posted by davidt on Monday May 12 2003, @09:00AM
On May 1 I received the following "Cease and Desist" document through email from Morrissey's lawyers (original .doc format, .txt format). A short email thread followed (.txt format) and this is where it currently stands. Note: In reference to the email followup, I posted the rumor I heard about the band/crew being paid but I neither made any accusations nor did I name Morrissey in the headline as the lawyer incorrectly wrote in his email.

As a result of these recent actions, I have since acquired legal representation and after things have settled, I'll consider the future of this site. This decision of whether or not to make this post was a difficult one, however I felt I had to make it in order to continue on in an honest fashion.

Although Morrissey's lawyers haven't indicated in the documents above which of the postings are false and defamatory, they are taking the position that some of them are. The original posts are currently still up and I'm leaving it up to you to decide what you want to believe.
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  • David...

    As a daily visitor to this site (multiple times a day) let me say I'm sorry to hear this. I'm not surprised, however. This sucks.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:03AM (#60375)
  • There's the line.
    Mannix -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:09AM (#60377)
    (User #1379 Info)
  • If this is true, don't worry. Morrissey would have to prove it by putting up all the people who claim they were not paid. Also, you are not responsible for other people's *unedited* postings on your web site. Clearly identifying the post as a rumor also shows you had no reckless disregard for its veracity. Also, where is the malice?
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:12AM (#60379)
  • God he's becoming a prick in his old age ( and that's coming from a HUGE fan...I've been to several concerts ). I'm really glad I never got the MOZ tat I was considering, because based on his recent behavior I'd probably be opting to have it removed.
    savor the flavor -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:13AM (#60380)
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  • I'm sorry, David. Puts you in a very difficult position.

    I don't have much more to say, only that I can't imagine you would want to continue with the site after this, and yet I hope that you will. It means so much to so many people. On the other hand, I wouldn't want to feel my hands were tied, either, if I were in your position.
    Gabriella -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:13AM (#60381)
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    And me and my heart, we knew...we just knew...forevermore...
  • That´s a shame! (Score:2, Insightful)

    Well David, I think this is indeed very sad. In fact if Morrissey is indeed aware of this and have personally taken this measure against you and this site I shall be (once again I must say) very disappointed.

    If it not for your efforts the attention he deserves in the internet nowadays would be close to none, since this is one of the most complete, updated and serious pages dedicated to him, if not the the main one.

    As to what actions should be taken...well I´ll leave it up to you of course but I think you should really find a good lawyer and answer back so as to make clear your position in this story and preserve yourself from any kind of idiot law suit taken by his greedy lawyers or should I say by his greedy self?

    All the best and don´t give up, your work has been great and you know it, thank you by the way for all you have given us over the years. May justice be made.
    Bloke in Blue -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:14AM (#60382)
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  • Morrissey is a vindictive old man.

    what else can be said?
    texaho -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:17AM (#60383)
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  • David, Your site is wonderful! I personally attribute the continued "success" of Morrissey due to this website being online. You did not post that article in the intentions of defaming Morrissey, he does this just fine on his own. My shall we say "dedication" to Morrissey has been kept alive due to this site. It's hard to still enjoy Morrissey and his music with the way he is now. In my personal opinion Morrissey owes you more than he will ever know! How dare he attack this site! If the man just wanted to fade away, fine, but does he have the right to take away all we have left?
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:17AM (#60384)
  • Well, turn's out our Moz feels only musicians and artists should be free to question the actions and motivations of people in the spotlight. Should Mrs. Thatcher, the ex-Smiths, certain crashing bores, etc. now sue Moz?

    The sad thing is that the law is pretty clearly in David's favour here, as countless lawsuits against newspapers, other websites, etc. have proven. Unfortunately, I very much doubt that David has the kind of dough that Morrissey does to fight this.

    Finally, given that most of Moz's most ardent fans visit this site, doesn't he know that this will reflect very badly on him with his core supporters? Without this site, and a few like it, where are we to go to get info about our favourite singer, our daily Moz fix?

    Does he even care anymore, and should we?

    Good luck David. You were in the right, and most of the readers here know it.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:18AM (#60385)
  • Morrissey does it again in his well known gentleman way. Truely sad, is that the Metallica syndrom???

    But maybe it was too easy for Mo. to give David an interview or at least an explanation about this story.

    As a fan i feel really disgusted that Mo. treats David this way.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:19AM (#60386)
  • Hi David,

    The sad truth is that over the years Morrissey has let down so many people that have been kind and generous to him.

    It would be terrible to see the end of the site which has brought enormous pleasure to all of us that visit it. But I fear that Morrissey is about to let you down after the service you have provided him with since his last record release.

    Well, well, lets hope that everything pans out OK.

    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:19AM (#60387)
  • Thanks for posting the original item that sparked this controversy and thanks for having the courage to post the cease and desist items. I'm sure you've already figured out that this action will probably cement the dissolution of any relationship you have left with Morrissey. So, to go ahead and risk it, that takes balls, man. Good luck. I think if you posted a request for money to help in your defense, you'd be blown away by the support you'd get.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:24AM (#60388)
  • I was the first to post under the original rumor item, saying it was inappropriate. I stand by that statement, however entertaining and interesting the subsequent posts were to myself and many others.

    This is not a knock on David. Love the site, love his dedication. But, the nature of what was posted was simply unverifiable. He should of known this would get back to Moz sooner or later.

    And to those people who are posting stuff like "Moz is a prick"......Grow Up. If you were in his shoes, wouldn't you have your lawyers send David a nasty letter too? This is what he pays them for. Morrissey HAD to do this. His career, whatever is left of it, is certainly bigger than few hundred diehards on a fan site.

    Again, no disrespect to David. I just question his original judgement when he posted this. I hope it all works out, because I love this site.

    -Harsh Truth
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:26AM (#60389)
  • i honestly don't know about this one. even if it is taken down, it doesn't erase what's in our brain.

    secondly, the "defamatory" statements were not made by david. they were in the resulting discussion threads and if they were really interested, they should try locating the people who wrote the original remarks if they have issues with them. i'm sure that someone has figured out who is writing it at this point.
    suzanne -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:26AM (#60390)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
  • I still din't have the time to read the documents, but I can say right now that I'm shocked and deeply saddened.

    Last week I feared that this might happen. I feared that there was no response from Morrissey, and sometimes that's the worst thing that can happen.

    I wish I had something wise to say, but I'm speechless - so I can just say that I'm very sad, David, and the much I'm worried about you.
    Havfine -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:27AM (#60391)
    (User #284 Info)
    "Have you forgotten how to love yourself?" Red House Painters
  • Note: In reference to the email followup, I posted the rumor I heard about the band/crew being paid but I neither made any accusations nor did I name Morrissey in the headline as the lawyer incorrectly wrote in his email.

    >> You did not have to name Morrissey in the headline, any retard will know you are talking about Morrissey.

    As a result of these recent actions, I have since acquired legal representation and after things have settled, I'll consider the future of this site.

    >>Good luck David.

    This decision of whether or not to make this post was a difficult one, however I felt I had to make it in order to continue on in an honest fashion.

    >>Let's hope so.

    Although Morrissey's lawyers haven't indicated in the documents above which of the postings are false and defamatory, they are taking the position that some of them are. The original posts are currently still up and I'm leaving it up to you to decide what you want to believe.

    >>At the time you posted this so called rumor I felt it was not necessary. You really did not have to post it. You should have kept it to yourself and the person who emailed you asking if you knew anything of the nature. You of all people should know that we do not know more than you. If you don't know about a upcoming tour how the hell are we supposed to know? Call me psychic but posting the rumor was bound to get Morrissey mad. I'm not being a sour grape either, I love the site but you really went to far with that post. Anyhow, whatever Morrissey's lawyers do to you I hope you don't go broke David.

    Best of luck.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:28AM (#60392)
  • Remember when your a child and there's the old git who stops you playing football purely because he's got nothing better to do with his time? Surely thats whats going on here (metaphorically of course).

    He has got too much time on his hands and despite all the love we have for him, surely hes gone too far this time. David has done so much for him with this site and its the only way of keeping up with all Morrissey news and by repaying him this way shows him how he really is. I hope to god it all gets sorted out soon because it would be a horrible state of affairs if it were to end up in court and the site were to close.

    Come on Moz, sort it out.
    mozismurder -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:30AM (#60393)
    (User #7294 Info)
    Mind your bleedin' own you two bob c-nt
  • but maybe it will be a good occasion for meet Sir Moz himself he seems to like Court and if the judgement give him right he could pay his crew members ;)
    seriously David, if you decide to close this siite i'll understand but Morrissey should know MOz-solo must be the only place where peoples who love his music can meet each other
    I don't think a justice action help him more in his carreer he could lost lots of fans if the only solution for him is to call a Lawyers to his rescue each time he's hurt.
    Maybe it's the only way to give somes news of him to us

    Money really change everything
    slow emotion -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:32AM (#60396)
    (User #7542 Info)
  • As a member of this site for some time now, it's been my experience that David's honesty is one of the central reasons why "morrissey-solo" is such a valuable resource for morrissey fans. Thank you for trusting that site members are capable of sorting out this issue for ourselves. I remember when people were urging David to silence certain posters to the discussion board. His response has always been to let us decide what should and should not be part of this site. Thanks again for standing up for us. I admire Morrissey for his integrity, and I admire you for yours as well.

    Andy-Mats -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:33AM (#60397)
    (User #151 Info)
  • Taking previous Moz court cases into account, personally, I would remove the original post and all related threads. Ok, its a cop out but Im sure the hassle of fighting someone like Morrissey, who doesnt appear to mind fighting 'til his death, wouldn't be worth it.
    maladjustedduck -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:35AM (#60398)
    (User #8226 Info)
    Victoria, can you make me a cuppa please? Muchos gracias my darling.
  • Ok, I have found this website to be informative on many an occasion but more often lately it has been just embarrassing.

    It is no secret that Morrissey has had a history of not paying people on time or at all. I have heard this many times over, regarding producers, bandmates, whatnot.


    The fact that this website has become a gossip forum regarding Morrissey's personal matters, business and otherwise is exceedingly boring and embarrassing to me.

    Coming to this website and seeing headlines devoted to Morrissey's personal business or stalkers camped at Morrissey's house is just poor taste, David.

    Morrissey writes amazing songs. Some of the greatest songs of all time, I think we can all agree. So why not appreciate the music and leave the man to his own?

    I used to come to this website for information but ever since you began making "headlines" like this and other scary stalkerish type things I don't really see the point in coming here anymore.

    Good Luck and P.S. GET A LIFE.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:39AM (#60401)
  • Goodbye, Moz (Score:1, Insightful)

    Morrissey's continued policy of biting the hands that feed him is astounding. Morrissey owes every bit of his success since Maladjusted to Morrissey-solo, and more specifically, to David Tseng. Mozzer's past tours have not been widely publicized at all in the major media, and it is only through this website that fans can keep abreast of any tour related plans, dates, and updates. Honestley, would anyone have a clue about when a Moz tour would be taking place, when tix went on sale, what the setlists were, etc, if not for Morrissey-solo? By threatening this website, Morrissey making the clear choice to completely kill whats left of his near dead career.

    It's a shame to see Morrissey turning on David, but like everyone else in his past, it was unfortunatley inevitable.

    It seems everything we've ever heard about Morrissey, good and bad, is completely accurate.
    Ezra -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:43AM (#60406)
    (User #8227 Info)
  • someone once said (the name escaped me) :
    Lawyer / Liar
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:46AM (#60410)
    • excerpt from the Lawyer's letter:
      " ... unfounded rumors and outright lies."

      I heard something before about unfounded rumors.
      Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:19AM (#60431)
  • Morrissey history indeed. My heart goes out to you David - this only seems to be the pinacle of a development that clearly showed how little the artist ever appreciated what you did for him. I hope you can put this issue behind you soon. And be sure that when he stabs you in the back now, he's hurting himself most of all.

    His life and career won't be the same if this site shuts down - he'll be dead grateful for every stalker showing up at his doorstep once a year as they'll be the only ones still interested.
    Mozzarella -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:56AM (#60417)
    (User #864 Info |
    If I wasn't a cat, I'd be a girl.
  • Talk about muscle flexing, i thought old mozzer would be sick to the back teeth of lawyers and courts by now. Still i did find the afore said article a bit kangaroo courtish, you see the thing is all Morrissey has left now is his name, reputation and past glories, I can see why such an article might cause such a reaction from him. Morrissey has a lot of time on his hands these days hence this, it does seem though that certain people do like to blacken his name at every given opportunity!
    The question is does David T still want to run this site nevermind the legal rulings!

    FRED UP -- Monday May 12 2003, @09:56AM (#60419)
    (User #3917 Info)
  • I seriously think you should just close this site. What will Morrissey have left?

    Although I don't think posting that rumour was a good idea, I think Morrissey should've contacted you and asked you nicely first to delete that post. I find it kind of hard to believe that they're threatening to shut down your site (considering that this is the only place that has updates or news about Morrissey). I guess i'm just really disappointed in Morrissey right now. I feel like he doesn't appreciate all the hard work you've been putting on this site.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:04AM (#60423)
  • Moz,

    You shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you...
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:12AM (#60426)
  • ....David Tseng, I told you so. And once Moz gets done suing a certain webmaster who severely erred in judgment, he'll have more than enough bread to cover the 2002 tour debts, if in fact there were any. Ironic isn't it?

    Sad, actually. If David Tseng is still a genuine fan that has not gone completely turncoat on Morrissey, I hope the lawyers will be lenient and not go for the jugular. David Tseng has done a lot of good for Morrissey and his fans with this site, which I check every day. If he shuts this site down, it will be quite a loss for all Moz fans.

    But if Mr. Tseng deliberately allowed that rumor post as some sort of payback and not of altruistic motive, then he gets what he gets. I know if I personally discovered someone posting rumors on their site not favorable to me, or just inaccurate, I would do everything in my legal power to stop it and punish the perpitrators. (If the wrongdoer was truly contrite and had not intended harm, then it's a different story. I'd find room for mercy there.) If someone out there is committing libel against my reputation..or even just trying to make my career difficult, I'm coming after them! Who of you reading these comments right now would not do the very same? Who of you out there would like your personal dirty laundry aired about the internet?

    I hope this whole episode gives pause to everyone that comes to this site and posts on it. Weigh your words carefully. Those wielding the posion pen often get some ink on themselves too.
    Asleep -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:15AM (#60428)
    (User #2464 Info)
    "Figures won't lie, but liars will figure."
  • I think this is a real shame. This is the only thing Morrissey has done that has really made me feel sad. It is obvious how much David loves and respects Morrissey and how much work he has put into this site. Morrissey can't control the whole world. If he wants a website that toes the party line, he needs to employ some lobotomised slaves to pump out happy stories about him. Otherwise, he ought to be grateful people are even talking about him, given his constant moving of the goalposts.

    I realise have used too many cliches in this post.
    MyMelody -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:18AM (#60430)
    (User #2329 Info |
    ...don't make fun of me later... cos I'm just lost...
  • But disappointing. It seems to me that the legal strategy is to scare you rather than eventually sue you or do anything drastic.

    David didn't personally make any attacks or accusations about Morrissey. All the claims were made by at least one anonymous (to us) Morrissey employee on the comment string. Isn't that kind of forum protected by the first amendment? I know there's a fine line, but I think the site is firmly on the right side of the law. Issues like this have always attracted my attention, and now I'm a member of the ACLU.

    I hope Mozz doesn't go and put the site or David Tseng on his infamous blacklist. The facts don't seem to warrant that kind of reaction.

    Morrissey, we love you. David, we support you.
    jessesamuel -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:20AM (#60432)
    (User #1984 Info)
    On an occasion of this kind it becomes more than a moral duty to speak one's mind. It becomes a pleasure. -O.W.
  • The big man has a bit of a cheek since he hasn't exactly fulfilled his legal obligations to Mike Joyce.
    Although I expected this after reading the article, I don't believe shutting down the best fan site down would be the best thing to do by El Moz.
    Without this site Morrissey will be knackered, since he hasn't released anything in 6 years his abillity to do stuff like selling out the Albert Hall is partly down to this site informing his army of fans.
    Good Luck David
    aly.smith -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:24AM (#60434)
    (User #3669 Info |
  • Something is terribly rotten in the state of Morrissey. It is very disheartening to observe our hero act like this. Good luck with this nightmare, David - we all support you!!! XXX James Copenhagen Lost
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:24AM (#60435)
  • He's sued everyone else, so now he's suing his fans. That's what this site is, it's a free speech fansite, the most beautiful place on the web. Moderated by David, but all of the submissions are from the fans, and he's suing us all. It's a dark, dark day. I want to cry.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:26AM (#60437)
  • if you read carefully and I may be mistaking,
    morrissey is the addresse ("cc"), of the e-mail.

    Maybe he dropped David a line.
    I think they should discuss this issue
    among themselves.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:27AM (#60438)
  • oh I really felt for you' DavidT.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:33AM (#60440)
  • I'd hate to see this site go, since this seems like the best way to keep up with the Man. I actually didn't want to know about all the finance matters, just the man and the music, keep it behind the scenes to keep the "magic" alive. Next time I see him perform, I'll be thinking..."cheapskate!" HAHAH!
    nowmyheartisok -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:34AM (#60441)
    (User #4875 Info)
  • It is interesting that the email identifies that the legal wrong allegedly committed by David as not simply being the defamatory nature of certain of the posts. Jason Liberman also claims:

    "Moreover, the statements in the thread contain confidential business information."

    Is the suggestion that not only are certain of the posts are untrue (which ones?) but that some should not have been posted because they breach some unidentified duty of confidence? In other words, is he suggesting that some posts are true, but should not have been allowed to remain on the site?

    If that is true, then the threats not particularly impressive, to say the least.
    David T (different) -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:35AM (#60442)
    (User #256 Info)
  • for the first time in 18 years i can say that i AM really ashamed of Morrissey's behaviour.
    i've always been really proud of his outsiders' outsider status, but now all i can see is a man closer to Lars Ulrich than to someone who claims to be “outside the law”.
    maybe he felt hurt by those rumours (i do understand this), but i'm sure there are other ways to let David know about his feelings than via a couple of “lawyers-liars”.
    it's really sad... during all these years when the media constantly turned its back on him, morrissey-solo did more for his “career” than any of his pseudo agents. and now he pays him back this way?
    don't get me wrong. i'm not saying Morrissey owes David something, but respect and a “face to face” attitude would be fine.
    charles byron <{boy_afraid} {at} {}> -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:37AM (#60443)
    (User #49 Info)
    life without my sweetheart is only half a life
  • Hey David.

    Remove the post, issue an apology. Copy everyone cc'd on the order. End of problem.

    I attended numerous shows. Morrissey hold my hand throughout "Disappointed" at Hammersmith odeon in about 91, (memory fails). I am in a morrissey tribute band, have spent all kinds of money on travel, cds etc. And now... well. This.

    Shut down the site, fuck morrissey, and be done with it. Great site. GREAT.

    Morrissey, is a prick, he does not deserve fans such as can be found here, and to be honest, i am through with morrissey. Finished. DONE.

    Nice one morrissey attorneys. NICE!

    I will miss everyone who posts to this site.

    dictatorhall -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:40AM (#60445)
    (User #8230 Info)
  • David:

    Just out of curiosity...what would you have done with the post if instead of having a lawyer contact you, Morrissey had rang you personally or sent you an e-mail or fax that politely said:

    "Look, that thing you posted is not true. I wish you would take it off. I'm serious about this and I'm afraid I'll have to see a lawyer if you don't. XOXO Morrissey."

    Would you have removed it?

    And, obviously, Morrissey cannot personally contact each person who pubishes some false account or disputed account. I think Moz-solo is a bit different though since it's regarded by fans as the "unofficial official news sorce".

    I'm not questioning Morrissey's claim or David's news judgment in posting, just about Morrissy's tactics.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:44AM (#60448)
  • Maybe Moz didn't call or send a personal letter for legal reasons. Being that he doesn't trust anyone human, he probably assumed David would pull the free speech card or use his very words against him (not that I'm saying you would, David). So he probably wanted to nip it in the bud and handle it the way anyone with money and power would......lawyers, threats, intimidation. Sorry this had to happen to you/us.
    Mozzeybite -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:46AM (#60449)
    (User #3695 Info)
  • ...I'm really really sad about these news. I believe, most of all problem in this world are based on communication, but one should think that someone as well read as Morrissey should know better... Why didn't he just contact David when he heard about the rumour? I'm also very confused. I can only imagine how David must feel about this. It's good to see all the warm comments of those who appreciate your work over all these years, David...
    sweetnesss <[email protected]> -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:51AM (#60452)
    (User #4385 Info |
    Life can only be understood in reverse.
  • Well, if I were David, I couldn't stomach running this place any more, but I'd be very sad to see it go. On the other hand, I do hope someone anonymously sets up a site specifically to air grievances against Morrissey that he can't ever hope to shut down. And I don't really want to feel that way.
    austere -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:51AM (#60453)
    (User #103 Info)
  • Just adding sentiments that seem to be the general consensus here, so far.

    I've been visiting this site since 1997 and have contributed (occasionally). After Maladjusted flopped -- and rightfully so, because, let's face it, it wasn't such a hot album -- this site has been *the* lifeline for Moz's hardcore fans.

    Morrissey is not only killing whatever he has left of his career, but he's also making an ass of himself.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:53AM (#60454)
  • I don't see why he couldn't find a better way to convey the message.
    He has done so before, through Boz and others.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:55AM (#60455)
  • I think I'm a bigger fan of this site than the person it supposedly pertains to anyhow. I wonder what that means exactly.

    The guilty party in this case is whomever told Mr. M. about the postings here. Who let him or his Mr. M. in here? You're supposed to keep your distance I'd thought.

    There's worlds of truths none of us know about, with real intentions veiled and assumptions based on mental associations. Which leads me to get frustruated and angry with people like Mr. M.

    Has someone on this site threatened to boycott the next five best-ofs yet?

    And po' boy Dave here. I gave that guy some bucks along with a lot of you all some years back to support this site. As unofficial shareholders, do we all go to court? Or form a lynch mob? Or chip in for legal rep?

    Talk about bad P.R. - I sure hope no music magazines get wind of this - it'll taint the Mr. M. "comeback" wave we've been tricked into thinking exists.

    I do dig Mr. M.'s ouevre, still. Like I like Woody Allen's pictures - but that guy's still a sick creep, isn't he? And Polanski? Forget about it! Luckily we can separate the work from the worker. Otherwise we'd be crying all the time about the jerkoff who picked out potatoes. Did I spell potatoes right?

    In any event, Dave was just doing his job, very effectively, which was to keep some fans relatively sedated by netting facts and otherwise for years on end, and for what reward?
    No good dead goes unpunished!

    Former fan of being a fan,
    mattorefice <[email protected]> -- Monday May 12 2003, @10:56AM (#60456)
    (User #2318 Info |
    Leslie Towne Hope = Packy West
  • A courageous and honest decision
    Well done
    At least people know you are honest and open
    Anonymous -- Monday May 12 2003, @11:12AM (#60458)
  • The figure of Mr. Joyce came immediately to my mind when I read David's post.

    David: My best wishes are with you and no matter if you decide to go on with the site or not, THANK YOU for all these years of hard work keeping the man's legend alive. You’ve done it even better than the man himself, who with his army of lawyers has proven that even him can make a fool of himself sometimes.
    Lee_Remick_2001 -- Monday May 12 2003, @11:13AM (#60459)
    (User #2729 Info)
  • Dave

    Let us know where we can Paypal money to you for your potential legal bills. Stand tall

    As for you Mr. Morrissey - There are more than enough to fight and oppose - why waste good time fighting the people you like who will fall defending your name!?
    Dagenham Dave -- Monday May 12 2003, @11:19AM (#60461)
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  • What has he done? I recall reading the "gossip" and the replies to it were more in favour of Morrissey.

    As others have pointed out..... he hasn't copped it sweet with the legal ruling that he should pay off Mike Joyce. Maybe he would have record deal by now if there was an end to that matter.

    What a shame that someone who has given so much to so many (David) should be treated in this shoddy fashion.

    Reading that lawyers letter I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach. It's true what Tony Wilson said.... that Morrissey shits on people who go out of their way to help him.

    This should all look very good in the music press.... if they're that interested in him.
    and2rew -- Monday May 12 2003, @11:27AM (#60462)
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