posted by davidt on Monday November 17 2003, @10:00AM
An anonymous person writes:

Good Charlotte's Morrissey-Loving Maddens Start Their Own Label - MTV news, 11.11.2003 9:17 PM EST

Is this sarcasm?


D.C. Flag will concentrate on exposing new or relatively unknown bands, although there is one major act Joel is desperate to sign. "My dream is to put out a Morrissey album," he said. "Morrissey, if you wanna ever put out a record, one record, with us, man, we will love it!"
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  • I mean, I'd have to kill myself, probably set myself on fire in a public place... but you know, other than having that on your conscience, i see no reason why not to.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 17 2003, @12:41PM (#79720)
  • I wouldn' mind if Blink 182 released an album for Morrissey, as long as it did not take as long as the current album is taking... I mean, jeez, didn't he say it was all ready to be recorded months ago? If it were ready, there shouldn't be a reason for them to have to do anything but go into the studio and record.

    Even movies go through the theater and released on DVD faster than his next album is taking.
    palare -- Monday November 17 2003, @01:09PM (#79725)
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  • Now, if they really had any imagination they would chase Mike Joyce and his band.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 17 2003, @02:11PM (#79734)
  • moz can make a new video, hell even a dvd of him singing and dancing his heart out whilst kicking the life out of good charlotte.

    in a desert.
    xstillillx -- Monday November 17 2003, @07:59PM (#79771)
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    wielding a bicycle chain
  • good charlotte are a bunch of bloody wankers. morrissey wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Monday November 17 2003, @09:19PM (#79779)
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    True friends stab you in the front.
  • hogwash!! i'm sure moz would get a good laugh out of this garbage.
    Solitude <[email protected]> -- Monday November 17 2003, @11:44PM (#79786)
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  • This bloke is a big Moz fan judging by interviews I've read with him, however I doubt he thinks anything will come of the request.
    So, not sarcasm exactly.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 18 2003, @03:59AM (#79798)
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  • What is Good Charlotte? What, what does it mean anyway?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 18 2003, @05:14AM (#79799)
    • Re:Huh? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday November 21 2003, @04:36PM
  • If I knew my purchase would line the pockets of those poseurs, I'd definitely consider downloading...
    Bunbury -- Tuesday November 18 2003, @01:52PM (#79845)
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  • If Avril Lavigne is the Queen of mall punks, then GC are certainly the Kings. Their music is irritating, bland, unoriginal and mildly offensive ("Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money")

    Moz could transcribe the greatest album in music history, but it would still be utter garbage if those pathetic assclowns produced it. They should do the world a favor and commit suicide.
    Theshadowplay -- Tuesday November 18 2003, @02:44PM (#79850)
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    Suspect arrested in Santa case! Chanukah Zombie still at large!
  • It would be a long wait-Morrissey only puts out 1 album every 7 years at this point. He has an album he is releasing on Sanctuary records and 7 years after that he will be bald,toothless and wearing depends. Maybe they will change their mind about wanting a record from him by then.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 18 2003, @07:12PM (#79899)
  • It was fun prank calling that Benji dude. They can keep on dreaming.
    broccoli_spears -- Wednesday November 19 2003, @02:58AM (#79930)
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  • good charlotte stated some time ago that the smiths are one of their biggest influences and they listened to them growing up. then they showed this clip from some early video or whatever and one of them was sporting a smiths t-shirt. i nearly choked on my coffee but then again i should have never watched mtv in the first place. i just don't understand. good charlotte are so incredibly BAD. it doesn't make sense. it just makes me... sad.
    Biffy -- Wednesday November 19 2003, @08:53AM (#79942)
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  • Ok if this clown claims he is a big morrissey/smiths fan then why on one interview,when asked what was the most embarassing artist/s he listened to,did he say the smiths? If he is such a big fan and all why would he be ashamed or embarassed to listen to them?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 19 2003, @12:55PM (#79955)
    • Re:egads! by Glory Hole (Score:1) Wednesday November 19 2003, @03:16PM
  • I don't have a username, but I think that's pretty mean to say about Good Charlotte. I can understand true Morrissey fans getting a bit offended, but I'm sure we'd all be saying the same things about all of you if it were your new label that you were hoping for a certain artist to release an album from.
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 22 2003, @02:46AM (#80186)
  • stop being so bitter cause you also could be offending morrissey your making him out to be an asshole.....and dont attack the poor guy just because of the band he's in he's a fan like all of us are judging him just makes you immature and closed minded.
    alwaysmiserable7 -- Saturday November 22 2003, @03:50AM (#80188)
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    • Re:Chill out by willowrose (Score:1) Saturday November 22 2003, @03:56AM
  • i hope it is sarcasm.

    and hello, i'm new.
    le panda -- Saturday November 29 2003, @01:44PM (#80769)
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    don't talk to me now about people who are "nice".
  • What exactly are band like Good Charlotte and avrile Lavine? It's like young adult contemporary and bubble-yum pop with a punk facade. Perhaps next season bands like travis and coldplay can do the black metal look. Gender bending is out, subculture bending is in.
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 30 2003, @06:05PM (#80817)

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