posted by davidt on Sunday April 18 2004, @10:30PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Hairdresser On Fire / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours / I Have Forgiven Jesus / Subway Train [into...] Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Little Man, What Now? / I'm Not Sorry / The Headmaster Ritual / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / All The Lazy Dykes / No One Can Hold A Candle To You / Jack The Ripper / I Like You / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out // Irish Blood, English Heart

setlist provided by loved and lost
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  • my fav comment was "So you have work tomorrow?...Why?
    dacid -- Sunday April 18 2004, @10:35PM (#96156)
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  • Nothing against his highness Mr.Morrissey for he and his boys were in fine tune,but f&ck where was the energy from the dead-beats in the crowd? Vegas was AWESOME!!! Anaheim once again has proven to be a disaster. Please Moz do not ever play ANAHEIM again. Because there all a bunch of freaking deadless posers. Any of you agree? Any of you dont? Then post!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 18 2004, @11:08PM (#96160)
  • I don't know if it was the crowd...or the trite setlist (apart from the new ones and Ikghs) yet, the show seemed quite dull...maybe why the crowd wasn't so into it.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 18 2004, @11:18PM (#96161)
  • Let's see, I met the band and took pictures with them, stood first row a little bit over the the left. Touched Morrissey's hand 3 times.... (twice during "I LIKE YOU" AND got a piece of his shirt he threw out into the crowd at the end of the show. Now I don't care how much I paid for this concert. It was alll worth it.

    Morrissey looked quite stunning in that red jacket he was wearing. As well as all the other band mates! I love what they all wore. And Morrissey just looked GREAT! Honestly, he looks so good now! Better than 2002 Tour in my opinion. Morrissey just keeps getting better and better.

    -The End
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 18 2004, @11:22PM (#96166)
  • Honestly that was possibly the single most god forsaken crashing bore Morrissey concert or any other concert I've been to for that matter . His energy was lacking but who can blame him the crowd was a bunch of stiffs. And no there weren't sitting there admiring the man they were sitting there twindling there thumbs. To best sum it up, that concert was like Kill Bill volume 2--a disaster!!!
    Vegas was smooth!!! Anaheim is to be forgotten. I cant wait til Thursday til he's back in Moz Angeles.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 18 2004, @11:30PM (#96170)
  • He finally introduced the band members tonight. Didn't do it at Vegas.
    half-a-person -- Sunday April 18 2004, @11:39PM (#96175)
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    Alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of lifes problems
  • You want to compare crowds??? Alls I have to say is there were people in Vegas crowd surfing for the finale. In Anaheim I think 4 people held up there lighters for the finale. I, like the other trolls choose Vegas over the Anaheim show. And just a side note if the Thursday show doesnt get any better, then I will give my other tickets away.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 18 2004, @11:40PM (#96176)
    • Re:Vegas vs. Anaheim by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday April 18 2004, @11:46PM
    • No man I agree with the person who started this subject in part as I agree with the 1st person who replied to it. A show kinda sucks when the fucking crowd is B O R R I N G!!!! I like seeing people going off thier tits mad in the gig. Not like it was a bleeding Celine Dion gig!!
      On the other hand I go see moz but, a wild mad fer'et crowd makes it all the better, ask Moz himself NO musician likes a DEAD crowd!
      Gin N Tonic Jil -- Monday April 19 2004, @07:41PM (#96360)
      (User #7276 Info)
      You're not down with who I am but, look at you now you're all in my hands...tonight I'm a Rock N' Roll Star!!
  • Awesome show, just little dull from the crowd and that big fisaco in the end with the whole shirt thing but overall great performance, cant wait till the shows in Moz Angeles

    PS also check out Club Planet earth great club
    xdirtygreasex -- Sunday April 18 2004, @11:40PM (#96177)
    (User #10728 Info)
  • wow mr moz you have done it again, you have really created some nice work. first and foremost the band is superb deano is kiking ass and i belive mike the keyboardist played his ass off the rest of the boys were superb i really liked the new material from a musical standpoint lyrics wise im not sure yet since i have just heard them once. all in all the man is back and i believe the majority of the crowd was the trendy crowd who will be at the water cooler tomorrow talkin about it. if this is a appetizer im ready for the full corse.
    • Re:attack by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday April 18 2004, @11:49PM
  • I do agree there were a lot of fuckin wankers there! But I tried my best to ignore that negative crap! Glad I did. I had a great time dispite RUDE people in line.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 18 2004, @11:46PM (#96184)
  • Morrrissey nees nmoer strupppesrzs and bitches obn his pstager. hello the past two moz shows were cool but that nigger needs to [play more than an hour and ten minutes he shopuld be playing 3 hour the most at the most, and two at the least.with some hot hot hoockers and some hotn lesbo action sucking on the clitoirs and licking each and single fold around thier snatches.we still love you morrissey but we need more bitchges on stage with thongs and g-strings dances topless teasing all the thwew lesbos and sraight guys in the mother f'n'crowd were the kids in a america
    JAMSDEAN -- Sunday April 18 2004, @11:56PM (#96189)
    (User #8167 Info)
  • All though I agree with the other cats about the crowd I didnt let it stop me from having a good time. For any Morrissey show is better than not having a show at all. And besides he's coming back home on Thursday and us LA natives will treat him with the ut most respect.

    So, Everyone "Cant we all just get along"

    If you dont have something nice to post then do not post at all!!!

    Thank You,
    God Bless,
    Hector(The First of The GAng To Die"
    Anonymous -- Monday April 19 2004, @12:00AM (#96193)
  • wonderful night! (Score:2, Informative)

    i thought the show was great!!! but anyway here is the set list:

    first of the gang to die
    hairdresser on fire
    how can anybody possibly..
    a rush and a push..
    i have forgiven jesus
    subway into everyday is like sunday
    i know its gonna happen someday
    such a little thing into little man...
    i'm not sorry
    the headmaster ritual
    the world is full of crashing..
    all the lazy dykes
    no one can hold a candle to you
    jack the ripper
    i like you
    there is a light..


    irish blood, english heart
    loved and lost -- Monday April 19 2004, @12:12AM (#96202)
    (User #6706 Info)
  • Oh this show was such a treat!
    Fist off, I love all the new songs. I'd say my favorite was "how could anybody know how I possibly feel" top song!

    Got a chance to meet with the lads.. had a few words exchanged before everybody noticed to whom we were speaking with. Nearly had a heart attack when I was just about to confuse Boz with Moz before we got a closer look to see who it really was. I still trembled when I realized it was boz. Gary, Boz, Alain, and Dean just looked at us walking straight ahead towards them waiting to say something. They finally did before I could say anything. We chit chatted about vegas and how Gary gambled in the airport casino winning 3 times straight (didn't say what game) and all the boys were fooling around telling each other off. All very funny characters you can tell they get along fine. I asked if Moz was around, but they didn't know where he was. They don't see him much for most of the tour which i thought was a bit strange but understandable since it is Moz. The boys even spoke to a couple of peoples relatives? over the cell phones. very funny conversations and they seemed glad to do so.

    The crowd was very mellow once everyone had their places. There was a mad rush to get to the pit, and the sloops getting to tier 1 didnt help either, im sure someone must have fallen. Everybody was pushing and shoving to get the wristbands. A bit frantic really 'cos at any moment anything could of happened. Once I got my perfect spot on the barricade i was set for the show. Morrissey unexpectedly took my hand during Jack the Ripper!!!!! I guess all that looking into his eyes paid off! hehe
    Im surprised I even managed to reach his stretched out hand... (it took a minute for people to react) Everyone reached out but I had a good grip in his hand. I wasn't letting go, i managed to hold his hand with both hands, he didnt seem to mind since he was still singing until his bodyguard interfered. Totally understandable. Ahhh, I can't get the look he gave me while reaching for me out of my head! Im as jumpy as a school girl.

    I have a mix perception of the crowd... It was great in a way because everyone seemed to be considerate of others by keeping quiet during the new songs. But, I also think it could have been a bit more livelier!? The crowd actually behaved for once. All in all it was a great show, he was talkative and had very humorous facial expressions and hand signals.

    p.s what was up with those flowers hanging from his belt? Couldn't keep my eyes off it. They all looked very dashing in their suits.
    Bigmouth Struck <reversethis-{moc ... } {noissesbOdaM}> -- Monday April 19 2004, @12:27AM (#96205)
    (User #1626 Info)
    That was very cheesy of me...
  • heck of a weekend (Score:1, Interesting)

    back from vegas and anaheim shows. both great in my opinion for different reasons. the new album should be very interesting. "america is not the world" is very keyboard based. alain played some steel guitar...still a litte drunk but i think it was "i'm not sorry" but please correct me if i'm wrong. "how can any one know.." will be a fan rocks and has some good lyrics...when he sings the "i've been dragged thru shit" line...uh, great sutff. still trying to figure out what "subway" is. musically is sounds like "my love life" but they only do about 1 minute or so of it before going into "every day is like sunday". vegas show, moz rewarded the person that knew who originally recorded "no one can hold a candle..." w/ 20 dolllars. "hand in gove" in vegas but dropped in anaheim in favor of "lazy dykes" and "i know it's gonna happen". "a rush and push..." sounds rusty but hopefully will improve with pratice. very tired as heck. can't wait for the LA shows. see you there. time for bed...

    suededisco -- Monday April 19 2004, @12:56AM (#96207)
    (User #8691 Info)
  • Surely not just a sandwich shop? Is it another cover version or have I blanked out an entire Morrissey song from my memory?
    Anonymous -- Monday April 19 2004, @01:13AM (#96210)
  • Is this song now considered too bitter for the new ethos?

    if so then it is a shame as it is one of his best in my opinion.
    carnal artist -- Monday April 19 2004, @01:15AM (#96211)
    (User #7076 Info)
  • You keep going on about tish and pish but what were the bloomin songs like? Was All the lazy dykes fab? And as for How can anybody possibly know how I feel - does it compare to any old songs. Anyone who's anyone REALLY needs to know. Onwards. And stop bickering at the back.
    Anonymous -- Monday April 19 2004, @01:21AM (#96213)
  • I've never heard of this Morrissey song. Anyone know it?
    Anonymous -- Monday April 19 2004, @02:58AM (#96224)
  • Now the band are moogtastic - they should give Mute Witness a crank. Don't you agree? Something from every Moz era should be given a fanfare. everyday is like sunday, will never marry (much better than such a little thing), mute witness, i know it's gonna happen, speedway, now my heart is full (okay cheating but they both HAVE to be reprised), nobody loves us, i can have both, gah, and I must say I do crave a slab of you've got everything now and these things take time, the list is endlessly simple! Who else could boast such a toptastic repertoire. I digress. Anyone for a rennee?
    Anonymous -- Monday April 19 2004, @03:38AM (#96228)
  • Really not trying to be cheeky here, but am genuinly interested how the crowd recieved America is not the World? I would have assumed that Moz fans would be liberal enough to appreciate it, but I wonder if it upset any of the god fearing, ultra patriotic brigade?
    Anonymous -- Monday April 19 2004, @06:13AM (#96241)
  • Got a track downloaded supposed to be 'all the lazy dykes'

    it has the lines
      'Funny how I like you so...'
      'oh you don't speak spanish/mexican'

    and a voice sample 'fucking students'

    anyone know what it is?

    off-topic I know-sorry
    ludo -- Monday April 19 2004, @06:53AM (#96243)
    (User #10732 Info)
  • I just wish Morrissey would play different songs. He has hudreds but I will never understand why he plays the same songs but in different order. He played 2 different songs in Anaheim than he did in Vegas. I wish he would just play a different set completely. You know switch it around for us people that go everywhewre he does. Does anyone know if he pretty much plays the same set on tour? Or will one show he bust out with Frankly Mr.Shankly??? I love you Moz,please forgive me. For I have forgiven Jesus,too.
    Anonymous -- Monday April 19 2004, @08:16AM (#96259)
  • i'd like 2 write something about your concert, but i'm italian and i never see you in a live show...maybe one day...i'm so sooorry...ciao ed a presto fab
    Anonymous -- Monday April 19 2004, @08:50AM (#96264)
  • My version (Score:1, Informative)

    Well, I wasn't at the Vegas show, so I can't compare the two, but there did seem to be a lack of energy or perhaps lack of general craziness that's present at some Moz shows. I was sort of toward the back, but I didn't see anyone trying to crowd surf or get on the stage. But maybe I just couldn't see it from where I was standing. Toward the beginning of the night, Morrissey even said something like, "Vegas made history as the first show with no stage invaders." So I think he wants people to get on stage? I'm sure he enjoys it to some extent.

    Anyway, the songs sounded really good for the most part. "I'm Not Sorry" was a little cheesy only because of its prerecorded drum track or whatever it was. It sounded like Sade should be singing it. "I Have Forgiven Jesus" sounded better than its wince-inducing title would suggest. I especially like the line asking Jesus, "Do you hate me?" "All the Lazy Dykes" had a good melody. It's has a slow, dramatic feel to it, for those who are still wondering. I felt that "Crashing Bores" was played more slowly than the last tour, and the pace of many of the songs was too slow, in my opinion. I think this might contribute to what some people feel was a "lack of energy." I think the problem is that there are no really "exciting" (as in fast tempo?) songs being played. Does he really need to bring back "The Boy Racer"? Perhaps, just to get the crowd into it. The set started off good, with "First of the Gang" and "Hairdresser," but after that, the crowd seemed to mellow out quite a bit.

    Jack the Ripper sounds different, because of the keyboards perhaps. Also, the last chorus ["crash into my arms..."] is played without guitars, leaving Morrissey's voice to really stand out [perhaps this is also meant as a crowd sing-a-long part, but I couldn't really hear the crowd]. In general, Morrissey's voice sounded much stronger than the past two tours. He did a great job.

    Morrissey asked the crowd, "Do any of you have tickets for the Wiltern?" [cheers] "Then you agree that the tickets were very expensive." He also said that he had taken singing lessons since the Las Vegas show, although they didn't help him. Morrissey called out, "Julia?" and found her in the front and pointed at her.

    One thing I thought was pretty cool was the way the band exited the stage during "There Is a Light." One by one, they put their instruments down as the rest of the band kept playing--Alain, Boz, Gary, then Dean--finally leaving the new keyboardist ("Mikey" as Moz called him) onstage playing that string melody. It was a good way for the crowd to give some appreciation to each band member individually.

    As for the merchandise: it's lacking. Except for the one shirt with the Quarry cover, the other shirts have "Morrissey" in old English or whatever font that is (same as 2002 tour) with the gun underneath. And they're $30! I thought the bootleg shirts in the parking lot were better than those.

    Finally, the intro tape: uhhh. Some songs in French. Some songs that sound like easy listening music. A Sinatra-sounding song near the end that's really good. And I really like the "song" that comes on right before they come out: "Gut-Wrenching Disappointment...Macho Dickhead...Apartheid...Unfaithful Lover...The Royal Family." Interesting.

    Okay, that's all I can really think of to say about the show. Sorry if you don't like my review. Everyone's experience is bound to be unique in some way.

    --Nobody's Nothing
    Anonymous -- Monday April 19 2004, @08:53AM (#96265)
    • Julia by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 19 2004, @03:16PM
      • Re:Julia by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 19 2004, @03:50PM
        • Re:Julia by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 19 2004, @04:14PM
  • My goodness! The atmosphere was "to yawn for". He mentioned the historic stage invaderless night in Vegas...little did he/I know that we were in for a more dismal showing by the crowd. I tried to get the crowd going with the ole "Here we go, here we go...Morrisseyesque" football chant, but the uptights in my section snubbed at the thought of showing any emotion. A couple next to me in section 3 were made of stone!....L.A. County, it's time to give Moz the welcoming he deserves. Let the singing, dancing, swaying, sweating, and stage invading begin!
    Anonymous -- Monday April 19 2004, @09:11AM (#96266)
  • Just to those who didn't get a chance to see upfront and are wondering why there wasn't any stage invaders... well there were two people who really tried hard to get up stage. One male, one female. Poor guy should have waited at least until the middle of the show. He struggled to get on when the second song had just started. Moz wasn't even near enough to have noticed it. Ah! but the female was very feisty! Very tall and skinny but she gave a good struggle with the guards. She managed to push one but he was still holding on to her. Moz noticed her struggles as they were dragging her off. She still had her hands up so he followed to touch her. It was really great seeing that.
    Bigmouth Struck <reversethis-{moc ... } {noissesbOdaM}> -- Monday April 19 2004, @12:43PM (#96274)
    (User #1626 Info)
    That was very cheesy of me...
  • Luckily, the show was switched to general admission, so those of us stuck with tier 5 had a chance to get way closer. I got to the Grove around 2:30 and was rewarded with the fabulousness of tier 2. This is the closest I've ever been to Moz(my third show) and I must say, he did not dissapoint. Whoever said the crowd wasn't into it the show wasn't sitting near me (front of tier 2). First of all, I think there was a really nice vibe at the concert. I came by myself (my boyfriend ditched me -- not a true Moz fan)and met a bunch of really cool,nice people in line. Everyone seemed very positive and excited about the show. Once we were in the theatre, the story was the same -- we were all hella excited and just grooving to the good vibes. When Morrissey finally came out it felt like we were all on a collective E trip. There was lots of love in the air and despite the lack of seating, no pushing. Plus, they performed one of my most fave Smiths songs, "The Headmaster Ritual" -- Yeah, Morrissey -- you are the best and we OCers love you!!!!!!!! Come again please!!!!!!!
    DavidBeauy <[email protected]> -- Monday April 19 2004, @12:46PM (#96275)
    (User #6009 Info |
    "When thirteen years old Who dyed his hair gold ? Oh, I know very well, I don't need to be told"
  • What Tour Merchandise was available?
    Anonymous -- Monday April 19 2004, @02:17PM (#96290)
  • Being a long time morrissey fan going on 30, I was able to go to last night's show in Anaheim. I actually wanted to go to the LA shows but was too slow in my keyboard when it came to buying tickets through ticket master. All of us in the west coast are fortunate that we have opportunities of going to morrissey shows, who knows how much longer he will be with us.

    Growing up with morrissey and smiths really makes an impact in your life whether you a girl or a boy or whether your gay or not. I really don't think that really matter, I focus on morrissey's lyrics and thoughts. He is a great writer and entertainer.

    Last night brought back fond memories, like getting front row tickets to his "First American Show" at the san diego sports arena back in 91' I remember paying the bouncer $10 to get on stage to later dive back into the crowd. Back then tickets were going for $25, much less than last night but it was more than 10 years ago and my pockets aren't as light.

    Another memory is going to his Del Mar show where I spent most of the time floating. I remember grabing morrissey's shirt to later be brought down by a crowd trying to get a piece of it, much like last night. I also remember morrissey trying to get me on stage on the second to the last song.

    Last night's show was a little mellow and the crowd seemed to be really into the show when he sand older tracks and smiths songs. Overall, I liked the show and I would pay to see him again. I might not crowd surf or dress the part anymore but I still am a big fan.

    I hope I didn't bore anyone, I just wanted to share my thougts.


    Long time fan...
    Anonymous -- Monday April 19 2004, @02:27PM (#96294)
  • I don't understand all the negativity. I personally thought the Anaheim show was great! I've been to Morrissey shows in the past and
    never before have I had the chance to be so close.
    (My wife and I were lucky enough to stand in tier 2). Notheless, it was a small venue and no matter where you were, you had a great view of The Man. The vibe was good, and Morrissey definitely sounded usual. I personally enjoyed "How could anybody know possibly know how I feel"! It has a nostolgic feel to it. I absolutely loved the entire show. All the people next to us were nice, no shoving nor pushing. I can't wait for The Wiltern!
    sonnet29 -- Monday April 19 2004, @02:28PM (#96295)
    (User #4574 Info)
    My love, wherever you are, Whatever you are...Don't lose faith...I know it's gonna happen someday...
  • there was i hopeing to go to see morrissey, have a dance and sing along to the master, but after listening to all i dont think ill bother, i just think ill stand there and do nothing.
    ill housed and ill a -- Monday April 19 2004, @02:31PM (#96297)
    (User #10189 Info)
    • Then... by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 19 2004, @02:35PM
  • Man, I saw a girl with a tight purple skirt and long blac hair that was very good looking.. Morrissey, come back soon, I want to see more girls dressed like this one last night.

    Great bar, good drink selections, prices of course high but a cool little joint.
    Anonymous -- Monday April 19 2004, @02:53PM (#96302)
  • Morrissey proved last night that he is still amazing and will forever be! It doesn't matter that some in the crowd were not really feeling it. I was not there to focus and/or criticize the crowd. I was there to see, hear and feel Morrissey! True Morrissey fans would appreciate his presence and music anywhere and anytime. He is legendary - to be in his presence and experience his music live is heavenly....

    Yes, I too would have preferred that he sing some of his classics, but his repetoire is so brilliant that he was still amazing!

    By the way, loved the intro! How he listed, I presume, things that Morrissey despises, such as racism, apartheid, nelson mandela's imprisionment, miscarriage, sexual harrassment...

    I love you Morrissey, anywhere, anytime!!
    greenchic -- Monday April 19 2004, @03:04PM (#96303)
    (User #10735 Info)
  • Was it an older crowd..long time fans? or a younger new group of fans?
    someraincoatedlovers -- Monday April 19 2004, @03:34PM (#96307)
    (User #10290 Info)
  • moz always jokes that he's lazy. well guess what folks he really is. playing the bare minimum number of songs per night, plus playing the same old songs from the last tour is LAME!

    i can't wait to hear the new CD (hey, i'm still a fan) but i can't find any good reason to go see him play live anymore. not unless he holds me for a little while.

    this is not a man who pushes himself. this is a man who enjoys the worship and runs back to the bus.
    Anonymous -- Monday April 19 2004, @04:07PM (#96314)
  • I know this is lame but I thought what the hell.

    This is a piece of Morrissey's shirt I managed to grab at last night's show. DF4yK

    Shown at actual size.

    -The End
    Anonymous -- Monday April 19 2004, @04:33PM (#96326)
  • Ok, sorry, here's my second attempt with the correct link:

    -The End
    Anonymous -- Monday April 19 2004, @04:45PM (#96329)
  • Right then I didnt go to the 2001 gigs, couldnt bring myself to see Moz open for ANYONE!! and vegas was too far back then with no car.
    So Moz is back in L.A. this thursday, Ive read ALL the post bout how the crowd was soo DEAD!! I wanna be in the pit and have it be like "Hulmerist" I wanna see lads and lasses flying over me to jump on stage, people singing to every song, sweating, fainting, crying. I want to show Moz that L.A. fans are HIS #1 fans!!!
    Gin N Tonic Jil -- Monday April 19 2004, @04:50PM (#96330)
    (User #7276 Info)
    You're not down with who I am but, look at you now you're all in my hands...tonight I'm a Rock N' Roll Star!!
  • Did any try to?
    someraincoatedlovers -- Monday April 19 2004, @05:14PM (#96337)
    (User #10290 Info)
  • Email me if interested. Thanks!
    mozzer130 -- Monday April 19 2004, @05:15PM (#96338)
    (User #5329 Info)
    "Here my voice in your head and think of me kindly." Morrissey
  • Hello Morrissey fans all over the world! I saw Morrissey for the first time at the Las Vegas show, I thought his perfomance was incredible. My first Morrissey concert and I am hooked for life. I felt privileged to have been there in the concert when he sang Smiths's songs. I will never forget this experience and I know that this won't be the last show I'll see. Morrissey or Bust!!!!
    berrydeliteful -- Monday April 19 2004, @05:17PM (#96339)
    (User #10703 Info)
  • I cant believe that after all the waiting for morrissey to come out with a new album and tour, we still hear people complaining, this has been my 11th show and 12 coming soon, that i have seen moz play aside from being inches from him in el paso and my first show in 1992 this ranks atop. who cares if people arent singing and dancing and acting stupid worry about yourself, as far as i saw everyone was having a good time, well maybe because i was to busy enjoying myself and the boys in the band rock, i wasnt worried if anyone else had fun who cares i didnt pay to see them i paid to enjoy morrissey at his best and that is exactly what i got.
    joeymozzer -- Monday April 19 2004, @05:43PM (#96343)
    (User #5229 Info)
  • I saw some people taking pictures with their cell phone cameras. Anyone care to share?
    MozerGirl -- Monday April 19 2004, @06:06PM (#96350)
    (User #10738 Info)
    "All the good things in life are immoral, illegal, or heavily taxed." - Oscar Wilde
  • Has anyone seen this site?
    I've already submitted it to david to be put on the site.

    It looks like an official site and it has one minute soundclips of IBEH, Come Back to Camden, and You Know I Couldn't Last, as well as the full lyrics to them.
    I heard there were more to come.

    It's weird no one knows.
    dallow_bg <[email protected]> -- Monday April 19 2004, @06:07PM (#96351)
    (User #10559 Info |
    "All the people I like are those that are dead."
  • Hello Everyone,

    I'd like to share with you some pictures I took with my cell phone camera of last night's amazing show! They are a bit small and grainy and you can't even see Morrissey's face, but hey, it's something! It's just a little momento I'd like to share with everyone and I hope some other people do also.
    Anyway, I collected them rather quickly and set them up at this page. Here is the link:

    Hope you guys can make out each picture. lol


    -Monica M.
    MozerGirl -- Monday April 19 2004, @07:28PM (#96357)
    (User #10738 Info)
    "All the good things in life are immoral, illegal, or heavily taxed." - Oscar Wilde
  • Ok, I'm not going to say those pictures really showed much but at least she posted something.

    After the Phoenix show last year I quickly made mp3's and emailed them out to people who asked. I posted lyrics that night.

    People are taking forever to answer questions.

    I still have no idea if Such a Little Thing... ends with "Leave me alone I was only singing...."

    No one is sure if Subway is the NYD song Subway Train.

    So for a bunch of crummy pictures, its more than most people have given.
    bored -- Monday April 19 2004, @08:30PM (#96368)
    (User #8415 Info)
  • Yes, Anaheim was great! Older rowdies in my pushing or shoving...the teenybopper factor was at a minimum, and a great spot from the second tier!
    I love you, Morrissey!
    azraela -- Monday April 19 2004, @09:11PM (#96376)
    (User #658 Info)
    *swing set girl*
  • Seriously, what the hell was wrong with people in Anaheim???
    Anonymous -- Monday April 19 2004, @09:21PM (#96378)
  • why is 'Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference' sucha fan favorite? its gotta be one of his weakest tracks ever, especially in a live setting- sucha sleeper.
    chrisarclark <[email protected]> -- Monday April 19 2004, @09:36PM (#96379)
    (User #9259 Info)
    "I'm just passing through here on my way to somewhere civilized and maybe I'll even arrive, maybe I'll even arrive..."
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