posted by davidt on Friday November 07 2003, @10:00AM
Word on the street in England is that Spike Smith is out as drummer for the album currently being recorded and Dean Butterworth is in.
An anonymous person sends the Jerry Finn / Blink-182 ad which mentions "Finn is currently in London producing Morrissey's forthcoming album (Sanctuary - Merck Mercuriadis)."
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  • now he's with Dean in London.
    What's next? Spencer in LA?

    is that a real ad anyway?
    nonesoever -- Friday November 07 2003, @10:10AM (#78920)
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    "... turn popular song into sickness"
  • ha! (Score:2, Funny)

    I love that "word on the street in England"

    It's like we all live in one big village - with country yokels and wenches, a single village pub and Church on Sunday.

    I was on a train last year crossing a particulary beautifull part of the South Downs, two American women were sitting opposite me -''"Oh - They made it look just like New England"

    bloody priceless
    Brighton Rich -- Friday November 07 2003, @10:34AM (#78927)
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      • Re:ha! by JonnersB (Score:1) Monday November 10 2003, @03:36AM
        • Re:ha! by BBC Scum (Score:1) Monday November 10 2003, @06:02AM
          • Re:ha! by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 11 2003, @04:24PM
  • No news, good news.
    I used to hope in Spike,so i'm truly disappointed
    truly truly truly.
    With Finn we'll have Morrissey in a power-pop version.Certain songs will sound more aggressive,more energetic .
    Let's hope for the best!
    Anonymous -- Friday November 07 2003, @11:15AM (#78948)
  • named Spike Butterworth
    suzanne -- Friday November 07 2003, @11:38AM (#78956)
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    I scare dead people.
  • i don't think it's news really. i saw it coming ever since spike wasn't on tour with moz last year. i dislike both drummers becuase neither of them really could compare to spencer.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Friday November 07 2003, @11:51AM (#78958)
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    True friends stab you in the front.
  • butterball (Score:1, Flamebait)

    i really hope this one isn't true. while spike is no spencer, butterworth has never hit a snare drum harder than a baby tap. the girls may think dean-o is keen-o, but he couldn't play the drums if that pathetic goatee of his depended on it.
    eugenius -- Friday November 07 2003, @12:10PM (#78964)
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    I'm almost sure you can do better than that.
  • Yessss!!! Dean is the bestest drummer Mozza has worked with ('cept Spencer). Welcome on board again, dear Deano!
    Martin -- Friday November 07 2003, @01:12PM (#78971)
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    A Slight Case of Overcombing
  • The next thing you know Moz will be in the studio with Mike Joyce. Alone.
    Anonymous -- Friday November 07 2003, @01:29PM (#78973)
  • Whatever happened to Spencer anyway? Is he in another band now? I think Dean is a good technical drummer but he lacks energy and aggression.
    JakeBo -- Friday November 07 2003, @01:35PM (#78974)
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    • exactly by mr. superinvisible (Score:1) Friday November 07 2003, @02:13PM
    • Re:why no spencer? by BBC Scum (Score:1) Sunday November 09 2003, @08:06PM
  • Worst of two evils (Score:2, Interesting)

    Spike was too self-consciously rock in his endless tom-fills but at least he gave the tunes some energy. Dean was/is little more than a metronome and his percussion on the new tracks were extremely uninspiring, especially his pitter-patter snare rolls on 'gang'.

    Plus he needed to listen to a click track before songs to get the right tempo.

    In an ideal world Paresi would be on the stool, but his minor media commitments presumably curtail that possibility.
    deadpan -- Friday November 07 2003, @02:20PM (#78980)
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  • Be afraid!!!
    Anonymous -- Friday November 07 2003, @03:08PM (#78986)
  • Spike hit the skins hard...too hard. Dean Butterworth can hammer on the skins, saw him with BOZ in LA, he was 1,000,000 times better than his tour with Morrissey. Asked him why he didn't play hard with Moz....He said it was because Moz didn't like the drums loud, he liked them soft. In any case, Dean is far better than Spike, he plays hard if he's asked to, but he's also precise...he's like clockwork.
    Neither Spike nor Dean compare to Spencer though...Sorry Dean. Spencer was and will always be amazing. Best drummer Morrissey has ever had.
    Anonymous -- Friday November 07 2003, @04:53PM (#79001)
  • I understand that Dean Butterball is an excellent drummer so this is good news. Anyone have any info. on the rumoured holiday single titled Swingtime Christmas?
    Anonymous -- Friday November 07 2003, @05:48PM (#79007)
  • At the end of the day... what the fuck does Moz know about drummers anyway?? be nice if i could speak all the truth on this forum, but i won't.
    Anonymous -- Friday November 07 2003, @06:49PM (#79017)
  • Before another barrage of 20 "How-could-you" replies hits (they appear randomly but frequently on here): He's right!

    Who on earth would listen to Morrissey because of the music? It's his lyrics that attract the vast majority of us.
    And for his musical abilities, he himself said "'She said I know you, and you cannot sing.' I said 'That's nothing, you should hear me play piano.'"

    Anonymous -- Friday November 07 2003, @11:26PM (#79032)
    • Re:Too right by suzanne (Score:1) Saturday November 08 2003, @01:56AM
  • I need to get this out.
    The following is in NO WAY directed towards any one here on the boards or at Moz himself.
    WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO THE GREATEST MUSIC OF ALL TIME!!! It's bad enough I see Robert Smith and the Cure working with Blink 182 but this is too much. Do these artists not know that in America Blink 182 is the COMPLETE WORST, MOST COMMERCIAL, FAKEST ATTEMPT AT PUNK EVER? Do they know Blink 182's fan base consists of mainly 12-14 year old kids??? The only reason I can see for these connections is the artists trying to reach out to that younger fan base to try and bring them on. That is sell out by it's definition and I can not let myself come to believe that people like Smith or Morrissey would do that. So can soemone please tell me how Blink 182 and a producer as bad as Jerry Finn are working their way into the history books next to some of the greatest minds music has had to offer. This is wrong. So very wrong.
    ~ end rant
    MOZ IS GOD -- Saturday November 08 2003, @09:12AM (#79052)
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  • Jerry Finn (Score:2, Informative)
    fut -- Saturday November 08 2003, @02:52PM (#79075)
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  • Morrissey, Royal Albert Hall, London, September 19th 2002.
    Introducing the band he says, "And the best drummer we've ever had... Deano!" So how is anyone surprised he's working on the new album. He's the ONLY drummer to have played the new songs after all.
    And just because Jerry Finn has produced Green Day, Blink 182 etc doesn't make him a bad producer. He's a GOOD producer but so manys minds are too closed to notice. Do you think multi-national record companys would hire and trust someone who can't produce? Didn't think so.
    AnthonyGlamour -- Saturday November 08 2003, @04:21PM (#79080)
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  • Stuff... (Score:2, Insightful)

    Dean is fine. At first I found his drumming tepid, too, but when listening to the recent bootlegs on headphones, I found his style has a nice purr to it. More power would be good in some of the songs, yes...

    Finn? Why do people say he's a bad producer because he produced groups they hate?? Blink 182 and Green Day? I could care less, But, it doesn't mean he didn't do a great job with those bands and played some part in their mega success, hate them or not. It doesn't mean he'll want to make Moz sound like nu-metal faux punk...

    I'm open to Finn all the way. Why not??
    king leer -- Saturday November 08 2003, @08:20PM (#79083)
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  • "Ground Control to Major Moz
    Commencing countdown, engines on
    Check ignition and may God's love be with you"
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 09 2003, @05:21AM (#79095)
  • apart from a few musos?
    if the songs have strong, beautifully-sung, catchy melodies, and Moz has come up with some half-decent lyrics, how many of us will really notice the quality of the drumming?
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 09 2003, @12:47PM (#79119)
  • Hmm...that's odd...
    I've commented on a post exactly like this...
    ah well.
    Now it's Ivan's time to shine!

    Y'know, although I personally am not a fan of Finn's work (with the exception pf Pennywise - About Time:), I am curious to listen to he sees... or hears Morrissey in his lil' producer mind of his...

    then again, the recent efforts of Finn's career comes to my mind, three bands who suddenly became more popular than ever with their Finn-produced albums...

    blink182 - Enema of The State (1999)
    Finn produced this baby and made this three-piece band from playing played only on KROQ and 91X to being played everywhere. Everywhere!
    The Price They Paid - being forever associated with crude sexual humor.

    Bad Religion - The Process Of Belief (2002)
    Another Finn byproduct. It was hyped as 'the future of punk to come' album. Was it? Not at all. The LP was disappointing, and the band further utilized that "pop" sound they've had on they're last four albums. Finn, however, made sure that 'Sorrow' tune would be nice and catchy so it could be played on all radio stations.
    which brings me to...

    AFI - Sing The Sorrow (2003)
    well ...what can I say about this band and this album that hasn't already been said? Finn and [Butch] Vig mad sure that DreamWorks would get they're monies worth of these East Bay natives, and when the band won that MTV2 award, they did.
    Oh, and they're now beloved by all kinds of people and made their fans who were "with them from the beginning", quite green eyed.

    now...will Morrissey have a similar fate?
    Will Morrissey's new album be a success?
    A dud?
    Will Morrissey be skyrocketed to the Fandom he once had?
    Will he attract a new audience?
    Will you be happy?
    Will you be jealous?

    So many questions, but the answers will all be revealed very soon.

    Well, as a Morrissey fan, I've done my part.
    (I'm assuming I'm the only Duarte resident to do so as well!)

    Now...just stretch out and wait.
    (so sue me, I couldn't resist!)

    (next saturday night, we're sending you back to the future!)
    Davy_Havok -- Monday November 10 2003, @04:10AM (#79154)
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  • Whatever happened to Spencer. He was so much better than the other two and he was so darn cute.
    vauxhall25 -- Monday November 10 2003, @09:05AM (#79167)
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    Scavenging through life's constant lulls So far from where I'm determined to go
    • Re:But.. by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday November 10 2003, @10:05AM
  • Producer (Score:1, Interesting)

    Those who fear Finn's production will make a faux punk band out of Morrissey should take heart in the fact that Trevor Horn certainly did not make a Frankie or a T.A.T.U. out of Belle & Sebastian! A good producer knows the strengths and style of an artist--just like Horn finally kicked Belle & Sebastian's rhythm section into tightening up and playing with a little punch, so might Finn give the Moz band a little buzz and sparkle.
    I'm hoping for a good rockin' pop album this time, and maybe Finn can caffeinate the boys a bit...
    Anonymous -- Monday November 10 2003, @11:13AM (#79181)
  • Is weak & if its true Morrissey asked him to play lighter it's time to retire from touring.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 10 2003, @12:30PM (#79185)
  • Jerry is perfect,and Dean too.That´s all.
    peregrino -- Tuesday November 11 2003, @03:09AM (#79229)
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