posted by davidt on Wednesday February 19 2003, @11:00AM
joshtree writes:

That's what I found on Flea's tour diary (posted under the subject 'morrisey'smarr') ...

"I learned how to play 'Reel Around the Fountain' by the Smiths today. I love that song."

Ok, it's not that important. But they should have played on the concert. It would have been better then all their new stuff.

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  • Their new stuff isn't that great, in comaparison to their now classic material. Long live early stuff of great artists!
    Davy_Havok -- Wednesday February 19 2003, @02:54PM (#54669)
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  • "Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic" is a classic album by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Glad to see that Flea has good taste in music.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Wednesday February 19 2003, @07:10PM (#54696)
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    True friends stab you in the front.
  • i'm sure there will be a lot of snarky posts in response to this news item. people really don't give RHCP the respect they deserve, and it's not even because they aren't talented (they are! and have come out with some classic songs over the last twenty years), but rather because they are mainstream. there's nothing many people on this site seem to hate more than a band that is popular because if it's popular it must suck. god, some of us are as bad as those emo geeks.

    i still love all of you in spite of what i said above, but seriously, i do expect people to bitch about how flea is a poser and RHCP are sellouts. and that is really uncool.
    joans_walkman -- Thursday February 20 2003, @01:11AM (#54715)
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  • considering what the lead story is this week- I'm suprised that THIS wasn't the first story.Now, who is going to report what music The Limp Bizkit fellows like?
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 20 2003, @09:08PM (#54790)
  • Especially Flea. Sorta like Beavis And Butthead. Though to be fair, they do have some good tunes.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 21 2003, @07:17AM (#54805)

  • I am happy flea like the smiths, I am a truly redo hot chilli peppers fan. I got a RHCP tatto.
    mayito -- Sunday February 23 2003, @11:47PM (#54867)
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  • I've always had a strange kind of admiration for Flea. Maybe it started when I first saw the tube-sock-on-the-thingy ...thingy... a while back. Some of you might remember that...? Hmm...
    Anonymous-shnonymous <[email protected]> -- Monday February 24 2003, @07:36PM (#54903)
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    Anything is hard to find when you will not open your eyes.
  • i agree with erica. we live in an age where bands don't have to pay there dues anymore. if you have the right look you've got a record deal. anyone downs the r.h.c.p's is just being pretentious. they're a good band and they re talented musicians. people in this site seem to have a hard time giving credit where credit is due.
    greta -- Friday March 14 2003, @05:23PM (#55954)
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