posted by davidt on Monday April 26 2004, @11:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Hairdresser On Fire / The Headmaster Ritual / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Jack The Ripper / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / No One Can Hold A Candle To You / I'm Not Sorry / Subway Train [into...] Everyday Is Like Sunday / A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours / All The Lazy Dykes / Irish Blood, English Heart // Hand In Glove

setlist provided by CJ
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  • Same Set, Different Night

    (at least the opening band was good this time)
    clownbait -- Monday April 26 2004, @11:06PM (#98007)
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    • Re:Set by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday April 27 2004, @11:55AM
  • Dear Moz fans. STOP Complaining!

    I have for the last 4 days read all kinds of negative stuff about Morrissey & the fans, or like someone kindly put "Poser Fans".

    I for one am a big Morrissey fan. I have been listening to his music since my junior high days and have been going to his shows since 91" and all of his shows have been exceptional, well except the one at UCLA's Pauley Pavillion were a riot broke out. Talk about $200.00 bucks gone to waste.

    So mi gripe is as follows: To those who live and dream about Morrissey, get a life! Is one thing to be a fan an another to be a fanatic. Enjoy the man for what he is and not for what he was in the past. I loved all of the Smiths albums and definately have enjoyed all of his solo stuff.

    So if you go to another concert and see us 30+ year old fans not jumping and going crazy, let it be, for we are enjoying the show as much if not more than you complainers.

    And another thing.. newbies or veteran fans, is all the same. We all love the music so stop your bitchen, and "Sing Your Life"
    1bdcprz -- Monday April 26 2004, @11:20PM (#98010)
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  • I believe that tonight ranked right up there with Anaheim. So, what Im saying is it was my least favorite of the four Wiltern shows so far. Tomorrow hopefully will be a blast. And I believe the opening band sucked. The Killers and Elephant were really pretty good. I think this band should have opened up for Phish because they were at the wrong venue tonight.
    Anonymous -- Monday April 26 2004, @11:21PM (#98011)
  • blah blah blah - although many out there will bitch and moan about the set list, the opening act, mozzer's wardrobe, etc., i for one had a fantastic time and still believe that he puts on one of the best live shows out there. the finale of "hand in glove" was breathtaking!!
    tyrone_biggums -- Monday April 26 2004, @11:52PM (#98023)
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    • great show??? by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday April 27 2004, @12:00AM
  • well once again my friends another show. to me this show was awesome it had a good vibe the crowd was into it, not like lame as anaheim. the man looked ala 1992 with his checkered shirt and his botas the alvestruz (ostrich. got a good question how much would boz's tommy gun guitar go for on ebay??????. I am looking forward to the new album by the way i was the only one sporting the crashing bore shirt!!!. I do feel sorry for the girl with the skirt that showed me the bush as she was crowd surfing and then fell to her demise. better luck next time. morrissey is the greatest show on earth.
  • First up, stop bitching about people bitching about various shows, it's a forum, your supposed to comment on what you liked, disliked...Also, as I am in S.E. Asia working, I'm missing all the shows, so I'm jealous, if only...I'm not sure what the audience has been like, as I haven't been there, but just a few observations based on the many Moz shows I've seen before and the music itself...First up, dancing, singing along, trying to get up front, the people that rush the stage, these are all part of an energetic moz show. What more can you expect or want? Mosh Pits and crowd surfing(didn't crowd surfing go out with the 90s anyways, its lame!) have nothing to do with the music style and if that's the energy you want than go to another show...
    defari -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @12:21AM (#98036)
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    • Re:jealous by VegasJunkee (Score:1) Tuesday April 27 2004, @12:28AM
    • Re:jealous by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday April 27 2004, @01:07AM
      • Re:jealous by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday April 27 2004, @09:55AM
  • ...I got a piece of it. I got the cuff with buttons. I also got a set list. Got to shake moz's hand too. Good show overall. No pushing at all, only until the end. I hope all of you guys had the same amount of fun.
    Glory Hole -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @12:48AM (#98043)
    (User #9257 Info)
    "I tried living in the real world, instead of a shell, but before I began, I was bored before I even began!"
  • Great show as always. He is like a fine wine, he mellows with age and improves. Can't wait for tomorrow's show. I came from Chicago for these shows and went by his house(I think). Does he still live in Clark Gable's old house on Carolwood? I left him a message so I hope he still lives there. Odd there was no one around.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @12:49AM (#98044)
  • i'll just recap what i can think of..

    the set was indeed the same as saturday. i felt the strong points were "i'm not sorry".. very heartfelt, and "hand in glove" was again excellent as an encore. there were a couple of stage invaders, all girls. the crowd was energetic tonight but not as much as say, thursday or friday.

    i'm sad that tomorrow will be the last show. i hope people will just go and enjoy themselves as much as i have been this week. i miss the vauxhall songs as much as the next person, but the new ones are growing on me and i already know all the words! i wish i could remember the stage banter, but there wasn't a whole lot of it and i am sleepy!
    allikazoo -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @12:50AM (#98045)
    (User #10277 Info)
  • Can anybody name some of the songs that came on before Morrissey went on stage. I am looking for one in particular: its a female singer and the chorus goes I LOVE YOU in a very despearate, affectionate way. Thanks in advance !
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @12:50AM (#98046)
  • Folks, there are hundreds of people who love Moz on the other side of the world and would like to hear something about the show, not how annoyed you were by the posers, not if it was "as lame as Anaheim", not if somebody crowd surfed and somebody else did not, not if the opening band sucked. We want to hear about the shows, the setlists, how the songs were played, what Moz looked like, what he said between songs, if the lads are on form, things like that. Please. We don't know anything about it here (fucking old Europe), we just saw a few scattered pictures here and there and heard some messy mp3s. Have mercy.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @12:56AM (#98048)
  • It was a truly great expierance to see Moz up close. I was in the pit with the wristband folks. He sounded great and alive. I noticed that thier was a film crew video taping the show (one in the barricade area and two on stage to the sides). I was really lucky to get a piece of his shirt (the Checkered one), I fought and got elbowed a few times and I received my prize, the entire colar, with buttons and all. It smells great and its still wet from his sweat.
    I will be posting some pictures here soon as I snuck in a camera.
              To all the so-called whiners (by whiners I mean you) out thier and soforth, we don't mind if you speak your mind but please remember that we are ALL fans, I truly appreciate anything the man puts out vs. nothing at all. Just remind yourself if thier was no tour or new album, what would you be talking about then other than a few clips of him here or thier. Enjoy it while it last.

    Cuz' all good things must come to an end...
    mozisme -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @12:56AM (#98049)
    (User #10776 Info)
  • has anyone heard the band-MISTER LOVELESS- theyre on and they rule, they sound like morrissey. Vosotros trabajo mucho, todos los dias. Uds. viven y practicar musica todos los dias de la semana.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @01:17AM (#98053)
  • As the lights go out thier is a 3 min. wait until anything happens. Then a ladys voice comes over the speakers. She is mouthing off alot of different words, sometimes it's difficult to make out, since she has a European accent and all but she says things like racist, nelson mandelas imprisonment, wife and child abuser, the Royal Family and so on. This lasts for about 5 more minutes, then Morrissey and the lads take the stage and break into First of the gang... Morrisseys' voice sounds rich and crisp, espeacially the Smiths songs he does. He is in great spirit and truly seems happy, everynight. Extremely talkative and interacts with audience a few times. I am sure that you have seen the setlist, so I won't bore you with that. Boz, Alain, Gary, Dean and Mickey (the new keyboardist) seem to communicate really well. Between songs, Moz is interacting with audience and they (the Lads) are collaborating on the next song. They do sound in tune (most of the time) and well rehearsed. Morrissey, being 44 and all doesn't seem to dance and whip the cord as much, but he still manages to get the crowd going. It almost looks like he is trying to show you that he is aging. Just my preception.

    I don't understand what people are complaining about, everyone in the audience always seems to be into it, then I get home to read all these complaints. Oh well, you can't please them all. I guess they have that mentallity "I am a customer and I deserve more". Guess what, you can take your business elsewhere, 'cuz this show is AS-IS. Like it or not.

    I hope this helps out all the people who can't attend the show.

    Viva Moz
    mozisme -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @01:28AM (#98055)
    (User #10776 Info)
  • Whatta night. Ohh, where to start, where to start!

    This was my first Morrissey show, and it was pretty good, although I was feeling like shit throughout the night. I dunno why (I think Captain tried to slip me a mickey!) Thankfully, seeing the boys play "Such a Little Thing.. made me a whole lot better (well, mentally)

    I went with Mauro and Captain Cook.

    I was the guy with the penguin and the Beatles shirt.

    Our seats were at the Mezzanine Level, Row J, Seats 4 & 6.

    An odd thing happened: Last month, I sold an extra ticket for tonite's show on eBay for $71 to a fella in Costa Mesa ...and he never even showed up! Boy did he miss out...

    Tonite's Everyday Is Like Sunday is the closest I've ever heard it to the original LP version (the keyboards!)

    After the show, there was a fella who also had a Beatles shirt & a 5-string guitar who played "Mother Nature's Son" for me and Mauro, God bless him.

    Oh, and from where we were, Steven M. & friends looked 3 inches tall. tee hee.
    Davy_Havok -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @01:28AM (#98057)
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    • MorrisMe by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday April 27 2004, @10:43PM
      • Zack Morris by Davy_Havok (Score:1) Tuesday April 27 2004, @11:45PM
  • Video (Score:0, Offtopic)

    Was anyone able to get Mondays show on tape???
    LAMozz -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @01:29AM (#98058)
    (User #10836 Info)
  • The crowd had alot more energy then it did on friday or Thursday that I could tell. It was a good show . Morrissey repeated again this night that he's not a nice person. Also he didn't introduce the band this night. Morrissey was wearing a blue white black checkered cowboy shirt, I know because I got a peice of it, for the encore he wore an entire white shirt witch he also tossed to the crowd. Morrissey started off the show with alot of fast passed songs, first of the gang, hairdresser, Headmaster, Don't make fun of daddy, Jack the ripper. He played the slow songs more in the middle, instead of spreading them out, but which I think worked out well for the show. Like he said in some interview before to start them off with the fast ones and then hit them with the slow ones. I had an overall good time, also I was wondering to the girl that I was talking too from Riverside that was standing right next to me with the glasses. Yes I'm the one thats from Montclair I was wondering if your on here if you could make me some copies of those pictures you took, or if you can scan them and e-mail them to me. My e-mail is [email protected], I'd greatly appreciate it.
    bobmoz <[email protected]> -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @01:32AM (#98061)
    (User #841 Info)
  • I was wondering if anyone else would like to hear Morrissey finish the entire song subway train. I think it sounds pretty good I only wish he would do the entire song, and then play everday like sunday seperate.
    bobmoz <[email protected]> -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @01:35AM (#98062)
    (User #841 Info)
  • This was the first time I was able to see Morrissey live in concert and all I can say is that his performance was simply awesome!!!
    I enjoyed every song he sang and the energy he put in his performance!
    My wife and I got there early and were able to get in the "pit" tier. We were 2 persons away from Julia (whoever she is!).
    The openning act was ok, though I hardly cared for them. They drank a lot on stage and I also didn't care for that either.
    Once Moz came on stage, the whole place erupted! There was so much energy in the air! People were pushing trying to get as close to the stage as they could. I was holding my ground, I didn't want my wife or I to get crushed. It got so packed in that I felt I got dry humped by some chick that was standing behind me. As Moz sang Everyday is Like Sunday, I could feel her press her body against my back as she jumped up and down to the beat. At one point, all hell broke loose when some girl flew over us and some huge tough looking guy pushed his way next to Julia (more on him later). At the end when Moz threw his shirt in the crowd, there was a mad scramble for his shirt. There was a lot of pushing and shoving. My wife and I headed for the back of the tier to get a safe view of the encore, Hand in Glove.
    There were many failed attempts to get on stage. Only two girls made it on stage. The first girl went crazy and tried to hold on to Moz before being pulled away. The second girl keep her composure. She gave Moz a hug and lifted her arms in triumph before being taken off stage. Those were the success stories. I saw plenty of people get picked up and basically thrown over the stage barrier. The worst I think was when some cute blond asian girl was lifted when Moz came close to her. As they reached for each other, she was pushed a little to hard and landed flat on her face! The funny thing is that she had a second chance to get on the stage and fell over the barrier again!
    Overall, we had a great time! Morrissey is truly a great artist/performer! So many people are moved by his music. My wife, who wasn't a big fan prior to the concert, was amazed by his live renditions and proclaims to be a true fan now. She was shocked to see his strong following and how Moz is able to make grown men cry. That huge tough looking guy started to cry at one point in the concert.
    I'm glad I was able to see Morrissey live in concert! He is truly one of a kind! I can't wait for his new cd!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @01:35AM (#98063)
  • how strange that he should play this song when it's not even on Quarry or the IBEH b-sides.
    anyone any thoughts?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @01:44AM (#98065)
  • Morrissey is a Charming man....those are the best words to describe him. This is my second time meeting him and because of that I thought I wouldnt be as excited as my first time....but I was and I cant emphasize enough what a wonderfully timid,humble,lovely person he is. Thank you KROQ!!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @01:50AM (#98066)
  • You can't imagine how lucky you are to have witnessed one or more of these concerts. I hope I can go to one of his European dates. Anyway, can anybody write about "what he said" during the concert? He always seems to say a few witty, funny things to the audience. Anything, please?
    I am the Quarry -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @02:06AM (#98069)
    (User #10052 Info)
    "No, really, I'm a roofer from Balham"
  • would any of be so kind to let me know exactly what official MOZ merch was for sale ie; tee's(styles, colors, prints), posters(pic of poster, text), anything else. It would greatly appreciated. thanx in advance

    p.s reason for me asking is I was unable to make it to any of the shows so Im hoping to buy some merch off of ebay, but i dont want any bootlegg crap, I know I will probaly be spending an arm and a leg.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @05:52AM (#98089)
  • Listen up right, Ive been to many a Moz show since '91 in Costa Mesa, UCLA Pauley Pavillion to last Tuesday@ the Wiltern. I wanna see just how wild people get on Morrisseys' last night here in L.A.
    I mean we dont know when he's gonna come back, so lets show him L.A. fans are the best.
    Gin N Tonic Jil -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @06:59AM (#98098)
    (User #7276 Info)
    You're not down with who I am but, look at you now you're all in my hands...tonight I'm a Rock N' Roll Star!!
  • stupid yankies (Score:0, Flamebait)

    I'm not suprised there's all this whinging about the Moz concerts. How can a nation as stupid as the Yanks be expected to appreciate Morrissey?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @06:59AM (#98099)
  • I only got to come into town for two shows. Surprisingly, I won't bitch about Saturday's and Monday's set-lists being the same. It was STILL worth it for me. Making my way into the centerstage pit, I must now say "hola, que pasa" to my new sweaty-intimate friends. I had a blast despite losing my favorite Yankee cap (I guess that's only fair considering how many games they've lost this year), getting my "Morrissey Swiming" shirt ripped, and having my best friend get punched in the head for the shirt he sadly only held for a few minutes! It was a wonderful, pure rock 'n roll night! Rock on Esteban!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @08:05AM (#98113)
  • Does anyone have any audio for any of these shows?
    Elephantman -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @08:31AM (#98117)
    (User #10833 Info)
  • Can anyone comment on this song? How does it sound? What is it about?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @08:40AM (#98118)
  • I Went to both the Vegas show and last night's show. The Vegas show was way better than last night. In Vegas, everyone was totally into the concert. Everyone sang along to each and every song they knew and danced! Last night as I was at the balcony, maybe 10% of the people were actually standing throughout the show. In Vegas, everyone, including the people at the balcony were standing and dancing! All I know is that the Vegas show rocked and posers need to stay out next time!!!
    MOZ1315 -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @09:50AM (#98139)
    (User #10439 Info)
  • I go to the Van Morrissey concert last night too. He do not do Brown Eyed Girl or anything from Astral Weeks. I screams all night for him to play but then he play thing i never heard. To come all the way from Ireland and not play the hits is a shame. He sounded different so maybe he have sick. Oh yes, He look strange, like he lost about 90 lbs, and grown some hair do. I hopes tonight he do Brown Eyed Girl.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @10:12AM (#98145)
    • Re:Last Night by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday April 27 2004, @09:43PM
  • I want to take my camera and get some MOZ pics, but am weary of getting it taken away. Has anybody been successful in sneaking in a camera the last four shows?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @10:36AM (#98157)
  • You bastard americans...stop complaining and whining. It's making me sick. You fat self-indulged cunts don't know how lucky you are. You snobs!

    he should come back to camden! You don't deserve him. I blame lethargic amerikkka for the fact that it took him 7 years to return with a new album.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @11:06AM (#98165)
  • That show last night sucked…for a guy with enough hit songs between the Smiths and
    Himself to fill 4 or 5 CD’s what the hell was that lastnight?Hairdresser on fire?
    WTF??? Morrissey what were you thinking?Im almost 35 years old and have been
    listing to Morrissey and the Smiths since the beginning…I don’t need to hear all his
    Radio stuff but for Christ sake. I paid 100$ for a GA ticket in the parking lot to see
    Him and I would have paid double. I know it wasn’t a Smiths concert and all you Morrissey fans can cry about this post all you want but if you are as old as me and have been listing to his music as long as me you have to agree that last nights show was pretty weak…and whats with the shirt???? I wondered why he came out and only
    Played one song in the encore and I asked a staff pro guy if he only played one song in the encore the night before and he told me that he played till almost midnight..
    He said it was because of the dipshits fighting over Morrissey’s shirts…Well thanks assholes for ruining it for everyone.-
    XSILENTBOB -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @11:24AM (#98171)
    (User #10864 Info)
    • One song encore is par for the course by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday April 27 2004, @12:39PM
    • Re:Weak! by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday April 27 2004, @12:46PM
      • Re:Weak! by XSILENTBOB (Score:1) Tuesday April 27 2004, @01:08PM
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          • Re:Weak! by XSILENTBOB (Score:1) Tuesday April 27 2004, @01:58PM
            • Re:Weak! by nowmyheartisok (Score:0) Tuesday April 27 2004, @03:44PM
              • Re:Weak! by XSILENTBOB (Score:1) Tuesday April 27 2004, @03:56PM
              • and surely by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 28 2004, @09:42AM
              • Re:and surely by XSILENTBOB (Score:1) Wednesday April 28 2004, @10:36AM
  • Is that a sample of a submarine radar pinging when Moz starts singing "I'm slipping below the water-line"? I can also hear a sort of cry or yelp afterwards(?). Sounds good though...
    ranierimustgo! -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @12:44PM (#98205)
    (User #9990 Info)
  • Please xsilentbob, you disgust me!

    If you haven't anything interesting to say about the shows except for your whining and complaining then piss off. I'm so sick and tired of you americans complaining about the shows. Who do you bloody hell think you are. You should be so lucky. I'm 34 as well. I'm listening to The Smiths/Moz since This Charming Man and he has played The Netherlands (where I live) only 3 times (ones with The Smiths). That's 3 times in fooking 20 years. What do you snobs in america complain about if you have him 5 nights in a row. You should all be banned from seeing him ever ever live again!!! I despise you all.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @01:15PM (#98224)
  • I went to the show expecting to see Ronnie James Dio ride in on a dragon singing, 'Holy Diver' & 'Last in Line' but instead a group of indie kids called Dios played some songs. I want my money back.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @01:53PM (#98246)
  • Dear Trina,

    Sorry I couldn't really talk to you. I had bad breath. I hope you enjoyed the show.

    fut -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @05:19PM (#98284)
    (User #401 Info |
  • i must first say that i love this sight. i've been very busy these last four years of my life and have lived my morrissey escapades through this sight. unfortunately my current positioned did not allow me to catch any of the l.a. shows, something that i waited for a long time is now gone. but before i begin to ramble, i find it funny that we are bitching, and bitching about bitching. i just wanted to defend kroq here today. i've been away from l.a. due to my current employer. so i don't know what the sound is like any more (it's probably all the music all the other saturated radio stations wont play). i just want to thank richard blade and kroq for they were the only station to play the smiths and morrissey during my formative years. my girlfriend even tried to win me tix on kroq. he isn't big in atl yet, but i hope he makes it out here before i return to l.a...btw does anybody ever remember morrissey doing a radio interview with rick dees, or that short guy from power 106 b4 it went straight hip hop, probably not, but i bet you do remember him being there with kevin and bean
    ToNyTHePoNy -- Tuesday April 27 2004, @09:05PM (#98319)
    (User #947 Info)
    learn to love me...
  • its was a really good expirience to see morrissey i wanted to see him for two years and I finally saw him its was really good i wanted to run up on stage and hug bt oh well
    I wish i could see him again

    I HATE the idea of MOZ going to smash pepsi I dont want him to become big he'a my band i don't want him to become everbody's band
    greaseball087 -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @09:07AM (#98482)
    (User #10880 Info)
  • What a great show! One of the best I've seen in the past few years. Especially enjoyed the set list with the many ols Smiths' tunes including one of my favorites "The Headmaster Ritual."

    I drove all the way out from Tucson, AZ just to see the Mozzer ans thought it was wonderful.

    I was amazed how clear Morrissey's voice was through all that guitar-even down in the front pit where it can get kinda jumbley!

    What a treat to hear other old favs like "Hand in Glove" and obscure tunes like "Such A Little Thing..." or "Hairdresser On Fire."

    The Wiltern Theater was amzing also. I was last there in 89/90 and it must have been restored with all the fabulous gold Art Deco painting and artwork.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @01:37PM (#98602)
  • I was the second girl to get on stage at monday's show during "Hand in Glove". I was the one that threw my arms up at the end of it all. If anyone got any pictures of that or video I would be willing to pay you for them. I would love to have documentation of that momentous occasion. Thanks a bunch!!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 29 2004, @01:29AM (#98748)
  • Unequivocally, Morrissey has gone through major transitions as of late. I am now considered a veteran of sorts, and regardless of the commentary for all of you who deem yourselves true fans, allow the youth of today to be unruly and learn of the MOZZ in their own way, through their own expression - just as we did in the 80's and 90's as we found ourselves a voice to speak of the challenges that we faced...
    MRoeMOzz -- Thursday April 29 2004, @12:05PM (#98907)
    (User #10918 Info)
  • I was not able to enjoy Morrissey's show because I was surrounded by horrid people. They kept shouting for Morrissey to sing "Sing your Life". So predictable and boring. But typical coming from these people who only decided Morrissey was great after he started doing songs in a rockabilly style in the early 90's. Morrissey has moved on and so should they. I also don't understand why these fans have to be so violent what is about Morrissey that cause fist fights and beer slinging.
    dherrera -- Thursday April 29 2004, @03:28PM (#98995)
    (User #10923 Info)
    • Bean Eaters by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 30 2004, @10:30AM
    • Re:As For Forigners by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday April 29 2004, @06:40PM
      • Bean Eaters by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 30 2004, @10:27AM
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  • guess what people i was one of the special people that got to meet morrissey back stage. i also got to take a pic with him. what else is there to say... i also got a peice of his shirt when he threw it in the crowd. cool huh...
    boyracer_63 -- Friday April 30 2004, @02:59PM (#99259)
    (User #10944 Info)
  • well i wanted to add something else the peice of shirt i got has the gucci label on it and its a pretty big peice. getting that shirt was a hassle but thanks to some buddys i met that night i managed to get a momento of that night. thanks to big cruz dog.
    boyracer_63 -- Friday April 30 2004, @03:06PM (#99262)
    (User #10944 Info)
  • Let me start by saying I am Mexican-American and have been a Morrissey/Smiths fan since "This Charming Man" was released... I grew up in Los Angeles and absolutely love The Smiths. I saw them perform their first LA show at the Hollywood Palladium and saw their memorable and legendary shows at the Universal during the "Queen Is Dead" tour. I was the only kid who would wait to get the new Smiths 12" when it was released at Middle Earth Records in Downey and pay the $8.50+tax for 3 beautiful tracks and admire the cover art. Let me tell you all a little story... when I first heard "This Charming Man"(thanks to my older brother) I was only 11 years old, but I was floored. I became an instant fan. When the albums came out, I was there, the singles, I was there... the t-shirts, I was there... I was very sad when KROQ got ahold of "How Soon Is Now?" and started playing the crap out of it because not only were they getting all sorts of publicity, all the poseurs started saying they loved The Smiths, but they didn't love them they way I DID! I'm sure there are others out there like me... c'mon speak up! Then KROQ starting playing all the singles over and over again... "Ask", "Panic", "Bigmouth Strikes Again", etc. I know it was good for them to get exposure, but now EVERYONE liked them. The problem was that they didn't understand The Smiths. They thought of them as equal to Depeche Mode and The Cure... they weren't equal. They were special... they were "my group." I was devastated when The Smiths broke up in 1987. A few weeks before "Strangeways" was released. I read it in the NME... I was happy when Morrissey released "Suedehead" and the b-sides were awesome. Stephen Street was a great writing partner for him. Then Craig, Andy, and Mike joined him and those early solo singles were released ("Interesing Drug", "International Playboys") - amazing stuff... then Stephen left and "Kill Uncle" was released... I was disappointed, not only by the songs, but by the new fans he attracted... I went to the first solo gigs at the Pacific Amphitheatre and saw some people there that wouldn't be caught dead wearing a Smiths shirt years before... then it got worse... by the time "Your Arsenal" was released... it was all over. These "chach" fans that came to the shows just ruined it. These rockabilly-looking poseurs just swamped the shows and all the "real" fans just stood aside and felt helpless. I was disgusted by the fans that showed up at the recent Wiltern shows. When I was in the bathroom, I heard such ignorant comments and lingo as "Ju know foo'" and "Fuck that shit, ese, I couldn't get Beto in..." and so on and so-forth... now before all of you start saying I'm a racist or a self-hating Mexican, I'm not! I'm very proud of my heritage. I'm embarrassed by all the idiots that now call themselves "Moz" fans. If any of these shaved head losers would have been around when the Smiths were around, they would have beat me up for liking the Smiths or called me a "fag" or "joto."

    Hearing all these kids comment on the crowd being dead and not jumping onstage... it's not a fucking System of the Down show! Remember all those idiots who jumped onstage at UCLA? $60 down the drain because all those idiots got out of hand.

    Hearing "The Headmaster Ritual" played really brought back memories for me... I remember buying "Meat Is Murder" and putting it on the turntable and hearing those first guitar/drum notes and sitting back and reading the lyric sheet. That nostalgia was interrupted by some fucking idiot yelling "Orale Mor-ri-say" and some dumb chach girl yelling "Play 'I'm so sorry" (refering to "Suedehead").

    I just wanted to get this off my chest... I will forever thank Morrissey and The Smiths for the many years of keeping me sane and being with me during those hard years... I will forever love you.

    To the rest of the "new" fans... I wish you would go back to listening to POWER or whatever else you used to like...

    It certainly isn't like the old days anymore...
    Anonymous -- Friday April 30 2004, @06:57PM (#99288)

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