posted by davidt on Wednesday November 12 2003, @01:00AM
Fredi writes:

According to a French website, several rock bands would currently be recording a Smiths tribute album. Both Funeral For A Friend & the Deftones would already have completed one song, while Hundred Reasons is due to record one.

The original article reads:

"Hommage aux Smiths 30.10.03
Une compilation de reprises de chansons des Smith serait actuellement en train d'être enregistrée par nombre de groupes de rock. Funeral For A Friend et les Deftones auraient tous les deux déjà terminé une chanson, tandis qu'Hundred Reasons devraient également apporter leur contribution."

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  • I checked out the site and it is very good. Every release is by a reputable act. This tribute album looks like it will be a goodie. I am curious to know, including the classical music string quartet tribute, how many Smiths tribute albums and individual recorded covers by bands have there been. Someone recently commented that it would take a "spreadsheet" to figure out. Does anyone know offhand or know where to get this information from?
    Belligerent Ghoul -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @05:53AM (#79299)
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    • Stephanie Daigle's website (which escapes me at the moment) has/had a great section on coverbands and where it was originally available.

      I don't know how up to date it is though. Last time I looked was about a year ago.

      Surfing that website is well worth the time.
      Lemmy -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @12:42PM (#79362)
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    • Re:Smiths Tribute Albums by Lemmy (Score:1) Wednesday November 12 2003, @12:46PM
  • I hear that The Backstreet Boys are going to contribute a version of Hand In Glove.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @01:59PM (#79378)
  • Is the Deftones song going to be their version of "Please, Please, Please..." or something newly-recorded? That cover is pleasant, but hearing something done in their newer artsy style would be just lovely.
    ed is dead -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @09:06PM (#79427)
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  • I've heard a few covers by other bands but only really rate "please, please..." by Ed Harcourt.Its on BBC6 website under the smiths biography.
    Alty_Moz -- Friday November 14 2003, @03:26PM (#79564)
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