posted by davidt on Wednesday November 12 2003, @01:00AM
Mickey Vegas writes:

Morrissey's interview with Irish DJ Dave Fanning dating back to October last year will finally be televised on Irish channel Network Two on Saturday 22nd November in a music special called 'The Last Broadcast'.
ACTON IN PERSON also writes:

What - Dave Fanning will broadcast a recent interview with MORRISSEY on his music show 'The Last Broadcast'.
When - Nov 22nd (Saturday) 11pm to 12.30am
Where - Network 2, Irish television (Republic).

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  • why has this been delayed for so long?

    Does he say something contoversial....?

    Wont it all be about the last tour and be dated...?

    "still haven't got a record contract..." etc...

    carnal artist -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @03:41AM (#79293)
    (User #7076 Info)
  • Dublin interview (Score:1, Insightful)

    It's a bit more revealing than normal interviews from Moz. He goes into a lot more detail about Joyce and Johnny Marr and the Smiths break-up and the events that took place just after it. I recall lines like 'I don't know how Johnny lives with himself', 'I think he really regrets leaving The Smiths', 'the record company said 'don't think you're a free agent, you signed a deal and owe us albums, and this is something that Johnny just ran away from.' Basically it seems that Moz was almost obliged to make those solo albums. The record company pressed him, not Johnny, not Joyce, not Rourke. Interesting stuff, well to me anyway.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @10:10AM (#79317)
  • This channel in the states airs Dave Fanning interviews constantly - maybe the Morrissey interview will air here as well
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @02:06PM (#79379)
  • Hope Morrissey delivered his answers in that imperious/regal manner of five words a minute.
    Lazy Sunbather -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @02:24PM (#79380)
    (User #843 Info)
  • Does anyone know if this programme is available on sky?
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 13 2003, @03:13AM (#79458)

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