posted by davidt on Monday March 01 2004, @10:00AM
Tokion writes:

Tokion with Morrissey interview available for purchase online. Enjoy!

Interview excerpt is on the Tokion site.
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  • Hastings (Score:1, Informative)

    Hastings, mainly in small towns in TX and the southwest carry Tokion magazine. You can get it there. I was amazed. locations - it's at
    Lon -- Monday March 01 2004, @10:23AM (#88729)
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    fut -- Monday March 01 2004, @11:02AM (#88734)
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    • I haven't picked up the magazine yet but these photos look very amateur/strange to me. The one where he's lying on the Smith tomb looks especially ridiculous, it reminds me of a photography student who was lucky enough to get Morrissey as their subject for their first assignment, 'Hey, lets go to a graveyard and I'll get you to pose on a Smiths grave'. What was Morrissey thinking?
      The pictures in Index by Wolfgang were gorgeous.
      ScottyK -- Monday March 01 2004, @08:21PM (#88783)
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      Meet me in the alley
  • Boring....... (Score:0, Flamebait)

    What a stupid, dull, idiotic, interview. This is old material rehashed and the interviewer has no business asking questions that have been asked a million times, years ago. I amazed Morrissey even sat for this. Unless, of course, this is an old interview reborn. Most Smith/Moz fans know this stuff already and it is an insult to see it posted here.
    Anonymous -- Monday March 01 2004, @12:13PM (#88742)
  • Holy Crap! (Score:1, Funny)

    $5.50 for shipping A MAGAZINE? Wish I'd known that before the order was completed.
    Anonymous -- Monday March 01 2004, @12:24PM (#88743)
    • Re:Holy Crap! by Hairdresser on Fire (Score:1) Tuesday March 02 2004, @02:34AM
  • Just Like Honey (Score:2, Interesting)

    This interview is absolutely splendid. I just returned from Barnes & Noble where I purchased 3 copies, one for me, one for my friend, and one for my sister, all Moz fans. The interviewer really did his/her homework and research. The background information that the interviewer possessed of Morrissey from his early travels in the USA as a lad, to his interest in such bands as the New York Dolls, through his years with The Smiths, his Solo work, the upcoming album, his role as a talent scout for the Attack label, and life in Los Angeles, including whether Moz had received any Movie offers, was thorough creative, and impressive. That Tokion, a dual Japanese & English based language magazine, widely read by Japanese Americans and distributed throughout Japan itself, outdid Index Magazine based in NYC by a country mile is even more striking. The pictures are great. The cover art and inside layout & lettering are fabulous. It's perfect. This is what an interview with Moz should be like. And as for us devotees knowing all of this stuff, well, I learn something new from every Morrissey interview. More importantly, by interviewing with Tokion, those that might never be exposed to Morrissey, become familiar with him. Finally, Morrissey is already popular in Japan, and I am sure his Japanese fans are thrilled.
    Belligerent Ghoul -- Monday March 01 2004, @12:54PM (#88748)
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    There is a light that never goes out...
  • please scan the interview and photos

    nonesoever -- Monday March 01 2004, @01:56PM (#88750)
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    "... turn popular song into sickness"
  • My gods! Morrissey and Evel in the same mag. I must be dreaming! As much as our Moz has created fame that allows him to stand apart from the rest by doing things his way and sacrificing himself in the process, Evel has done the exact same thing - with a motorcycle instead of a microphone.

    Many imitators as well, but there is only one Evel, just as there is only one Moz.

    Anonymous -- Monday March 01 2004, @02:09PM (#88753)
  • i actually came onto solo to see if anyone had posted about it yet and here it is.... haven't read it yet but i found it at the Midnight Special bookstore in LA, or in santa monica to be more specific
    alero -- Monday March 01 2004, @06:28PM (#88769)
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    the youngest was the most loved...
  • Mumble (Score:2, Funny)

    D–mn, and just when it gets interesting — Morrissey on Victorian vocal projection — the interview excerpt cuts out. Guess I'll have to buy this to be able to sleep again…
    Curt Woyte -- Tuesday March 02 2004, @12:27AM (#88789)
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    • Re:Mumble by Auric Goldfinger (Score:1) Tuesday March 02 2004, @02:26AM
      • Re:Mumble by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday March 02 2004, @04:08AM
      • Re:Mumble by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday March 02 2004, @05:54AM
  • Who was the YTS interveiwer?
    I have no journalistic training but I could do better than that.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 02 2004, @12:50AM (#88791)
  • this from

    MORRISSEY has been appointed Artistic Director of MELTDOWN 2004.

    Meltdown takes place annually and started life as a classical event. Each year a prominent or influential member the music world is approached to curate, and as time has progressed the festival has become more rock orientated.

    This year’s festival will take place between June 11-27 on the South Bank Centre in London.

    The star, who is to release his first album in seven years ‘You Are The Quarry’ on May 17, is the twelfth artist who has accepted the invitation organise Meltdown since 1993.

    Previous directors include Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, David Bowie and John Peel.

    Speaking about the event, the singer said: "For me, this is a privilege and I will rise to it. Curating Meltdown is a great opportunity for me to acknowledge some of the music and words that have excited me over the years. Some of you have Ipods, I have Meltdown."
    The line-up will be announced shortly.

    John, England
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 02 2004, @05:14AM (#88810)
  • Rgds

    Morrissey Meltdown
    Published 02 03 04

    Fresh from the instant sell-out of his comeback gig, Morrissey has announced he'll curate this summer's Meltdown festival in London. The annual event has previously been hosted by David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Scott Walker and Lee Perry among others.

    The Smiths frontman will be choosing a line-up of his favourite bands to play on the South Bank from June 11 to June 27, so expect some wilfully obscure selections, to include at least one 60s girl group plus Sandie Shaw.

    He's released a statement saying: "For me this is a privilege and I will rise to it. Meltdown is a great opportunity for me to acknowledge some of the music and words that have excited me over the years. Some of you have ipods, I have Meltdown."

    Last year 6 Music was the festival's media partner, as Lee 'Scratch' Perry invited a diverse selection of reggae bands and techno experimentalists to London. Click here to read reports from Meltdown 2003 and stay tuned to 6 Music for more exclusive news about this year's event.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 02 2004, @09:37AM (#88833)
  • I've found the thing, not as crap as the index interview but nothing to wank with

    Anyway, I can scan it and mail to anyone who is intersted, just let me know
    Anonymous -- Friday March 05 2004, @06:16AM (#89257)
  • I have an extra copy of Tokion with the Morrissey interview. If you're some place where it's unavailable, or you're charged an outrageous amount for shipping, I can send you my extra copy. Email me at: [email protected]
    Miranda_Grey <{mirandagrey} {at} {}> -- Tuesday March 09 2004, @06:15AM (#89718)
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