posted by davidt on Wednesday November 12 2003, @01:00AM
SAF Publishing sends an extract of "Saint Morrissey" by Mark Simpson in PDF format (192k). The extract includes the first two chapters of the recently released book. Additional details:

'Saint Morrissey' can be ordered via for a discounted price of £14.99 (currently £2 cheaper than Amazon).

The UK postal strike that delayed delivery of some pre-ordered copies is now over. US/Canada delivery is now c.3-4 days. UK/Europe 4-5 days.
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  • I love you Morrissey.
    peregrino -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @03:12AM (#79292)
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  • ...but still a good read, judging from the PDF. I might be tempted to buy it, even (think I'll wait for the paperback).
    Curt Woyte -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @05:31AM (#79297)
    (User #8765 Info)
  • From what I heard, you can get the book for £3.

    But I'm not sure what type of favours you have to do, or how low you have to go. (but I've a pretty good idea). Doesn't it leave a bad taste in the mouth?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @09:23AM (#79308)
  • Goooooood God, not another book....must be coming up to Christmas.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @10:40AM (#79325)
  • Can anyone print the PDF out?

    It appears to be encoded so that you can
    t print or save the PDF.

    Have publishers got so uptight about copyright now, that they don't want you to print something off the net, in cause you photocopy and sell copies on eBay.

    Jeeeze ...
    LawrenceM -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @06:23PM (#79406)
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    "I wore my fringe like Roger McGuinn"
    • Re:printing by Curt Woyte (Score:1) Thursday November 13 2003, @01:19AM
      • Re:printing by LawrenceM (Score:1) Thursday November 13 2003, @01:19PM
    • Re:printing by Reeling around the F (Score:1) Thursday November 13 2003, @02:27PM
  • It's a good book, but it will divide fans I think. I can identify with it totally. I wonder how well fans who aren't from the UK and particularly the North will understand the ideas the book comes up with, with reference to Morrissey having the persona 'of a Northern Woman'.
    It's a good read, and as an interesting insight into an opinion of what Morrissey is all about, and what makes him tick, it's worth buying.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 13 2003, @01:53AM (#79451)
    • I thought that idea was fascinating, that Morrissey was a Northern Woman in the body of a skinny, androgynous James Dean lookalike! It worked for me. The whole book is great; I just wish he'd written more about the Queen is Dead and Strangeways, Here We Come. It could have been twice as long.
      Gabriella -- Thursday November 13 2003, @09:27PM (#79530)
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      And me and my heart, we knew...we just knew...forevermore...
  • I'm sorry, but it's simply to much of a strain on my aging eyes, to read this in Acrabat.

    I can't see the logic, in "print protecting" this file, as if somebody would actually print it out, only the first 2 chapters mind you, and distribute it to others.

    Besides, I'm sure anything this author has to say about Morrissey and Smiths, hasn't already been said before, 10 times over.
    InterestingDruggie -- Thursday November 13 2003, @07:04AM (#79470)
    (User #9368 Info)
  • Thanks to Mark Simpson for signing me a copy of the book yesterday.
    I've only read the first 6 pages and had a quick flick through but it seems like a good 'un.
    aly.smith -- Thursday November 13 2003, @09:23AM (#79480)
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  • This book looks absolutely awful.
    Anonymous -- Friday November 14 2003, @10:58AM (#79553)
  • Has anyone noticed that this author is trying to capitalize on Morrissey's own style? To me it's adolescently transparent and pathetic. Does anyone else see it? "I should have jammed both fingers in my ears," he wittily quips when referring to the first time he ever heard a note that The Smiths played. That doesn't even make sense. Morrissey might employ a self depricating type of humor, but the difference is that there is substance to what he's implying or saying. This guys is only imitating Morrissey's style without any understanding of what's behind it.
    Anonymous -- Friday November 14 2003, @02:09PM (#79563)

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