posted by davidt on Thursday October 31 2002, @03:00PM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / Hairdresser On Fire / Speedway / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Like You / Alsatian Cousin / Sister I'm A Poet / Meat Is Murder / November Spawned A Monster / Hand In Glove / Irish Blood, English Heart // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
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  • I've been waiting ages for news on the Bradford gig, come guys, where are you? Stop having a great post gig experience and give your views to us. I'm going to Blackburn on Saturday and frankly, (Mr Shankly) I can't wait!!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 31 2002, @04:20PM (#47207)
  • Just got back from the show. It was electric!

    Morrissey talkative and even mentioned those "three jealous bitches" back in Manchester.

    Setlist wasn't different, despite one man managing to get Morrissey to hear his requests. "interlude? You WANT interlude?"

    Highlight of the show other than the amazing crowd reactions to Speedway and Hand In Glove ("this song is TWENTY years old....twenty." was when the ONLY stage invader got on during Speedway. Which was quite early on. Morrissey was in a tug of war with the security, Moz had her hand, while security had her leg. Moz one and pulled her on, then the lights went out and then pow they came on and there she was with Morrissey hugging on the floor. She got a huge cheer, but was promoptly taken away.

    many things happened, i'll leave them to someone else. I'll just say Morrissey couldn't stop thanking us for our clapping. He was very "humbled".

    (i was amused at his micky taking of Bradford..hehe)
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 31 2002, @04:56PM (#47210)
  • It's late, I'm home, pizza dripping down my new, white tour t-shirt, knowing that I can now sit back - Ahhhhh - I've once again had my fix of Morrissey. I've seen him many times, man and boy, over the years - never disappointed - always curious. St. Georges Hall is a wonderfull old style theatre venue, small and compact, get a good view just about wherever you is. Took the seats out downstairs - small barrier break 'tween stage and crowd. Security weren't rough and ready. A stretching croud surf would often result in a touch of Morrisseys hand and then to be slowly but still firmly took out to the sides by smiling and relatively good humoured stewards. Morrissey in the white shirt, whipping the mic line, good natured and in good voice. Spoke of many things. Said he was once again humbled by our reaction. 'Suedehead...The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores...Hand In Glove...There Is A Light...' - Ahhhhh - More soon - Please get a recording contract sorted. Simply wonderful. Ta Ta for now.
    Wakeyboy -- Thursday October 31 2002, @05:10PM (#47211)
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  • I've just returned from the NHS disco at the Beehive. Many thanks to the beautiful girl who took my money and the one with Morrissey tatooed on her arm.

    Although Bradford may have found out that its European City of Culture bid was not shortlisted (see our Morrissey did mention the Bradford culture of "kebab shops and topless tandoris"

    He said before the Last of the Gang to Die, some people in Manchester are jealous of him and later asked "who is here from Manchester" after a show of a about two dozen hands he exclaimed that he had passed through Manchester on his way here. "Well that's about it" and then started his next song!

    A fantastic gig! Far better than when he played at St George's Hall in 95 (?)

    Despite numerous attempts, only one female made it onto stage to touch SPM. Someone even tried to jump down from the dress circle!

    Morrissey, threw his white shirt into the crowd, and comedy moment of the night, was watching about eight punters struggling for it during the encore of There is a Light. Finally someone got their scissors out to cut it up, and share, the holy relic!

    A wonderful night! Thank you for coming to Bradford!
    Bradford Boy -- Thursday October 31 2002, @06:26PM (#47216)
    (User #7078 Info)
    18 clumsy and shy, I came to Bradford and died
  • Plenty of bootleg t-shirts for 5 UKP for sale after the show
    Bradford Boy -- Thursday October 31 2002, @06:29PM (#47217)
    (User #7078 Info)
    18 clumsy and shy, I came to Bradford and died
  • Excellent support! Don't be late if you're seeing Morrissey at later gigs! They really are superb!
    Bradford Boy -- Thursday October 31 2002, @06:46PM (#47218)
    (User #7078 Info)
    18 clumsy and shy, I came to Bradford and died
  • Gig just got better and better.

    This is the first time I've seem them on their current tour and it now looks like Alain now does all of the lead guitar on the songs, great news as he is a top musician. The new drummer Dean is ace, great to watch as well as listen to, another guy who looks to be loving what he is doing.

    On introducing the band, Morrissey claimed the guys had all played for Castleford Rugby Club, after a bit of deliberation Alain was introduced as Alain, Morrissey was thinking of something though.

    Who was the old guy who near got on the stage early on ?

    As earlier posters have mentioned Moz and the band appear to be geniunely moved by the reception they are getting, the final bars of hand in glove were accompanied by the whole crowd doing the tune of the harmonica part, Alain was like, "Christ have you heard 'em" and put his thumbs up to the crowd after the song. The cheering just went on and on and the band had to interrupt us all to play the next song.

    Interesting how during the introduction of Jack the Ripper Morrissey said it was about Englands' worst serial killer but was not about "YOUR" Royal Family. He might not like it, and frankly who does, but it is also HIS Royal Family or has he disjoined himself from English/Britishness ?

    Anonymous -- Friday November 01 2002, @12:31AM (#47228)
  • We were waiting outside the stage exit post show and saw a couple of the band members having a drink inside. We had been there from before the end of There is a light as I understand Morrissey goes before the guys even finish playing, he certainly didn't get out through that door and to prove that he had gone one of the officials said he would take one person to Morrissey's dressing room to prove it is empty and he had gone.

    I went, it was ace. He wouldn't let me take one of his used towels though !!
    Anonymous -- Friday November 01 2002, @12:37AM (#47230)
  • The tour flag was unfurled four songs into the set last night at Bradford. Morrissey took one look at it and burst out laughing before saying:

    Morrissey: "Ah yes...hello to the Bootle Bruise Boys the Merseyside Bruise Boys?..I always get this I know, it's Dickie and his mates"

    Superb stuff - Dickie and his mates are chuffed with that - big time!

    Great gig. Hand in Glove was awesome. Moz was laughing as the fans in the pit started going mental and "singing" the harmonica bit at the end of the song.

    Moz would not stop talking - he was on a banter rollercoaster:

    "Some bitch in Manchester wants to kill me" was one quip.

    Another was: "Bradford has everything you want - even a topless tandorri if you want it..."

    See you in Blackburn boys and girls
    Merseyside Bruise Bo -- Friday November 01 2002, @01:27AM (#47235)
    (User #4182 Info)
  • Mozzer caught my paper plane!!!!
    And I got a piece of his shirt - Hooray!!
    aly.smith -- Friday November 01 2002, @02:36AM (#47243)
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  • As exhilarating and witty as ever! Long live the queen!
    Anonymous -- Friday November 01 2002, @03:10AM (#47252)
  • What a waste of a ticket.
    Anonymous -- Friday November 01 2002, @03:44AM (#47258)
  • It was a great show last night, only my 4th since 1991 but each time they have got better and better methinks, he seems more at ease and talkative these days, the voice is arguably better and the band sound very good also. Standouts for me last night, were Hand In Glove, There Is A Light, Everyday Is Like Sunday & The First Of The Gang To Die. He grabbed my hand during I Like You and also during my all time fave There Is A Light, which is something to tell my grandkids about one day...Apart from being bruised for life down the front against the barrier, there is nothing to complain about!!!
    Baz -- Friday November 01 2002, @04:24AM (#47264)
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  • Any mention of Johnny by name on Marr's birthday??
    Anonymous -- Friday November 01 2002, @07:45PM (#47287)
    • Yep by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday November 01 2002, @10:59PM
  • Confession time: I’m a long-time fan of both Morrissey and Queen. Don’t try to work it out; I never have! Anyway, having watched Queen in concert more times than I care to mention, let’s just say that I’m used to being a football pitch away from the stage (literally so in 1982 and 1986!). So, when I walked through the doors at Bradford, into the hall and then straight to the crash barrier, this was something new. It was, for me, the most incredible, unforgettable experience. The pushing; the swaying; the jumping; the sweat! These were the riches for this poor lad. Conditioned over the years by common sense and then by advancing age to opt for the safe, sanitised version, for once I could revel in the melee. Just as long as he doesn’t toss his shirt in my direction.

    The chance to be so close to one’s idols. To look Alain squarely in the eye (I was to the right of the stage). To see him smile at a heckle from the crowd. To observe his guitar play. The messages he mouthed to his sound engineer. The slide he took from the mic stand and then tossed to the floor during Jack The Ripper. The foot pedals. The sweated brow. Now my heart was full.

    I’ve seen the band on most tours since the Liverpool Empire in ’91. To revisit Live in Dallas and a scratchy bootleg from Köln is to marvel at how much the band have both gelled and matured over the decade or so. The leap in quality was already evident on Beethoven Was Deaf but now, as they hone their performance around the world, it is highly impressive. They appear so comfortable both on stage and with each other. And what a joy to hear their reading of old Smiths songs. Apart from the Craig Gannon interlude (1986), these tunes never benefited from dual guitars on stage. It’s an absolute delight to hear those guitar melodies fully realised in live performance. To take just one example, I Want The One I Can’t Have came alive for me. So, I’m really pleased the lads took a bow at the end. Alain and a pleasantly portly Boz, in particular, are as much a part of ‘Morrissey’ as…well, Morrissey.

    And what of the great man? My, how the between-song banter has developed over the years – along with the biceps but at the expense of the quiff, maybe. One or two remarks had me laughing aloud (“I Like You…this song is about me” – that may not be verbatim but you get the drift). And I love the subtle lyrical adaptations (“Come, pleeeze come, nuclear bomb!”) he introduces.

    I also detected something new. There is evident bitterness (“Manchester bitches”) but there is also now a more openly expressed affection for the fans. You’ll protest that it was always there but, a few years ago, it might have been camouflaged by a quip (“I love you from the heart of my bottom…”) or expressed in a curt “I love you…I love you”. Now, there is less of the word-play. Now, it is up-front, full-on and heartfelt. Is there also a hint of self-parody? Is the decision to play Little Man, What Now? a gentle dig at himself as the years go by. Not to mention the inspired decision to introduce Hand In Glove to the set (“twenty years…twenty years!”). If I hadn’t downloaded the Birmingham set list, I might have expected to hear Papa Jack!

    Morrissey at Bradford. The pleasure and the privilege was mine.
    Trotsky -- Saturday November 02 2002, @04:58AM (#47303)
    (User #7123 Info)
  • After spending days worrying about the gig everything turned out perfect. Those numpties at wayahead had sent me seats instead of standing, they did offer to refund money, but i'm not likely to cut my nose off to spite my face am i!
    My plan was to swap my tickets with one off those nice ticket touts and after an hour in the pub accross the road one off them came up trumps (even if it did cost me another £15 per ticket) But what the hell, i'd been waiting 3 years for this.Once in i was surprised how small the hall seemed. We found a spot just 5 yards from the front smack bang in the middle, it was perfect!
    the gig seemed to fly by, some classic anthems + some brilliant new songs, please somebody sort out a record deal for the great one! moz was brilliant with his posturing and playin with his hair all the time, it must be harder to keep that quiff up these days.It was a brilliant atmosphere down at the front jumpin around, by the end my t-shirt was drippin wet.Then it was on to the beehive to reflect on fantastic gig. I just wonder how long he can go for? will he still be doin this at 50?
    redgboy -- Saturday November 02 2002, @11:19AM (#47318)
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  • Bradford was excellent. i managed to blag my way out of my "restricted view" seat and into the pit....only two meters left of morrissey...and right at the front!! The concert was electric at the front and Morrissey actuatlly shook my hand twice and looked at me.
    This was a brilliant moment as I have been a huge, huge Morrissy/Smiths fan since the age of 15.I have collected most of his albums over the years and posters and pictures and continued to listen to his music. And for that one moment he looked at was amazing!!!
    A totally fantastic evening and better than I can ever imagined, especially as I was at the front by default!!!
    issyd -- Saturday November 02 2002, @12:55PM (#47330)
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  • A great gig by a great solo artist, somehow without a record contract. What has happened to british music?
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 03 2002, @12:46PM (#47415)
    • Re:great gig by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday November 07 2002, @12:31PM

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