posted by davidt on Thursday April 22 2004, @11:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Hairdresser On Fire / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours / I Have Forgiven Jesus / Subway Train [into...] Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / I'm Not Sorry / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Little Man, What Now? / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / All The Lazy Dykes / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / The Headmaster Ritual / No One Can Hold A Candle To You / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Jack The Ripper / I Like You // Irish Blood, English Heart

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  • Set list (Score:2, Informative)

    Here's the setlist (from what I can remember):

    1. The First Of The Gang To Die
    2. Hairdresser On Fire
    3. How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
    4. A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours
    [asks if people were tempted to go see Dave Mathews Band at the Greek]
    5. I Have Forgiven Jesus
    [plays about 30 seconds into it, then someone messes up and they start over again]
    6. Subway [into...] Everyday Is Like Sunday
    [thanks people for buying the tickets so quickly. something about it being important for him at his age.]
    7. I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday
    8. ?
    9. Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference
    10. Little Man, What Now?
    11. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out [during song, 2 girls make it on stage]
    12. All The Lazy Dykes
    [introduces band]
    13. The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
    14. No One Can Hold A Candle To You [introduced as an '80s song by The Flock of Seagulls]
    15. The Headmaster Ritual [another girl gets on stage. And a guy too, but he gets carried away before getting a chance to hug morrissey]
    16. ?
    17. Jack The Ripper
    18. I Like You
    19. Irish Blood, English Heart [encore]
    half-a-person -- Thursday April 22 2004, @11:39PM (#97143)
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    Alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of lifes problems
    • Re:Set list by fut (Score:1) Thursday April 22 2004, @11:43PM
      • Re:Set list (Score:2, Informative)

        From where I was at, the floor action wasn't happening at all. The crowd, at some points, seemed as if they were asleep. Only when Morrissey played familiar/older songs did the crowd come alive a bit. I think both the Vegas and Anaheim crowds were more alive and responsive.

        But the show was good. I had fun. And that's all that matters. Can't wait for tomorrow's show. Hopefully, he'll change the set list by throwing in a new song or two. I'd hate to hear the same songs for the rest of the Wiltern shows.

        Oh yeah, the #8 song was "Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice"
        half-a-person -- Friday April 23 2004, @12:55AM (#97164)
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        Alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of lifes problems
      • Re:Set list by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 23 2004, @12:16PM
    • hahaha by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday April 22 2004, @11:49PM
      • Re:hahaha by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 23 2004, @08:56AM
    • Re: two missing songs are... by suededisco (Score:1) Friday April 23 2004, @08:28AM
    • Re:Set list by x Call Me Morbid x (Score:1) Friday April 23 2004, @04:32PM
  • And Iiiiiii. All I have to say is that he hasn't been away. Ok enough of that. But seriously after attending countless Morrissey shows I have got to say this was tops. Simply spectacular! A great setlist and Morrissey's Stage presence has never been as confident. Without a doubt the man has learned how to peak. Even casual Morrissey fans left with their tongues tied. His new material is excellent the boys did great with the old. I pray that You Are The Quarry becomes the hit Morrissey so trully deserves. If there's a bad review of this show it's simply unjustified. Viva Morrissey and all his true devotees!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 22 2004, @11:43PM (#97145)
  • i was glad to see all colors there. it brought tears to my eyes. this show BLEW AWAY ANAHEIM!!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 22 2004, @11:53PM (#97147)
  • Out of all the Morrissey concerts I've been to, which has been since '89, this was simply average. The crowd was mediocre at best. His setlist was fair but could use improvement. The band could use more of a Marr influence for "A Rush and a Push." But, it was nice to see him play his new songs. As he knows and stated, he should really be grateful about people still paying to see him.
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 22 2004, @11:56PM (#97149)
  • He played "Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice"
    aka Teenage Dad.
    It was a great up-tempo number use good utilization of the keyboards

    (I notice the guy had theremin action going at the end IKIGHS:)) .
    dacid -- Friday April 23 2004, @12:05AM (#97152)
    (User #106 Info |
  • idiots (Score:2, Funny)

    was anyone else near me at the very front, right behind the pit? some moron crowd surfed over us and down to the floor only to be sent back in.. four times. on the second, he injured a guard.. on the fourth, no one was there to catch him and he fell flat on his back, during the encore. he still hadn't gotten up when the lights came on. shame, but how stupid can he (and the wiltern for not throwing him out) be?

    other than that and the large man who puked near the trash can, it was amazing as ever.. after seeing moz about 20 times now, tonight was in the top 5 for me.. though i missed 'hand in glove'. his comment that went something like "aren't you missing law and order.. or roseanne" cracked me up :)
    allikazoo -- Friday April 23 2004, @12:10AM (#97154)
    (User #10277 Info)
    • Re:idiots by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 23 2004, @12:24PM
  • what a GREAT performance by Bill Morrissey, even added the new song 'Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice', which was interesting. Hope he plays 'Mexico' soon though.

    i filmed this opening Wiltern show from 2nd row Loge. anyone wanting to trade email me at [email protected], and check out our TRADE website Also filmed the Grove @ Anaheim. i hope to have stills up on the web soon for all to view (especially the several who got onstage).


    slickmode -- Friday April 23 2004, @12:11AM (#97155)
    (User #10733 Info)
  • The show was brilliant. Morrissey is as hot as ever and he had so much charisma it almost knocked me off of my feet. I am still sweating. Great songs, and the band was phenomenal. Moz will never do a show that is just average!!!!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 23 2004, @12:13AM (#97156)
  • Good Show..but the sounds and tempo was off. Whats up with the drummer!!
    Anywayz, whats going on with todays crowd?
    It seems all these lame people make the show look bad. But over you can never go wrong with morrissey!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 23 2004, @12:14AM (#97157)
  • Morrissey: LOSE THE KEYBOARDS!!!!!!!!! They are really horrible. They sound so cheesy and lame. The 80s are, like, totally over. If you can't say it with guitars, then rewrite it.

    His choice of Smiths songs is bad. Headmaster Ritual just sounds crappy; Rush and a Push is too slow. The best song of this tour is Irish Blood. I'm Not Sorry is truly laughable ("I was a good boy/I had a good paper route"?), Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice is retarded. It's too bad he didn't write No One Can Hold a Candle to You because that's a great song. Second best of the setlist, I'd say.

    The crowd isn't in to it because the songs are too slow. There's really not a "rocker" in the bunch. I thought the crowd was pretty dead again tonight, although much better than Anaheim. Well, whatever. I'm still gonna say the Oye Esteban Tour was the greatest. Small clubs, best setlist, didn't have to pay $60 for a ticket. Ah, the good ol' days.

    I'm sorry. It's late. I'm a little disappointed and just wanted to rant. Sigh.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 23 2004, @12:49AM (#97162)
  • i snuck in at the last minute.... i happen to be a bigfan but hhad to work. I live nxt door so i tired to senk in and was successful! Lucky me and i hadto walk a block home! I forget my user name so its anonymous.......
    Anonymous -- Friday April 23 2004, @12:49AM (#97163)
    • Re:snuck in! by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 23 2004, @01:05AM
  • and its tempo were too slow!!! pick it up a notch cowboys!!!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 23 2004, @01:02AM (#97168)
  • Morrissey looks great and his performance was incredible. I was a little disappointed with the set list though. I wish they would have played more than one song for the encore. Oh well! Oh BTW, did anyone else notice that there were so many cute girls with ugly boyfriends? Too bad they didn't leave them at home.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 23 2004, @01:57AM (#97176)
  • Loved The Way Moz interacted with the crowd, and helped alot of his fans crash on the stage!! =) Got to see Mexcellent get on stage durning IBEH, only one who to successfully get on stage, and then dropped Moz's Mic, but was quick to pick it up!! hehe =p Moz was very passionate and I couldnt get enough. Had a lovely time, and finally got to talk to Gary and Boz before the show, such gentlemen, and they are very excited about the upcoming shows.
    Had to let them know, they were all looking sharp in IBEH video...they both loved the comment.

    True to You

    mozluv -- Friday April 23 2004, @02:50AM (#97189)
    (User #973 Info)
    "guilt by implication by association"
  • yesterday's show (Score:1, Interesting)

    The show was amazing!!! As for the people complaining about the crowd and the set list STAY HOME next time. You dont have get crazy and jump around for every song Moz performs. I stood still for some of the new one's because i wanted to listen to the lyrics and the music and soak it all in. Does anybody else feel this way? Well i had a great time, despite what people say i think the crowd was great. I can't wait to see him again on Tuesday.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 23 2004, @06:41AM (#97216)
  • wonderful show last night!!!!! great set!!!!love to see that geriatric bounce is still alive in many new songs to remember....but damn 30$ bucks for a shirt!!! no thnx i have about 17 moz tour shirts already, dont need anymore..

    funny thing though, some of the crowds at the show are gettin' younger and younger. That is probably the reason why not many people were into the show; of course until he played HOF and TIALTNGO. ....gosh how my youth is gone!

    ha ha ha, i called mozza's dance a geriatric bounce!

    mozcar78 -- Friday April 23 2004, @08:18AM (#97235)
    (User #4118 Info |
    Paying morrissey's bills since 1991!!!!!!
  • Hearing Moz play "There Is a Light..." made the whole show worth it. Did anyone understand what he said right before playing it? I shouted, 'Welcome back' at one point in the beginning, and Moz said 'What?' I was too shy to repeat it then but shouted 'Welcome back, Morrissey' again later. (Sorry to the three patient guys who put up with my enthusiastic yelling through the show.) The new songs were good. I loved the songcraft of "How Could Anyone Possibly Know How I Feel" the most. Didn't understand the point of "Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice" but I can make an exception for a flippant song for Moz. Maybe he was singing about himself. Everyone got quiet and carefully listened to what he had to say in "All the Lazy Dykes." I'm glad it was a thoughtful comment on the female role in marriage. (Discuss...!) In past concert programs (which there were none for this show!?) Moz plays with female labels (ie., Whores in Retirement). Knowing from the book "In His Own Words" he is completely feminist, so he means no ill when he plays with these labels. He stated as such after "All the Lazy Dykes" then said, "Speaking of lazy dykes, let me introduce 'da boyz of da' band" and sent the crowd cheering. Wish he played more from Vauxhall or Your Arsenal. "Headmaster Ritual" rocked (glad those lawsuits are settled now from the 90's). "A Rush and a Push..." really felt like a plodding and Moz knew it. They should ax that song for another next time (my opinion). Thanks for reading. Please post what he said before "There is a Light..." anyone, thanks!
    romeogirl -- Friday April 23 2004, @08:25AM (#97240)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • Well gone are the days of the slender young man throwing himself over the monitor wedges and whiping the mic cord wildley. Moz has refined into the dignified English gentleman quite well.
    He definately should be the next 007 he will get the girl just as Bond always does, escort her to her own room tuck her in and return to his room
    alone & to bed.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 23 2004, @09:17AM (#97247)
  • The "Don't make fun of daddy's voice" - this is not off the new album, is it another band's song that he covered? Or a soon to be b-side? It rocked!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 23 2004, @09:51AM (#97252)
  • First off, the man and the band looked fantastic. The sound was great and the place was packed. Unfortunately, the set list was enough to put me to sleep. Don't get me wrong, the new songs (and they played alot of them) are going to be great, but not having heard them before made it hard to enjoy the show. And seriously, just one song from the last 3 records I bought? That sucks. The folks at Lollapalooza may want to seriously re-think Moz as a headliner. It may not seem like it from this review, but I am a HUGE fan and I was ready to leave about halfway through. Good for Morrissey though, he does deserve all the attention he's getting.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 23 2004, @09:53AM (#97253)
  • I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed. I thought the set-up of the club was miserable, as was a large percent of the crowd. Forgive me, but its a bit frustrating not being allowed on the bottom floor, especially when theres plenty of room down there, and a slew of unexcited, uninspired people.. some of which were just drinking and talking. I also felt the set list was a bit sparatic with a bad flow to it. I felt all of the new songs were great of course, however "all the lazy dykes" seemed a bit slow. At one point I felt bored during the show. I've never felt that way before at a Moz show. It wasn't the orgasmic, release, that I've been looking forward to since Vegas 3 years ago. That being said, "Everyday is like Sunday" was performed better than ever, and it was great to hear "a Rush and a Push" although it was a little TOO slow... I just felt surrounded by people who weren't really that into him honestly, where usually everyone is freaking out in the best way. I had never been to an LA show before, perhaps all of the hype was the biggest letdown.
    WEWE -- Friday April 23 2004, @10:01AM (#97256)
    (User #10785 Info)
  • As always just an amazing experience altogether. Welcome to all of the first timers!!! To the regulars, it was beautiful seeing all of you again and being among family. Ladies, great job!!! This is by far the most beautiful group of ladies I've ever seen at a Morrissey show. Everyone in the audience gets a cookie for good behavior. I din't see any fights or unnecessary moshing, which always tend to take away from the show. The set list was great and despite all of the criticism the lads sounded great. To all of the harsh critics complaining about everything, I really hope that you're getting paid for it. 'Hairdresser' was inspiring as always and 'Headmaster' gave me chills. IB,EH is an instant classic. I hope Morrissey never slows down. If anybody knows the blonde wearing the "german girls" t-shirt, have her hit me up!!! Enjoy the rest of the LA Shows, see you at Coachella!!!!
    ROLLD -- Friday April 23 2004, @10:07AM (#97258)
    (User #10786 Info)
  • What a crazy concert last night.

    After waiting in line for the majority of the day by myself, my friends finally joined me around 6. By that point the line was snaking around the block, past the Denny's on the corner and behind the building. There were maybe 30 or so people in front of me.

    We were let in at 7pm and immediately made a beeline for the front. At the Wiltern, the entire floor is general admission, BUT if you head down to the very front of the floor, the pit, they give you a wristband so that you can go in and out of that area. They only give out 200, and when they're gone, no one else can get in to that area. The three of us went down and got our wristbands, but we then decided we may have a better vantage point from the raised section just behind the pit. So there we went, and apart from the people on the rail in the very front, I think we probably had the best vantage point in the whole place.

    Opening band goes on. The Killers. Not bad. They only play for a half hour, then the intermission tape starts. I only recognized a few songs- Brigitte Bardot's "Bubble Gum", New York Dolls' "Subway Train", also "No One Can Hold a Candle To You" by Raymonde, which he actually covered during the show. Last song before the entrance music sounded like Sinatra. Trying to confirm.

    Before The Killers went on, there was a large hispanic man who was being particularly loud and boisterous and annoying. He tried to bribe one of the security guards to let his non-wristband friend into the pit area; and at one point he and another friend turned around and looked back at one point and he said "You see all those people back there? They all WISH they were us right now!!" Well, this chump ended up puking his guts out all over himself before Morrissey even took the stage. He tried to make it into the trash can in the corner below us, but he didnt quite make it. He also soiled himself. It was really rather repulsive. Then, as he passed out, he slipped on his own vomit and fell on the floor. He laid there for a few minutes before security escorted him out.

    Onward then! The lights finally go out, people scream and become hysterical, and nothing happened for a good 4 or 5 minutes, because I think security was trying to make sure the two entrance areas to the pit were a bit more fortified. Once the lights went out the crowd behind us suuuuuuuuuurged forward (a bit pointless really- where are they gonna go? we're still 15 feet back from the stage) so you could see bouncers scrambling to tighten things up a bit. FINALLY, the entrance music starts- and it's awesome. Weird keyboardy thing while some woman with a Liverpudlian accent just lists a whole bunch of things that really suck: "Homelessness. Racism. The Jimmy Swaggart Show. War. Apartheid." etc. etc. The backdrop is this huge glittery felt curtain that they pulsated with a strobe during the opening. A cool effect.

    FINALLY, Morrissey goes on, with the rest of the band we have come to know and love PLUS the addition of a new keyboard player, "Mikey." The guy plays a little bit of everything. Keyboard, conga drum, maracas, tambourine, and even a theramin at one point in the show. This is the first time that Moz has ever toured with a keyboard player. I think he's a great addition. He helps fill out the sound a lot.

    A brand new song was played tonight- "Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice", which isn't going to be on the album or any of the single's b-sides, so who knows when it will ever come out. The rest of the set has already been much discussed, so I won't go into it too much, but there were a lot of songs I love, and a couple of songs I wish he would drop already because I've heard them so many times by now.

    4 or 5 people made it onstage to hug and kiss and generally molest Moz, including my longtime friend Kristina, who almost lost her top in the scuffle with security. Was pleased to see that she made it.

    Oh, and there was this absolute RETARD of a guy who decided he wanted to do a little crowd surfing on
    Anonymous -- Friday April 23 2004, @10:16AM (#97260)
  • While on stage, Moz keeps referring to a "Julia" in the audience. He did so in Anaheim as well as last night at the Wiltern.

    Who is this Julia??? [and don't try and be funny by saying Julia Roberts]
    Anonymous -- Friday April 23 2004, @10:17AM (#97261)
  • Hi, never been to the Wiltern before but I was hoping that someone at the show last night could answer my question about seating and venue layout. I have tickets for tonight's show, but my seats are for the mezzanine level. What kind of stage view do these seats have and are the owners strict on seating arrangement? Thanks.
    Smiling Jack -- Friday April 23 2004, @11:46AM (#97290)
    (User #10789 Info)
    I wear black on the outside cos black is how I feel on the inside.
  • I was right infront of moz one person away from the actual stage barricade. I cant tell you all the songs this was my 11th Morrissey show and to actualy be that close to him made my year. I thought the backdrop was stunning, his voice just melted right in with Mr Whytes' guitar(can the keyboardist) the crowd around me was fucking on majic mushrooms or something.

    only downer of the gig, I had a letter for him, he saw it but, I guess cos Im not Julia Riley he didnt want it......
    Gin N Tonic Jil -- Friday April 23 2004, @11:47AM (#97291)
    (User #7276 Info)
    You're not down with who I am but, look at you now you're all in my hands...tonight I'm a Rock N' Roll Star!!
  • Last night...not the best Moz show I've ever been to, but still VERY good. I like a lot of the new stuff and even the stuff I wasn't too fond of was still better than most of Malajusted. I thought the boys looked sharp in their shark skin suits. Moz's interaction with the crowd was fantastic and the thrill of being in the pit without a huge crowd slamming into me was wonderful. Can't wait to do it again tonight and tomorrow.

    Off to get in line in about an hour...
    savor the flavor -- Friday April 23 2004, @12:31PM (#97302)
    (User #5290 Info)
    • Re:My .02 by anibal (Score:1) Friday April 23 2004, @12:52PM
      • Re:My .02 by savor the flavor (Score:1) Friday April 23 2004, @12:56PM
  • I went to last nights gig and being that he's in L.A. for 5nights total, I wanna see where you all are from.

    Not much of a drive for me, Santa Monica CA
    Gin N Tonic Jil -- Friday April 23 2004, @01:52PM (#97323)
    (User #7276 Info)
    You're not down with who I am but, look at you now you're all in my hands...tonight I'm a Rock N' Roll Star!!
    • Re:Roll CALL by savor the flavor (Score:1) Friday April 23 2004, @02:39PM
    • Re:Roll CALL by redgboy (Score:1) Thursday April 29 2004, @02:20PM
  • People who can objective about the show...can truly agree that the beat was off. Dont get me wrong, it was not morrissey fault or the guitar, bass...but the drummer...It seem he needed more practice. Even morrissey couldnt help it to start a song over again....
    Anonymous -- Friday April 23 2004, @04:02PM (#97343)
  • so did anyone here win through kroq to meet moz. if so how was it like???
    mars -- Friday April 23 2004, @06:20PM (#97365)
    (User #4290 Info)
  • Would someone please post the approx. time that Morrissey took the stage last night. I'm going tonight, but want to get there just in time to be sardined only for a few minutes instead of hours!!!
    Loot_Wine_Be_Mine -- Friday April 23 2004, @06:26PM (#97367)
    (User #10795 Info)
  • Sorry that I'm a little late with my account of the show but here it goes. My dad dropped me off at the Whiltern around six and I noticed Alan Whyte and Deano standing outside talking with some fans so I got my shaking legs to go there and say hello. For the record, Alan Whyte is the sweetest thing ever. Once he said hello I stopped shaking. He's such a charmer. I showed both of them a picture of my cat Morrissey and they both said that he's very cute. Alan told me that he's a huge fan of cats.They both really liked my gold Chinese jacket. I gave my friend a call while they were talking with some other fans and asked them if they wouldn't mind saying hi to her. Well, they both chatted a bit with her which made me so happy. I got to take a picture with them and got their autographs. Alan gave me a hug and kiss twice. *Girly SIGH* Deano gave me one too and told me the where he got those cool tattoos of his. I told them thanks and that they made my day. Thanks to all the really cool Morrissey fans I talked to that night. You are the nicest Morrissey people I have meet yet. To be honest, I have meet some bitter fans in the past but on a whole alot of the people at the show were very nice. The Killers were a cool opening band if you are into that 80s rock sound, lots of enegry and passion. The music before the Morrissey show was really cool. Morrissey as always rules the stage. He seems so much happier and healthier this tour than the last one. Anyone agree? Beautiful verisons of "There's A Light" and "Everyday Is Like Sunday". Last night was the first night I heard "I Have Forgiven Jesus" and I was in shock. It's such a great song. Such a great way to open with "First of the Gang to Die" and to end with "Irish Blood, English Heart". It's the only show that I will see but it was a great show. Cheers to all you lucky devils who get to go to all five shows. With all my love to Morrissey, the band and the fans.
    Stephanye Marr -- Friday April 23 2004, @08:50PM (#97374)
    (User #6423 Info)
  • WOW !!!!!!That is All I Can say.The show rocked.What a variety of people,including Nick 13 from Tiger Army and Lead singer from dead or alive. He did everything right. The boyz are still looking good.I met Boz, And Gary and I must say they are quite polite and humble, including dino, finally a good drummer. Morrissey's will always be Los Angeles. We love him here, also want to thank all the latin people who make it happen year in and year out.
    morrgenesis -- Friday April 23 2004, @11:57PM (#97400)
    (User #10799 Info)
  • First off, seeing Morrissey in person was a thrill I will not soon forget. I couldn't believe I was standing in the same room as the man who wrote the lyrics to "How Soon is Now." Regrettably, as Oscar Wilde so articulately demonstrated, life imitates art far more than art imitates life. Anyway, during the show Thursday I heard a song that I hadn't heard before (or I had but was preoccupied with the echoes of my mind) and it had a lyric along the lines of, "I've had my face dragged through shit, and no I didn't like it all that much." Does anyone know the title of the song? I would be in the debt of anyone kind enough to lend a hand. Thank you.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 25 2004, @09:04PM (#97696)
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