posted by davidt on Monday November 17 2003, @10:00AM
Chris Stangl writes:

Marc Spitz' black comedy "Shyness is Nice" is making it's West Coast debut at Burbank's Alliance Repertory Company.

Michael Cassady, Adam Legg, Tolly Callaway, Erin Underwood and Jeff Urquhart star, under the direction of Suzan Fellman. Smiths and Morrissey references fly fast and thick. Adverts read "The Smiths, drug deals, prostitutes, heroin, Nick Drake, gun shots and overdoses... just another play about falling in love."

The Alliance is located at 3204 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank. Shows are Friday and Saturday evenings at 8:00pm and Sundays at 7:00pm and is scheduled to run for six weeks through Sunday, December 21st.

Extensive information and TICKETS ($20) are available on-line at:
Alliance Repertory Company
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  • Sounds good! I want to go.
    xLoveletterx -- Monday November 17 2003, @03:12PM (#79743)
    (User #6676 Info)
  • ... now, can anybody who's already seen this write something about it? For us, not priviledged enough to have plays/books/films about Smiths/Moz delivered on a silver plates just under our respective noses. Please...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 19 2003, @02:10PM (#79966)
  • I saw it, and it was as delicious as a Thanksgiving turkey. Seriously folks, aren't turkeys delicious? So is this.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 20 2003, @02:18PM (#80082)
  • "Shyness" was LA Weekly's pick-o-the-week.

    As for it's appeal to Morrissey fans...
    Though admittedly not a theatrical embodyment of the Mozzer Spirit as one might view "The Importance of Being Earnest," it maybe taps the other, New York Dolls-influenced side of his persona. It is loud, frantic, rude and full-frontally naked. You will, however-- thanks to very funny (and nuanced) performances by the male leads-- probably recognize yourself in there somewhere, padding about the apartment in a Smiths shirt and pining for a vinyl "World Won't Listen"... until the Australian female pimp kicks down the door, at which point it's a no-holds-questioned audience pleaser. See it with someone you want to snort heroin with and/ or dry hump live on stage. Live guitar!
    Chris Stangl -- Friday November 21 2003, @04:17PM (#80173)
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