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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / Hairdresser On Fire / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / I Like You / Alsatian Cousin / Mexico / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Sister I'm A Poet / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / Irish Blood, English Heart / Late Night, Maudlin Street / November Spawned A Monster / Speedway // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by Sharron Needles and also Deirdre
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  • Like, Dang!
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 10 2002, @07:03AM (#44939)
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  • Set List (Score:3, Informative)

    I Want The One I Can't Have
    Little Man, What Now?
    Hairdresser On Fire
    First Of The Gang To Die
    Jack The Ripper
    I Like You
    Alsatian Cousin
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
    Meat Is Murder
    Irish Blood, Engish Heart
    Late Night Maudlin Street
    November Spawned A Monster
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    Sharron Needles -- Thursday October 10 2002, @09:29AM (#44955)
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    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
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    • Re:Set List (Score:2, Informative)

      1. I Want The One I Can't Have /
      2. Suedehead /
      3. Little Man, What Now? /
      4. Hairdresser On Fire /
      5. The First Of The Gang To Die
      6. Jack The Ripper /
      7. I Like You /
      8. Alsatian Cousin /
      9. Mexico /
      10. Everyday Is Like Sunday /
      11. Sister I'm A Poet /
      12. The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores /
      13. Meat Is Murder /
      14. Irish Blood, English Heart /
      15. Late Night, Maudlin Street /
      16. November Spawned A Monster /
      17. Speedway /
      18. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out /
      DEIRDRE <DEIRDRE.MCQUILLA ... [email protected]> -- Thursday October 10 2002, @06:05PM (#44997)
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      You can pin and mount me like a butterfly.
  • Just got back from the Perth show.
    First of all I have nothing to fault from Morrissey or the band. He was as witty and entertaining as I'd expected, and the band pulled everything off perfectly.

    Aside from the dimwitted drunken hecklers in the front there was just about nothing to fault. They seemed to heckle him (constantly screaming "get on with it!!!") and yet they knew the lyrics to every song he sang, which completely baffles me. Why would you shout at someone you're a fan of? But Perth can't be blamed, because they kept screaming about how they're from England. Heh, the Perth crowd were far more "mah-ture" as Moz kept putting it.

    Although he said they were all jetlagged and fluey, he seemed to make quite a lot of comments in between songs. Alain tried to throw in a few lines but it was impossible to understand what he was saying. Moz said they'd had his tongue removed recently, which is why you can't understand him.

    At one point a woman in the crowd started screaming "This Charming Man" and Morrissey went over to her because he wanted to know what she had to say about it, and I didn't catch exactly what she said (if anyone did then I'd be very curious to hear it) but i caught her saying something like "is it about your good friend from the Smiths" (I could be mistaken, but i DEFINITELY heard the words "friend from the Smiths") As soon as she said this he backed away and said "I'm not from The Smiths" and looked at the band and goes "Quick! Let's get on to Sydney!". He laughed about it for a while and said he was joking, and then said "I wasn't in The Smiths, I was in The Cure" then added "and that was definitely a joke" and went quickly into the next song.

    It was a shame the venue wasn't sold out, because the cheering wasn't quite loud enough at times, especially before he came on and before the encore, but then again it is Perth, and he probably wasn't expecting a big crowd anyway.

    Once again he did the triangular symbol thing during Meat Is Murder. Each song seemed to have it's own gesture for certain parts of the songs, which made it hard to look away from him because you knew you'd miss something if you did so.

    Overall it was an amazing experience. I was lucky enough to hold his hand twice, the second time I was shaking his hand as he was looking me in the eyes (or so I tell myself, heh).

    For those in Oz who have a chance to see him, make sure you definitely see him. He was in fine form and unless you're planning on travelling any time soon then you won't get another chance in a damn long time.
    pinstripe -- Thursday October 10 2002, @10:03AM (#44957)
    (User #6821 Info)
  • First and foremost thanks to Morrissey and the lads - of course! What an unbelieveable gig... I will cherish his three (count them - three!) handshakes for ever - I never thought I'd be able to get near him - but front row and three handshakes - BLISS!

    Second thanks to all those who turned up - the true believers (and I think Moz and the boys were actually pleasantly surprised by the turnout - even if it was only a fraction of the size of crowd they've been playing to recently).

    Third thanks to all those who DIDN'T turn up - more room for the rest of us!

    We're off to Livid in Melbourne... chances of a front row there...? I'm going to have to wear my striped 'Lucky Moz Shirt' again!
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 10 2002, @04:56PM (#44984)
  • Dear Friends, It had been about 10 years since I last saw Morrissey at the Paramount in NYC and last night's Australian opener in Perth was the absolute antithesis: the crowd was probably the most subdued bunch Morrissey has ever encountered and, to my surprise, there were probably only around 400 or so people there. At times, Moz seemed somewhat frustrated at the conservative reception; mimicking audience requests for certain songs and making a few cracks at Australian 'culture'. It was all in good taste though and despite being jet lagged to the teeth, Moz woz - for the most part - quite chipper and talkative. Of course he reminded us all that the band had traveled '38 continents just to be here', and he then apologised for canceling his last Australian tour after he caught Asian Flu back in 1991, "The hate mail was UNBELIEVABLE!" The set list was unchanged in content and order from the set lists I've seen around, with the Smiths numbers getting the best response. The early solo material went down well too. It is fantastic to see Morrissey in such great physical and vocal form and the 5 new songs performed were brilliant. It's a shame he doesn't do any material from Southpaw Grammar as that remains my favorite LP. And I KNOW I'm alone on that one. ;) I almost didn't even get into the show as my choice of steel toed shoes was questioned by the bouncer. Lucky for him, he let me through, because if he hadn't I would have put both of them to good use. Quote of the evening (in response to a fan's relentless beckoning): "Erm. I'm actually quite busy at the moment." Good luck, goodbye! A.L.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 10 2002, @05:07PM (#44986)
  • while you were all at the metro i was at home listening to southpaw grammar, kill uncle and various other morrissey cds
    why couldn't he play an all ages gig?

    oh, lament
    my uncle went, i think he may have been one of the drunken hecklers
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 10 2002, @05:11PM (#44988)

    The microphone cord whipping had me in a frenzy myself...!!! One of the tour T-shirts has a luscious photo of the Moz on it eating what looks like an ice cream with the word "Yummy". Someone in the crowd was wearing one and during the concert Moz pointed at them and said "Yummy" (if only it were me!).

    (T-shirts are $35 which is quite reasonable, although as usual at gigs it was cash-only).

    The new songs are BRILLIANT!! Moz is in fine lyrical form on all of them, especially "The World is Full of Crushing Bores". A member of the crowd asked Moz where you could purchase the songs, to which he quipped, "You are supposed to wear a microphone - didn't you know?? Ah well, now you know for next time".

    Before "Meat Is Murder", Moz made comments about how we Aussies (aussie males in particular) have a reputation for being macho idiots and beating and killing everything, and [something about] didn't we know that the world had moved on? It was time to catch up you know... Some idiot out of my swiping reach yelled "McDonalds!", evidently trying to prove Mr Morrissey correct in his assumption that Australia is full of machismo knuckle-dragging morons. To one particular adversive comment (I can't recall what it was exactly), Moz replied in a grating voice something to the effect: "Did you come all the way down here from *Darwin*?? Did you ride your _bike_ the whole way???". I thought his wit was hilarious (nothing against people from Darwin of course - just laughing at the use of stereotyping to good effect!).

    He said *so many* clever things, I can't remember them all just now, also I liked the way he slightly altered the lyrics of certain songs.

    It was a GREAT NIGHT! I'm so jealous of you people that will see him twice!!! Time to beg, borrow and steal, methinks... I hope you guys have as much fun at the other concerts!

    P.S. Liked the opening song of the support act we had too, although you guys won't get them!
    Tash -- Thursday October 10 2002, @05:24PM (#44991)
    (User #6825 Info)
  • Drunken Hecklers (Score:2, Informative)

    Yeah, I was at the front when the show was starting and the drunken hecklers, the main offender amongst whom was a skinheaded ox of about 6'4", burst to the front.

    He shoved himself in between myself and my sister saying "out the way, out the way". When I looked askance at him (I was the next tallest person in the surrounding area) he yelled in my ear "I've been waiting fifteen years to see Morrissey in concert, and if anyone tries to stop me getting to the front they're going to get hammered, do you want to get hammered?"

    Anyway, this twerp was waving his treetrunk arms into the heads of everyone around him at random and yelling out "Mozza!!" after every song. The head security guy was in negotiations with him to shut up and quiet down for about half the evening. About halfway through the set Morrissey leant over and said "Yes, my man?" to which he replied with a dull stare - "You really have nothing to say ..." chirruped the great man to the satisfaction of all around.

    The crowd was fairly subdued at times, sometimes failing even to cheer through to the next song. But hey, this is Perth. I enjoyed the show immensely and was surprised by the good quality of Moz's new material, which I hadn't heard before. He's getting on in years, but he clearly still has what it takes. Makes you wonder what he was like back in the day ...

    I did think it would have been better to play a song from Morrissey's solo career as the encore, since Alain and Boz just don't look quite as satisfied playing Smiths tracks ... 'There Is A Light', amazing song that it is, just seemed to fall a little flat next to the majesty of 'Speedway'.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 10 2002, @05:37PM (#44993)
  • Excellent show - Moz and the lads were in fine form. Very impressed with new songs, especially "Crashing Bores" and "Irish Blood..". Moz's voice was beautiful as usual and he was very theatrical, in particular during "Meat is Murder".

    A few gems from the man himself (please note, not necessarily exact words):

    On introducing the band: "This is Deano - the man with the beard, and this is Alain - the man who cannot grow a beard." Also mentioned Alain had his tongue removed, so we would not be able to understand him.

    After first couple of songs:

    "If you forgive me for not turning up 10 years ago, I'll forgive you for giving us some of the most awful television programmes in history - I wont mention the "N" word" (in case anyone is not sure what this means, it is a reference to an appalling Australian soapie called Neighbours).

    On introducing "Meat is Murder": We know how you like to treat animals in this country - shooting 'em, electrocuting 'em, eating 'em, wearing 'em - but WE don't!... and if you look over your shoulder, you'll see the world is changing..."

    When introducing "Jack the Ripper": "Of course in Australia you don't have murderers, you don't have serial killers... WE started all that." Alain replied - "They don't give a Four X" (XXXX is an Aussie beer).

    Before the encore: "Remember, God will always be with you" (small cheer from audience), "Oscar Wilde will ALWAYS be with you" (much louder cheer from audience). Someone else was mentioned, Johnathon someone? (couldn't quite pick it up). He then said, "Julia - did you notice Oscar Wilde got a much louder cheer than God!"

    In response to crowd banter:

    "Thank you - you've made a happy man very old."
    "Young people today have too much to say."

    A couple of other quotes:

    "I can't believe you're here! I can't believe I'M here! Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you!"

    "I am sure you have found us well worth the $5.00 you paid for your tickets." (possibly a reference to the dwindling Oz exchange rate).

    "Soon you will all get into rugby and this will all seem like a bad dream."

    Mention of The Cure also got quite a cheer. ("I,m not from The Smiths - I'm from The Cure!)Coincidentally, The Cure played in Perth two years ago to the day (albeit at the Entertainment Centre across the road to a much larger crowd - oh well, enough said).

    All in all a fantastic gig - if only it didn't have to end. There were far more than 400 people there, more like 2000. A few cameras were smuggled in and pictures were definitely taken (hopefully some will be posted to this site!).

    Enjoy the rest of the tour and savour every minute.
    Lady Windermere -- Thursday October 10 2002, @06:38PM (#44999)
    (User #6466 Info)
  • A perfect night, but alas, alack, why did he change shirts and not just take the first one off completely? Must satisfy myself with the microphone-whipping, I guess.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 10 2002, @06:56PM (#45000)
  • Deirdre is spelt: deirdre
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 10 2002, @10:04PM (#45011)
  • last night was the greatest night of my life. So much so that upon exiting the venue i ran in front of taxi's begging them to run me over (to die by your side). Morrissey shook my hand 4 times and one of the times he came over and everyone had their hands out and he looked straight at me shook my hand and nobody elses then walked off :) the first time he touched me i was squeezing his thumb so hard i thought he was going to cry. Sorry Moz i just didnt want to let go! Despite the fact i was directly in front of the much mentioned meathead, i was saved from imminent crushing as i was standing next to Julia and Moz's security guard was giving her special treatment. During 'there is a light' (i think) some one grabbed the posie from my back pocket and gave it to Moz and he gave it a bit of a swing ala this charming man! i so wish i was going to the east to see him but i am soooooo broke (why do rich people get everything??) so alas i may never see him again (until i get to the uk) :/ oh and props to Moz for his handling of the bastard hecklers behind me, ahhh he is so charming and witty. i want the one i can't have :(
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 10 2002, @10:07PM (#45012)
  • damn! who is this woman?!
    i wanna be on a first name basis with him too, dammit!
    fine, fine gig.
    i had to fight back the tears during 'suedehead' and 'there is a light...'
    god (and oscar wilde and johnny thunders)
    bless 'im.
    oh yeah, and was it only me who found the microphone cord whipping frenzy strangely erotic?
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 10 2002, @11:07PM (#45017)
  • Turns out that my first date with my (now) wife was also a Morrissey gig in SLC almost exactly ten years ago. (And I hold him personally responsible...)

    He really was in great chatty form, jet lagged though he was.

    The new songs If he's got 30+ songs like those, then he's got one great album coming up. Pent-up demand for a new Morrissey disc is high, but a great album will attract legions of new fans, and could propel him into the ranks of the survivors (REM, U2, etc).

    Smiths songs The encore of "There is a Light..." was a high point of the night, if not my life. Why bother wishing for a Smiths reunion when Morrissey and Co. can perform the tunes with such veracity?

    Absent from audience behaviour: The Morrissey song. Stage crashing fans hugging Moz in adulation. Do these belong to an earlier age, or is it just Perth?
    fontor -- Friday October 11 2002, @12:04AM (#45023)
    (User #269 Info |
  • 400 people,
    Christ, if that passes for a good concert......
    Anonymous -- Friday October 11 2002, @12:47AM (#45029)
  • Does anyone know how i can purchase a shirt since i missed out last night.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 11 2002, @03:49AM (#45040)
  • Home of the negative comments from bastards that have nothing better to do than slam the greatest singer ever.

    Negative Fans,
    Piss off
    Anonymous -- Friday October 11 2002, @09:41AM (#45092)
  • Yes, Another Review!

    Got to the venue about an hour before doors were to open - me with hot bubble tea in hand to keep me warm & take the place of dinner which I didn't have time or hunger for. There was only a small crowd, maybe about 20 or so people there before us. By the time doors opened, there were considerably more, but still not epic proportions. As people were filing in, once burly bouncer man was yelling menacingly "NO CAMERAS! NO VIDEOS!" and such... As my friend had a camera, and it was in my bag, we looked at each other kindof nervously but just went in anyway.. glad we didn't chicken out because there were several people with cameras. Muahahahah.

    We staked out our barricade pozzie straight away, even though it was quite mellow early on, and for most of the night it stayed quite civilised. Another friend came by and said howdy, and very sweetly minded our pozzie for a bit while I looked for other friends, then she & her friends headed off to try & go upstairs.. but the bouncers seemed to keep herding people down from the balcony bits. Bit crap but probably to do with the non-selling-outness of the concert.

    Anyway, nothing much of note happened til about 3/4 the way through the support band (The Panics, who were pleasant enough) when some loud and obvious drugf***ed people came up and decided they wanted to take my friend's place when she went to the loo. There was one tall bloke with a labret piercing who was the most nasty who kept staggering and crashing into me & my friends. Ugh. When I mentioned with a slight tinge of annoyance in my voice that my friend was coming back, he said "Well F*** HER then!" ... to which I could only reply "What a <b>lovely</b> attitude you have..." and proceed to slowly inch backwards over the next half hour til it was really very hard for them to stand on the slight rise at the barricade. Now don't get me wrong, if people have a decent attitude I really don't mind it getting a bit squishy, I was expecting it to be much worse actually... but ugh, I can't stand drugfucked staggering combined with needless swearing...

    At about 10.30 the lights dimmed and went red, then blindingly bright, and an hour chime began to ring, and that was when the man himself arrived on stage. I think my first thought was "Bloody hell, he looks so *old*!.. Which made me feel old... but then, he *is* 42... which I am certainly along way from still! Can't say I thought much of his outfit, but then... it's very hard to buy trousers that actually fit these days... admittedly the shirt was very Morrissey though.

    A small digression. I was never that much of a Morrissey/Smiths fan in my youth - in fact in high school I hated him with a passion reserved for most things my best friend obsessed over. But by 1992 when she won the meet Morrissey competition I was somewhat converted though - and if he hadn't got bloody sick and cancelled that tour, I would have been with her meeting him backstage... and really I think the only reason we went to this concert was because of that incredible disappointment. I do wonder what he would have looked like 10 years ago - still relatively youthful and in the height of fame.

    Once the general surprise and realisation that yes, it was actually Morrissey there on stage, had passed, I think the next thing that struck me was just how much of a poseur he was. Completely to be expected, but .. maybe I was expecting to mellow a little with age, or something. But no. He was feeling himself up constantly, playing with his nipples, pulling shirt open and flicking the mic cord all over the place like a whip or a stream of .. well, something. *cough*. Yes, very sexual, or certainly giving the *impression* of. He's definitely still a fine performer.

    Everything chuffed along quite nicely. His singing was excellent, unfortunately we were really to close to the speakers though and it was a bit distorted and LOUD. I'm probably not the best music critic though, not being a sooper-mega-fan or anything.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 11 2002, @10:08AM (#45095)
  • sold out show?
    Anonymous -- Friday October 11 2002, @12:32PM (#45117)
  • Three days later and the song still stays in my head. Am not going to quote his words or tell you the song lists as you have read all that before. What I am going to say is it is amazing that his voice did not fault. His actions did not alter and his attitude is still strong. To find that kind of level in one's life is a life long process. I always wondered what I would do the first time I saw him - I cried.
    I have had my 10 year dream come true - only Morrissey can make that happen to people.

    Thank you and good night
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 12 2002, @12:09AM (#45141)
  • go back to Australia,Moz.Pearls before swine...
    Furby -- Saturday October 12 2002, @02:38AM (#45149)
    (User #4754 Info)
    in the silence you don't know,you must go on,I can't go on,I'll go on.

  • I would love to hear from you becuase i missed out too! What a depressing evening it was for me. They would'nt sell me a ticket because i'm 17 :(

    I never hear of moz fans in dreary Perth and I even have a MORRISSEY sticker on the rear window of my car.

    contact me: [email protected]
    Dilksi -- Saturday October 12 2002, @09:23AM (#45163)
    (User #4169 Info)
  • does anybody else miss moz right now?
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 13 2002, @05:41PM (#45254)
  • I had a miserable day before the concert, and could only get there an hour before Morrisey was to come on. And when he did, I think my heart faltered. He was disarmingly handsome in the flesh and in fine form, especially when dismissing the English hecklers.

    The new songs bring a new direction for Morrissey - refiguring his Englishness and for the first time, he has taken a considered position in relation to nationalism. After the problematic "Asian Rut" and "Bengali in Platforms" of the 90's, we (finally!) have him stating in "Mexico": "It seems if you're rich and you're white, you think you're so right, I just don't see why this should be so". At least, I think these are the words.

    Did Morrissey mention being in Fremantle during the day (or did I imagine this), and if so, did anyone have the remarkable fortune of meeting him?

    I don't have the means to see the other concerts in Australia, but I am sure they will be as wonderful. He was as stately as Leslie Caron in the L-Shaped Room, mixed in with a bit of Reggie Kray-style rough!

    I spent all of Friday smiling to myself. "Speedway" and "Little Man What Now" were the unexpected gems performed.
    space2cross -- Monday October 14 2002, @03:34AM (#45301)
    (User #6870 Info)
    • Re:Reggie Kray by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday October 15 2002, @02:47PM
  • Some more Perth photos can be found at :

    If you have any other links or files then please share!
    pinstripe -- Sunday October 20 2002, @01:16AM (#45999)
    (User #6821 Info)
  • I hope HE could read that and laugh a lot to the best ever joke I read so far about HIM. I give you 5 points for that unique point of view (well in french un point de vue imprenable)...
    jlo -- Thursday October 10 2002, @09:03AM (#44953)
    (User #56 Info)
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