, give or take 1 song. time has wiped all of us out. thanks for the memories and goodbye!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @12:32PM (#98578)
  • Please...& Thank you!
    [email protected]
    starsailor -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @12:57PM (#98584)
    (User #10582 Info)
  • I saw Rodney Binghenheimer as everyone was exiting the venue. Actress Chloe Svengeny (?) from Boys Don't Cry, Party Monster, and Gummo was there too! The lead singer of the band The Used. And people already mentioned Henry Winkler and Nancy Sinatra. Any others?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @02:11PM (#98609)
    • Re:celebrity spottings! by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 28 2004, @02:24PM
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    • Re:celebrity spottings! by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday April 29 2004, @04:06AM
    • Rodney told me he was going to bring Nancy Sinatra, with him to the concert, they are very good friends, Im suprised about the fonz being there though. What KROQ joq if any introduced Moz? And so what if Burt form the USED is there, no one talked crap about one of the Bad Charlotte brothers being there.

      So on Mon. Davey from AFI was there, Chino from the Deftones, and Alex Phantom Planet were also there.
      mygirlgotmeintohim -- Thursday April 29 2004, @07:23AM (#98786)
      (User #9134 Info)
  • last night was amazing. you could tell it was going to be right from the start. saw him on friday night but last night he seemed to have more energy. thanks to whomever posted his comments - i had forgotten some. moz is so clever and truly is a great performer. i'm beginning to really like his new songs. let me kiss you was absolutely beautiful. was next to a woman from manchester who flew in that day to see him...she took a ton of pics and i gave her my email addy so when she gets back home, hopefully she'll send me some. would have rather heard hand in glove as i've heard shoplifters a few times before but such a great show...was almost crying quite a few times. may be sad or funny to say b/c i haven't met the man, but i don't think i've ever loved anyone as much as him!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @02:36PM (#98620)
  • I think that the main reason why yesterday's show was the best out of all 5 (in some people's opinions) is simply because it was the last out of the 5. I mean, for the first 4 shows, people were bound to be's not like it's the LAST time I'll be seeing him in a long time. I know I was.

    So yesterday being Morrissey's last performance in L.A., till who knows when, is what brought out the energy of the crowd to give him the farewell he deserves.

    I'm sure he noticed.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @02:55PM (#98630)
  • One question when Moz started to speak to Julia why did the crowd start to "Boo" her?
    Gin N Tonic Jil -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @03:11PM (#98635)
    (User #7276 Info)
    You're not down with who I am but, look at you now you're all in my hands...tonight I'm a Rock N' Roll Star!!
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  • Does anyone know who sings the song that played before the curtains went up had the Sinatra sound to it, I thought maybe Andy williams. Anyone know thanxs in advance...
    invaderace777 -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @04:33PM (#98654)
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  • that's what people want to hear
    moho -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @05:22PM (#98663)
    (User #10663 Info)
  • Wow! There was such hospitality among Morrissey fans yesterday. To those who weren't there bright and early to witness it I will tell you what happened. Two nice guys bought and passed around loads of water to those who where waiting in line sitting in the heat. It was very nice of them to do so. I had my bottled water, and chair when I arrived (i like to be prepared). I'd still like to say thanks to those two people. It was very kindly appreciated, I hope other feel that way too.
    Bigmouth Struck <reversethis-{moc ... } {noissesbOdaM}> -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @05:31PM (#98664)
    (User #1626 Info)
    That was very cheesy of me...
  • This was the best event (in regards to music) that my fiance and I could have anticipated. Morrissey is an astounding artist and he made Tuesday's show just that more special. The opening band, The Killers, were more than capable of warming up the crowd. I can see why Moz enjoys their sound.
      There is such a creative creditablity gap between "pop" music and "independent" music that at times it resembles the Grand Canyon. Why the masses will not accept someone who lives, bleeds and believes in everything he sings astounds me. I do not use the word genius lightly (as do most of the mass media when they crown others in music or pop culture as such) Moz is a genius of the highest caliber and demonstrates it with every performance. I only hope that we keep this mind and hold Morrissey dear to our hearts.
    eventhorizon2 -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @05:37PM (#98667)
    (User #959 Info |
    "Another case of unrequited love in which I, as ever, take the leading part."
  • I just wanted to say that i thought the show last night was amazing! i went to the show at the joint in vegas which was very good but this one was just way more exciting! Morrissey sang beautifully and everyone was being very nice and were really into the show. The only thing i was dissapointed about was that they didn't let me bring a camera inside i was bummed but once i was inside i didnt care. If anyone has pixs please send!!! :)
            i would also like to say thank you to the guy who was standing next to me and told this guy who just decided to stand in front of me half way during the show to "please move because she has been here for a very long time". and then he told me to stand in front of him. I really appreciated it and wanted to say thank you again. You were sooo nice :)Shoplifters of the world was just awesome!!
    glisteningvertigo -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @11:37PM (#98732)
    (User #10903 Info)
  • Does anybody know the intro song that has a female singer singing " i love you " / it was a 50's style song ..... the music sounded like "house of rising sun".... an amazing song that i cannot find the artist or title too/ it was part of the intro songs after the french songs..... PLEASE HELP!
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 29 2004, @12:43AM (#98741)
  • I attended three shows (Vegas, Saturday & Tuesday at the Wiltern) and I loved them all individually. I woke up Wednesday with that blue kind of "what do I do now" sort of feeling. Anyway, just saying...If anyone wants to see the scan of the Tuesday setlist signed by Boz and Gary, I posted it on the general forum under "lost at the Wiltern 4/27) and If anybody knows Craig, well...
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 29 2004, @12:37PM (#98921)
    • Get A Life! by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday April 29 2004, @04:56PM
  • has anyone recieved the address for the encore video? Or was this anonymous person just pulling our leg? Please, someone let me know. Thank You.
    Glory Hole -- Thursday April 29 2004, @01:31PM (#98951)
    (User #9257 Info)
    "I tried living in the real world, instead of a shell, but before I began, I was bored before I even began!"
  • I was not able to enjoy Morrissey's show because I was surrounded by horrid people. They kept shouting for Morrissey to sing "Sing your Life". So predictable and boring. But typical coming from these people who only decided Morrissey was great after he started doing songs in a rockabilly style in the early 90's. Morrissey has moved on and so should they. I also don't understand why these fans have to be so violent what is about Morrissey that cause fist fights and beer slinging.
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 29 2004, @03:38PM (#99001)
  • I finally have achance to write about my experienece at the show that night. I queued around 2pm and I was at the end of the block. I met some swell people in line. I had flown in from Florida the night before, so I was extremly tired. I had been reading all of your posts on the shows before hand and was excited to see Moz again after 7 years of waiting for him.
    7pm rolled around and the doors opened, I was so excited that my tiredness disappeared. Got into the venue and went stright foir the pit. Thanks to the previous posts I knew they were only handing out 200 wristbands for the pit area.
    The killers were good, they had some good catchy songs. I just kind of sat back and watched them.
    At 9pm Morrissey's intro started and I felt goosebumbs fill my body. If anyone listened to it, it was very interesting, all the problems that we face as a world...
    anyway, so Moz makes his grand entrance, and what an entrance it was. He wore a nice red coat and his hair was up high. He looked good compared to the last time I saw him. He sang his songs and I sang along with him. I must say I love his new songs, and I cant wait foir the album to come out.
    The funniest parts of the show were:

    1. A woman who flashed Moz with some very big boobs, I coulnt stop laughing and Moz kept a serious face.
    2. The fight for Mozs shirt, even the bouncers couldnt separate them.
    3. Moz saying "I'll be on american telivision next week...I'll be on elimidate!"
    4. the guy who made it on stage and gave Moz a big hug..then as he was being dragged off,m he lifted his shirt that said "MOZ" on his stomach.

    All in all, the show was way better than the shows I saw in 97. He was way more energetic, and the LA crowd definitly gave him a good farewell. Great Job LA!!
    Flunky76 -- Thursday April 29 2004, @04:28PM (#99023)
    (User #10333 Info)
  • If you want to see the Shoplifters Video the only way we will be able to is to find a site to host it. It's in a stuff-it format and has a size of around 250mb. If anyone has a site to host the file, I'll upload the video. Soo stop posting your email address because there is no way to email it.
    TheSqualorOfTheMind -- Friday April 30 2004, @07:50AM (#99172)
    (User #10737 Info)
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