posted by davidt on Monday November 17 2003, @10:00AM
sleeper writes:

I recently bought My Life With Morrissey DVD and did a review of it on my website.

Although the review may seem negative, it really is, after all, my opinion of the film and should not stop anyone from buying their own copy for themselves.

If you appear in the Morrissey documentary, "Real Life With Morrissey", and wish to have a screen capture of yourself, because you do not have the capability of doing screen captures, feel free to email me ( [email protected] ).
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  • Hey Sleeper, great review of the film. It didn't seem negative at all to me -- quite the contrary. Cool screen grabs as well!
    Anonymous -- Monday November 17 2003, @09:24PM (#79780)
  • I'm astounded that people actually think "My Life With Morrissey" is a good film. It is atrocious and offensive.

    The lead character is completely unlikeable--she's self-centered and rude. The peripheral characters are two-dimensional and dull. The "humor" consists of stupid things like our main character getting gang raped by a group of catholic school girls.

    I understand that the film is supposed to be over-the-top. Please don't come at me with: you're missing the fact that it's SUPPOSED to be camp, kitsch and absurd. Believe me, I get it.

    If people think "camp" excuses bad writing, acting and storyline more power to them. I have slightly higher standards than that and better things to do with 90 minutes of my life.
    blurjose -- Tuesday November 18 2003, @08:52AM (#79817)
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  • I can't believe the amount of hysterical negative reaction this film generates. Kind of reminds me of the reaction Robert Mapplethorpe's photos got from conservatives in Congress! Could this film be that good?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 18 2003, @10:17PM (#79911)

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