posted by davidt on Thursday March 25 2004, @09:30AM
Update: 03/26 19:18 GMT: Links to audio streams posted in this comment.
This just announced on the Kevin and Bean show on KROQ (Los Angeles radio), Morrissey will be a guest on the show tomorrow - Friday, March 26. They mentioned they were trying to set up a phone-in interview from the UK earlier but now will actually have him in studio.

Sorry about the earlier false start. I'll try to record it for download but may need some mirror sites to handle the load.
Eva also writes:

I heard on Kevin and Bean this morning that Morrissey will be in the studio tomorrow morning at KROQ. They said it was the first time they could officially announce it and that he would be there in person.
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  • First (Score:0, Offtopic)

    Still, the pixies rule!
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 25 2004, @09:56AM (#92087)
    • Re:First by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday March 25 2004, @05:47PM
  • What time? For how long?
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 25 2004, @10:00AM (#92088)
  • Sabotage (Score:1, Interesting)

    Things are going too well. When will he sabotage everything and go into hiding?

    Or, perhaps, maybe he really is more comfortable in his skin these days. Maybe he'll keep working to reach a wider audience and astonish us all.
    everdene -- Thursday March 25 2004, @10:06AM (#92096)
    (User #4392 Info)
    • Re:Sabotage by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday March 25 2004, @10:09AM
    • Re:Sabotage by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday March 26 2004, @02:22AM
      • Re:Sabotage by Gin N Tonic Jil (Score:1) Friday March 26 2004, @01:43PM
  • Excelent, friday is my birthday and I get to hear a KROQ Morrissey interview, but will the KROQ here in SF get the same interview or only LA?

    lots of laughs. Craig
    craig -- Thursday March 25 2004, @10:19AM (#92103)
    (User #9847 Info)
  • I'll mirror (Score:2, Interesting)

    No problem. Once I get it downloaded, I've got a server waiting. It's got unlimited bandwidth too... I think.
    half-a-person -- Thursday March 25 2004, @10:30AM (#92106)
    (User #69 Info)
    Alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of lifes problems
  • Oh, man, Oh man!!! (Score:1, Informative)
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 25 2004, @11:43AM (#92120)
  • TRL Soon??? (Score:0, Offtopic)

    Wouldn't that be great to see Carson Daily and Moz together? Maybe they'll do the interview from MTV's Spring Break Beach House in Daytona Beach or something. I love to see the beach on's snows way too much here.
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 25 2004, @11:54AM (#92126)
    • Re:TRL Soon??? by tanukisutsu (Score:1) Thursday March 25 2004, @11:31PM
  • Kroq is already running their promos for tomorrow's exclusive in-studio interveiw
    with Morrissey on Kevin & Bean's morning
    show! Tami Heide is even joking about all
    the people she's expecting to camp out. Too
    bad I can't get the day off, if not I'd be
    one of those "overnight-campers", as well.
    But without this job, I would be able to see Morrissey Friday and Saturday at the Wiltern.
    See you there!
    sonnet29 -- Thursday March 25 2004, @11:55AM (#92127)
    (User #4574 Info)
    My love, wherever you are, Whatever you are...Don't lose faith...I know it's gonna happen someday...

  • thank you mr. internet for not having me listen to KROQ to hear Steven and his ever soothing voice.

    RIP Y107!
    Davy_Havok -- Thursday March 25 2004, @12:22PM (#92132)
    (User #3893 Info |
  • i wonder if they'll preview tracks off YATQ tomorrow morning? would be a good opportunity to get people exicited for the official on-sale date of the tickets on saturday. can't wait.

    suededisco -- Thursday March 25 2004, @12:40PM (#92139)
    (User #8691 Info)
  • anyone know when and where the interview is to take place?
    eugenius -- Thursday March 25 2004, @01:15PM (#92152)
    (User #1665 Info |
    I'm almost sure you can do better than that.
  • It sounds like the “Your Arsenal tour again” heavy promotion.

    Good for him to go out with a bang!
    Maladjustedx -- Thursday March 25 2004, @01:38PM (#92160)
    (User #10222 Info)
  • Morrissey will be on KROQ on kevin and bean in th 9 o'clock hour on 4/25/04
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 25 2004, @05:23PM (#92205)
  • I need the adress. Is it in Pasadena? Burbank? ANyone know? Bulleer?
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 25 2004, @06:11PM (#92215)
  • i will definately be up tomorrow morning to hear him, and make it a point to record it. happy listening to everyone :)
    mars -- Thursday March 25 2004, @07:57PM (#92232)
    (User #4290 Info)
  • Great! Listen to Moz on Kevin and Bean then email me - [email protected]. Or, you can telephone at 1-800-636-8686. Grab a vine, swing into the Jungle. For all your post interview info and comments tune in to A.M. 1150 Extra Sports.

    Had to throw that out there. Seriously though, this interview should be great. I think it would have been better if it was a Breakfast with Morrissey. Maybe they can do that when he actually begins the tour. Have a little soy egg, maybe a tofu bacon, then slap a stack of 'cakes...I'll be allright. Whatever happens, they gotta take care of the phones if they take calls. I don't know of too many people out here in So-Cal who were cool with that whole 'brown' man thing those idiots were going on about.
    Jim Rome -- Thursday March 25 2004, @08:09PM (#92234)
    (User #720 Info |
    ...and how?
  • Can someone please record this and make avalilable to us people not in the KROQ listning area? I am sure we would ALL be very greatful..

    Kind Moz Regards,

    --Andrew from Sacto
    SAcramentoFootlocker -- Thursday March 25 2004, @08:58PM (#92240)
    (User #10376 Info)
  • just be outside of the studio tommorow......
    it off the 10 frw. on the corner of fairfax and venice .. get off on faifax go north and your there.. hope to seee everyone to directions ess=5901+Venice+Blvd.&city=los+angeles&state=ca&zipcode=90034&submit=Get+Map
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 25 2004, @09:47PM (#92243)
  • Those directions make no sense. Can someone please give me a physical address so I can map it?
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 25 2004, @10:09PM (#92244)
  • Phone Lines:
    Business line (323) 930-1067
    Afro line (323) 520-AFRO
    Request line (800) 520-1067
    Info line (323) 938-1067

    Snail mail:
    5901 Venice Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90034
    UrArsenal -- Thursday March 25 2004, @11:26PM (#92250)
    (User #1745 Info)
    "is it wrong to understand the fear that dwells inside a man?"
  • I just won tickets...I get to me Morrissey!!!!how much would one pay to be my guest.....????
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 25 2004, @11:27PM (#92251)
    • Re:Moz by ILOVEKC (Score:1) Friday March 26 2004, @12:46AM
    • Re:Moz by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday March 26 2004, @01:57AM
      • Re:Moz by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday March 26 2004, @09:05AM
  • These two had an "expert" on this morning who has been a fan for a few months, just because he wrote an article about why Latin males love moz. What a bunch of asses! Does this guy honestly know moz's feelings regarding his own fans? Apparently not, they all speculated that Moz is intimidated by us and our devotion to him. And why does KROQ, pronounced crock, invite listeners to hear IBEH when they dont even play the song? I have been trying to win tix and listening every hour and they dont even play it.

    No, not sour grapes, I won tix to the Cure before and am buying tix for at least two wiltern shows. I will revert back to Indie 103.1 after the interview Fri morning.
    ILOVEKC -- Friday March 26 2004, @12:59AM (#92262)
    (User #10377 Info)
  • just wanted to let you all know that we
    have been instructed in no uncertain
    terms that we are not allowed to ask
    about the smiths or johnny
    marr or the interview will be over. so please
    understand if you don't hear the some of
    the questions you were expecting.

    otherwise, it should be a fun time from 9 to 10 this
    Anonymous -- Friday March 26 2004, @06:21AM (#92300)
  • In case no one else has, thanks a million for all the trouble you've gone through. Those not in LA owe you a debt of gratitude.
    Anonymous -- Friday March 26 2004, @09:45AM (#92329)
  • I thought it was funny that when they asked him what the title meant, they just remained quiet... They couldn't even think of something to say. He said it means that the listener is the prey or who he wants to reach.
    Anonymous -- Friday March 26 2004, @10:26AM (#92337)
  • He says that he'll be playing most of the new songs at the Wiltern.
    Anonymous -- Friday March 26 2004, @10:28AM (#92338)
  • Sorry if this has been posted already, I tried to read most of the thread. But is there anywhere online that we can listen to this interview? I tried going to the radio stations website but didnt see an option to listen live. That would just be too nice I guess. :)
    Anyway, thanks!
    Anonymous -- Friday March 26 2004, @10:35AM (#92339)
    • Re:Online? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday March 26 2004, @10:40AM
      • Re:Online? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday March 26 2004, @10:47AM
  • To me it seems he gave no love to us. Does anyone else feel that way after heaaring the interview?
    Anonymous -- Friday March 26 2004, @10:59AM (#92346)
  • Having just heard the interview, I am curious as to what everyone else thought of the interview.

    Personally, I enjoyed it. Morrissey with his elusive answers to questions that elude to more uncertainty. He was also funny and witty with some of the answers, which is expected.
    UrArsenal -- Friday March 26 2004, @10:59AM (#92347)
    (User #1745 Info)
    "is it wrong to understand the fear that dwells inside a man?"
  • The interveiw w/Morrissey just ended, and it was amazing!
    He's so charming, god I'm glad he's back!
    Moz Fan '78 -- Friday March 26 2004, @11:00AM (#92348)
    (User #10257 Info)
  • I just finished listening to the Morrissey interview.
    My heart was racing just hearing the sound of his voice. Nothing really new we already didn't know ...
    Although it doesn't really matter because I felt content to know that Morrissey is happy. :)
    The contest winner for the "Grand Prize" Manchester trip was lame. Not too enthusiastic about winning.
    I cannot WAIT to see him in concert! Coming from the man him self this is his best material yet!
    I Never Said -- Friday March 26 2004, @11:03AM (#92350)
    (User #10243 Info)
  • I thought the interview went great! As posted earlier, just the mere sound of his voice, put
    a huge smile on my face. The man is still very
    witty. I have to give much thanks to Kevin & Bean,
    they did a good job with the interview. I was under the impression they were going to play more material from the new album, but didn't. No big deal though, I'm happy nonetheless and can't wait
    to see him at The Wiltern!
    sonnet29 -- Friday March 26 2004, @11:12AM (#92353)
    (User #4574 Info)
    My love, wherever you are, Whatever you are...Don't lose faith...I know it's gonna happen someday...
  • Did anyone put it online yet?
    Maladjustedx -- Friday March 26 2004, @11:15AM (#92354)
    (User #10222 Info)
    • bean from kroq here (Score:3, Informative)

      we will be posting the interview on in a couple
      of hours...all three segments...

      we were told they would be bringing another
      song from the new album but they did not. i
      was really looking forward to hearing
      something else from it.

      i had met morrissey before but never
      interviewed him. it was fun. i know there
      will be many haters out there who
      just love to complain about everything
      but i hope most of you enjoyed it.

      have a great weekend,

      Anonymous -- Friday March 26 2004, @11:22AM (#92359)
  • He's on! And sounds great.

    They prefaced his entrance with "Suedehead."

    Sorry Brits. He said he's happy in Los Angeles and no longer owns property in the UK!

    I still love you though. I'm not gloating. Just reporting.


    His favorite TV program are Roseanne reruns! Because it's on 6 times a day. Holy crap.

    I love that show.

    He does mean "quarry" in the sense of a victim or person being chased...

    a person he wants to catch up to because he has something to say to them.

    Commercial break right now, but here are some other tidbits.

    He said he's been dancing and singing around the house since he was 6 years old and he can remember the first song he wrote. Kevin and Bean asked if it was "utter crap," and he said it was close, but couldn't give any details.

    The same show all five nights? He says no -- even if he plays the same song...

    due to audience participation. He says he, at least, is never bored.

    He says he will play most of the new songs!

    A fan just called (named Alan) and asked what he thought of people leaving stuff at his house.

    Guess what all you people who love calling these people "stalkers"? He doesn't really mind it. He says most people are very nice and the ones that are horrible are in the minority and they come and go.

    He sounds splendid! Also, they asked the infamous "Latino fan" question.

    He says he has no answer and he's thankful that anyone likes him.

    He also says that he thinks he attracts passionate fans because they pick up on the fact that he's a passionate person. He gets the audience he speaks to.

    He says people are terribly nice to him wherever he goes. He also thinks the music scene in Britain is getting better. It's more "exuberant." He no longer thinks the England he knew is dead.

    He isn't that interested in The Darkness. It's not his "bag," but he has no problem with them.


    They just called a fan (Georgina) to let her know she'd won a trip to see Moz in Manchester.

    She was at work and thus couldn't act very excited. (Like that would stop me!)

    When asked what she had to say to Morrissey since he was on the phone, she was like, "He is? Really? I can't wait to see you!"

    Commercial break: But before that, they asked what he had to say about "Irish Blood, English Heart."

    He said it was a "great song." Kevin and Bean asked if he didn't have anything else to say since he wrote the thing after all. They said that they expected him to have more of a perspective on it since they could have told him it was a great song!

    They're gonna play it after the break.


    Hints about the rest of the material? "It's all very strong. It's all very powerful."

    He says it's his "strongest, most resolute album," his "best album." He says it's the best of him, it brings out the best of him -- his best writing, best production, best everything. He's very happy at Sanctuary. Very contented.

    A caller (Veronica) asked about the Sweet and Tender Hooligans.

    He's seen them on VHS and not live. He calls them impressive!

    Another fan asks him which has been a bigger influence: England or L.A.? He admits that England may be more of an influence but also says it would matter where he is beca
    Anonymous -- Friday March 26 2004, @11:19AM (#92356)
  • Please SLAP her for one of us...
    That was the worst reaction to getting a once and a lifetime chance to meet Morrissey,
    a trip to Manchester, and spending cash.

    Seriously TRUE fans should have this privlege!
    That made me sick!
    Anonymous -- Friday March 26 2004, @11:25AM (#92363)
  • The Morrissey interview has ended. I must say, it went over well. Everyone was very respectful in spite of their lack of knowledge of one another. Kevin and Bean have always wanted him to come in for an interview and finally Morrissey has graced them, they didn't even know how to react. I noted them as totally astonished to have him; almost fans...just kinda, overwhelmed that Morrissey was in front of their face. Very interesting.

    I'm honored to be a Morrissey fan right now. Morrissey never makes an ass or fool of himself - he always makes me proud. I'm glad to know that I can still hold him to the high standards I did when I was 15. He never lets me down. I feel like I did in 97 again...he's back and excited to be where he is. When he's happy, we're happy (we get a new album). Another album. Another tour another card maxed.
    Erica -- Friday March 26 2004, @11:25AM (#92364)
    (User #5339 Info)
  • Loved the interview, but jeez, the grand prize winner could have at least PRETENDED to be excited! I know my fanatical ass would have been ecstatic if Moz called me to tell me I was going to Manchester!!
    Lady Morrissey <[email protected]> -- Friday March 26 2004, @11:33AM (#92366)
    (User #7237 Info)
    "And if I seem a little strange, well, that's because I am."
  • Thanks for the rundown. I managed to hear about 80% of the interview, and it was fairly interesting in places for a change. I do however wish that more aspects of the album were discussed rather than "trivial" (for lack of a better word) things such as Morrissey living in Los Angeles.

    I mean, GQ and Tokion have run similar grounds, and I would have thought a radio program (for some of you, even KROQ) would have bothered to already know the tracklist and perhaps engage Morrissey in discussing some of the songs.

    I realize part of the 'mystique' lies in Morrissey being somewhat reserved about the meaning of his songs, but it would have made the interview more worthwhile. Aside from certain things mentioned (Roseanne, so on), they could have just played soundbytes from a previous Morrissey interview, really.

    As for Irish Blood English Heart, I was under the impression they were going to play something *else* from the album when they first talked about it during the radio program, and I have to say I was disappointed when it was indeed the same song they played on the 'premiere'. Having heard it again, the final version of this song isn't as bad as I initially encountered it to be, but for some reason Morrissey's vocals sound like they've had a bit more 'reverb' than necessary. I don't know, but that's my take. It's still a good song, though, and a decent way to get back into the arena of today's music.

    But all griping aside, at least they're interviewing Morrissey and not someone from Linkin Park. I just wish they had better topics to ruminate about given that they knew who the guest was.
    Midnight_Sumo -- Friday March 26 2004, @11:59AM (#92375)
    (User #9579 Info)
  • First of all, thank you to all those who posted tidbits from the interview....I'm glad that KROQ will be posting it online soon.

    However, I'm really frustrated.....I wish I had a chance to call in and ask why the hell he's not doing any shows in the Bay Area (I confirmed the other night that he's NOT doing any dates here EXCEPT when he headlines Lollapalooza-I hope I'm proven wrong though!)....unfortunately I'm not in a position to jump down to LA to see him, since I'm going to Coachella the following weekend, and that's costing me some cash as it is. 6 nights in the LA area? come ON! a bit excessive? (except of course to those who live there) grrr....
    glam72 -- Friday March 26 2004, @12:07PM (#92384)
    (User #5468 Info)
  • Clip 1 []

    Clip 2 []

    Clip 3 []
    Anonymous -- Friday March 26 2004, @12:12PM (#92387)
  • I almost died, I was soo nervous I got to speak to Morrissey on the KROQ show today. Even though I had meet him in '93 I was just as nervous. He was witty and I totally loved his answers. I asked him if he can put me on the guest list for the Manchester gig but, I dont think he heard that part. Oh well I'll remember this day til I die.
    Gin N Tonic Jil -- Friday March 26 2004, @01:55PM (#92430)
    (User #7276 Info)
    You're not down with who I am but, look at you now you're all in my hands...tonight I'm a Rock N' Roll Star!!
  • I was the crazed fan who could hardly speak. I asked him about "My Life with Morrissey." Sorry if I gave away the ending. That was the absolute coolest thing to happen in my little world of Morrissey. Yeah for me!!!
    AmbitiousGirlOutside -- Friday March 26 2004, @02:05PM (#92433)
    (User #9919 Info)
  • It´s just made me cry. Just to listen him.
    Thank´s Morrissey.
    peregrino -- Friday March 26 2004, @04:53PM (#92451)
    (User #9420 Info)
  • It is hard to hear the complaints of people about the interviews, or not hearing anything "new", bitching about the interviewers, the producer, the choice of single..... Isn't it nice... amazing, absolutely incredible to hear a happy - a very happy!! Morrissey reaching out: on the radio, in magazines, with new music and a fantastic and powerful new single out. Isn't it amazing to have him being absolutely funny, witty, sarcastic, the wonderful popstar he really is. I am so tired of hearing all the bitching. Enjoy it people! He's on top of his art.... and seemingly having a great time.... Let's enjoy the ride! Morrissey is back, new, relevant, reaching out to his fans. Enjoy!!!!
    Useful or Useless -- Friday March 26 2004, @05:17PM (#92452)
    (User #10002 Info)
  • I loved the interview!

    Luvmoz you got your email answered!!

    Anonymous -- Friday March 26 2004, @05:34PM (#92455)
  • These two guys and the girl that was with them are inept interviewers. I wonder what Morrissey must think of such clap-trap questions.

    They asked nothing new or unique.

    Talentless wankers. How have they stayed on the air for so long?
    someraincoatedlovers -- Friday March 26 2004, @06:09PM (#92460)
    (User #10290 Info)
  • Morrissey sounds well. I'm just grateful that he was on the show, it doesn't matter to me what questions they asked. My one and only gripe is with the contest winner's complete lack of excitement. I'm sorry but if that were me and I were at work it wouldn't matter one little bit, I'd be screaming and probably quite teary at winning such an amazing prize.
    cyanide rose -- Friday March 26 2004, @09:26PM (#92488)
    (User #7911 Info |
    Popularity is an insult I have never suffered. - Oscar Wilde
  • While there is little to be disappointed about whenever we get to hear the wan himself, this Kevin and Bean have got to go.

    Kevin and Bean sound awful...

    Is there no one in journalism who can put together a meaningful interview with Morrissey?

    "Is your songwriting different now that you live in LA?" is perhaps the dumbest question Morrissey has ever been asked. "Are The Smiths getting back together," is more intelligent than the first question.

    What should I expect the average listener of "Kevin and Bean" to come up with, however...
    dewdrop -- Saturday March 27 2004, @06:24AM (#92535)
    (User #2326 Info)

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