posted by davidt on Saturday November 09 2002, @01:00PM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / Hairdresser On Fire / Speedway / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Like You / Alsatian Cousin / Sister I'm A Poet / Meat Is Murder / November Spawned A Monster / Hand In Glove / Irish Blood, English Heart // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by Az Moz Fan
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  • The tour is coming to an end. What a marvelous ride, full of surprises. Well, give us the details Athens.
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 09 2002, @01:18PM (#48343)
    • Re:Athens by Alexandros (Score:1) Sunday November 17 2002, @06:45PM
  • Morrissey, you're greatest Mancunian and greatest person on earth ever, please leave us not for such a long time and come back very soon.
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 09 2002, @01:21PM (#48344)
    • Re:Please.... by birdshit (Score:1) Saturday November 09 2002, @03:32PM
  • And so the tour finally comes to an end.. I have had the most wonderful time over the past three months meeting all sorts of brave souls in all sorts of compromising places. Lets hope the rumours of US East Coast and German shows in Feb/March 2003 become concrete.

    Did he end with Please Please Please?
    momus -- Saturday November 09 2002, @01:24PM (#48345)
    (User #5134 Info)
    because..because we must
  • Idea for the next tour: practice some extra songs, so that you can change your setlist around for every show. (Other artists do this, I swear.) There are many reasons why this'd be a great thing. Your clippings wouldn't all mention that you never change up your setlist. This would make you sound less boring to prospective labels. It'd also remind those execs that you've got a billion other really great songs that you could play when you tour to promote the album that they finance. Maybe you'd get signed. More people would travel for shows if you played different songs every night. Your fans who spend their hard-earned money travelling to multiple shows would be given more chances to freak out over your music, instead of Alain's chest, Boz's facial hair or your wardrobe changes. Speaking of the band, having some variety in their setlist diet might revive the stage show. And having a more extensive repetoire would make you look less lazy, a quality we all tire of in our Morrissey. Over the holidays: less telly, more practice.
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 09 2002, @02:07PM (#48346)
    • Re:Constructive Criticism by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday November 09 2002, @03:01PM
    • Re:Constructive Criticism by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday November 09 2002, @03:49PM
    • Re:Constructive Criticism by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday November 09 2002, @11:42PM
      • Re:Constructive Criticism by Sid (Score:1) Sunday November 10 2002, @04:02AM
      • He's not asking Moz to become the Spice Girls!

        Watching him at RAH and then Brixton was a joy, and Brixton was beyond doubt the perfect Morrissey concert. It stood up as a concert in its own right, but the introduction of 2 songs which were not played at RAH "Hand in Glove" and "November" made it even more special. Although many tears were shed when "Mexico" wasn't played;-)

        Variety is almost always a good thing. When applied to setlists, it is - always.
        brokenforever -- Sunday November 10 2002, @09:19AM (#48403)
        (User #6504 Info)
    • The set list (Score:2, Interesting)

      If you look at the set list from the first show in Phoenix compared with the last one in Greece you'll see that there have been a few changes. Part of the problem is knowing what to expect by checking this site or downloading full concerts from others. It would be nice to go to a gig not knowing what songs to expect, but, personally, the pleasure that Moz solo brings me counterbalances this.

      It's easy to forget that not all fans visit this site, or go to more than one or two gigs. I was in Bradford knowing that "Hand in glove" was going to be performed. A changing set list could have led to this being dropped and possible disappointment.

      Ask ten thousand fans to come up with there ideal set list and each one would be different. I would never have chose to hear the new songs but by the time I went to my second gig I couldn't wait to hear them again. How quickly these tracks have become classics!

      I think it's better to stick closely to the practiced songs and believe that is why the last few gigs have been so polished.
      English Martyr -- Sunday November 10 2002, @01:04AM (#48379)
      (User #655 Info |
    • I agree with the sentiment that more variety in the setlist would enhance Moz tours. Make no mistake about it, as I commented in my reviews for RAH and, particularly, Brixton this tour has been utterly wonderful. The songs, the voice, the wit, the charm, the event, the crowd - everything has been majestic. However, for those fans who follow Moz around, and for those who see one or two gigs during a tour, a bit more variety would be wonderful. The band could certainly master another 6 or 7 songs for each tour to switch around, and let's face it Morrissey's back catalogue is hardly wanting for hit records.

      I only watch Morrissey once each tour as a rule, simply because I never want to simply turn up out of habit and, like one can become accumstomed to thinking, say "oh it was average for Moz." I prefer the event of seeing him once, good night or slightly off night for Moz, it's always wonderful. With the same set-list I'm not sure I would enjoy following him around the country quite so much. If, however, he mixed his set-list up a little more from gig to gig, I am sure I would attend every gig. The question of which songs he would play tonight, would there be a "changed my plea" or a "still ill" thrown in etc would be too much for me to bear and I'm sure I would have no choice but to attend every concert! It's not that I'd ever get bored - Morrissey is always enthralling - simply that I fear I would not love watching the same setlist each night as much as I love watching him once. I suppose it's like sex, it's wonderful but not every day - and not in the same position!!

      Having said that, I broke my rule and watched him twice on this world tour. Viva Moz! Brixton was the greatest pop concert I have ever attended, by far!

      And yes, I shall break the rule again if he tours again soon, because he is better than ever, "Mexico" and "Bores" were lovely and "The First of the Gang to Die" is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard ;-)
      brokenforever -- Sunday November 10 2002, @09:12AM (#48402)
      (User #6504 Info)
    • Re:Constructive Criticism by I Love Gary (Score:1) Sunday November 10 2002, @02:59PM
  • Well, I thought that he wouldn't be able to top last naights performance, but today Morrissey was really great. the audience was more energetic and loud and I think that the feeling was appreciated by everyone. He played the same set as last night (if I remenber correclty) and he was talkative and in a good mood. People were giving stuff to him and he was eager to receive from frowers to notes to flags, and at a certain case a guy's army tag that Moz said after putting it in his pocket: "I'll wear it in the bath. Only in the bath"
    I thing the highlight of the show was Meat is Murder where Boz got all worked up and treated his guitar quite roughly...
    Overall this was a great closure to a great tour and If I'm correct I think that the guys on the stage felt the same way including Moz himself.
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 09 2002, @07:49PM (#48365)
  • Here's the set list for Saturday night, it was the same as Friday...

    01. I Want The One I Can't Have
    02. Suedehead
    03. Little Man, What Now?
    04. Hairdresser...
    05. Speedway
    06. ...Crashing Bores
    07. The First Of The Gang To Die
    08. Jack The Ripper
    09. Everyday...
    10. I Like You
    11. Alsatian Cousin
    12. Sister...
    13. Meat Is Murder
    14. November...
    16. Irish Blood, English Heart
    17. There's a Light...

    Sorry for posting so late, but I went out with some Moz fans from the USA, England, Belgium & some locals to see how the Greeks party and that they do! That you all that made me feel welcome. I'll post some things when I get home to Phoenix. I have to run now to catch my plane to London... maybe Moz will be on the same flight:)

    Az Moz Fan
    Az Moz Fan -- Saturday November 09 2002, @09:38PM (#48367)
    (User #1326 Info)
  • The man is not gonna get much from me until he plays a Kill Uncle song on one of his tours. When and if he does finally play a Kill Uncle song he will make thousands of dollars off of me because that is the tour that I will follow world wide. Until then only one concert per tour for me. I am tired of the Kill Uncle bashing by the media and Moz. Obviously Moz loved the album since the tour appeared to be when he was at his happiest as many will say. Then for some reason the album got bad press and then Moz decided to agree with the media that the album sucks. Why is this the only negative critisim that he has reacted to. After all he did right "Journalist's Who Lie" so it is no wonder that the journalist's gave it bad press. I would have to say hearing that he is still bashing the Kill Uncle era really disappionts me. My God just play Mute Witness or something and you will blow the roofs off of all the arenas you play in.
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 10 2002, @12:33AM (#48376)
  • Saturday night gig (Score:2, Informative)

    Excellent show.I think it was even better than the previous one 3 years ago.The venue is very cosy looks like Rodon club.It was fully crowded and I can say that because I was standing in the back (on the stairs).You see my girlfriend is 6 months pregnant and couldn´t stand standing among so many people.There were people of any age (most of them about 25-30 years old).Moz was fantastic.Heavier than the past but extremely and wonderfully theatrical.His voice has been better I guess.His was in an obviously very good mood.He shook many people hands,he took many items from the audience(notes,letters,a diary,an English flag,flowers).No one tried to get on stage.People enjoyed the gig VERY MUCH.Moz was asked to say his point of view about Madonna and he replied:oh,Madoga.He said that in the morning he run down Athens on a vespa and he killed 4 people.He said:"I hope they were people you didn´t know or you didn´t like".He also said that they were trying to learn some greek words but they came out with nothing.When he first appeared on stage he said "Greece,we are the "Aphrodite´s child"".This was a Greek group of Demis Roussos (singer) that was quite succesful in Europe in the early 70´s.He was surprised to hear a fan asking for "Mexico" and he asked him how does he know that song.From Phoenix he replied.Moz was very impressed.Best songs of the night were "Jack the ripper","Meat is murder","I like you","Irish blood English heart" and "There is a light that never goes out".After he finally left the stage all the crowd was singing the chorus of the last song and the band saluted us in a very friendly way.It was a great momment.About the new songs...Irish blood is great it can be the new "Speedway".Ilike you is very nice,The first of the gang is o.k and the world is full of crashing bores sounds nothing special.He introduced this last song asking "Do you know why Kylie Minogue is so popular?Because the world is full of crashing bores".Before introducing the band he said that when he first met them they all were females.Before leaving the stage he said "I hope god or someone who resembles him bless you all".That´s all for the momment.Ask for any other information,bye,Vassilis
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 10 2002, @03:22AM (#48383)
  • hand in glove... (Score:2, Informative)

    was prologued with "I can laugh about it now but at the time it was terrible" out of shakespeare's sister. the encore was just marvellous with the sound fading out and 1200 people clapping and singing ther;s is a light that never goes out... i hope someone got that in a recorder, it should make a hell of a bootleg.
    rhenanus -- Sunday November 10 2002, @05:01AM (#48390)
    (User #6579 Info)
    your clearasil produces richtofeon rushes...
  • Morrissey and band were incredible!!!! These two shows were deffinetely his best!!!The other fans from America and Europe that also travelled to see the shows will have to agree he gave his all to the wonderful Greeks!They were truly in awe of the great man we all love and Morrissey was clearly, although bashfully, greatful.
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 10 2002, @09:47AM (#48407)
  • Happy with his new mic stand Morrissey took the stage and gave another brilliant performance.Clearly in a good mood he once again talked with the audience and handed out his microphone sharing with us his adventures on a rented Vespa which he spent the morning driving around Athens on with the rest of the band.When asked by George whether Madonna is a "crashing bore" he cheekily replied that "Madoga" was one of the four people he had run over that morning.
    The crowd was once again extatic and offered Morrissey quite a few gifts, no flowers this time.
    It's sad to think the tour's over and we won't see him for a while and Morrissey and the band seemed sad to go.The two shows in Athens were truly memorable.
    Thank you, Morrissey.
    eera -- Sunday November 10 2002, @10:27AM (#48411)
    (User #2914 Info)
    Don't need the sunshine! We look better under neon lights!
  • Well, I'm back in Phoenix and unfortunately Moz was not on my flight from Athens to London. He is so elusive that I don't think I'll ever meet him. I came close in Boise a few years ago. The reviews of Saturday's show so far are pretty good.

    From reading the reviews and talking to fans who went to the UK shows the previous week, I wasn't sure what to expect from Moz since he did say how much he enjoyed himself at those shows. I was hoping the Athens gigs would not be anti-climatic for him. Morrissey was in a good mood for both shows, except for his mic stand... apparently, the Gagarian club went out and bought a new mic stand for Saturday's show. Morrissey made comments throughout the show on Saturday and many have been posted already. The comment made about running over Madonna with their vespas was unfortunately not true. But Morrissey riding on vespas earlier on Saturday was definitely true. According to people who have been filming the shows since Australia, they filmed Morrissey and the band riding around the streets of Athens on Saturday. There apparently is going to be a video/DVD released next year (no date given). They didn't film the Athens show, but they did interview several fans after the show. I was interviewed, but I don't think mine will make the cut.

    I was the person that asked for "Mexico". Morrissey heard me and asked, HOW DO I KNOW MEXICO? At first I was in shock HE was speaking to me and I didn't know what to say! I replied, I'M FROM PHOENIX and he said, "PHOENIX?... WERE YOU THERE (at the show)?. I said, YES! Morrissey then asked me, YOU CAME ALL THE WAY FROM PHOENIX? I said, YES, JUST TO SEE YOU! It was something to that effect. Now I have to get a recording of this show!

    During one of the songs (Peter help!), a lad from Leeds UK handed Morrissey a flag (St George's Cross) and he held it, waved it and wiped his face a few times with it. We were hoping he would throw that into the crowd, but instead he laid it next to the drums. They'll be pictures of that later and, hopefully, some good pictures of both shows.

    Finally, someone from the crowd asked if he will come back, Morrissey replied I'M HERE! To all Greek fans, I hope Morrissey does come back to your fine city. Thank you to all that made my stay in Athens memorable! Hope to see some of you Greek fans come over to the States next year when he tours the East coast and, hopefully, the West coast too!

    Adios Amigos!
    Az Moz Fan -- Sunday November 10 2002, @07:46PM (#48434)
    (User #1326 Info)
  • God!!!
    I gave him a West Ham scarf...
    He took it!
    I gave him a book of George Seferis my favourite poet and the greatest greek poet of the last cebtury...
    He Took it!!
    I gave him a Panathinaikos F.C. flag , the most famous Greek Football Club in Europe (It has the Shamrock as a Sign so he remembers Greece and Ireland together)...
    Boz took it...
    well what greedy lovely bastards were those guys???
    Next time i will bring more!!!
    They deserve everything!!!
    Bye Bye Friends!!!
    Anonymous -- Monday November 11 2002, @04:39AM (#48467)
  • Did Anyone Hear??? (Score:1, Informative)

    The Greatest and most Touching quote of the Master for both nights was on Friday!
    Right before they begun playing "Everyday Is Like Sunday".
    He said : "...I'm Nobody..."
    Anonymous -- Monday November 11 2002, @04:50AM (#48469)
  • does anybody know if the 2nd night was sold out? the 1st one wasnt
    rhenanus -- Monday November 11 2002, @06:52AM (#48478)
    (User #6579 Info)
    your clearasil produces richtofeon rushes...
  • The second night of the Athens show was brilliant. Morrissey looked gorgeous, not to mention Alain. Alright the same for Boz with his new sophisticated look, Gary with his beautiful tattoos, which were climbed up on his neck, and Deano with a Martin-Gore look. As Moz was making his entrance to the stage he was coming with a backward-pace and I was a little bit confused. I thought for a moment that was a technician of his crew or something. And there he was, the man himself revealed in front of us. A unanimous Yeeaaahhh echoed in the venue and soon after he introduced the band as the “Aphrodite’s child” which made all of us to give a lasting round of applause. For those fans (Greek and foreigners) who don’t know who were the “Aphrodite’s child” it was a Greek band which formed mainly by Vangelis Papathanasiou (is there anybody who haven’t heard of Vangelis, then you have to ask Sean Connery who is a close friend of him) and Demis Roussos during the late 60’s and made success through out Europe. That goes to show that Moz was full aware of the European music scene at that time. What concerns the people’s reaction the answer is: awesome, overwhelming, and tremendous. It couldn’t have been better. This received by Moz and the band (Boz was about to crash his guitar at one point and looked carried away by people’s passion and enthusiasm). Saturday morning Moz and some of the band members rent vespas and drove around Athens. I should have known earlier to wear a policeman’s uniform and punish Morrissey with the penalty coming again next year in Athens.
    Argyris_Kravaritis -- Monday November 11 2002, @08:40AM (#48493)
    (User #3786 Info |
    The only thing that I know is that I don't know anything...Socrates
  • Finally, I’d like to give my warmest regards to Melinda from Oregon (who she didn’t even mentioned me in never mind I still love her) Paul, this witty guy from Leeds, Sean from Arizona, Peter and Nele from Belgium (Peter please send me a copy of your fantastic recordings for each show) and last but not least JULIA who Morrissey follows wherever she goes and I know she will come to our city pretty soon. Julia I promise next time I’ll be the first waiting in the queue. ARGYRIS
    Argyris_Kravaritis -- Monday November 11 2002, @08:44AM (#48494)
    (User #3786 Info |
    The only thing that I know is that I don't know anything...Socrates
  • Don't forget about Everyday is like Sunday...All the people in Gagarin sang along with Morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 12 2002, @08:20AM (#48611)
  • Another moment from the Saturday gig.Morrissey was listening to the crowd singing "Morrisey,Morissey" and said:"o.k. but can you say it backwards?"
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 12 2002, @09:53AM (#48625)
  • what a ridiculous reaction was from Him when the guy offered him the book?
    Before he even smiles or giving a "thank u" nod he bent over the book with a frowning on his face as someone offered him a piece of shit!!!
    what did he mean? that if he didnt like the cover or the author he would never accept!!!
    God it was a gift for him!!!
    I loath him for such reacions sometimes!!!
      "...a gentle tone of kindness/ or written words on paper..." he sung it once!!!!
    still fond of him anyway!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 12 2002, @11:23PM (#48695)
  • Wel I wonder if he was pleased with the people who sang along Everyday Is Like Sunday or not! He said "Help Me!" while he was singing it. I guess he was surprised or maybe he wanted to sing on key and we stole the notion from him? hahaha
    maybe he wanted to sing only byhimself!!! haha!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 14 2002, @03:44AM (#48834)

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