posted by davidt on Tuesday November 25 2003, @10:00AM
JiltedJim writes:

Hello all. I went to the swellegant Fab Cafe in Manchester (111 portland street) last night and noticed a poster advertising the fact that Andy Rourke will be DJing there, every wednesday night at 9pm!

it's a shame there were no flyers, as the image is really cool - it's the Salford Lads club photo with the other three Smiths blacked out! Well, I thought it was funny.

I'm definately heading down there to shake the great man's hand. I think all you other Morrissey-solo readers should check it out as well. Not only will you get to meet Rourkey, but you'll get to meet Jilted Jim! Two living legends in one night!

It will be interesting to hear what Smiths songs he plays.
Wonder if he'll give 'Yes, I am Blind' a spin? Nice song, lovely baseline.
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  • ... this spring he flirted (often quite physically so) with EVERY woman in the club and played "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" twice. Not very exciting, one might add.
    No, "Yes I Am Blind" neither, but a hell of a lot of 90's britpop and Beatles and stuff.
    As I said, not very exciting
    Martin -- Tuesday November 25 2003, @10:19AM (#80387)
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  • Ooh (Score:2, Interesting)

    Also, when I was in FAB on saturday, I saw Mark E Smith (lead singer in 'the Fall', had a cameo in '24 hour party people') in there. and my friend recently met Richard O Brien in there. So you never know who you'll see inside!
    JiltedJim -- Tuesday November 25 2003, @01:12PM (#80407)
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  • you've given Andi I something to do on wednesday nights now :-(
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 25 2003, @01:19PM (#80411)
  • What a shock where his life has led him. Karma, baby.
    ed is dead -- Tuesday November 25 2003, @02:59PM (#80424)
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  • The blokes who own that club are arseholes.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 26 2003, @03:59AM (#80464)
    • Re:f.a.b. by JiltedJim (Score:1) Wednesday November 26 2003, @08:45AM
      • Re:f.a.b. by droylsdener (Score:1) Wednesday November 26 2003, @05:46PM
        • Re:f.a.b. by JiltedJim (Score:1) Friday November 28 2003, @08:16AM
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  • Right next to the tiny DJ area there is a kick-ass 'House of the Dead' arcade machine. you get nine goes for a pound!
    It'll be interesting to see which queue is biggest - the queue to meet Rourkey or the one for the arcade machine...
    JiltedJim -- Wednesday November 26 2003, @08:47AM (#80480)
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  • It seems as though Andy Rourke is a bit of a twat really. But still everybody loathes Joyce, because Morrissey does. I cannot remember anybody ever mentioning Joyce getting them thrown out of a club.

    If anything, Rourke should be disliked far more than Joyce due to the lawsuit, as he profited while Joyce took the flak. At least the latter stood up for himself, whether his claim was rightful or not.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 26 2003, @05:35PM (#80546)
  • What was Rourkey like in Gothenburg as a DJ??? Swedish women are soooo beautiful!!!!! I am part Danish. My sirname is Json in Denmark. They pronance J's as I's. love and blessings, Andrea Isonxxxxxxx
    Anonymous -- Monday December 08 2003, @07:41PM (#81506)

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