posted by davidt on Tuesday November 25 2003, @10:00AM
Steve Hooker (P.P. NV Records) writes:

"Save the Gorilla" featuring Boz Boorer has been blocked by EMI and Marco Pirroni. Pirroni has not responded to my polite and reasonable request to reconsider, EMI have been firm, courteous but final.
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  • What exactly are they doing to block it?
    bored -- Tuesday November 25 2003, @12:40PM (#80403)
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  • Isn't Marco Pirroni is the big guitar player in the "Goody Two Shoes" video? (Wasn't that a Gretsch White Falcon a'la Bow Wow Wow's Matthew Ashman? And wasn't Bow Wow Wow originally the Ants?)
    hanz_ofbyotch -- Wednesday November 26 2003, @08:46AM (#80479)
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  • perhaps Marco thinks this cheapens the song he helped write (who knows, maybe he can't stand gorillas, or just can't stand this version). I would be interested in hearing this version, since Boz helped out on Adam Ant's Wonderful album, and Stand And Deliver is my absolute favorite Ant song.
    Angelique Upstart -- Wednesday November 26 2003, @07:05PM (#80560)
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