posted by davidt on Monday September 08 2003, @09:00AM
d neuer writes:

"September 2003 - 80s pop icon Adam Ant has just returned to the studio for the first time in six years to record a new version of his hit single Stand and Deliver, which he has renamed Save the Gorilla, with the royalties from sales going to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund."

"It was written and recorded in one day - in one take - and features exceptional guitar work by Boz Boorer. "

danbutt also writes:

From . Sounds fab.

To aid the Dian Fossey Highland Gorilla Fund, Adam and Boz Boorer are presently recording a remake of the single, Stand and Deliver, but this time with changed lyrics to Save the Gorillas.
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  • Did Adam Ant break free from the mental hospital again?
    fut -- Monday September 08 2003, @09:04AM (#73239)
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    • Re:wtf? by nonesoever (Score:1) Monday September 08 2003, @09:40AM
  • Oh wonders of wonders,

    oh heavens of heavens,


    Adam Ant is a fantastic fucker,he may be a complete NUT-JOB but his funny wee heart in most certainly in the right place.All hail the prince-regent of white elasto-plast!thank god hes escaped the banana house again and has set about putting the world to rights.

    I love you ADAM ANT!

    I love you more than my own ma!

    pillow -- Monday September 08 2003, @11:17AM (#73269)
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  • Thanks for that news. Now I can sleep at night.

    BTW anyone have background on why everyone is called Adam (piss)Ant a nutjob?
    Anonymous -- Monday September 08 2003, @11:36PM (#73348)
  • adam ant is just a psycho,but i really love him!!!this is such a good idea!i am waiting for the next steps of colaborations,hmmmm.
    mozetka -- Tuesday September 09 2003, @02:37AM (#73361)
    (User #9058 Info)
  • Wasn't Fossi using the monkey's to help her mine diamonds for her own benefit? If you ask me, she isn't deserving of any charity record.
    gonzo -- Tuesday September 09 2003, @03:12AM (#73366)
    (User #335 Info)
    Scene, but not herd
    • Re:Dian Fossi by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday September 09 2003, @03:49AM
    • Re:Dian Fossi by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday September 11 2003, @12:42PM
  • This cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be a good thing.
    Ramon -- Tuesday September 09 2003, @10:37AM (#73404)
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    "I'm all over a vulture, like impending death"
  • You cunts (Score:0, Redundant)

    Adam Ant ill, and you cunts laughing at him are bastards.

    If he had cancer or Aids you would not laugh at him, and yet they are common illnesses.

    Now fuck off the lot of ya.

    By the way Adam Ant is great
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 10 2003, @05:00AM (#73485)
  • adam is all right...

    derek jarman thought so

    he is interesting... and there's not many you can say that about....
    carnal artist -- Wednesday September 10 2003, @04:16PM (#73588)
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  • "Ridicule is nothing to be scared of..."

    apparently not.
    Spineless Swine <[email protected]> -- Friday September 12 2003, @12:45AM (#73679)
    (User #4968 Info)
    Leave your future behind you.
  • hmm (Score:2, Funny)

    "Don't you ever, don't you ever
    Lower yourself, forgetting all your standards"

    Spineless Swine <[email protected]> -- Friday September 12 2003, @12:56AM (#73680)
    (User #4968 Info)
    Leave your future behind you.

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