posted by davidt on Monday November 17 2003, @10:00AM
David T. (different) sends a discussion link on Popbitch: what do we know about the Smiths musical that is due next year? - doreen, 14:48 17/11. Excerpt:

it is going to open in Liverpool
im nost sure of the details but it is featuring a string quartet and has female classically trained singers in it
*can this be right?*

doreen, 14:50 17/11
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  • Oh God, please tell us this isn't true.

    Or at least tell us that that mulletted, political-turncoat Ben Elton(spit!!!) isn't in anyway involved.
    Dogstar_003 -- Monday November 17 2003, @12:58PM (#79722)
    (User #9305 Info)
    Within weeks they'll be re-opening the shipyards...And notifying the next of kin...Once again.
  • Oh, God... (Score:1, Insightful)

    ... can it be true?? And how's the story gonna end? in tears? A great tragedy. Drama of the year. Hmm... quite fascinating...
    Anonymous -- Monday November 17 2003, @02:07PM (#79733)
  • Evita (Score:3, Funny)

    This is really happening.

    Andrew Lloyd Webber is set to direct.

    Sir Tim Rice & Sir Elton John & Bernie Taupin will write the lyrics and the music.

    The musical will be called:

    "Morrissey & His Stargazing Technicolor Dreamboat"

    The first song's chorus goes like this:

    Don't Cry For Me Salford Lads Club
    The truth is I never left you
    All through my Wilde days
    My melancholy existence
    I kept my promise
    Don't keep your distance...
    Belligerent Ghoul -- Monday November 17 2003, @04:31PM (#79750)
    (User #9224 Info)
    There is a light that never goes out...
  • mmm (Score:1, Funny)

    Darren Day as Moz,

    Michael Ball as Marr,
    Nick Heywood as Rourke,

    Ian Brown as Joyce.

    Elton John appears as their mother
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 18 2003, @05:43AM (#79800)
    • Hahahahahaaaa by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday November 19 2003, @01:24PM
  • Yes,Yes,Yes (Score:1, Funny)

    I have heard about this production about Morrissey's life. Rumoured to star are Matt Dillon as Morrissey in his younger days and Conan O'Brien as the older Morrissey. I am very excited about this!!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 18 2003, @07:18PM (#79900)
  • Fuck it, thets put an opera togther!
    Anonymous -- Monday November 24 2003, @02:19AM (#80254)

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