posted by davidt on Saturday October 19 2002, @07:00AM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / Hairdresser On Fire / Jack The Ripper / I Like You / Alsatian Cousin / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Sister I'm A Poet / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / Irish Blood, English Heart / November Spawned A Monster / Speedway // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by shmfunk
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  • morrissey for pope
    toecutter -- Saturday October 19 2002, @07:08AM (#45942)
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  • Well, standing at the barrier since 3pm paid off when morrissey came on at 9:15. It was a good show, not as good as the Forum gig...but we did get the encore of There Is A Light that i dont think he did at the Brisbane livid. Im not sure on the set list, but there wasnt much difference...just The First of The Gang To Die missing i think.

    Will have some pics early next week to post :)

    kerrie xxx
    quasi -- Saturday October 19 2002, @07:14AM (#45943)
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  • Morrissey was just as wonderfull as I had hoped, it was a great show, hope he comes back soon. (Or I get the money together to see him somewhere else!)
    panicofficer -- Saturday October 19 2002, @07:26AM (#45944)
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  • I went to Livid today with the express intention of seeing Morrissey.
    I am reasonably familiar with his work with The Smiths, but have heard little of his solo work, and therefore didn't recognise much of it at all, and at 19, I was also considerably younger than the crowd at his set in the Rod Laver Arena.
    I LOVED it. He's a great performer, and his set absolutely made my day.
    I came home and had this urge to dig out all my flatmates old Smiths vinyls, and I danced around the living room while playing the records.
    I hope he tours again, I would love to see him play again.
    Arianrhod -- Saturday October 19 2002, @08:33AM (#45947)
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  • i was just in the morrissey chatroom and the people in there seem convinced and have it on good authority that morrissey is dueting with ms Dynamite!
    If this is true i will never forgive him!
    sPANS -- Saturday October 19 2002, @04:42PM (#45980)
    (User #6020 Info)
    There are fewer more distressing sights than that of an englishman in a baseball cap!
  • Well, what a difference 3 days makes...

    I attended the fantastic Forum show in Melb., and went along to Livid in the hope of reliving the experience.

    Caught the tail end of the John Butler Trio, who performed to quite a sizeable audience at the Rod Laver Arena and, to my virgin ears, seemed a great act. After they finished, a good half of the audience seemed to leave...

    Right from the start, Moz and the boys seemed a little flat. The crowd seemed slightly subdued as they adjusted to Moz in his brown cardigan (!), and even he seemed ill at ease. His microphone-twirling, silly faces and strike-a-posing just didn't seem to translate quickly to a festival crowd, and applause seemed subdued early on.

    The show really didn't hit stride until 3-4 songs in, with 'The World is Full of Crashing Bores' hitting the mark first. Indeed, for me, the new songs sounded best and were the highpoints of the show. 'Irish Blood, English Heart' is simply a new classic - the kick into the uptempo sections really works well live - and along with the (once again) brilliant 'Meat is Murder', was the highpoint for me.

    Moz seemed more sarcastic rather than witty (or pleasantly modest) - his opening remarks ("A complete change in the set list - HA!") seemed to tease rather than communicate with the audience. He was SO distant - with the high stage - and to me it was plainly obvious that this distance affected the show (compared to the intimacy of the Forum). Alain's banter was amusing and went down well with the Oasis 'lad' contingent of the audience, and Moz's response to requests for 'King Lear' ("a career lowpoint" - or something) were amusing (and I LOVE 'King Lear'!)

    Moz's parting line ("This face is leaving in 10 minutes - be on it!") pretty much summed up the show. Dropping 'First of the Gang to Die' in favour of 'There Is A Light' for an encore probably worked in his favour, but to me it seemed more a 'show' than a performance. There was none of the 'Moz' feeling present Tuesday night between fans - it truly was a festival experience.
    david'74 -- Saturday October 19 2002, @06:18PM (#45984)
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    • Re:What a difference.... by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday October 19 2002, @06:24PM
    • Alain's banter? by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday October 19 2002, @06:35PM
    • I flew to Melbourne for the Livid festival - especially to see Morrissey. I was still on a high from seeing him on Thursday night in Adelaide, and my sister and I were pretty excited to be seeing him (my sister for the first time). We decided to go for the front row and so watched the Dirty Three (Warren Ellis is a legend!) and then the John Butler Trio (surprised by how much I liked them - go the hippies!). As a result we were in the first row. Yay!!

      Anyway - I thought the show was brilliant. I especially liked his comeback to one guy yelling out "I love you more than life itself". Morrissey replied "Yes...but how much do you love life? You should think about these things before you shout them out. Better still, write them down first"." I also liked the way he mimicked the girl who shouted out "Mexico". I don't want to sound rude, but, yeah so now the whole audience know that you know he has a new song called Mexico.

      I thought the band were in fine form. Boz was going off in the corner of the stage, doing a funky little dance. Gary sent us a smile and looked like he was also enjoying things. Boz and Alain spoke up. Alain asked if anyone went to see Oasis and that they were good.

      Hmmm... the shirt coming off at the end was good. Except for the fight to get a piece. We didn't go for it, and I would just like to say THANKYOU to the girl behind us, who more than happily gave us a piece. Now I know what Moz smells like - mmmmm.

      I guess people see different things, good and bad in concerts, but I just have to say that seeing him twice has been the best thing that has happened all year. Not only did he not shatter my illusions by being crap, he reinforced why people love him so much. He is truly a legend.
      Kelly -- Saturday October 19 2002, @10:51PM (#45994)
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    • Re:What a difference.... by Dasher69 (Score:1) Sunday October 20 2002, @02:39PM
  • I get the feeling that a lot of Morrissey fans spent a lot of the day in the Arena waiting to get a good position. In doing so, they would have seen some amazing bands.

    For all of those people who aren't Australian, I thought I might mention some of the acts that were before Morrissey (Aussie ones), because I think they are worth getting to know.

    Machine Gun Fellatio - don't be put off by the name. They are a campy, funny and brilliant show. They are so tongue in cheek it is surprising they can sing at all. I really thought that they deserved to be the act right before Morrissey. Be warned - they are different to Moz's style of music.

    Also worth checking out: Dan Brodie (cool!!), Warren Ellis (a member of Nick Cave's Bad Seeds -he is a mad violinst) perhaps better on cd, but still worth watching, and The John Butler Trio(I was doubtful of these guys, but John Butler has an excellent voice and a great social conscience -he let the Wilderness society speak before the show.

    Check out some Aussie music - some of it is pretty cool!!
    Kelly -- Sunday October 20 2002, @01:58AM (#46003)
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  • Well I have waited a long long time to see him and finally at Livid on Saturday (after spending $90 only to see him) it actually happened. I am awestruck! I can now die happy!
    Melanie -- Sunday October 20 2002, @03:48PM (#46042)
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  • Having attending the Forum gig, the Adelaide gig, and finally Melbourne Livid, I would have to say that the Forum show was the best. Perhaps it was the atmosphere and the crowd, but Moz and the band seemed to really enjoy themselves and put on a great show. I got tickets for the Adelaide gig presuming that he wasnt going to announce a solo show in melbourne.
      My main source of disappointment was the lack of change in set lists, and Moz doing the same moves at every gig. However, this was probably because of their schedule, and their was no fault with the sound. After this disappointment, and the fact that my flight time back to Melbourne meant I missed seeing him at Adelaide airport by 15 minutes(!), my excitement for Livid was brought down a notch.
    However, being in the front row for the Livid show, and his voice being fantastic on the night made up for it. A friend who did not come along to the Forum gig was amazed by the strength of his voice.
      Thank You Morrissey for finally playing Australia, and saying that Melbourne is a beautiful city (twice!).
    I only wish I could have thanked you personally on Friday afternoon.
    bouffant -- Sunday October 20 2002, @07:27PM (#46050)
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    I'm so modern that everything is pointless
  • After the misadventure of trying to get in to the 18+ Forum show (and realising 48 hours later that it was sold out), I eventually convinced myself to go to Livid to see Morrissey (and Oasis and the like).

    Really, Morrissey surpassed every expectation. I've only been a fan for about 3 months, and I only have three or so albums, but I was so touch and so in awe of the whole thing. I was at the front (sorry for everybody for my screaming, singing and general carry on) and there was this moment in the encore of TIALTNGO, he came to my side and our eyes met... maybe I'm paranoid, but it was absolutely electric.

    Then a girl's fishnet hand cuff got stuck in my ponytail so my head was being pulled around for a while. Pah, so much for a magic moment. Anyway, in short, absolute divinity, wouldn't miss it for the world.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 21 2002, @12:16AM (#46055)
  • At the risk of overly dramatizing the point, finally seeing Morrissey (IN the flesh) released me from any further need for attachment to this earthly coil! I can say that even though there was little deviation from the two performances I attended (Forum(Aust. most heavenly venue)Melb. Livid), That both where tantamount to a netherworldly epiphany of the senses. Above and below. I screamed like a teenage girl and cried like a a thirty year old male! I cannot forget the ""Livid"" gig, when I blew Morrissey a kiss he caught it and held it to his heart!!! My world truely slowed to an imperceptible gait at this juncture. Albeit a screaming one.
        Thanking you for saving my life, adoring you for ma(r)king it. Unforgettable moments, thanks to a man as sweet, tender and honest as I ever imagined. Thanks to a wonderful enthusiastic audience...the crowd singing at the end of ""tialtngo"" @ ""Livid"" was wonderful. Though during the performance of said tune @ the forum when he swallowed hard with emotion,missing a line or two, eyes tear filled, I became absolutely destitute! I haven't cried so much in the longest time. Two of the single most beautiful and exciting moments of my life.
          Please come back soon.
    I feel like the luckiest person alive for witnessing Morrissey's performance..I'm happy and depressed all at the same time, I think im in love!
    united23 -- Monday October 21 2002, @04:35AM (#46067)
    (User #6968 Info)
    • Re:Our boy... by Dasher69 (Score:1) Monday October 21 2002, @04:10PM
  • what did people think about this comment?

    me personally... it sort of reminded and hammered home to me what mr moz is really all about, and reminds me that even though he has the voice of an angel, he's still the sick cynical old bastard that wrote the queen is dead...

    but to an audience of mostly under aged livid goers... i'm sure they cope but do they have to?

    and... well... ew!
    shmfunk -- Monday October 21 2002, @05:21AM (#46072)
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    • Ew? by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 21 2002, @05:53AM
      • Re:Ew? by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday October 24 2002, @01:37AM
  • Hey all, I went to the Livid festival pretty much just to see Morrissey, but I wont go into how much I love and adore and idolise the man cos I think it can all be summed up in one word - God.

    Now what I was wondering, at the start of the gig at Livid before the Bells chimed there was a poem read out with some music with it, very British the music was, and I was wondering if anyone knew what it was? or any music simmilar to it, would help heaps, thanks, and Long Live Morrissey!!
    Anonymous -- Monday November 04 2002, @03:34AM (#47495)
  • which quiz is it, the Super quiz or lyric quiz? This week's?
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 19 2002, @02:11PM (#45959)
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