posted by davidt on Wednesday February 11 2004, @10:00AM
BRZ writes:

I didn't see this posted anywhere on the site, so.. well, it's kind of ridiculous, but I thought worth sharing - from pg. 26 of SPIN magazine's JAN 2004 issue, a small blurb with an even smaller b&w Smiths photo (sorry, not available online, as far as I know, so I transcribed it here) -

"Smiths Reunion At Fan's Cemetary Gates?"

In an attempt to restore harmony and balance to the universe, a 34-year-old fan of the Smiths, who coordinates social workers in Kentucky, is making early arrangements to use his final wish (i.e., his will) to mend one of rock history's major rifts. He's imploring Morrissey and former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr - estranged for years following the band's 1987 breakup - to cast aside their differences and just hang out for a while. According to the anonymous obsessive's will, the pair will be granted access to all his remaining or unclaimed assets only if they're willing to share awkward silence for an uninterrupted 61 minutes. A provision drafted by attorney and self-proclaimed "big Smiths fan" Stuart Brown states that if the pair "meet with one another alone in the same room for more than one hour," they'll be privy to an estate Brown claims "has the potential to be rather sizable." The queen may be dead, but altruism lives on. (AMANDA PETRUSICH)

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  • The guy who's leaving this will seems to think that Moz and Marr haven't spoken to each other since 1987. The truth is they have remained friends over the years, albeit not particularly close ones.
    As recently as November last year, Marr was on Virgin Radio and stated that he and Morrissey had recently got together during which time they both agreed that 'The Boy With The Thorn...' was their favourite/most under-rated Smiths song.
    John, England
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 11 2004, @11:04AM (#86264)
  • does this guy have a terminal ilness or has someone take a contract out on him ? - we could be waiting decades to see if this happens - or he may even outlive them all.
    Brighton Rich -- Wednesday February 11 2004, @05:26PM (#86314)
    (User #8270 Info)
  • Is this the same guy who held a gun on a DJ and demanded him to only play The Smiths for 24 hours straight?? This happened in the late 80's, I believe, so it's possible! :P
    hand in glove -- Wednesday February 11 2004, @07:12PM (#86325)
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    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
  • Reading lately that he is broke.The guy might have had better luck with a request from him.
    DannyDangerous -- Wednesday February 11 2004, @10:49PM (#86332)
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    "It takes strength to be gentle & kind"

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