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Robert Ross writes:

On a Pixies website, former Pixies frontman Frank Black (aka Black Francis) comments on the possibility of a Pixies reunion next year. Amongst his comments as to whether or not they will reform (he is currently with the 'Catholics' group), he said: "It is hard to say whether it will happen. It may or it may not. We are as unpredictable as Morrissey."

On the same website, he listed 'How Soon Is Now?' as one of his favourite songs. He further confessed that the video for Pixies classic 'Here Comes Your Man' was a copy of 'This Charming Man', with all of the flowers and his rip-off Morrissey quiff! Way to go Frank!
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  • In a 1992 or 1993 interview in French mag "Les Inrockuptibles", Frank Black said he would have loved to write songs for Morrissey (as a huge fan he was and still is), but Moz didn't want them since F.B. had stupidly told mean things about him in some previous interview... (If anyone has kept this interview or a translation, I'd love to read it. Same for the 1992/93 interview.)

    I really don't know what kind of music could have emerged from a Frank Black/Morrissey collaboration at the time, but I would have loved to hear it ! The Pixies were such a fantastic band.
    JYF -- Monday November 17 2003, @11:33AM (#79719)
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  • Here is an excerpt from an interview filmaker Caveh Zahedi did with Frank Black where Frank mentioned how he offended Morrissey:

    C: You also mentioned in an interview years ago that you would love to do a duet with Morrissey. Did you ever pursue that at all? Or meet him?

    F: No. I have met him actually, but I don't think that'll happen. (Frank laughs)

    C: Did you like him?

    F: Yeah, he's a very nice guy, super nice, yeah.

    C: Why do you think it's not going to happen?

    F: I just think that I'm probably not his cup of tea.

    C: Right. (We both laugh)

    F: And there's nothing wrong with that, you know what I mean?

    C: Yeah, sure.

    F: I had said something when I was very young, or younger I should say, and very new at doing interviews, and I had said something negative about his first solo album in an interview. And I wasn't even that serious about it, you know, I was probably smoking pot at the time. Anyway, Morrissey reads all of his music press religiously, and I think he read that. And that kind of... because there was some talk about us working together. I don't think it was his idea but it was someone at the record company... Anyway, that's how I got to meet him.
    And I think that he sort of nixed it because I had made this comment, and rightly so. I mean he was just defending his own art. He didn't need some little like punk rock guy telling him that his record was no good. (Frank laughs) So I don't really blame him at all. Anyway, I feel bad because I didn't really mean it. I was just shooting off my mouth and I had probably heard his record one time and you know it didn't turn me on right then and there so... But anyway, I've learned a lesson ever since and I don't say negative things about other artists anymore, even artists I truly don't like, and I happen to like Morrissey a lot, but even artists that I really can't stand. I definitely don't say anything negative about them in interviews because it might get back to them. Some people get really offended because it's close to them and they can't help but being offended. I suppose I'd be offended too.

    C: Really, that seems strange to me. I mean, someone might not like something you do and you can still be friends with them.

    F: Yeah, but it's not like that I think with making music. I think it's a lot more personal for people. It's their baby. It's what they're most paranoid about. It's what they love the most but it's also the thing that they're afraid of the most: "oh am I really any good?" So it's really hard to hear something like: "oh so and so can't stand you're new record." You're just totally getting them in the Achilles heel.

    C: That's true.

    F: Anyway, once again, for the hundreth time, I totally apologize. If Morrissey is reading "Mommy and I are One" right now, again I'm totally sorry. (Frank laughs)
    Anonymous -- Monday November 17 2003, @02:09PM (#79742)
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  • Frank Black is a great performer and he takes all things related to music very seriously. If you read much about him or ever get the chance to talk to him, you will be impressed by the depth of his musical knowledge. He is tireless in his own writing of music and even if you do not care for his music, you have to respect his work ethic.

    The fact that he respects Morrissey is a strong compliment.
    punk_lawyer <{punk_lawyer} {at} {}> -- Monday November 17 2003, @02:58PM (#79747)
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    Do you have a vacancy for a back-scrubber?
  • Well Frank Black kicks some serious ass, really cool to see him pay some tribute to Morrissey.
    herzeleid316 -- Monday November 17 2003, @04:07PM (#79754)
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  • If any of you know the band Pere Ubu, well, about ten years ago they put out their "Kathleen" CD single, and on that CD single is an interview between Frank Black and Pere Ubu's David Thomas.
    During that interview Frank mentions that he really digs Morrissey's music and thinks he's got his own style. David Thomas agrees that Morrissey is an interesting dude.

    Well, I can't remember the direct quotes, but that's basically what was said. If I remember to dig that single out from wherever it is, I'll post the quotes.

    While I'm bothering to post here for the first time in many moons, I should mention something totally unrelated. I was browsing the reference section of a book store over the weekend and in a book of famous quotations compiled by Penguin there are like 4 Morrissey quotes. Again, I can't remember them, so sorry. But one of them is Morrissey commenting on fame and shit. He was in good company in that book; I thought it was cool.

    Urm...yeah, so I might as well go into even more unrelated shit and say that one of the quotes I do remember from my browse was in a book of famous last words. Some mass murderer or serial killer said: "I wish the entire human race were one neck with my hands around it." LOL! I like that.

    Whatever. Rock on.

    Oh, there were no quotes by Wilde in that book...hmmm......
    LoafingOaf <reversethis-{moc ... otstnilfcitnarf}> -- Monday November 17 2003, @07:06PM (#79773)
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    Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling.
  • Frank's already worked with Bowie, opened for the Cure who hate Morrissey. Frank's been posting like mad to the official-unofficial website in the past few days. He's a really nice guy.
    Matt O
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 18 2003, @10:59AM (#79835)
  • I never understood the appeal of the Pixies...very overrated band. Frank Black has one of the worse voices in would be horrible if Morrissey's voice was paired with his.
    curt666 -- Tuesday November 18 2003, @10:37PM (#79917)
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  • "he listed 'How Soon Is Now?' as one of his favourite songs"

    Interestingly, our current poll [] has "How Soon Is Now?" ranked as "the most over-rated Smiths 'classic'", leading at 33%.

    half-a-person -- Wednesday November 19 2003, @12:38AM (#79926)
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    Alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of lifes problems

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