posted by davidt on Saturday November 02 2002, @04:00PM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / Hairdresser On Fire / Speedway / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Like You / Alsatian Cousin / Sister I'm A Poet / Meat Is Murder / November Spawned A Monster / Hand In Glove / Irish Blood, English Heart // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
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  • ooooh!first to comment!wasnt there but went to birmingham so.....hope you all had a good un!
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 02 2002, @04:08PM (#47334)
  • A few thoughts ...
    Brilliant Victorian-style venue - very intimate.
    Crowd was enthusiastic, friendly and energetic.
    November followed by Hand In Glove was MENTAL !
    Superb atmosphere.
    Usual setlist (I think) with Hand In Glove and November, but no Maudlin or Mexico.
    Some people up close with digicams, so expect pix soon.
    TV cameras were there (2 on stage, one in the 'pit', one on the balcony) filming for UK channel 4 documentary.
    There is a Light ... was simply ORGASMIC !
    Band were enthusuastic.
    Mozza as eccentric as ever.
    New trax were well sung, but suprisingly the audience weren't so clued up, despite the exposure !
    A few very good stage invasions ! Well done !
    Overall, thanks to all that were there for an UNFORGETABLE experience !
    Red Pullover -- Saturday November 02 2002, @05:25PM (#47340)
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  • Sadly, I didn't attend but a lovely lady phoned me during the encore and I spoke to a couple of dear friends on the mobile just after the show! Oh what post-show-excitement! Just wanted to thank you for sharing this! I might now go to bed and drown in self-pity because I haven't been in Blackburn tonight!
    xxx sweetness
    sweetnesss <[email protected]> -- Saturday November 02 2002, @05:44PM (#47342)
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    Life can only be understood in reverse.
  • "Hello Blackburn! I'm right behind you with a bucket!" No surprises in the set, Boz clarinet-ing nicely on November, and doing that unfortunate thing in Meat Is Murder. "We just follow Julia wherever she goes..." And it was all being filmed for 'a UK TV station.' Ooooo.
    austere -- Saturday November 02 2002, @05:58PM (#47343)
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  • The venue was much bigger than I expected, quite a grand looking place. The support band were... different, although I suppose in a way they excelled, because thanks to them it was all the sweeter when moz took to the stage.

    I was especially amused by moz's comment about the Manchester Evening News poll, saying he had no idea how he'd beaten jimmy clitheroe. Excellent stuff. So many great one-liners, he could turn to stand up comedy if he fails to ever get another record deal.

    BTW, if you were the big bald guy who turned up at about 7.45 with your friend and promptly collapsed on the floor to sleep off all that beer before the concert: you are totally excellent. Somebody collapsed in the bar I was in, I suspect I was the only sober person in the first 10 rows. Actually, I must say, I was mounted more times than a female rabbit during mating season, and now I feel totally violated. But still, it was far and away the greatest concert I've ever been to.
    Mr_Biffo -- Saturday November 02 2002, @06:21PM (#47345)
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    "Lies are no comfort when there are tears in your eyes"
  • Another top night! I preferred Bradford as the Venue was smaller, but at least there were no dickheads there tonight (well I didn't see any, which is a bonus!)

    Moz must have a job lot of the black shirst as the one he had tonight was the same type as the one for the Bradford encore. Moz was revelling in the TV cameras, how many times did he cross himself?!

    Highlights for the masses were obviously Hand in Glove and There is a Light, which ensued mass hysteria, but Jack the Ripper always does it for me ;)

    p.s. and by judging by the actions of the bar staff (upstairs) people from Blackburn ARE as slow as they talk! ;)

    irish blood, english heart
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 02 2002, @07:00PM (#47348)
  • Four hour journey to see Morrissey live for the first time! My life goal! Did it live up to expectations? Certainly did! I was at the front and crushed and stood next to all the idiots but extremely happy! The setlist was fantastic especially meat is murder and Suedehead! Morrissey looked as stunningly gorgeous as ever! Although I was a bit worried as to how he would look after seeing the really unflattering posters outside!
    Morrissey seemed to talk more than I expected and was in high spirits making me laugh from the start! I was centimetres away from touching him but got elbowed in neck and ended up choking instead! The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been to touch him but I got a bit of his shirt - the white one! So I can't complain!
    Anyone who wants to get in touch email should be attached!
    Crashing Bore x
    Stay handsome <[email protected]> -- Saturday November 02 2002, @08:27PM (#47354)
    (User #6959 Info)
    You'll never guess Im bored now!
  • When is Morrissey's next concert? Is there a kind soul that would take pictures for me and send them to California (where I live)? I would gladly pay for the roll and the shipping. Please let me know if you can do this for me.

    Thank you,

    I Love Gary -- Saturday November 02 2002, @08:55PM (#47355)
    (User #7111 Info)
  • So, its the morning after and I'm suffering with the usual post Morrissey gig aches and pains. Last night was my fifth viewing of Morrissey in concert and one I shall never forget. I cried through the first two songs I was so overcome with emotion when he walked on. The man is a legend. I surfed once for the stage (in vain - I didn't get to touch him). Obviously I pushed my way straight back in to the front and how glad I was that I did.
      Once that shirt came off and came towards me I knew I had to have a piece (I actually ended up with an entire sleeve, although I thought I was going to die in the process, being crushed and struggling to breathe).
    Many thanks to the girl near the front, who whilst I was pleading that I couldn't find my feet, kept making sure I was alright.
    In the end I missed the whole of There Is A Light, as I was on the floor sobbing, but many thanks to those leaving the venue who seemed concerned for my wellbeing. As one girl said to me"Just let it out its overwhelming"
    She was right!!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 03 2002, @03:16AM (#47367)
  • Nobody knew the new songs??? I felt like the only one singing and dancing to them.
    Anyway, truely amazing performance by Moz and the lads, and Hand In Glove was simply UNBELIEVEABLE! Our Steven was on top form with his wittisms and voice, though exact details fustratingly escape me now. It was the usual set list, but i THINK in a slightly different order; Crashing Bores was followed by First Of The Gang, which struck me as being a bit different. This, due to age, was my first Moz gig, and it really was so much better than I could've hoped. I even started crying during Jack The Ripper, thats how amazing it all was. But one question remained; HOW THE HELL DOESN'T THIS GUY HAVE A RECORD DEAL!!!!????
    MikeSmiths <[email protected]> -- Sunday November 03 2002, @03:47AM (#47372)
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    Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
  • I am glad the sexy old old fella has decided to dust off his cardigan and hit the road. I went to the Royal Albert Hall show, but Blackburn was so much better! I thought his voice and his onstage banter was even more 'spot on' than ever, and when you consider that I saw him in The Smiths a few times, and attended the legendary (apparently) Wolverhampton Civic Hall gig in '88, that is quite a statement!
    His band can be a bit of a let down though, apart from Deano, who is a great drummer. If you have a fantastic rhythm section you can get away with sloppy guitar work, which is what is happening on this tour. Boz goes over the top and just ruins 'Meat Is Murder' for example.
      I just hope that they can produce a polished album like 'Viva Hate' or 'Vauxhall' and I , which is what those new songs deserve.

    The atmosphere last night was great, I took my wife and two friends, who were not Morrissey fans....they are now (they were talking about it with more ferver than me!!!!).

    The band played 'Hand In Glove' very well, and that was my high point, with 'Irish blood...' a close second. Fuck, I love that song (being an Irish Mancunian myself).

    Two things I wish Morrissey wouldn't do;

    1) bang on and on about those 'bitches in Manchester' the court case etc. It just makes him look like that's all that's on his mind - fight it Moz, it WAS unfair, but keep it seperate from the performance PLEEEEZ.
    2) Talking to Julia. The question is not WHO she is but WHY she is? I love the man as much as any fan but her perculiar obsession is an illness and should not be encouraged.

    Minor gripes though...the show was fantastic, he moves differently now, but he has chosen a way of moving that is still exccentric and odd, and I wouldn't want him any other way!

    I noticed Linder stage right taking pictures. I will try and find out what's happening with those pictures through some friends who know her.

    The fight over the shirts was absurdly brilliant. Reminded me of my old mucker Ian Tilton's shot on the inner sleeve of 'Rank' ( - quick plug!). He said that he those people were stuck in that pose for about ten minutes trying to get a bit of fabric with Morrissey's swaet on. The same thing happened last night, but for about half an hour, until the bouncers had to break it up!

    Overwhelming wonderful classic sweaty heartwarming beguiling night of Mozness

    Ta ya old bugger

    Damian Morgan
    morgan -- Sunday November 03 2002, @03:59AM (#47373)
    (User #76 Info |
    there's no one funnier than a dead comedian
  • I’d like to start by thanking Multimap for the directions to Blackburn. Bewilderment, a bit of panic, and plenty of ironic laughter for 100 miles. Cheers!

    Well they didn’t manage to stop us getting to the pubs around the venue for the pre-gig drinks, although we missed most of Sack’s set. Incidentally, it suddenly struck me that I don’t like their new stuff that much anyway. But the main man was yet to come.

    It was apparent to me from an early stage that this was going to be a good one. It’s my third concert this time around and I didn’t think there’d ever be another one to match Dublin. I was wrong! The crush started early and the Morrissey chants were bouncing of the walls before Sack were even backstage. And David Tseng’s name was chanted by a few who thought they’d recognised him. Was it you David?

    Morrissey looked and sounded superb. The audience reacted to him feverishly. This was as lively as I’d ever known it down at the front. Same set list as Bradford as far as I can remember but I liked the venue more. Morrissey loved every minute of it. – a perfect blend of an appreciative audience and a top class performer. And I think he was playing up to the cameras a bit as it was being filmed.

    It’s impossible to list the highlights so I’ll just say every song and leave it at that. On a personal note it was actually touching his hand. About halfway through “I like you” I just had to get up there. (You’re nodding – you know what I mean). I was hanging midair, bottom of the legs still behind the crush barriers, security around my waste, arms outstretched to the limit begging to touch the sacred hand. Mozzer came to the edge of the stage pointing to himself and said, “Who, me?” then grabbed my hand and tried to pull me up. Mutual sweaty hands made this impossible unfortunately! Sadly my right shoe decided not to make the journey with me so the rest of the gig was spent semi shoeless. I take my hat, or shoe off to all those that made it on stage.

    After “Irish blood, English Heart” Morrissey threw his black shirt into the crowd. After the encore the white shirt followed. Comic moment of the night was the fight to rip off a piece to take home. About twenty grown men fighting for a piece of sacred cloth while the head security bloke tried to rip it with his teeth! The other security men were desperately trying to get the poor guy a bit of space. “Back off and you’ll all get a piece”, he shouted, but nobody was giving an inch.

    Anyway, I’ve said enough, and now I’m just left with the memories and the cuts and bruises. Oh, and, a piece of shirt!
    English Martyr -- Sunday November 03 2002, @04:30AM (#47375)
    (User #655 Info |
  • Great show as expected , Moz in fine form. I had to laugh when he kept going on about the poll in a "certain Manchester paper" whose readers had voted him the greatest Mancunian ever and thanking the readers for voting for him, I guess he doesn't look at the website because if he did he'd know that it was us stuffing the ballot that put him up there, not the readers of the paper!

    It was also a shame to hear him still talking about "a few bitches in Manchester who would like me to be the first in the gang to die". I know they've wronged him but I wish he could put it out of his mind for his own sake, and by saying things like that in public he gives them the satisfaction of knowing how much it gets to him.

    It was nice to hear a different order in the setlist from the Albert Hall shows, although I prefer Speedway at the end of the set, it seems to fit better there.

    Better atmosphere than the first night at the Albert Hall, I would rather he play places like this where it feels more intimate. I'm glad I got standing tix, I didn't get up to the front but the vibe was excellent just the same.

    I didn't spot Linder taking pictures but I did see her hubby Michael Bracewell after the show(with a young lad - anyone know if he and Linder have a son?), and also members of two of my favourite Manc bands, Mark E. Smith of the Fall and Jim Glennie from James.

    Thoroughly enjoyed myself, it was a treat to get to see him back in England again, I hope he doesn't keep us waiting for too long before visiting again.
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 03 2002, @05:38AM (#47377)
  • What a night! I was in the gallery and mid way through i want the one i cant have i was almost screaming out to people to get up out of there chairs and dance! Nothing though and mid way through Suedehead my bro in law and i moved to the top of the gallery (a little square area just before the exit) and proceeded to have a fantastic night. Ive never danced so much in all my days, only 4 people followed us and thankfully security left us alone. I sang my heart out and feel a little hoarse this morning, but i too was kind of surprised at the lack of people singing the new material. I for one sang every word and played every drum beat as i danced. If anyone saw us then i was the guy with the denim jacket round his waist and a boxers t-shirt on.
    The new drummer is incredible, i was very impressed indeed, and 3 words that need no further elaboration HAND IN GLOVE.
    WOW WOW WOW, if i never saw moz again then i would die a very happy man. We spotted Linder before the gig up in the stalls and she was with a fella and a young lad, she's changed hasnt she!
    feel free to e-mail me world, [email protected]
    boy_afraid_uk -- Sunday November 03 2002, @06:27AM (#47379)
    (User #4881 Info)
  • Can anyone enlighten me to the piece of music that played pre Mozza entrance?

    In next day 'Best day of my life' haze I can only remember that it was a bloke talking and then some kind of tinky tonk music!

    Stay handsome <[email protected]> -- Sunday November 03 2002, @11:08AM (#47391)
    (User #6959 Info)
    You'll never guess Im bored now!
  • The heartfelt adoration for Morrissey was tangible in the extreme. I saw the Smiths four times but this was the first time I saw him solo and I thought that it was more thrilling, mesmeric and wonderful than even those times.(possibly an overstatement, i dunno, i just got back.)
    The band aren't a patch on The Smiths though.
    It was great in The Jubilee before the gig when the DJ turned up with a Smiths singles CD. Everyone was so excited that you couldnt help smiling or laughing at one another in anticipation of what lay before us across the road. It was like seeing Elvis or The Beatles.
    paulybob <[email protected]> -- Sunday November 03 2002, @11:10AM (#47392)
    (User #2426 Info)
  • You must be wondering how, the blackburn show turned out. Eclectic actually. The fantastic singing voice seemingly improving and the quality of the new songs combining well with the beauty of the old. Real party atmosphere for Hand in Glove and especially for There is a light... All the songs were very faithful to their recorded counterparts.

    Not so good things is that the fake limp that he keeps putting on is neither popular nor interesting. The new jerky, awkward, Steve Martin-esque stage movements don't seem to serve a purpose either as and mentioned earlier, the comments about the Moz Mafia v Joyce et al warfare adds little to proceedings. That said, the mystique that has held us all and the emotion in the voice is still there. Another big plus is that Moz comes across as a happy man these days. I'm glad about that.

    Having said that, special mention to Deano for putting real enthusiasm into his performance. I spoke with him briefly after the show and was an extremely nice person. David T was there, Mark E Smith of The Fall was there and someone who looked very much like Grant Showbiz was there as well.

    All in all, What better way to spend a "Wet Saturday night in Blackburn" Ironically, as Moz left the gig, 'this charming man'was blasting out of the Jubilee pub directly across the road. I wonder if he heard it?

    Thank you Moz, for keeping the dreams and the memories alive.

    The Fan In The Inner Circle
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 03 2002, @12:30PM (#47409)
  • wow, that was of the best ive seen in ages. moz absolutely loved it, he couldnt stop smiling! i was on the barrier but managed to lift myself up and turn around to look at everyone during there is a light- the white strobes were flashing and everyone was jumping in unison hands in the air and singing "and if a ten tonne truck.." a scene and memory that will be etched in my mind forever.
              and when frank sinatra sings "my way" at the end when everyone can finally breathe, my head goes and i begin to feel depressed coz i love him so much and its over.
                      linzi burgess
    birdshit -- Sunday November 03 2002, @12:50PM (#47412)
    (User #6929 Info)
  • A few beers in the jubilee pub before last night's show and i knew it was going to be a special night. There was a great atmosphere in the pub which lifted everyone. The king george's hall is a great viewing venue, and last night's gig was spot on. I hadnt heard the new material before and look forward to some new release's from mozz.I've seen mozz about a dozen times, last night was right up there. thanks morrissey for a top night
    wrightytheman -- Sunday November 03 2002, @02:02PM (#47416)
    (User #7063 Info)
  • Hmmmmmm...just been to Blackburn and it was one of the best mozzer gigs i've seen. the old days when it was all solo stuff (with the exception of just 1 or 2 Smiths songs) i could really see his reasoning but by now ditching alot of mid solo rockabilly stuff in favour of early Moz and tons of Smiths songs it just highlights what a poor workmanlike band he has.
    What made the Smiths was the marriage of mozzers lyrics/singing with Jonnys guitar playing and songwriting. To hear the band butcher so many classics was just criminal (and yes i did see the Smiths live)
    Meat is murder - the way the band play it is bloody murder!.
    If he is going to trade on his past that much then they should just bury the various hatchets refrom the group and go on the arena circuit to finally earn the money that they deserve (and didn't really earn first time round)
    Before you all slag me off just ask yourself 1 question - If Jonny Marr had suddenly appeared last night at the start of "There is a light..." how mental would you have gone?
    case closed.

    stay handsome
    hmmmmmm -- Sunday November 03 2002, @03:42PM (#47424)
    (User #7139 Info)
  • Was indeed at the Blackburn gig myself on Saturday night. As a Morrissey virgin before the show I had been jumping up and down for weeks. When I got wind of There is A Light being played, I almost went through the roof.
    Arrived in Blackburn at 6:30, via a train to Bolton, a bus to Clitheroe and a taxi to the venue (and what a venue!!) where we went for a pre-show pint at the pub opposite. Dont know what it was that drew us in there... could have been the fact there was How Soon is Now? blasting out and the whole place was singing along.
    Got into the venue, and only had to wait around 20 minutes for him to arrive. I want the One I Cant Have sounded better than ever imaginable, Suedehead and of course November Spawned a Monster were all highlights.
    The new stuff went down well, especially the ones off the Janice Long session.
    When There Is A Light eventually showed its beautiful face, the crowd were in awe. I played it down the phone to a female friend of mine who was nearly in tears. Tears of joy or jealousy, or sheer stupidity for missing out on this night?
    All in all, a truly S*T*U*N*N*I*N*G night out with Moz and the boys.
    Better than I could ever have wished for. Here to many more of them!
    Anonymous -- Monday November 04 2002, @02:54AM (#47486)
  • Like a couple of others here, it was my first Moz gig. I was completely blown away by it! The venue was great, and not packed to the rafters, which was wonderful for those of us too chicken to head to the front! What an amazing voice that man has (and what a great body for a man of his years!). Irish Blood, English heart was so brilliant, it almost seemed like an old favourite, and as for Hand in Glove....! The fans were so into it, and really made for a great atmosphere, especially the football crowd chanting at the start.
    Yesterday was such a high as I took in the fact that, yes, I had indeed seen Morrissey in the flesh, and today is such a crashing dissappointment to be back to my normal life.
    Thanks to everyone here for helping make my first Moz gig the pinnacle of my life thus far!
    Anonymous -- Monday November 04 2002, @04:52AM (#47498)
  • Firstly if he plays here again I'll be sure to go to the pub opposite the venue. Instead we arrived in a storm and took refuge in The Stage Door assuming the neon just around the corner was the King Georges Hall (it wasn't, it was a night club).

    Mind you had we not found The Stage Door pub we'd have missed out on the post gig entertainment. An apparantly mute transvestite DJ playing the sound track to any wedding do you've ever been to while sucking diet coke through a straw in a manner that suggested he'd rather be somewhere else. So, while you were belting out This Charming Man in the pub opposite we were doing The Court of King Caratacus and wondering if it was safe to use the loos.

    All that was still to come though and we finally found the venue ok and as others have said it was perfect, quite a large floor with balcony seats sweeping down to almost flank the stage. An expectant crowd chanted his name as the lights dimmed and the stage turned red, the name on the bass drum confirming what we could scarecely believe, we were about to see Morrissey.

    His entrance could only ever be dramatic of course but I hadn't foreseen his latest act, a hunched limp with a lame arm swinging by his side and his tongue distorting his face. I don't know if it was disturbing or funny though this was Morrissey so it could have been both.

    He played I want the one I can't have and brought the house down, it was brilliant, the intensity and energy of the music and that incredible voice performing it like the song was brand new. Although the band don't seem to cope with all the songs as well they were fantastic on the opener.

    Other highlights for me were Hairdresser on Fire (the greatest b-side ever?) and Speedway whilst of course Hand in Glove and the encore of There is a light... were incredible. Every day is like Sunday was a slightly slower version and worked brilliantly.

    I'm not sure the sound quality was the best, it wasn't easy to hear him clearly when he was talking and the guitars on Alsation Cousin and Meat is Murder sounded at odds with the vocal.

    As mentioned elsewhere several fans made it to the stage, Morrissey actually encouraged it, pulling some up from the front and sharing a clinch before the unusually hesitant bouncers moved in (as long as you don't struggle once they've got you I think you'll survive) Our favourite though was the girl who suddenly appeared from the side of the stage and ran to Morrissey standing beside him and gazing up at him, apparantly frozen in the spot light, whatever tribute she'd planned seemed to be completely forgotten by such proximity and she was carried off to mass applause.

    All too soon it was over, he was gone leaving the band to milk the adulation and a lucky few to fight over the final scraps of his shirt.

    The whole thing was filmed so keep your eyes on the tv listings and let us all know when we can see it.

    I used to worry that I'd missed my chance to see him live but he obviously enjoys touring so much now I'm sure he'll be back again soon, only next time I'll give The Stage Door a miss.
    Jon Grimshaw -- Monday November 04 2002, @05:05AM (#47503)
    (User #1531 Info)
  • Just a quick note to anyone who had their ticket stub taken off them at bburn and didn't get one at the end, I grabbed a handful on the way out so if u want one send me an email at [email protected]
    aspin -- Monday November 04 2002, @05:16AM (#47506)
    (User #4624 Info)
    ... But still I'd leap in front of a flying bullet for you.
  • I saw him leave in a blue vovlvo afterwards - i persuaded the security guard to let me leave some badges i made on the back seat of his car! i hope you got 'em Moz - I expect to see you wearing them!
    Anonymous -- Monday November 04 2002, @06:17AM (#47513)
  • Why would u wear a corrs t-shirt to a morrissey gig like the fat bloke on the balcony "they catch him and they say he`s mental"
    Anonymous -- Monday November 04 2002, @04:09PM (#47640)
    • I know you... by English Martyr (Score:1) Tuesday November 05 2002, @04:10AM
    • natsy by birdshit (Score:1) Wednesday November 06 2002, @04:47PM
  • Was at the Blackburn show on Saturday. As always Moz was fantastic! Much better than the Albert Hall, the crowd were really lively and up for the show. Apparantly it was Channel 4 who were filming the show for a documentary to be showed in March. Should be good! Anyway Just wondering if anyone can help me with the triangle hand action in Meat is Murder. What does it mean?!
    Mozinsider -- Tuesday November 05 2002, @02:55AM (#47672)
    (User #3849 Info)
  • Managed to get hold of a fantastic bootleg of the RAH 1st show outside the Blackburn show. Top quality recording. The best I own anyway.
    Full tracklisting is:
    1. A Child Ill
    2. I Want the one I cant have
    3. Hairdresser on Fire
    4. Suedehead
    5. Liitle man what now?
    6. The first of the gang to die
    7. Jack the Ripper
    8. I Like you
    9. Mexico
    10. Sister, I'm a poet
    11. Alsatian Cousin
    12. Everyday is like Sunday
    13. Crashing Bores
    14. Meat is Murder
    15. Irish Blood, English Heart
    16. Maudlin Street
    17. Speedway
    18. There is a light that never goes out
    19. Outro - My Way
    skunk_anansie -- Tuesday November 05 2002, @01:37PM (#47765)
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    • Re:Bootlegs by Mozinsider (Score:1) Wednesday November 06 2002, @07:24AM
    • Top 3... by Mozinsider (Score:1) Wednesday November 06 2002, @08:28AM
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  • I'd just like 2 start by sayin moz ur fantastic! secondly the fact that the security at the doors did a top job for moz! my ticket was for the stalls and we entered from the right side, there was a security guard asain male that did a f****n top job, i understand it can get hard at times and quite stressing as many ppl try and get in at the same time but have 2 give in there tickets and get there hands stamped,also the fact that many ppl try and sneak in with the wrong tickets. We witnessed a case of this a scally looking white male flew past the door man who was dealing with our request at the time, the door man passed us on 2 a colleague and ran after the bleeding scally and twatted him one bwoyyyy that must have recked- the door man wasnt big but fuckin hell he kicked it! the scally was plannin somet for moz so i'd like 2 thank him for his wyked wyked work and 2 ppl that seen it wot u reckon dat door man is fuckin solid!
    Ultraviolet -- Tuesday November 05 2002, @04:06PM (#47775)
    (User #7169 Info)
  • The gig was AMAZING,INCREDIBLE...words cannot describe just how brilliant it was so I won't even try.Just a small note about the film crew,though.I was actually on the barrier at the Blackburn show & I asked one of the cameramen what he was filming for & he said it was for the BBC...not Channel 4!
    NIcky's Cousin -- Wednesday November 06 2002, @04:10AM (#47817)
    (User #7181 Info)
    ...first day with the jar...
  • A bit, I stress.
    RichardCarr <{ronnie} {at} {}> -- Thursday November 07 2002, @08:06AM (#48049)
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  • Was indeed at the Blackburn gig myself on Saturday night. As a Morrissey virgin before the show I had been jumping up and down for weeks. When I got wind of There is A Light being played, I almost went through the roof.
    Arrived in Blackburn at 6:30, via a train to Bolton, a bus to Clitheroe and a taxi to the venue (and what a venue!!) where we went for a pre-show pint at the pub opposite. Dont know what it was that drew us in there... could have been the fact there was How Soon is Now? blasting out and the whole place was singing along.
    Got into the venue, and only had to wait around 20 minutes for him to arrive. I want the One I Cant Have sounded better than ever imaginable, Suedehead and of course November Spawned a Monster were all highlights.
    The new stuff went down well, especially the ones off the Janice Long session.
    When There Is A Light eventually showed its beautiful face, the crowd were in awe. I played it down the phone to a female friend of mine who was nearly in tears. Tears of joy or jealousy, or sheer stupidity for missing out on this night?
    All in all, a truly S*T*U*N*N*I*N*G night out with Moz and the boys.
    Better than I could ever have wished for. Here to many more of them!
    mozismurder -- Monday December 16 2002, @05:02PM (#51493)
    (User #7294 Info)
    Mind your bleedin' own you two bob c-nt
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