posted by davidt on Sunday October 13 2002, @06:00AM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / Hairdresser On Fire / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / I Like You / Alsatian Cousin / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Sister I'm A Poet / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / Irish Blood, English Heart / November Spawned A Monster / Speedway // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by kes
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  • Lovely. Great set. Opened with "I want the one I can't have"; did some new ones; closed with a hall full of schoolchildren singing "There is a light that never goes out". The bouncers must have wondered what it was all about.
    Morrissey is engaging live; magic; unusual. Entertaining. Real Music Hall.
    Well worth the wait. Oh Morrissey, we waited, and you DIDN'T let us down!
    ba_smithy -- Sunday October 13 2002, @06:57AM (#45207)
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  • Tonight my dream of witnessing my idol perform live was finally realised. This was no concert - it was a religious awakening. Tonight I died and went to Heaven - I never never want to go home .
    irc_mozzer -- Sunday October 13 2002, @07:01AM (#45208)
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    I just might die with a smile on my Face after all
  • setlist (Score:3, Informative)

    Setlist for Enmore show was:

    I want the one I can't have
    Little man, what now?
    Hairdresser on fire
    The first of the gang to die
    Jack the ripper
    I like You
    Alsatian Cousin
    Every day is like Sunday
    Sister I'm a Poet
    The world is full of crashing bores
    Meat is Murder
    Irish Blood English Heart
    November spawned a monster
    There is a light that never goes out

    Great show, but it would have been better if they had done a soundcheck though.
    kes -- Sunday October 13 2002, @07:39AM (#45209)
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  • Last time I saw Moz was 10 years ago in the UK...tonight he was a changed man. He seemed to genuinely enjoy being onstage, and fairly basked in the warmth of his fans' affection, many of whom have hitherto been starved of his presence. And he talked. Extensively. How wondrous. Yes...I did find myself crying during "There Is a Light.." but, what are tears for ? at the Arsenal end of the world we never had the chance to see The Smiths, never dreamt we'd ever hear the immaculate beauty of that song. That moment alone was worth the entrance fee...oh, and those new songs seemed more like forgotten classics. He is still the most fascinating, amusing, delightful creature and his voice is a soaring, celestial triumph. Come back soon, else we die of boredom. Most men can be analysed....Morrissey merely adored.
    Nihilist <[email protected]> -- Sunday October 13 2002, @08:04AM (#45213)
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  • Packed house! Great show! Appreciative audience! There's bound to be an Australian record company that will sign him!(?) Surely he will grace our shores again! No?
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 13 2002, @08:20AM (#45215)
  • Brilliant. Stunning. Surpassed all of our high expectations. Thankyou Mr M - come back soon.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 13 2002, @03:38PM (#45239)
  • in my rush to buy t-shirts, i ignored the animal liberation stand i saw in the corner of my eyes. did they sell any morrisey-animal lib souvenirs? i know there's nothing i can do now, but i need to know. i need to flog myself stupid if they did. thanks.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 13 2002, @04:49PM (#45242)
    • Re:t-shirts by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday October 17 2002, @03:48PM
  • Not Disappointed! (Score:2, Insightful)

    Hurrah! After 15 long years of waiting, finally saw the most talented man in music! Morrissey and band were absolutely brilliant! Set list pretty much mirrored Perth set, less Late Night, Maudlin Street and Mexico. All the new songs are brilliant, especially Irish Blood, English Heart (which will undoubtedly be a hit single should there be a record contract. Rough Trade? Is anybody home?) Crowd loved it all with one major downer – Morrissey’s English simpleton backpacker following, who think that getting pissed and pushing all the adoring Aussie fans - who had queued up and saved their places at the front for hours to see him for the first time – out of the way. GO HOME! Morrissey is so right – the World Is Full Of Crashing Bores, only they are all his hollow-headed compatriots. For all the passionate Aussies planning to see the next gigs, remember this – WE OUTNUMBER THEM! – PUSH THEM BACK WHERE THEY BELONG! THERE IS POWER IN UNITY! Tell them to stick with Oasis gigs, leaving the more sophisticated well off. They really dampened what was truly one of the greatest gigs we shall ever see. Truly disappointed with how predictable that side of it was. But on with the highlights!
    Firstly, Morrissey is a comic genius. Show started with the band carrying him onto the stage pallbearer-style. Bursting into I Want The One I Can’t Have, which kicked it all off superbly. Morrissey was particularly chatty, “Thank you for buying your tickets so quickly – after all these years, we weren’t sure if you’d still care” and “can you please take Kylie back?” There was a very long intro to Jack The Ripper, in which he jokingly said “ do I talk too much?” Alain Whyte seems to like talking, but not into the mic, so we couldn’t really catch what he was saying! “Boz is oiling the banjo, we all know what that means. No? It doesn’t mean anything?” (or something similar!) Every day is like Sunday sounded amazing. And for all those people dreaming of getting up on stage, it happened – at first, the girl in the front centre possie looked like she wouldn’t make it, and Moz said “Nice Try” which gave her the will to finish it and she got right up there, and just froze! She didn’t hug him or kiss him! Meat is Murder was very powerful, and the closing two tracks – Nov followed by the incredible Speedway – were killer. Then the Smiths’ swansong as encore, wrapped up what was a flawless and stunning performance from the most charismatic man in music history. He’s always had it and ever more shall. Love you Morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 13 2002, @05:47PM (#45248)
  • Does anybody know why the guy guy in the moat was filming and what it was for and more importantly can we see a copy of it?
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 13 2002, @06:49PM (#45255)
  • Great night!Exceeded all expectations; even the new songs sounded strong. The whole band were great; not merely going through the motions.
    Highlights: Morrissey's wit & voice, the audience's affection, there is alight ..., everyday is like Sunday(if only THIS Sunday!)

    -Tony K.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 13 2002, @07:36PM (#45259)
  • I saw Moz play in Montreal in 1996 and thought that I would never get the chance to see him again. Today I can die twice happy, having seen the awesome show at the Enmore (BTW, the Enmore rocks... it was the first time I've been there; I had a seat in row Z on the bottom level, and I could still see and hear perfectly). I was disappointed by the lack of some of my favourite songs (Picadilly Palare, Billy Budd), but since every Moz song is a gem I am not upset., and Sister I'm a Poet, November, and There is a Light made me deliriously happy.
    Some interesting lyric changes: From Hairdresser..."I am depressed, but I'm remarkably dressed, and that's all I need." (BTW, he was remarkably dressed, in a pair of brown slim fitting flat front pants and a white shirt with a ruffle down the front. He teased us by undoing a couple of the top buttons at the start of the show but alas did not finish the job). Also from the Hairdresser intro..."Where is London? Who cares about London?(I think...) Is it home of the free or what?" Also from Hairdresser again..."Stoned around Sloane square." He did change the lyrics to a few other songs, but I can't quite recall them at the moment.
    He got quite theatrical during Meat is Murder, writhing around on his back, with his head hanging off the stage and his groin thrust in the air, doing that triangle thing with his hands.
    I can't say that I'm over the moon about the new songs but they are good solid Moz tunes and I'll be waiting for some record company exec to come to his senses and release them. Vocally, Moz seemed to be taking a bit of a break, not holding some notes as long as he usually does nor singing with as much power (hey, he's not young anymore), although his sweet, sweet voice shone through during I Like You, which really touched me.
    Overall, a fantastic night. Moz was relaxed, chatty, and funny, the crowd was totally into it, and what can you say about that music?
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 13 2002, @08:21PM (#45263)
  • I'd like to post a witty, well thought out and vivid review of just exactly what it was that happened last night..
    unfortunately from the moment Morrissey was carried onto the stage and opened with the words "Sydney.. you have me" it all became a dreamlike blur of beauty and delight, truely amazing, up until what seemed like far too short a time, where I'd only just managed to work out that this was not a dream and 'there is a light' closed what was a night I'll be trying to remember forever.
    one complaint, and this is nothing to do with the performance, you'd think being second row of the balcony I'd have had a good view? but when the people in front lean forward and hang over the balcony for the whole set it blocks the view of pretty much every single person behind, for 6-10 rows back.. just to get one foot closer.
    Such lack of consideration baffles me..
    but as I say, apart from a bit of a stiff neck from having to lean out of my chair sideways just to see past some guys massively thick skull.. it was everything one could have wanted and more.
    And to anyone that got drunk and spent the night being a complete prick, I hope a double decker did find you on the way home from the gig, regardless of where you were born.

    Looking forward to next Sunday now,
    oh Yes!

    Anonymous -- Sunday October 13 2002, @09:09PM (#45265)
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  • Mr Happy! (Score:2, Interesting)

    Does anyone find the recent upturn in Morrissey's mood both baffling and heart-warming? I've seen him live 10 times (though unfortunately not on this tour). When I saw him last (the Oye Esteban tour) he was so much happier and more relaxed on stage. He talked so much and just seemed really chipper. By all accounts, he is even more happy on this recent tour and his interviews have shown him to be happier than I've ever known.
    It's interesting to note that this has timed in exactly with the fact he has no record label. Do you think that, while he loves making music and performing, he is so relieved to be free from the business side of the industry? It's common knowledge how much he hates "the business" and that the other shows when I've seen him, when he was grim-faced and barely spoke to the crowd, he was out in promotion of a record. Now, he's just doing it for the love of it. Of course I want him to get a deal as soon as possible, but I hope he can maintain this mood as I think it'll see a real upturn in his creativity (I think it's a myth that his most miserable moments produce his best material - remember 'Kill Uncle'?)
    gonzo -- Monday October 14 2002, @03:00AM (#45292)
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    Scene, but not herd
  • He was just so giving, how can you not love him.
    bta -- Monday October 14 2002, @06:35AM (#45311)
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    • Re:enmore show by Nihilist (Score:1) Wednesday October 16 2002, @05:41PM
  • then please, please, please let me dream it again!!

    What a beautiful night. I must admit that I was a bit shocked by my reaction to seeing and hearing one of the true heroes of my adolescence (and now):

    During Morrissey's opening of "I want the one I can't have", I started to cry. I guess I was a bit overwhelmed with the feelings that I have from that very special period of my life as well as the love and repect I have for Morrissey and the Smiths.

    "and on cold leather seats, it suddenly struck me, I just might die with a smile on my face afterall"

    I definitely had a huge smile on my face all night long!!

    If you get a chance to go see Moz, do yourself a favor and check him out.

    Morrissey - if by chance that you do read any of this, well I just wanted to say thank you.
    truenephew -- Tuesday October 15 2002, @06:41AM (#45469)
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  • Enjoyed very much my first Morrissey gig. He's certainly got balls performing "Meat is murder", a song so obvious in it's meaning, even I as a vege and past animal rights campaigner felt embarrassed to hear this song, wondering what affect it would have on the people around me as I applauded the title song of my favourite Smiths album.
    And what a nice chap apologising for the price of the tickets. Funny as well "welcome to a night of poetry set to music with a little bit of choreography thrown in", "may God be with you and may Oscar Wilde be not far behind".
    Thank God someone hates Kylie as much as I do. And as for popular music, well I never listen to the radio these days at all!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 16 2002, @09:01PM (#45678)
    • Go Kat!! by Manic Baby (Score:1) Wednesday October 16 2002, @10:27PM

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