posted by davidt on Wednesday April 14 2004, @09:30AM
Torr writes:

There's a pic of the Moz cover on the left column of every page of the site.


This week's NME marks the end of a 12-year feud. Over a decade after MORRISSEY vowed never to speak to us again, he's finally given an interview to NME.

In 1992, after a notorious performance supporting Madness at Finsbury Park, London, in which he flirted with skinhead imagery and waved a Union Jack, NME wrote a cover feature which asked if he was racist.

Ever since then, the star has boycotted the magazine. Last month, however, he and NME buried the hatchet over an epic and hilarious conversation that took in why he thought Nirvana were "hippies", why he's distressed by Tony Blair's teeth, what he doesn't like about The Strokes, what he does like about The Libertines and - of course -why he has no regrets about that Union Jack incident. The issue is in the shops now, dated April 18.

Some scans are here as posted by Tom on the general discussion board (link).
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  • brilliant!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @09:38AM (#95355)
  • Is it out in America?
    Maladjustedx -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @09:43AM (#95356)
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    • Friday by magic1 (Score:1) Wednesday April 14 2004, @01:33PM
  • Eames leather chair... good choice ... but a little weird for an animal friend...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @09:46AM (#95358)
  • Loved the interview, can't wait to read more next week. When I saw the pile of NME's in the newsagent with his mug all over it I was soooo pleased, practically gushing! Didn't like the way they tried to justify their comments on him 12 years ago but I guess you can't blame them. Anyway, he put them in their place good and proper.

    Oh and I for one am riveted by his favoured tea brand.
    Truman C -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @09:48AM (#95361)
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  • unbelievable, unbelievable. Great pictures and all the more reason to get excited about his upcoming tour.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @09:55AM (#95363)

  • Asked? More like Accused.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @10:09AM (#95367)
  • "I, said Reggae Is WILD !!!"
    mozangeles23 -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @10:17AM (#95370)
    (User #10590 Info)
    "Somebody has to be me so it might as well be me."
  • It looks like dear old Brian is definitely Moz's source of inspiration these days
    after impersonating david bowie'back famous nme cover in 1992, he is now trying to look like ferry circa 1982
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @10:33AM (#95373)
  • feud over (Score:2, Interesting)

    it's great that this NME feud is over.

    Maybe now is also the time to reclaim Finsbury park too... Moz could play the Fleadh this summer (Bob Dylan is headlining.)

    Speaking as someone who has just bought a ticket for this, i think it's a great idea.

    He could bring whatever flag he wants...
    English, Irish, American, Mexican...

    no one will mind
    carnal artist -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @10:44AM (#95374)
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  • As a Morrissey fan I have realized that a lot of fans are well read.

    If you read the article, you might notice that they aren't spelling realize correctly. Is it just me, but isn't "realize" spelled with a Z, not a S?

    I might be wrong...
    HatfulForTheHollow -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @10:47AM (#95377)
    (User #8211 Info)
  • A very timely scan, thank you!

    Glad to hear he's writing an should be interesting.
    veradicere -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @11:13AM (#95389)
    (User #8315 Info)
  • A riot, really :>)
    Useful or Useless -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @11:21AM (#95392)
    (User #10002 Info)
  • A very good interview, though I would say last week´s Guardian piece was better. Does anybody know if that thing about his autobiography is for real? Thanks so much for the scan. I´m writing from Chile, so we will probably have to wait 13 months to get that NME at the British Council.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @11:33AM (#95395)
  • Some interesting stuff for sure but I was expecting more, he doesn't seem to be in top form here.
    The Guardian and i-D interviews were far better reads.
    Maybe he'll bring it home in part two.
    He looks great in the pictures though!
    ScottyK -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @12:26PM (#95413)
    (User #7165 Info)
    Meet me in the alley
  • Basically, they know UK based fans and otherwise are going to buy the NME this week and then throw it on their walls etc, so they used the fact that they also carried a large Nirvana poster with this weeks edition to put the edition in a cellophane slip. And then, put all the usual other headlines, tag lines etc on that, rather than on the real cover. Very astute. And I for one will be buying a PVC picture clip and putting it on my wall! Also, under the NME they usually have a witty line about the cover star - this weeks was simple - "New Moz Express". Oh how they have forgiven him. And he has forgiven them too!

    Luge -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @01:19PM (#95428)
    (User #1857 Info)
  • I would love to get a better copy of the photo of Moz sitting in the chair. I'll have to hunt down a copy of this issue & remove the staples. If I get one I'll post it for everyone in desktop wallpaper size. ;)
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @01:56PM (#95437)
  • The cover photo is terrible. The face-on picture inside would have made a geat cover.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @02:22PM (#95441)
  • Pleasant interview and far more down to earth than the one in I-D, (if anyone is interested I've written a rather vitriolic piece on Marianne Faithful on that link - I shouldn't have, but I really couldn't help myself.)

    What is most adorable about Morrissey is that he has impeccable manners and is wonderfully courteous BUT - and it's a big but - he never hesitates to get the knife in. He is not afraid to ruffle other people's feathers - and this fearlessness has always endeared me to him.

    Mr. Diplomat he is not.

    While he is stirring his cup of Ceylon tea the other hand is dipping the knife in a bucket of salt. I relish that feeling so well especially after dishing the dirt on Marianne last night.

    On Tony Blair:

    "I think Blair is just a bumbling fool as well as a liar. Surely he's doomed."

    We pray. We really do pray.

    On Courtney Love:

    "...she's not a full shilling."

    For American readers that's another way of saying she's one nickel short of a dollar - in other words she's not the 'full deck of cards' as you say over there.

    I bet Courtney and her pal Michael Stipe are not happy with that remark!

    As for answering questions that the NME posed twelve years ago, this interview is about settling old scores and putting some scary ghosts to rest.

    Morrissey preserved his dignity years ago by not getting involved in a mucky debate on race and bigotry.

    Time has moved on. His stance at that point is completely vindicated.
    Lazy Sunbather -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @02:45PM (#95448)
    (User #843 Info)
  • You all seem to be missing out on a most important point, he looks stunning for his age!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @03:18PM (#95454)
  • Does anybody know when this week's NME is going to be availablbe in Germany?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @03:44PM (#95458)
  • I cannot believe how much morrissey is being patronised in this piece of shit writing. Just remember this is the guy who gave us Hand In Glove and countless other classics that I can`t remember at the moment because I`m too drunk to rememeber. How can we let our hero be treated like this? We don`t need the NME or anybody. We knew all along that this album was going to be a classic. The NmE are at it again. Morrissey is Morrissey and I`ll love him till the day I die. And when the history books are wriiten the daft twerps at NME will be long dead and gone. Morrissey`s name will live on forever. All my love FIRSTODIE
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @05:30PM (#95472)
  • Where can I pick up a copy of NME in New York? I checked at the B&N in Union Square. They didn't have it.
    Astroman -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @06:57PM (#95479)
    (User #8735 Info)
    • Re:NME in NYC by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday April 15 2004, @06:32AM
  • the guys of Franz Fredinand intervieuw with Morrissey?

    was it just bullocks or has it yet to come,
    or is it already published?
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Wednesday April 14 2004, @10:20PM (#95488)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
    • Re:what about by troubledjoe01 (Score:1) Wednesday April 14 2004, @11:48PM
  • I´ve got no charm, because you have it all Morrissey.
    peregrino -- Thursday April 15 2004, @02:50AM (#95517)
    (User #9420 Info)
  • It is a great interview & fair play to Moz for giving one to them,he looks great in the pictures & it is nice to know what his favorite tea is...i like Tickety Boo tea myself...
    While the interview was good & i'll be getting next weeks NME the magazine was as bad as ever & reminded me why i don't buy it more often.
    thelazysunbather -- Thursday April 15 2004, @03:16AM (#95519)
    (User #8343 Info)
    • Re:The NME.... by NIcky's Cousin (Score:1) Thursday April 15 2004, @03:22AM
      • Re:The NME.... by thelazysunbather (Score:1) Thursday April 15 2004, @04:18AM
  • There is nothing at all new in this interview. It has all been said before. The ID interview is the most revealing Morrissey interview in years. The pictures were brilliant and so was the front cover(when taken out of that stupid bag which featured another poster of that great overated US pop star Kurt Cobain).
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 15 2004, @05:30AM (#95535)
  • I was rather annoyed that before the interview, the bit giving the background on Moz said that he realeased 'one fantastic album (1994's Vauxhall and I) and two awful ones (1995's Southpaw Grammar and 1997's Maladjusted).' Clearly this is personal opinion on such a matter and in the interview Moz even says that he was 'generally very pleased' with Southpaw Grammar.
    Good to see that Moz likes the Ordinary Boys as they are probably the best new band around and look to be famous.
    Ripchord -- Thursday April 15 2004, @06:07AM (#95540)
    (User #10581 Info) - Have you opened your eyes?
  • Somebody transcript this for us, poor boys.
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 15 2004, @06:23AM (#95541)
  • I don't know who interviewed Morrissey but I feel the NME could have sent a more worthy opponent to take down the great man's words. Despite that it was a treat to see him on the cover of the NME again - reminds me of my teenage years spent poring over his NME interviews (a particular favourite of mine was the one which featured photos of Moz glugging Ecover washing up liquid). I have to say I LOVE the photos he looks great, so stylish, outclasses anything else around in pop culture at the moment or at any other time. I will buy the NME again next week for part two although I won't bother to read the rest of it - it has turned into a sub Smash Hits teen rag, content appalling, layout and photography (with the exception of the Moz shots) dire I'm so glad I haven't bought a copy for the past 12 years!!

    love to all

    Lucky xxxxxx
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 15 2004, @09:59AM (#95572)
  • Ill buy the NME to read the peice.But scanning the article I note the use of the term "flooding" to describe immigration.If it came from the mouth of Moz...hes reopened the race debate for me.Im a lifelong fan but I need to read the quote in context and if its true he uses the word flooding to describe immigration,I will have issues with Moz.
    The use of the word flooding is inflammatory, and grossly irresoponsible and are words used by those that have narrow minded and preset conceptions of immigration.Enoch Powell used it,David Blunkett used it and the BNP used it.
    For a man of Moz's intelligence its insensitive, or perhaps he views immigrants as "floods".
    Lets hear what you really mean Moz, so you can help me decide where you really stand on race once and for all.
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 15 2004, @10:03AM (#95575)
  • F*@ck the NME! After that last story they did on Moz claiming that he was a racist. C'mon!!!! Trying to create truth out of specualtion??? That is irresponisible journalism. I can't believe Moz would grant an interview but I guess he has his own reasons.
    t. durden -- Thursday April 15 2004, @01:08PM (#95654)
    (User #3472 Info)
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