posted by davidt on Saturday April 24 2004, @11:00PM
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  • What the hell happened tonight. Morrissey kicked ass as usual but the crowd was so lame. It was general admission and I didn't even get pushed.. I expected to come out with a sweaty tshirt.. what is that all about.. people, if you are gonna go and stand like mummies, just stay home and wait for the dvd to come out.. there are too many posers out there, please all of you that go on Monday or Tuesday make some noise, whistle, clap ... do something... don't stand around like a bunch of mummies.. If you people have to wait till the second verse to recognize the song, you shouldn't even be there.. I was very dissapointed with the crowd but Moz put on a stellar performance. Posers need not reply..
    MozGuy1 -- Saturday April 24 2004, @11:20PM (#97542)
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  • I thought tonight was beautiful. I thought the crowd was pretty good. If you wanted to see lame you should have been at the Anaheim show. Moz was on target again. Hey, how about that special shout-out to TSATH. That had to make them smile. My only gripe was that Now My Heart Is Full wasnt played. Other than that it was sweet. Oh, I also liked the part about his reference to Kill Uncle. To, die for. Speacial shout out to my lads up in Rolly High. Keep Keep N' Up!!!
    mozangeles23 -- Saturday April 24 2004, @11:35PM (#97543)
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    "Somebody has to be me so it might as well be me."
  • anyone film Friday night? it's the only Wiltern show i couldn't attend. let me know, we've filmed the Grove, Wiltern 4/22 and 4/24.

    anyone know who the girl was who got onstage during 'Everyday Is Like Sunday'? she was gorgeous, Moz was the lucky one this night.

    slickmode -- Saturday April 24 2004, @11:54PM (#97545)
    (User #10733 Info)
  • It was the first time I have heard it live. Great encore. He was extremely talkative and tried to carry a conversation with F'n Julia and she is an idiot. Kept on handing her the microphone and she just sounded like an idiot. Lot more stage rushers tonight. I think about 10 made it on. Oh also the line about "if you would like to hear a song from Kill Uncle", the audience cheered and he returned by saying "then go home and listen to it there", something along those lines. Anyways, great show and I will be there on Monday. Oh yeah I almost forgot, celebrity spotted, David Carrusso (I think thats how you spell it), I accidentally referred to him as David Duchovney. HAHA. He just looked at me and said "hey ya", How gay.Cheers
    mozisme -- Saturday April 24 2004, @11:59PM (#97548)
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    • Re:Hand in glove Rocked' by suzanne (Score:1) Sunday April 25 2004, @12:02AM
    • I didn't see David Caruso, but I did see Juliette Lewis (I don't know for sure, but she looked a little "botox-y" to me) at the bar. Also, I must report that Lucas Haas was there in the crowd, and he is a total wanker. In the ebb and flow of things in SRO, I got pushed into him. I didn't realize it was him until after I made the obligatory "sorry, I got pushed" apology. He just looked at me as if I had attempted to ass rape him with my poster. Sorry man, but a mediocre film career does not exempt you from the physicality of General Admission. Anyway, The show rocked, and there was a definite Saturday night vibe happening. I also talked to Julia outside. She seems nice enough. I asked her how she manages to do what she does, and she really didn't have much of an answer aside from something along the lines of "I just do". I didn't push it, but I think I made her a little nervous when I told her that I intended to follow her around to see if she had the inside track on the ingress/egress of the band. She reminds me of a skittish little deer.I mean that in the nicest way possible, of course. Anyway, long after the show was over, I lingered around the side exits with rest of the autograph seekers. Apparently Moz has use of Wonder Woman's invisible jet, and is long gone before the house lights even come up, Boz apparently beats it quick as well, but we did get to meet the new keyboard guy. He was very obliging, and signed autographs, posed for pics and made small talk for a few minutes with the group. Then the Elefant guys came out...I'm sure they're great guys, but they kind of acted like the bags of buttons they were handing out were the holy grail of souvenirs...(not that I didn't greedily snatch up a bag of them myself). The security guard then came out and said that everyone was gone from the building. He didn't look very sincere, so most of the group hightailed it over to the other side, where coincidentally Gary and Alain were exiting. Man, are they the absolute be all and end all of nice guys. They looked tired, but they signed autographs and posed for pics, all without even the slightest hint of being put upon,or inconvenienced, not a sigh or an eye roll or anything of the sort. They really made the night perfect for me. If only bacon wrapped death fryed in its own filth wasn't being peddled outside...
      Anonymous -- Sunday April 25 2004, @05:53AM (#97592)
    • Re:Hand in glove Rocked' by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday April 25 2004, @06:31PM
  • its about two hours since the concert ended and I still havn't seen the final set list. Come on people we are lagging here.
    mozisme -- Sunday April 25 2004, @12:12AM (#97555)
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  • Hey, I'm going to the Monday concert. I'm leaving from Santa Barbara and I know the concert is suppose to start at 8pm, but at what time should I get in line to get good standing space for the concert? Do the lines disintergrate once they start letting people in or do they keep in order?
    Thanks in advance!
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 25 2004, @12:31AM (#97560)
  • Thanks to the bunch of you who came into my asile(balcony, front row) and helped me make noise and dancde,sing as loud as we could... Made my nite even more...
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 25 2004, @12:40AM (#97564)
  • Does anyone have a list of the songs that were played before Moz came out. I loved the songs by the French woman. Whats her name? Also, who sings the song that came on right before he came out???
    roqer -- Sunday April 25 2004, @12:46AM (#97566)
    (User #10717 Info)
    • Re:Intro Music by mozisme (Score:1) Sunday April 25 2004, @01:02AM
    • Re:Intro Music (Score:2, Informative)

      I can tell you some of them:

      Second song is "Bubble Gum" by Brigitte Bardot

      During last night's intermission, "No One Can Hold a Candle To You" by Raymonde was replaced with "Colorado Springs" by Sack

      The last song before the show starts is called "Charade"- it's a Mercer/Mancini song from the movie with the same name. Many people have recorded it over the years, everyone from Andy Williams to Harry Connick Jr. I'm unsure which version they're using. Still hunting it down.
      Anonymous -- Sunday April 25 2004, @10:11AM (#97605)
    • Re:Intro Music by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday April 25 2004, @05:52PM
    • Re:Intro Music by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday April 25 2004, @09:47PM
      • Re:Intro Music by roqer (Score:1) Monday April 26 2004, @10:50AM
        • Re:Intro Music by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 26 2004, @12:49PM
          • Re:Intro Music by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 30 2004, @02:57AM
            • Re:Intro Music by So English, Frowning (Score:1) Wednesday June 30 2004, @03:37PM
  • Stop whinning about Now My Heart Is Full. That song blows live and almost made me puke last night when he played it. Tonight you got to see Hand In Glove instead you poor thing. I saw Moz in vegas and thurs/fri at the wiltern. As for tonight I was sad about missing it until I read the kill uncle comment. What a faaaaaaag. If he were to play Mute Witness, Our Frank, or Sing Your Life he would blow the roof off of the joint. Beleive me I saw him in 91 2 times and he blew the roof off of the joint with every song on that tour. Of course that was when he was not a stiff old man who no longer moves around in the way that used to drive audiences nuts back in the day. And whats with the cover song that puts everyone to sleep. We dont need a cover song when he already has a ton of new material. He should have played that on the last tour instead. And speaking of Kill Uncle, does anyone else notice that the new song train intro to Everyday Is Like Sunday is a complete rip off of My Love Life. The first time I heard it I thought it was in fact My Love Life. It is the exact same chords, you can sing along to it. Oh and off the subject please stop complining that the crowd was lame. I know how dissapointed you are that no one got stabbed at this show. After all we go to the show to fight not to hear the music right? After getting all of my complaints off of my chest about this tour so far, I must say that all in all I am actually happy with the tour so far. I am especially happy with the absence of 94-97 material (except for the pathetic insertion of Now My Heart Is Full). The only song I would like to see brought back from this era is Nobody Loves Us. I thought the keyboard player sounded great. Everyday Is Like Sunday sounds amazing with it. They need to speed up A Rush And A Push to its proper tempo. Irish Blood sounds great live. And the Smiths songs of course as well as Such A Little Thing, and I know its gonna happen someday were all awesome. I think that the changes to Jack The Ripper are pretty gay. Sing it right Morrissey, like in the studio version. Thank God no Meat is Murder and no Mexico. They ruined the music in crashing boars, it was much better on the last tour. Yes I know I am bitching alot. But since Morrissey decided to bitch about the Kill Uncle album I felt it necessary to say my peace. I understand that Morrissey is just upset that he cannot match the brilliance of the Kill Uncle Album and doesnt want to remind himself by playing songs from that era that was so great. At least he still likes some viva/bona/arsenal/smiths material. Because it was these songs and Irish Blood that made the concert worth going to.
    Kill Uncle Fan -- Sunday April 25 2004, @01:17AM (#97569)
    (User #465 Info)
  • Songs: All the same, except Headmaster was added once again and Now My Heart is Full was taken back out. Instead of IBEH as the encore, it was second to last. When Moz came out for the encore, he played Hand In Glove! Lots of energy, great show, can't wait until Monday. Who gave Morrissey that Cry shirt? He seemed to have liked it, what did he say?
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 25 2004, @03:00AM (#97577)
  • It was awesome to see the whole place packed last night. Morrissey was amazing. I was in awe the whole night. It was also great to see many people actually make it up to the stage.(Wish I was one of them.) I can't wait until the Monday show! Take care all!

    Mariaskin <[email protected]> -- Sunday April 25 2004, @12:04PM (#97617)
    (User #5392 Info |
    And you never knew How much I really liked you Because I never even told you Oh, and I meant to
  • I hardly comment, but I read them quite often. I love morrissey, but all you fans are complete idiots. You are the most annoying fans of any artist that I have ever seen. You go see every show on a tour and then complain about him not changing the set list. Heres a solution: only go to one show! We all know he hardly changes around the set. And yes Morrissey is getting older, but everyone does so get over it. Its never gonna be like it was in 91/92, times change. So stop being pricks and let people enjoy morrissey how they like, you don't own the rights to bieng a morrissey fan.
    navin <[email protected]> -- Sunday April 25 2004, @12:39PM (#97620)
    (User #9301 Info)
    very much yours-
    • Re:painful by ill housed and ill a (Score:1) Sunday April 25 2004, @12:54PM
    • Re:painful by like-a-fever (Score:1) Sunday April 25 2004, @01:16PM
    • Re:painful by desperatelykind (Score:1) Sunday April 25 2004, @01:44PM
    • Re:painful by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday April 25 2004, @01:47PM
    • Re:painful by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday April 25 2004, @02:34PM
      • Re:painful by glam72 (Score:1) Sunday April 25 2004, @09:14PM
        • Re:painful by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 26 2004, @11:04AM
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    • Re:painful by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 26 2004, @03:40AM
      • Re:painful by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 26 2004, @07:26AM
  • I totally agree with Navin's comment above! This sight is full of far too much negativity! Not constructive or considered criticism, just sheer bitchiness.

    Morrissey puts out a superb single (IBEH) and some people complain that it smacks too much of Southpaw Grammar. Man, it is a GREAT single - strong, memorable, vitriolic and sung with all his customary conviction.

    He goes on tour - and people complain about the set list. As Navin says, the solution is to go to one show!

    He does a video - tries to get some publicity - people complain that "their" Morrissey is becoming too popular!

    He does an interview - oh, but he didn't say the right things, not as witty this time, moan, moan, moan.

    Oh, COME ON PEOPLE - he is currently doing some of his best work in terms of the music and all you do is complain. Drop the nostalgia trip - this is NOT the Kill Uncle tour, nor will it ever be again. He will not stop getting older. But hopefully he will continue to produce excellent music that befits the stage of his career he's at.

    He is working harder than ever right now for your pleasure - so get off his case!

    I hope you don't think we're ALL idiots Navin, some of us agree with you!
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 25 2004, @01:12PM (#97625)
  • I always thought I had a lot of knowledge about Morrissey, but I have to say I haven't the slightest inkling as to who this 'Julia' character who everyone keeps mentioning, is.

    Can one of you good people provide some insight?

    Stu Walsh -- Sunday April 25 2004, @01:47PM (#97633)
    (User #2312 Info)

  • i am getting extremely annoyed by the childish comments on this website. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and threats, however unlikely they are to happen are, in my opinion, unwelcome on thsi website. I thought the average age of people on this site was between 30-40. Although some people are acting like a bunch of twelve year olds. Grow up or take your childish antics elsewhere.
    Worlds Ugliest Boy -- Sunday April 25 2004, @02:43PM (#97650)
    (User #7406 Info)
  • very impressed with the stage rushers tonight. my favorite was the young man who jumped over 2-3 people including the divider, only to make it on to the stage so he could brawl with the security dork... and he eventually got his shirt ripped off- luckily he made it over to give moz a grab.
      one young lady was also able to give moz a kiss on the hand.
      and the one girl who couldn't make it onto the stage, so she just stood and held onto his leg for as long as she could ha!
            so what does happen to those people anyhow? after seurity pulls them away?
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 25 2004, @05:55PM (#97672)
  • I'm only 23 years old, but for heavens sake, did these idiots at the top need to be standing up for the whole f*cking show?

    I was happy about the fact that I was sitting next to 30 and 40 year old folks. You can appreciate the show without having some dumb f*ck high on weed or drunk trying to hug you or ask you stupid questions like, "Do you know who that guy singing is? Ha haha."

    If I wanted to stand amongst the general admission crowd, I would have bought those f*cking tickets. Instead, we had a few jokers, standing up like f*cking mummies, blocking everyone's view who wanted to sit down and enjoy the show.

    As far as Morrissey's performance, it was awesome as ususal. It was a little weird not knowing the words to his songs but that won't last long. Also, it's obvious that he's getting older, he's a lot "clamer" on stage now, but he talks a lot more it seems and he got the audience with that "Kill Uncle" Joke.

    The Elepahnt band was pretty good too.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 25 2004, @07:32PM (#97683)
  • do they get ejected or merely cleared away and replaced to the crowd?
    chrisarclark <[email protected]> -- Sunday April 25 2004, @08:09PM (#97688)
    (User #9259 Info)
    "I'm just passing through here on my way to somewhere civilized and maybe I'll even arrive, maybe I'll even arrive..."
  • First of the gang to die
    Hairdresser on fire
    The headmaster ritual
    Don’t make fun of daddy’s voice
    No one can hold a candle to you
    Jack the ripper
    The world is full of crashing bores
    There is a light that never goes out
    Such a little thing makes such a big difference
    I know it’s gonna happen someday
    A rush and a push and the land is ours
    I’m not sorry
    Subway train…Everyday is like Sunday
    All the lazy dykes
    Irish blood, English heart
    encore: Hand in glove

    not sure of the order there but those were all the songs. the shortest set list of the tour thus far dropping; I like you, I have forgiven Jesus, Little man what now. no Now My Heart is Full either.
    suededisco -- Sunday April 25 2004, @10:42PM (#97713)
    (User #8691 Info)
  • Hi Guys, I´m a brazilian moozer and I really need to see pics of these LA shows!! Please, please, let me get what I want! :)
    xrenatox -- Sunday April 25 2004, @10:47PM (#97714)
    (User #10151 Info)

  • First off, seeing Morrissey in person was a thrill I will not soon forget. I couldn't believe I was standing in the same room as the man who wrote the lyrics to "How Soon is Now." Regrettably, as Oscar Wilde so articulately demonstrated, life imitates art far more than art imitates life. Anyway, during the show Thursday I heard a song that I hadn't heard before (or I had but was preoccupied with the echoes of my mind) and it had a lyric along the lines of, "I've had my face dragged through shit, and no I didn't like it all that much." Does anyone know the title of the song? I would be in the debt of anyone kind enough to lend a hand. Thank you.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 25 2004, @10:51PM (#97715)
  • what was said about west holywood during the show?
    Anonymous -- Monday April 26 2004, @01:12AM (#97742)
  • Hey did anyone see that girl at the show that looked like Betty Page? Blue-black hair, cat-like glasses, etc. she looked just like BP it was amazing!!
    crafty -- Monday April 26 2004, @07:35AM (#97805)
    (User #10830 Info)
  • I first became a fan of Morrissey at age 16, which is now 14 years ago. The crowd at the Saturday concert were older folks for the most part, late 20’s at the youngest, maybe 30’s for the most part, some even older I noticed. Frankly, I think we all enjoyed the concert. We all had fun. When you get out of puberty the pushing and shoving gets old. It was fun to see the people get up on stage, go through the non-sense of the pot smoker. There was an idiot in Loge who was smoking a pipe and the security guards had a green light on him for about five minutes and he was like “thanks, man, for the light”. But, honestly, the crowd was very diverse, but largely calm. Morrissey brings out a lot of loners, introverts, the forgotten bunch with big hearts. But, we all love Morrissey, so more power to all of us. Kudos to Morrissey for his humor and encouraging the girls to come on stage. We really connected to Morrissey the man when he chose to communicate a little with the audience. He was good, everything was enjoyable. I was glad to be able to attend.
    long_time_moz_fan -- Monday April 26 2004, @10:14AM (#97845)
    (User #10837 Info)
  • We ran into Anthony Kiedis from the RHCP outside the Wiltern on Sat. night and he was totally cool. He shook hands with fans and even gave out some hugs. We were glad to see that he is a Moz fan. Rock on Anthony.
    MeMoz -- Monday April 26 2004, @12:18PM (#97889)
    (User #6299 Info)
  • Has he banned meat from being sold at the venues? He has on his birthday.
    Reading some of the gripes about the "tour" please remember all these dates are basically a warm up for his spiritual homecoming on 22/05. You can't expect too much when he's got one eye on that. (ONLY KIDDING)
    He'll have a few pints down Ancoats to celebrate us winning the cup (sorry saddoes, his new b-side only confirms what us clued-up always knew). Then it'll be on. The only show worth knowing about.
    Redchris -- Monday April 26 2004, @01:46PM (#97915)
    (User #10841 Info)
    • Re:Tour so far by someraincoatedlovers (Score:1) Monday April 26 2004, @04:08PM
  • I'm fortunate enough to go to the show this evening. Is there an opening act tonight? What time does Morrissey normally go on?
    El Boracho -- Monday April 26 2004, @02:24PM (#97923)
    (User #10843 Info)
  • Did anyone buy tickets the night of the show? How much did you pay? Where there very many INDEPENENT TICKETS AGENTS (read, scalpers)?

    Just trying to estimate the cost of going to the show on Monday or Tuesday.

    NoMozSmiles -- Monday April 26 2004, @03:01PM (#97930)
    (User #10842 Info)
  • Kill uncle fan stop your complaining, and go buy someone elses music.
    RABMOZZER -- Monday April 26 2004, @03:27PM (#97933)
    (User #10818 Info)
  • did anyone up front read what the t shirt had written on it that was tossed on stage?
    tqid -- Monday April 26 2004, @03:28PM (#97935)
    (User #5900 Info)
  • I've been to brilliant shows in both Las Vegas and LA and I'm really quite amazed and disappointed at the number of negative posts hitting the site. Everything from the crowds not being into the shows to God forbid 40-somethings enjoying themselves. I've been a Morrissey/Smiths fan since he/they arrived on the Manchester scene. To hear songs like Hand in Glove and The Headmaster Ritual live again is something to truly cherish-- so just enjoy the moment and let others do the same.
    tqid -- Monday April 26 2004, @03:35PM (#97938)
    (User #5900 Info)
  • I was at the show also...3 people back from the stage.
    I helped a girl get up on stage on Boz's side.
    I lifted her up and the others around us handed her right up to Morrissey!

    He's the best.

    I don't know who that twat was that says the Saturday night show was lame, but he must not have been there.

    There was such a crush of people that my sunglasses got smashed in my shirt pocket. That has never happened to me before.

    Oh..did anyone else see the guy get the broken nose when he tried to get on stage? Landed on his face and nice blood puddle on the floor between the stage and the barrier.

    Weeee... what a fun gig!

    anyone have the set list?

    And Boz's first guitar was cool! A replica of the Tommy Gun that Morrissey has on the cover!
    someraincoatedlovers -- Monday April 26 2004, @04:02PM (#97949)
    (User #10290 Info)
  • I celebrated my 57th birthday at my first Morrissey concert. What a thrill!! You people who complain about the concert are absolutely nuts. I thought the concert was fantabulous. He is sooo good. He is the ultimate performer with his stage presence, excellent lyrics, fantastic voice, and wonderful melodies. His humor is great too. How can anyone gripe about that? I think it's nice to see how he's evolved over the years. If he stayed the same it would be so boring. I think all fans should encourage him and be thankful his is still performing. If he quits performing we will all be SAD. By the way I've been to a lot of concerts including Hendrix, Joplin and The Stones, and I think Moz is a better all around performer.
    My 19 and 20 year old kids also thought Moz was awesome.
    Sitting in the loge I too was bummed by some rude people. How can people go in and out several times for food and drinks while Moz is singing? I was behind the idiots in AA who were standing. They were drinking, high on pot, and generally acting like asses. I missed several minutes of the precious concert because of people getting food and drinks, and the idiots who were asses. Luckily I had an aisle seat so I could stand in the aisle when they were blocking my view, but other people weren't so lucky. If you want to drink and eat that much STAY HOME.
    Anonymous -- Monday April 26 2004, @04:10PM (#97953)
  • i took a pretty good quick time movie of "i have forgiven jesus" from this show and am willing to share it if someone can tell me how to make it available for download.

    i was in the pit so it's pretty close up, but a bit shakey. good to see for someone who has not heard the song yet and/or cannot get to one of the shows.

    email me if you know how to make the html code to share a file. thanks!
    [email protected]
    xtini -- Monday April 26 2004, @05:57PM (#97977)
    (User #5459 Info)
  • Hey if you want to go jump around and push people then go to some bro-rock mosh pit show.... it's all about listening to the words and getting lost in his world.
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 29 2004, @11:46AM (#98897)

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