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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / Hairdresser On Fire / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / I Like You / Alsatian Cousin / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Sister I'm A Poet / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / Irish Blood, English Heart / November Spawned A Monster / Speedway // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by flowers
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  • I'm in no position to give a setlist because I have an awful memory. Even through the show just finished 2-3 hours ago. I should be shot...anyway, it was similar to the Melbourne set list.

    So, let's start at the beginning. Thanks to much poor timing and the wonders of public transport I arrived at The Thebby about 50 minutes before the doors opened. Yet, there was quite a few people there. I was in awe of one person waiting by the door with an awesome quiff.

    I was pleasantly suprised by the amount of young people like myself at the concert.

    But young people or not, unfortunatly I seemed to be the only person at the concert by themselves. Oh well. It would have been even better to go with a friend - but I don't have any friends!

    Never mind, it still was an incredible experience. Once the doors opened, I quickly spent $35 on a Tour t-shirt and headed straight for the stalls.

    I got to third row but I ended up in fifth - I was nice enough to let some girls go in front of me :-) Well, I am very it didn't make so much difference for me!

    The Anyones weren't bad and were rather entertaining on the night. THEY USE A FLUTE! A FLUTE! A FLUTE!

    Sure enough, things process and we see a red light...and "A Child Ill" means one thing and one thing only.

    Boz, Alain, Gary, Dean and....MORRISSEY.

    Moz has finally made it to Adelaide after, er, 72 years according to the man himself. I'm not going to doubt him.

    What a cracking concert it was. The crowd was great, the lads were great and Morrissey was great. Oh, and he seemed to be feeling fantastic which was great to see.

    We got the standard tour setlist with most of the new songs. Except Mexico. Sigh. I wanted Mexico, Moz! :-)

    But he made up for it with Suedehead when he sang "It was a good lay, good lay. It was an Adelaide, Adelaide..."

    Well, I think he sang that!

    Still, Moz and The Lads were in brillant form. OK, I'm kinda biased but I thought the concert was the best thing since sliced bread. Alright?

    Of course, it wouldn't be a Morrissey concert without a few quips and all. And there was a few good ones. But I should really leave it to others to mention them. Why? Bad memory.

    Oh, alright. In the introduction to Meat Is Murder, poor old Mozzer was talking about "Bush Munchies. You know how people go out in the bush and eat things." Of course, it's not 'Bush Munchies', it's 'Bush Tucker' causing some confusion. "Are there any Australians in the audience?" Thankfully, it was all solved. "Tucker? T-U-C-K-E-R. As I was saying, this song in a roundabout way is about Bush Tucker..."

    Moz also claimed that Borderers is the best resturant in Australia and that, er, he smells like Qantas Airways. Well.

    Someone requested Pregnant For The Last Time, but that got nowhere. "Career Killer", groaned Moz.

    At the start of the show, Morrissey said this would be a night to forget. He was wrong, of course!

    At the end, Moz said that they'll never forget Adelaide. And Adelaide will never forget Morrissey, The Lads and this fantastic concert.

    I hope you come back soon. You're always welcome...
    Rediffusion -- Thursday October 17 2002, @09:12AM (#45732)
    (User #176 Info)
    What do we get for our trouble and pain? Whalley Range!
  • There were two people with cameras at the show. I think it might have something to do with that rumoured C4 documentary...but don't quote me.

    There was an attempted stage invasion by one soul, but alas, they failed rather miserably.

    GLADOLI! Someone threw a bunch at Moz, and he threw it back in a few pieces. Awesome :-)
    Rediffusion -- Thursday October 17 2002, @09:20AM (#45733)
    (User #176 Info)
    What do we get for our trouble and pain? Whalley Range!
    • Sorry to be picky but they were yellow lilies not Gladioli
      flowers -- Thursday October 17 2002, @03:57PM (#45775)
      (User #6922 Info)
      I want to start from before the beginning...
    • Yes there were a couple of professional type cameras milling about at stage-side. Also, I believe there was at least one clandestine camera secreted near the mixing desk - so perhaps we will get a few bootleg videos floating about.

      The professional chaps were certainly compiling a documentary of some kind, as they were asking questions after the show. The question posed to me was: "If you could ask Morrissey one question, what would it be?"

      I answered something along the lines of: "When are you going to release 10 new albums? And 100 new singles? And 500 new b-sides?" Technically that's 3 questions, but who's counting?

      maffyb -- Thursday October 17 2002, @03:57PM (#45776)
      (User #6141 Info)
    • Re:And I almost forgot... by sPANS (Score:1) Friday October 18 2002, @04:55PM
  • I got there at 7 just before the doors opened & when I saw the line up I was very annoyed at myself for not getting there sooner! Anyway I managed to get a front row position. It was quite tense down there at times as many people were not moving an inch for anything. I don't blame them but sometimes a bit of courtesy is nice.
    Got to speak to Morrissey's security man (sorry I have forgotten his name) but he was a great guy and did a great job of handling the eager crowd down the front. He told me that Morrissey is a terrific guy but that he is a really shy person. I asked for a setlist and he told me that he would 'see what he could do'.
    Thankfully he kept his promise & at the end of the concert he gave me Boz's setlist!!!! I was so thrilled that he kept his word...
    I Want The One I Can't Have
    Little Man What Know?
    Hairdresser On Fire
    The First Of the Gang To die
    Jack The Ripper
    I Like You
    Alsatian Cousin
    Every Day Is Like Sunday
    Sister I'm A Poet
    The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores (Boares!)
    Meat Is Murder
    Irish Blood English Heart
    November Spawned a Monster

    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

    As I have heard in other reviews, Morrissey did the triangle symbol during Meat Is Murder. I'm not sure what it means but it looked very much like he was doing some yoga positions!

    The guy that jumped up on stage was a set up as he had conversations with security before doing so. I'm not sure why this happened but I can only report what I heard. (I was standing next to this guy). The crowd didn't really dance along as much as I thought but I think everyone was just so amazed that Morrissey was finally here that they didn't want to take their eyes off him!

    He threw his shirt into the crowd and everyone in that area went crazy trying to get it. One girl approached security saying that she won a JJJ competition to meet Morrissey last time he was here, so could she claim her prize at this concert. Morrissey's security guy didn't seem quite convinced...but maybe she did get to meet him this time around!

    When Morrissey finished the male camerman came up to me and filmed my hand which had Morrissey written on it on black texta and also filmed the Morrissey bages that I was wearing on my dress. He filmed for what seemed ages & I can only hope that somehow this footage makes it on a Morrissey special or something.

    After the concert word got round that I had a setlist, so I had strangers approaching me to take photographs of it...that was quite cool! Sorry to have not written much about the songs etc but I felt that the previous review captured the banter quite well. I'm still a bit too excited to put it into words!!!

    Ummm, I think a few people I talked to had doubts about the banjo. His new songs are great, I especially liked The First Of the Gang To Die.
    It was the best evening and one I want to remember forever!!!!
    flowers -- Thursday October 17 2002, @03:55PM (#45774)
    (User #6922 Info)
    I want to start from before the beginning...
  • BPM on setlist? (Score:2, Insightful)

    One of the set lists I saw had numbers hand-written next to each track. I'm wondering if those numbers were the tempo in beats per minutes. They certainly looked like it.

    Crashing Bores was 75. Does this sound right?

    maffyb -- Thursday October 17 2002, @04:03PM (#45777)
    (User #6141 Info)
    • Re:BPM on setlist? by flowers (Score:1) Thursday October 17 2002, @05:05PM
    • Re:BPM on setlist? by Vincent (Score:1) Friday October 18 2002, @04:04AM
    • Re:BPM on setlist? (Score:3, Informative)

      Hello Everyone. Yes you are correct , I was the tech for Alain and Dean on the U.S. and japan tour dates. Dean has a small Metronome on his left , He dials in the songs BPM and listens to a few seconds of click before he plays that particular song. In case you're wondering.

      I want the one I can't have (174)
      Hairdresser (132)
      Suedehead (143)
      Little Man (not used)
      The first of the gang (135)
      Jack the Rrrr (82)
      Maudlin St. (90)
      I like you (120)
      Mexico (60)
      Sister I'm a P (164)
      Alsatian (not used)
      Everyday is (118)
      Crashing bores (75)
      Meat (not used)
      Irish blood (not used)
      Nov. (not used)
      Speedway (not used)
      There is a light (127)
      mdevitt -- Friday October 18 2002, @06:57PM (#45922)
      (User #6940 Info)
  • I have not been able to stop smiling since last night. Morrissey and the boys lived up to ALL of my expectations and delivered even more.

    My favourite part of any concert is when the artist walks on to the stage, and when Morrissey did, I thought I was going to cry. I had managed to get myself to the second row, and was in the first by the end of the concert. Morrissey was wearing a nice pair of brown pants and a yellow ruffled shirt. Is it just me, or has he got more and more handsome as he gets older. Sigh.

    No need to repeat the set list, but I love the way he messes with the lyrics. I don't think I'm the only person who got a thrill from the 'It was in Adelaide, Adelaide" change in Suedehead.

    He is so witty and charming. He spoke quite a lot to the audience. We were told that "All requests will be .... ignored". He seemed to be enjoying himself quite a bit. At one stage when he was shaking some of the hands of those in the front row he was making the funniest faces, and when he stood up he apologised "For being me".

    A girl who was standing next to me tried to jump on stage as well. She made it over the barricade, but that was as far as it went. Good try though. I also noticed that other guy who tried talking to the security. It was a definite set up. I tried really hard to grab his hand, but even though he was shaking hands etc, it was quite a way from the stage to the crowd, and wasn't the best set up for that. Doesn't matter though.

    I loved the new songs. My favourite is "The World is full of Crashing Bores". The lyrics to that song are gorgeous. "The First of the Gang to Die" is also pretty good. Bring on the new album!

    Animal Liberation were at the concert, and I heard reports that Morrissey had security on "meat watch" to make sure no one was scoffing down burgers in the theatre. Onya Moz - more people like you should stick up for the animals. When he played 'Meat is murder' I can only hope that some people listened to the lyrics carefully. BTW, that was an AMAZING performance.

    Overall, it was GREAT night. Morrissey is indeed a legend. I am flying to Melbourne tonight and can not wait to see him again at the Livid festival.

    Thankyou Morrissey!!!!
    Kelly -- Thursday October 17 2002, @04:50PM (#45784)
    (User #267 Info)
  • Can't believe I forgot to mention this but I have only had 3 hours sleep since the concert...but Morrissey touched my hand twice!!!! He came down the front and just lightly touched my fingers then tried to touch my friends hand but she was too short to reach. So he leaned back and grabbed my hand for a lot longer. I remember looking at his nails & thinking 'my God, I'm holding Morrissey's hand!'. A magical moment!!
    Also, not sure how anyone can eat meat after hearing Meat Is Murder - he sings it with such passion.
    flowers -- Thursday October 17 2002, @05:00PM (#45785)
    (User #6922 Info)
    I want to start from before the beginning...
  • The show was fantastic. Worth the wait. Morrissey's voice was fantastic - better than on record! - and his general banter and interaction with the crowd great, topped off by throwing the shirt to the crowd. Only dissapointment was the one song encore.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 17 2002, @06:40PM (#45797)
  • Like the whole of the Morrisey loving sector of Adelaide, I too was eagerly awaiting our "God of the lyrical world" outside the entrance to Thebby. Reminiscing on the previous pop experiences enjoyed within the walls of the decrepit theatre, I stood there wondering with teeming excitement what the night would bring. Part of me was hoping that he would be absolutely outstanding (which of course he was) and the other part secretly feared he would not.

    When the doors were finally opened and the crowd started streaming inside, I eagerly rushed to the merchandising counter, but was met with disappointment. Whilst it is rumoured that Ol Mozza is quite the misogynist, I rathered expected that there would be the odd "girlie tee" for us ladies. I settled for the "yummy" tee - says it all I guess.

    Support act - not bad given that I had no expectations. Rather a tease however given that the Minutes counting down to the grand moment were grossly extended!!

    But, the moment Stephen Patrick entered the stage I felt the emotion from the other members of the audience, pure bliss.

    The man, the music, the lyrics!!! How one person can, using the mastery over the English language, create such a presence is sublime!!! His witty remarks, over exaggerated honesty with respect to self denigration and sensitivity to the wishes of his audience, coupled with his ability to be a "performer" - not a pop singer, entirely carried the audience away.

    It was a magical night, and most definitely the best performance I've ever been to.

    Can't wait to see it all again at Livid on Saturday!!

    By the way, Flowers, not very nice of your friend to push in front of us at the concert, and then for the two of you to not let us squeeze in to also have a shot a touching Morrissey - got to hold his hand for a long time you say.. bit selfish!!
    orinel -- Thursday October 17 2002, @07:20PM (#45811)
    (User #6926 Info)
  • Hi all,
      good show and all,

    Did anyone happen to record this show?

    I recorded it, but my Microphone levels were a little to high, so there is a little fuzz in it.

    Any way Ill try and get it to CD, and will be happy to give any fellow South Aussies a copy.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 17 2002, @09:03PM (#45818)
  • Never, ever say persistence does not pay off.
    I waited at the airport all Wednesday & Thursday to greet him, but unfortunately i left too early on thursday so i can line up for the show. So i went to the airport from 5.30am on Friday to see him off & at 2.00pm my persistence paid off. He was having a coffee with Alain. We took some pictures together & got 3 Autographs. Along with touching his hand @ the concert & catching the flowers he through, my Morrissey experience is one i will take with me to my grave.
    I also got the bands autographs & pictures with them @ the back of thebby after the show.

    Thankyou Morrissey
    CTSAK <[email protected]> -- Thursday October 17 2002, @11:30PM (#45835)
    (User #5922 Info)
    "In my life, why do i smile, at people who dont care if i live or die"
  • Ten years ago I queued in the rain for tickets to see Morrissey at the thebby, as part of the kill uncle tour.
    Alas, Morrissey caught the flu and that tour was cancelled after one Australian show.

    So, as I approached the thebby last night I half expected to see 'show cancelled because Morrissey has broken a toe nail', but the place was full of people and ready to roll.

    The ticket people and security I interacted with seemed overly friendly, which makes a nice change. To me the audience seemed to be primarily made up of couples in their late 20's or early 30's wearing black, which coincidentally describes my girlfriend and I. Im not sure when the thebby became a non-smoking venue but it was really nice to be in relatively smoke free environment.

    From attending concerts in the past, Ive learned that murphys law dictates that there will always be two very tall guys standing right in front of the stage blocking your view. Hence I grabbed seats in the balcony and had a perfect view of the gig.

    Support band The anyones were alright and the audience were suprisingly supportive, especially during the final song inwhich the singer held a flute aloft like he was commanding us into battle. Actually for the whole gig the audience seemed kind, friendly, enthusiastic and polite.

    Prior to Morrissey coming out on stage a cameraman appeared on stage and filmed the audience, which was repeated at the end of the show.

    Around ten past nine, Morrissey came out on stage and burst into the first song. The thrill of hearing a smiths track sent electricity throughout the audience and was perfect start to the gig.
    I normally dont like being in crowds, and rarely ever feel happy or relaxed. But for the first five songs I was beaming with joy. For me the highlight was the start, Suedehead sounded great, First of the gang was brilliant.

    I think the biggest crowd roar of the night went to Hairdresser on fire, I have no idea why? but it sounded perfect.

    The wall of sound that is 'jack the ripper' made the balcony shake. Sister Im a poet and speedway rocked and offcourse the finale had everyone moving.

    I should say that the lighting at the gig was a highlight. Very theatrical, lots of use of the spotlight, so much that at one point Morrissey said that the lighting guy would wear our the bulb in the spotlight.

    Offcourse the real highlight of the show was Morrissey's attitude. He genuinely seemed to be enjoying performing, chatting with the crowd and generally having a good time.
    He seemed suitably amused when some fans called for Piccadilly Palare and later for Pregnant for the last time to be played. As previously reported he refereed to Pregnant as career stopper.

    At one point someone in the crowd asked him how he was doing, he replied that it was a difficult question and avoided answering, instead saying that he smelt of qantas planes. The reality is that the man who penned 'Heaven knows Im miserable now' actually looks pretty happy with his world, and the happiness is infectious.

    The band stuck the occasionally rock pose and played well. Drummer Dean was grinning every time I glanced at him, so clearly he's enjoying the shows.

    Now Im just looking forward to the new album and DVD.
    artifact -- Friday October 18 2002, @12:52AM (#45841)
    (User #4639 Info)
  • When I saw Morrissey making the trianglular symbol with his hands during Meat is Murder, the first thing that I thought was that it represented a sad face. It seemed quite obvious to me. But who knows..
    Anonymous -- Friday October 18 2002, @05:46AM (#45855)
  • hi, did everyone read the tour diary on boz's page? i'm glad boz likes Oasis and im glad Oasis like Moz & the Lads. two of the best bands in history, & both have good taste in music. im glad they like one another, so all you anti-Oasis kids can be bitter now! (on with the replies saying, "but it was silly boz that went, NOT moz.")
    Anonymous -- Friday October 18 2002, @03:18PM (#45905)
  • Well I drove 3 hours to get there and another 3 after the gig, so I was well and truly buggered. But of course it was completely worth it.

    A great show though it seemed to me the band was pretty unispired during the first half of the set. They sounded like they were about to fall asleep in 'Sunday'. They definitely picked up towards the end and 'Speedway' was the genuine highlight for mine. The new songs were surprisingly good and the lyrics back to his best. What's the line about never having seen a dawn until you've see the sun rise over the top of a home for the blind???

    The Adelaide crowd was knowledgeable and appreciative without going over the top. I guess that's OK when you've got a bunch of mostly 30 somethings watching a bunch of 40 somethings. Cheers though to the smelly hippies who turned up late, pushed their way to the front (there's always someone isn't there) and proceeded to not let anyone into their no doubt mushroom enhanced cosmic space. The fact that they pounced on Mozzer's puffy shirt when he threw it is one of the great injustices of the universe.

    I enjoyed Morrissey's banter but was unprepared for the sheer campness of it at times, a bit like watching a 70s Carry On film. When he threatened to sack his band by saying "Tomorrow night I'll be using tapes", Allain replied with a smartarsed "We already are!" Touche!

    So, it was a great experience even though it felt a bit nostalgic and certainly made me feel my age. I saw a lot of familiar faces from my Proscenium days (a Moz-championing 90s indie club). Anyway, thanks for coming to our little town! Most don't, so it is genuinely appreciated.

    Hello to the guy in front of me (about 3 rows back) who chatted with me about Livid, New Order, Ride and lots of other mutual interests. Nice to meet you.

    As an aside I knew someone from Adelaide who won the contest to meet Moz. Is that you Kylie?
    brade -- Friday October 18 2002, @06:32PM (#45920)
    (User #6939 Info)
  • hi all, the adelaide show was great but I must say i was suprised at hiow unattractive Moz fans are, they need to get some sun and some exercise, they kinda look like the kids at school who used to get bullied, nevermind, god bless you all for being moz fans....
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 20 2002, @10:30PM (#46052)
  • Am I an idiot for not being able to figure out what you're talking about?
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 17 2002, @07:05PM (#45806)
  • I agree with you completely!! has anyone ever seen this so called "Julia"?

    well, i wonder.............

    I would just like to add that my hand wasn't so much touched but it was clasped and boy did it linger......well for me anyway!!!! ;) blush....

    Im still in the middle of the biggest euphoric high of my life.
    disco dolly 1 -- Thursday October 17 2002, @07:12PM (#45809)
    (User #6925 Info)
  • Julia.... At The Buenos Aires Concert(Luna Park Stadium 30th March 2000), which exists on cd, Moz talks alot about Julia.... !!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 17 2002, @11:15PM (#45832)
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