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Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Informative and interesting posts will be moderated up and highlighted. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in.

Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / Hairdresser On Fire / Speedway / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Like You / Alsatian Cousin / Sister I'm A Poet / Meat Is Murder / November Spawned A Monster / Hand In Glove / Irish Blood, English Heart // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by Az Moz Fan
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  • Hurry! I need the info. I am the boss!
    Anonymous -- Friday November 08 2002, @02:07PM (#48212)
  • Don't forget to put some comments about the cutest member of the band, GARY, also known as my future husband.
    I Love Gary -- Friday November 08 2002, @02:48PM (#48216)
    (User #7111 Info)
  • Give us some feedback on the Athens show please. I don't want to go to and have to read those lame reviews by the Morrissey girls. You guys are much more witty interesting...So please post now! =p
    Anonymous -- Friday November 08 2002, @03:37PM (#48222)
  • for me...tonight was magic...i wish it had lasted more...and more...and more...
    unclean -- Friday November 08 2002, @04:32PM (#48232)
    (User #7201 Info)
  • The show just ended and here's the set list, which I was able to get a copy of...

    01. I Want The One I Can't Have
    02. Suedehead
    03. Little Man, What Now?
    04. Hairdresser On Fire
    05. Speedway
    06. The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
    07. The First Of The Gang To Die
    08. Jack The Ripper
    09. Everyday Is Like Sunday
    10. I Like You
    11. Alsatian Cousin
    12. Sister I'm A Poet
    13. Meat Is Murder
    14. November Spawned A Monster
    15. Hand In Glove
    16. Irish Blood, English Heart
    17. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

    I'm so glad I was able to make it to Greece, what a beautiful crowd... can't say that about the city though (sorry). But I am glad to finally hear the live versions of Hand In Glove and Irish Blood, English Heart... especially, Hand In Glove. Morrissey introduced that song by saying many on us where far too young to know this song and then that's when everyone started singing and the pushing started. I was told the Greeks were really laid back, but it was the exact opposite after that song. There were many things Morrissey said, but can't remember all of them... someone help. If I remeber some of the quotes, I'll post them later. There was no opening band and the show started late (around 22:30). Morrissey came out in the usually cargo and buttom down shirt, which he threw out to the crowd a couple of times and all hell broke loose! Lot's of pictures were taken, but I didn't see any video cameras. I started to wait in line around 10am and the only other person there was Julia. The line didn't even start forming until around 6pm. The venue was alright, the one thing I did like about it was the barracade... the barracade and the stage were within arms distance. Only one person made it on the stage (don't know who he was), but alot more could have made it. Security were so lax. I'm expecting more people to try to get on stage tomorrow (or today now) since it is the last show of this leg. Wish you all were here!!!!!

    Az Moz Fan
    Az Moz Fan -- Friday November 08 2002, @04:32PM (#48233)
    (User #1326 Info)
  • I'm typing this 2 hours after the show. It's difficult to describe how wonderful it was... It's the second time to see Moz, the first was in Athens again, about 3 years ago. The set list was much better but the sound wasn't very good, but i think after the 2-3 first songs got better. Moz seemed to be pretty happy and not tired from the tour. He started with "I want the one I can't have". Great! The people started to sing and scream and warmed up the place. He talked a lot with the fans between the songs, and he said to some of them on the front "I can't believe you are here tonight". Obviously, they are the fans who follow him all over. The highlights i think were 'Speedway', 'Jack the ripper' and 'Hand in glove'. Of course, 'There is a light...' was the encore and ALL the people were singing that loud, u cound nearly hear Moz! Listening to this song live, was one of my dreams (many Greeks who never had the chance to see Smiths had the same dream I think). I liked 'Irish blood English heart' a lot. Moz threw 3 shits to the fans!
    chris_101 -- Friday November 08 2002, @04:52PM (#48237)
    (User #7202 Info)
  • just a few things as they come in mind right now, almost 3 hours after the show. the venue is nice, the sound was good where i was standing (about 3m from alain) but moz complained about the pa system ("worst pa system in the world") and many people that were standing at the back said that there was something like an echo at the start. moz made a terrific stage appearance, the usual tricks with the microphone and its stand. he kept walking from on end of the stage to the other, did a lot of handshakes. his security guy that was standing besides alain knows how to do his job. while morrissey shook hands there, the greek security guy rushed to pull him away but he came behind the speaker and took care of things, meaning that handshaking went on and on. suedehead, everyday is like sunday, hand in glove & there is a light got the biggest singalongs. i dont think that many people were familiar with the new songs, which seems odd. boz was caught singing along at the first of the gang and the world is full. alain was stunned by the crowd reaction at the encore. el moz threw 3 shirts at the crowd which cause absolute panic. i managed to get a litle piece from a guy standing next to me while we were waiting for him to come out for the encore. the boss was very talkative, of course he mentioned julia, did the usual joke on alain while introducing the band. a lot of funny moments, i think that the funniest one was when a girl shouted "oscaaaar", moz asked "oscar who?", she replied "oscar wilde" and morissey was left wondering what she was going to say ("oscar wild does....?"). my guess is that she fainted while he was talking to her. i think that meat is murder is performed better on this tour, with its end fading in and finishing in a great guitar and gong noise. which reminds me to say that dean is a damn fine player, the whole band are a bunch of damn fine players. jack the ripper ("a song about the most famous person in london... not the queen"), speedway, crashing bores, i like you, hand in glove & there is light must have been my top moments of an astonishing evening. cheers to everyone i met at the venue and decadence club, see you all tomorrow.......................
    rhenanus -- Friday November 08 2002, @06:09PM (#48256)
    (User #6579 Info)
    your clearasil produces richtofeon rushes...
  • i d like to know what you think about the fact that his concerts are all copies of the prototype...
    i mean he is saying the same jokes...
    the same lines , the same songs
    the same order
    is it a shame or not...
    i really wonder
    i m still thinking about it

    something else .
    i saw tonight many young people , under 20 yrs
    i was really tired of their empty enthousiasm and this blind unfounded faith.
    i am 27 and i am fanaticaly listening to morrissey since 1990.
    Please dont stay pathetic, dont say "oscar wilde..." just because he said it , dont stop eating meat just because he or anyone else does it... you can love someone and still be authentic...real.
    dont be stupid.
    anyway ,i am sure he is tired of such attitudes.
    oram -- Friday November 08 2002, @06:49PM (#48269)
    (User #6748 Info)
  • I am not the man you think i am.
    Brett Sinclair -- Saturday November 09 2002, @05:12AM (#48300)
    (User #6769 Info)
  • Surely one of Morrissey's top performances if not his top-est on this tour!!! The crowd was unbelievable which helped Morrissey truly give his all! I hope people recorded this show because the interaction is unbelievable!!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 10 2002, @10:35AM (#48406)
  • Words can't describe Morrissey's performance and especially the fan's feelings!Very emotional both ways although this time Morrissey really gave his all and talked to the crowd extensively between songs.Stunned at the fact the crowd knew his new songs he joked about playing the same set list and using the same introductions.
    Managing to catch a button of his in a rather embarrassing part of my body and to shake his hand with a lovely mini serenade during "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" I left the venue completely overwhelmed and antisipating his second performance.
    eera -- Sunday November 10 2002, @11:02AM (#48409)
    (User #2914 Info)
    Don't need the sunshine! We look better under neon lights!
  • the pleasure and the privilege was mine...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 13 2002, @04:15AM (#48715)

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