posted by davidt on Thursday March 20 2003, @10:00AM
kevin cavanaugh writes:

I was on set of filming "Suedehead" in Fairmount FEB 7 1988 and recently found some photos I took. I put them on my band's website and would like to share with other Moz fans!!

webpage : Morrissey in Fairmount, Indiana, Feb. 7, 1988

you can email me at [email protected]

Update: 03/22 06:05 GMT: Date correction - video was filmed in Feb. 1988, not 1987.
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  • The link doesn't seem to be working.
    English Martyr -- Thursday March 20 2003, @10:20AM (#56200)
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  • Looks like too many people are trying to access it.. maybe you can load the pix as attachments onto the Message Board?

    ...that will solve the bandwitdth problem...

    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • I don't think Morrissey filmed the Suedehead video while still a member of The Smiths.

    You'd think that a guy who was part of it would know the date...
    dewdrop -- Thursday March 20 2003, @01:16PM (#56210)
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  • Nice pictures! I especially like the one of Moz in the cemetery... He looks like he's smiling about something... hmm.
    Anonymous-shnonymous <[email protected]> -- Thursday March 20 2003, @05:07PM (#56217)
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    Anything is hard to find when you will not open your eyes.
  • The link doesn't work. I can't get it either.
    TooledUpAsianBoy -- Thursday March 20 2003, @09:52PM (#56221)
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  • Kevin

    Thanks for sharing the photos. I've only been able to access the first page but its a really touching story. Moz looks so young.
    Q -- Friday March 21 2003, @04:43AM (#56229)
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    "In the days when you were hopelessly poor, I just liked you more"
  • Wonderful! Thank You for that.

    "Dream as if you'll live forever,
    live as if you'll die today"
      -James Dean
    ScottyK -- Friday March 21 2003, @04:10PM (#56260)
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    Meet me in the alley
  • Hey friends,

    A bodyguard for Moz?!? I can't believe it. All of the "Morrissey" sightings that are reported here never mention the presence of a bodyguard- EVER! I cannot honestly believe it. I have heard about Morrissey being spotted with an 'enterage' (No I don't mean the band-mates)-- but I really can't imagine Morrissey needing or even wanting a bodyguard.

    Can anyone elaborate further on this topic?

    Ken Stavitzke
    sycophantic_slag -- Friday March 21 2003, @11:50PM (#56272)
    (User #3940 Info)
    "And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
  • "You Can't Go Home Again - Feb. 7, 1988"
    Moz wrote this on the walls of the old HS bldg, in the Suedehead video. If you've seen the SH video, you know a bit of the condition of the school in '88. See a picture of the room, as it is now, here:

    Here are a couple of other links, if you would like to help save Fairmount HS:
    indiana8 -- Saturday March 22 2003, @12:38AM (#56273)
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    scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen
  • Shit web design, but great pictures.

    This is the kind of potsing that is interesting. Its far better than 90% of the rubbish on this site.

    Have a pat on the back for being at the righ place at the right time.
    Anonymous -- Saturday March 22 2003, @06:49AM (#56278)
  • This is the video that pretty much saved my life.

    Being a huge James Dean fan I was elated to find someone, especially a pop star, caring enough to make such a warm and loving tribute. I knew very little of Morrissey at the time this video was released. In fact, I really knew nothing about him.

    When I saw this video for the first time, I cried. I taped it, of course, and watched it over and over just to see the sights. I think it was probably the fifth time after watching that I started to really pay attention to Morrissey. I loved the song, but I hadn't really LOOKED at Morrissey because I was so fascinated by what was around him.

    I went out and bought 'VivaHate' the next day. I played it over and over - just as I had with the Suedehead video. I realised I'd found someone who could relate to my feelings and who also had a passion as deep as mine for Jimmy. In a way, I'd found a new best friend.

    I'm really thankful for the Suedehead video - in many ways. I often thought about what it was like for him to be there and what he went through to make the video. I know that the cold will make your eyes tear up, but I wonder if he was actually tearing up from his emotions as well. I know that when I went to Fairmount, and especially when I visited Jimmy's grave, I was over-whelmed and very emotional.

    Thank you for posting these pictures. They're truly very meaningful in lots of ways. It's really nice that you got to spend time with the Winslows, too.

    I'm very sorry to hear that your friend has passed, but I'm happy that you have such sweet and loving memories of your friend to cling to.
    hand in glove -- Sunday March 23 2003, @08:05AM (#56301)
    (User #827 Info)
    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
  • Thanks for sharing the pictures and your, how young Moz looks! Something new on here for a change.
    17YRFAN -- Sunday March 23 2003, @10:31PM (#56322)
    (User #5000 Info)
    "And love is just a miserable lie.... You have destroyed my flower-like life"
  • i really enjoyed the photos you posted of the suedehead filming. that is a really wonderful experience to have had. i am so sorry that your friend in the photos passed away. thanks so much for being generous with your morrissey memories.
    lady lately -- Monday April 14 2003, @07:47PM (#58189)
    (User #8076 Info)

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