posted by davidt on Wednesday October 30 2002, @03:00PM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / Hairdresser On Fire / Speedway / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Like You / Alsatian Cousin / Sister I'm A Poet / Meat Is Murder / November Spawned A Monster / Hand In Glove / Irish Blood, English Heart // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist and setlist/ticket scan provided by Gramp
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  • come on (Score:2, Informative)

    give us the details!

    ps: mrs shankly has uploaded "hand in glove"
    rhenanus -- Wednesday October 30 2002, @03:34PM (#47038)
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    your clearasil produces richtofeon rushes...
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  • Far better than the Albert Hall, that was chuffin ACE!! a true return to the UK in style!

    Set list wasn't exactly a suprise, I want the one, Hairdesser, yada yada yada, however he played November and HAND IN GLOVE!!!!! HELL YEAH!

    Someone even made it onto the stage, which is quite an achievement considering the Academy has recently got new security who just so happen to be a bunch of c*unts (i feel sorry for the guy who gt on stage, if what they did to the surfers is anything to go by!!!!!!)

    however, I digresss, a damn fine show by the man, highlightes included; hand in glove, irish blood, the crowd being up for it for once, Morrissey looking in fine shape, and of course, introducing Alan as 'Gareth Gate... sorry'

    come back soon Mr Man..
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 30 2002, @03:41PM (#47041)
  • I can't believe he covered size of a cow by The Wonder Stuff!!! well, not exactly covered, but he sung the chorus and the crowd continued it, a nice tribute to Birminghams best!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 30 2002, @03:57PM (#47043)
  • I Want The One I Can't Have
    Little Man What Now
    Hairdresser On Fire
    The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
    First Of The Gang To Die
    Jack The Ripper
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    I Like You
    Alsation Cousin
    Sister I'm A Poet
    Meat Is Murder
    Late Night Maudlin Street *****
    Hand In Glove
    Irish Blood English Heart

    There Is A Light

    ***** I got the Set List and it says Maudlin but it was not played!!!!! I will Scan the list tommorrow.

    What can I say? I haven't seen him since Chester '97 and I wasn't disapointed, not one but 4 Smiths songs with the newly added Hand In Glove, and what a treat it was to hear live.
    The New songs got a good reaction, mind you most of us fans already know them anyway. The Smiths songs did tend to get the most audience participation, and where I was you could hardly hear Moz 'cause of the crowd singing, a lucky few did manage to get on the stage.
    I must say, that I was impressed by new boy Deano's drumming, he certainly knows how to bang them. ( sorry if I have offended Mike Joyce).
    I was a little disapointed with the end of Meat Is Murder tho', as I personally think that it should have been left alone rather than the grand rock n roll ending, but that's just me I suppose.
    The whole setlist, is truly one for the fans, with the mix of old and new, certainly something for everyone. The sound quality was excellent, Morrissey seemed to be more chatty than on previous tours, slagging off the government, as well as a subdued dig at the record industry, but I do think that the record industry should be looking at this tour, seeing the reaction of the fans, the ticket sales etc etc, and realise that, yes this IS an artist that will sell records, they know it, ok so Moz might not make them 80 million or whatever but they are guarenteed record sales, I mean would you or would you not buy First Of The Gang if it came out as a single??? now work out how many fans have/will seen him this year and top 20? top 10? say no more.

    Overall tho' the gig was excellent and I just hope that he comes back soon, and I'll post the scan of the setlist (with Maudlin) tommorrow.

    gramp -- Wednesday October 30 2002, @04:01PM (#47044)
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  • i was one metre away from the man himself all night, and i witnessed my favourite moz gig. morrissey seemed really appreciative of the crowd, mentioned his long period of absence from the second city. moz looked amazing and sounded fantastic, especially on everyday...which moved me to tears. amusing banter..he asks us who IS a crashing bore, unison of "elton john!", he thanks the "four rugby players" boz, alan (gareth gates) deano and gary; proclaims that he doesnt want a record deal, leads a crowd chant for julia (i never got a glimpse of her, i'm intrigued now) so..fragments of recollection, i'm afraid, but a resoundingly triumphant, hand in glove, kind of night.
    harveykeitel -- Wednesday October 30 2002, @04:48PM (#47050)
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  • I'm sure they played "Hand in Glove" because so many people were posting that Boz couldn't handle it or any other difficult Smiths tune. Well, he just proved you wrong.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 30 2002, @05:03PM (#47051)
  • Well, the sudden inclusion of "Hand In Glove" must surely mean that almost anything is possible. If so can we then please hear the next single ("This Charming Man") tomorrow/soon ?!?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 30 2002, @05:13PM (#47052)
  • Well, I must say this was a truly great gig.
    The sound (bar the odd quirk) was really good. Dean's drumming, in my opinion, was fantastic - perhaps he's been holding back a little, but he was spot on tonight - he appeared to be adding new fills and you could see he was enjoying himself.
    Tonight Moz introduced the band as rugby players. (whilst in Rugby I met...).
    Alain was then was introduced as Gareth Gates! (honest!).
    Boz started off with a flat cap! Then revealed a new short hair cut.
    Gary posed mid-stage for a few times too for a change.
    Julia was given a lot of time by Moz and he asked us all to cheer her.
    Moz threw his black shirt tonight before the encore - then returned in a ruffled white one which remained on as he 'got off the stage'.
    Note - lack of cargo pants tonight - charcoal/black trousers tonight instead.
    Lots of 'nearly made it' stage attempts, but as with most of the recent gigs I've been to - the security was tight (as too the camera Nazis). There was even a security guy asking people to remove their hats - unheard of anywhere else I've been to!

    Sack - not my cup of tea, but not too bad and they win my 'good on 'em' award as they took the time to speak to a few of us about Moz antics afterwards - whilst selling their album - good luck to them. They really do have a lot of good things to say about Moz.

    Famous when dead -- Wednesday October 30 2002, @06:12PM (#47059)
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    Some of us is turning nasty
  • Thats cool man. I would give anything to see Morrissey play . It would be a dream come true.I like the songs that they were playing I wish I lived In England, OH well.
    WilliamMozzChick -- Wednesday October 30 2002, @07:15PM (#47063)
    (User #7082 Info)
  • What was the merchandise like compared to RAH? Thanks.
    Sleepy lifeguard -- Wednesday October 30 2002, @10:11PM (#47068)
    (User #4562 Info)
    • Re:Merchandise? by lions4ever (Score:1) Thursday October 31 2002, @02:37AM
    • yummy! by harveykeitel (Score:1) Thursday October 31 2002, @10:08AM
  • Well, what can I say. Went out of duty rather than expectation and was completely astonished. Superb. Absolutely the best I've seen him (possibly bar Wolverhampton in 89) - this sort of venue fits him like a glove as opposed to the leisure centres he seemed to favour years ago (remember Chester anyone). The new stuff sounded better than a lot of the older Smiths/solo stuff and that sounded better than owt else around at the moment.

    Loved the comments, he seems so much more relaxed in front of the audience than ever before and was very funny about stuff like the Bull Ring. Don't recall the 'Size of a Cow' bit though

    Overall, the absolute best. If this is the standard of the rest of the tour then beg, borrow, steal and vote tory to get a ticket (well, perhaps not the last one).
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 30 2002, @11:20PM (#47069)
  • What a fantastic gig! Far better than Maladjusted & Oye Esteban by far. The mosh pit was chaotic, doubtless some will complain about it but there was a balcony for the thin-armed timid types.

    The sound was great, I could actually hear him for once. For those who moaned that the opening songs were played too slow - "I want the one.." was played at near thrash speed.

    I didn't think I'd like Sack but in fairness they're pretty good. The singer is a laugh (shades of Suggs) and I saw them watching Moz from the balcony and they were singing along.

    Jack the Ripper: "I'm a prostitute. You might see me selling myself in the Bullring (audience laughter) - no you might!

    Your clapping is appreciated, everything is appreciated - even your boo's.

    IBEH: "If you don't get rid of Tony Blair I won't be held accountable"

    "Who wants a record deal anyway? I don't........actually I do."

    Hand in Glove: "This song is older than you and you and you, but not me."

    The closing lines of Hand in Glove sobered me up - "I'll probably never see you again" - I hope this is nothing more than preivious pleas like "This is the last song I will ever sing" or "to be finished would be a relief".
    Holy Name -- Wednesday October 30 2002, @11:31PM (#47070)
    (User #1418 Info)
    oh but I know what will make you smile tonight..
  • Interesting Gig. Is it me or is he more talkative than he used to be. I remember when early in the tours, he was always quiet (Sheffield 92, nothing but a hello and thank you)

    Thought he was funny and very open. Loved to hear some old favourites like Suedehead and Sister I'm a Poet.

    The security were brutal and the mosh pit was awful. I am cut and bruised like I have just been playing hooker for Rugby Old Boys......

    I timed my attempt to try to get on stage until There is a light...(this was awesome BTW) and there was another guy up there too. I thought I would attempt to recreate Forum of 99 when I got on the stage on two consecutive nights! Some hope....
    Anyway, I was a fightin'and leaning onto the stage, and Moz grabbed me but the pigs in green battered me off. My top, which I had rescued from the mosh pit floor, was still on the stage and I struggled to grab it. The scum security tried to drag me away. I was very unimpressed and refused to move. Believe it or not, Morrissey saw this and handed it back to me. I love him so much.

    Anyway, as I was brutally carried along the pit and dumped on the floor, I collasped. Honestly I was exhausted and really faint. Then one of the bastards started kicking me in the back!!!!! Needless to say I had a surge of engery and fought back. But was too tired and struggled to stand up.

    Great night, Morrissey looked great (he is ageing well), good crowd, superb banter, sounded good, just spoilt by evil, nasty and brutal security.

    BTW as I was stage right and struggling to stand for There is a light, did anyone get onto stage from the pit?
    Motorcycleaupairboy -- Thursday October 31 2002, @01:34AM (#47081)
    (User #7089 Info)
  • What time did he go on stage?
    And what time did the last song finish?

    Anonymous -- Thursday October 31 2002, @02:11AM (#47084)
  • Couldn't believe the crowds of people there...made for a hot and sweaty venue..just the right atmosphere.

    Moz arrived at about 9 and was urshered straight in by a very over-enthusiastic security team.He did look very cute though in his warm winter wooly hat pulled down onto his forehead!

    Excellent set- punchy and hard. Loved A.Cousin - sang with real feeling. Thought Meat is Murder was murdered by the drawn out bits of guitar - it lost its impact - but i loved the intro:something like, in the world of "Hannibal the Cannibal, I'd rather be Reggie the Veggie". Everyday is like Sunday was slowed down a pace - sounded good like that. There is a light - wonderful.
    LOTS of references made to Julia - why? - including a request to the crowd to give her a cheer for being in the front row of every gig for the past three months. It seemed a bit bizarre!

    what more can i say...roll on Bradford!
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 31 2002, @02:12AM (#47085)
  • Good venue once inside but the nightclub mentality of the bouncers meant had to queue for about 45 mins (this was the with ticket line!)

    I was in the Mosh pit and it was brilliant! Jammed like a sardine but so close to the Moz it was worth it.

    Performance brilliant as usual but he dropped 'Mexico' from the Albert Hall set.

    Constantly playing with his quif. Audience was 95% male and mostly 35 to 45 age group.

    I think Moz needs to broaden appeal to younger fans and especially females if he wants to make an impact on 'the landscape'.

    I feel he would like the glory days of The Smiths to return but this is unlikely.

    However, I still believe he is the most important lyricist and artist around!

    See you at Brixton.
    mexico -- Thursday October 31 2002, @03:11AM (#47094)
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      • Paris by Montaigue (Score:1) Thursday October 31 2002, @05:19AM
      • Re:Birminham Gig by gramp (Score:1) Thursday October 31 2002, @12:42PM
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  • ...Magic...the man is a genius, always has been, always will be. Feeling a bit battered and bruised today but thats cause Im old (!) ....on a level nevertheless!!
    purplegirl <[email protected]> -- Thursday October 31 2002, @03:21AM (#47096)
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    'I prefer women with a past. They're always so damned amusing to talk to' Oscar Wilde
    • Birmingham by efsb (Score:1) Thursday October 31 2002, @03:52AM
  • Last night was Moztime in Bham and me and 3 other lads (aged between 15 and 17) came from Wolverhampton by train. The Academy is very close and when we got there at around 6.00, there was already a fairly long que present. I have not been to the Academy before, and on entering I was most surprised by its intimacy and the fact that it seemed to me that reaching the front and touching Moz would be no problem. We then went to the bar and found that the prices of drinks were somewhat extortionat (£2.80 for a bottle of Stella). We then took our place around 6 rows of people from the front and within about 15 minutes Sack appeared on the Stage. When they first emerged, I noticed nothing to make them stand out, but when the singer emerged, this changed. He was a fairly short man, dressed in black trousers and shirt tucked in, rather fat and donning a pork pie hat. Their music was most pleasing and one of the people I attended the gig with purchased their CD for £10 after the gig. However, after Sack, there was a wait of around half an hour and at about 9.30, Morrissey finally emerged. When we first entered the gig, there had been piano music playing and after Sack what sounded like Mexican music but before Morrissey came onstage, the lights dimmed, then came up again and the recording was of a poem was being read over some music. When Morrissey came onstage, he played his usual set which I believe may have been identical to that which he played on the 28th October. During the fantastic opener of 'I Want The One I Can't Have' I managed to get to the second row. I am also most proud of the fact that I managed to shake hands with the great man on no less than two occasions during the gig and that on the first occasion, Morrissey put his hand out and many people touched his hand but I did not get to shake it, then on seeing this, he looked at me and put his hand out to shake mine. I was most pleased as was a man next to me who had also managed to touch Moz. This was during 'I Like You'. Most people around me and myself knew the new songs and I think that this is what Morrissey planned to achieve by playing them on the Janice Long show, whom he thanked during the gig. He also asked the crowd to name some crashing bores and my friend shouted Johnny Rougan, but he did not hear. It also seemed to me that the people on the front row where I was were being very selfish as the two people I was behind (a man and a woman with fuzzy hair which kept sticking to my face, grrrrrr) would not hear of me standing on the front row although it appereared that the only song they knew was Everyday Is Like Sunday. Anyway, this did matter to me as the songs being played were amazing. I think that most of the things which Morrissey said onstage have already been mentioned by others on the site. Just after not being able to get to the front row by the god forsaken frizzy haired girl (who was actually punching my arm at one point) and due to the fact that I was wearing a shirt and blazer in the very hot surroundings, I became very dehydrated and during Morrissey's last song before the familiar encore of 'There Is A Light...' I had to be carried over the barrier by a security guard. I put reached my arm towards Moz in an attempt to touch him again, but alas, he was on the other side of the stage. The ripping of black shirt and donning of white shirt happened and the T Shirts available were the grey yummy one, a white one with photo of Moz on a rock and a black and ble one with 'Morrissey' written in a gothic dont across them. The T Shirt sellers were very friendly and advised me not to buy a medium as it would look shit on me, despit the fact that medium in 'Yummy' was all that was left. I bought a black gothic font one in small in the end. There were also posters available for £5 featuring the photo for the RAH gig thankyou advert thing which was featured in NME. Outside the gig, there was a man selling 3 posters for £5 but there were no fake T Shirts to be seen so I was pleased that I had purchased mine inside the gig. Morrissey was on top form, although this is in actual fact the first time I have never seen him due to the fact that I was on holiday when RAH went onsale and sold out. Tne venue was superb for the gig and it was without a doubt one of, if not the best gig I have ever attended.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 31 2002, @04:23AM (#47104)
  • What a fantastic show!!!!! Having seen a few morrissey shows over the years (including Albert Hall), this was my favourite. All of 5ft tall and squashed at the front barrier (which is neck high to me) in front of Alan (who very kindly kept smiling and winking at me) I had the best time ever. Thank you Moz.

    Sack were really enjoyable and politely hang around at the end signing CDs.

    If I was loaded I know where I would be for the next week .... but as I am not I hope all of you who will be watching other gigs this tour witness more performances like this one.

    minimoz -- Thursday October 31 2002, @04:27AM (#47105)
    (User #7094 Info)
    • Re:Wow by sPANS (Score:0) Thursday October 31 2002, @06:20AM
  • Anyone notice last night that Morrissey shouted "Hess" (as in Rudolf Hess) during "Speedway"? The song is obviously about the Dirty Nazi and His undying loyalty to Hitler ("I could have dragged you under...I'll always stay true to You") Whilst in Prison in England at the end of the second world war.
    port vale dave -- Thursday October 31 2002, @05:33AM (#47116)
    (User #6109 Info)
    • Re:Hess by nikkle (Score:1) Thursday October 31 2002, @06:10AM
    • Re:Hess by sPANS (Score:0) Thursday October 31 2002, @06:22AM
  • There is a light that NEVER goes out !!
    ballistic -- Thursday October 31 2002, @05:36AM (#47118)
    (User #7025 Info)
  • well well boys and girls!the fella still has it doesnt he?!didnt think it would get better than the RAH gig but i reckon this type of venue is so much more suited to morrissey.ive never known anyone to get a crowd going like him though.
    great set list-as ever,and hand in glove was the canines testicles!i crowd surfed during the encore and the security guard seemed to hold me for ages and then carried me down along the crowd(away from moz-duh!!!) and everyone held there hands out so i started handing out the high fives like i was a star!
    a great gig,made all the more special it was in my home town.nice to see quite a few young people there (including myself!),especially some nice ladies...!
    hopefully a record deal is imminent-how can it not be?-and he'll be touring again soon to promote the new album.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 31 2002, @06:14AM (#47128)
  • Is what you are are so excited about. These guys could not play a Smiths song properly if you poured hot lead up their arses!
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 31 2002, @06:34AM (#47134)
  • play any smiths songs if i had my fist shoved up your arse right to the hilt?

    probably, and you'd enjoy it!
    mrbleepbleep -- Thursday October 31 2002, @06:55AM (#47140)
    (User #4268 Info)
  • last night was spectacular,a great difference from the albert hall shows,for the myself and the people near the front there was a certain intimate feeling about it as the venue i feel provides that. Great to see the set list swapped round a touch, putting speedway near the start was great. Was it just me or did anyone else see the stage invader get a "good dig" to the stomach?
    scarface -- Thursday October 31 2002, @07:31AM (#47147)
    (User #6560 Info |
  • I went to the RAh as well...on the second night...and...oui, I disagree with most of you. I don't reckon last night's gig was better than London. Nevertheless, as I live in Brum and -unfortunately- I occasionally go to club nights at the Academy, I can confirm that bouncers there would make the GESTAPO police look like whimps. Last night bouncers were AFWUL! I felt so sorry for those who ventured on stage...
    Anyway...highlights of the night "NOvember" and "Hand In Glove". I love "Crashing Bores" and I'm so disappointed he didn't play "Maudlin Street" as that is my all-time fav.
    Overall, a great gig.
    Now, you Brummies and Midlanders, check "singles" on Friday 1st Nov at the Flapper, back of the NIA. If you like Mozzer you'd like "singles".
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 31 2002, @09:00AM (#47157)
  • what was the song that was playing just before moz came on stage? sounded like something medieval or something. Can someone please tell me?
    I had such great time, I only seen him once in Portugal and now i came to study in coventry and I went alone to see him Lol was kinda lost but i found the place and had such a lovely time, even alone which is better than with someone who wouldnt enjoy it, i had the best time. When i got off the concert and caught the train back I felt this sensation, it was like i was stoned or something Lol, hes my hero. I only regret im only 23 and could never went to see the smiths play, but u cant have everything 8)
    please answer if u know what is the song im talking about 8)
    Frankly Vulgar -- Thursday October 31 2002, @10:00AM (#47164)
    (User #1967 Info)
    "You can tell, by the way, i sleep all day"
  • I have photos from last nights excellent gig if anyone is interested...

    How would one get them on this site?

    Anyhoo what a night, fantastic crowd, Moz and Hand in Glove.
    JiM -- Thursday October 31 2002, @12:05PM (#47181)
    (User #277 Info)
    • Re:Photos by Motorcycleaupairboy (Score:1) Friday November 01 2002, @05:36PM
  • moz you have been a great pleasure in my life. yet again last night you conquered the you always have and always will. brilliant concert, youre the best. noone on earth will ever ever match you
                                linzi burgess
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 31 2002, @03:58PM (#47204)
  • Morrissey, I'm talking to you! I know you dont look at your own websites by your own admission so I'm probably wasting my time here but just in case, here goes....It was WONDERFUL to hear your voice live again. Truely, a surreal experience because of what your music means to us and for that brief time we are there, in touching distance, and I promise you he is looking straight into my eyes and singing those songs that mean so much to me. And my god!! His eyes are so blue. And it is almost too intense an experience to take in. You know that soon the moment will pass and you will be left with only the memories again. The king is dead, so long live the KING. Ta
    I Will Never Learn <[email protected]> -- Thursday October 31 2002, @06:19PM (#47215)
    (User #7116 Info)
    William (was it really nothing?)
  • why has he chosen poor support acts? First that Pony Club,(strife they were poor) and now these Sack(of shit)jokers!What was that singer playing at? Mozza could have played on his todd i reckon.
    Anonymous -- Friday November 01 2002, @02:18AM (#47239)
    • Re:Bejesus by MikMoz (Score:1) Friday November 01 2002, @03:54AM
  • remember when the poll said which Smiths song would u most like to hear, i said hand in glove or still ill........
    do you reckon Mozz is logging on in the u.k.?

    FANTASTIC news, hand in glove live, now i wish i went ...........
    inlovewiththepast -- Friday November 01 2002, @04:04AM (#47262)
    (User #1028 Info)
    truth rest your head there is more than a life at stake here..she may well sell sanctuary but she'll also sell your soul
  • i travelled to brum from london to witness a reasonable opening act and then..
    his voice isn't what it used to be, but still moz (whic does put him ahead of oh everyone) but could he please sack the band? or get the drummer to tune his kit properly, ask if it's ok for the guitarist to sort of attempt to get near Johnny's playing standards..

    and then the sound in the venue. Too loud so it got distorted to the point where it sounded better with earplugs, and that just can't be right

    There is a light is my favourite smiths song (fave song ever therefore) and this rendition just sucked (get a dat tape please)


    ps why are his tickets by far the dearest of all the academy gigs? #25 vs 17,50-15,00 for suede/billy bragg
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 03 2002, @04:23PM (#47431)
  • i was at the very front for this gig and stood directly on the left of the infamous julia. Shes looks about 40, light/darkish skin and was quite quiet altho there was a lady of a similiar age on her right hand side who was quite chatty. I asked Julia how she managed to go to all the gigs and still live and she laughed with me and asked how longed I've liked him (3/4 years, Im only 20!)

    Awesome gig, I was so close I was one of the many to shake Mozzers hand and it was quite good cos as I was stood next to Julia security seemed a bit more interested in what was going on on that side. When the crowd chanted "SIGN HIM UP SIGN HIM UP SIGN HIM UP" he just laughed and sarcastically added "But we dont WANT the record deal, we're lazy beggers!" Hlafway thru November Spawned a Monster Moz lent out to shake someones hand and they would let go, leading to 50 people go for this person which seemed to make Moz laugh uncontrolably and break up in giggles. Also during the same song he lent over to Julia and held her hand, for which the bouncers oversaw and made sure no one intervened.

    It was a tender moment.

    Please god dont leave it so long next time Moz - fantastic. Oh and Sack were'nt as bad as some of the comments on here made out. Quite jaunty and one particularly amusing song about Christians.
    tomdolan -- Monday November 04 2002, @02:19AM (#47488)
    (User #4742 Info)
  • well that was utterly fantastic!! my first morrissey concert, and i'm still on a high! It took morrissey till hand in glove to shake my hand, but when he did it made my life! i cried all the way through, just the thought that stood just one metre away from me was the man who has always been there for me, even though he doesn't know it.
    thanks to stuart and co for being my friends at the front of the queue, i was scared of being on my own all day! even though i was stranded in birmingham over night, it was the best night of my life! (if anyone is ever stuck in birmingham over night, i recomend the waiting rooms on the train station platforms, they're warm)
    Anonymous -- Monday November 04 2002, @02:37AM (#47491)
  • Well, Birmingham yeah, Morrissey was very good and didn't lok fat very nice looking from my view, but why out of all the songs of the Smiths does Morrissey have to play Meat is Murder, its drab and slow, he had such a choice of mega songs from the Smiths to choose from, eg. Half a Person, Headmasters Ritual etc.
    Bindon -- Monday November 04 2002, @12:05PM (#47609)
    (User #6534 Info)
  • Does anyone know where I can get a bootleg of the gig, just to bring the wonderful memories back and to enjoy again. Someone MUST have a copy let me know

    [email protected]
    gramp -- Wednesday November 06 2002, @12:38PM (#47929)
    (User #5435 Info)

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