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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / Hairdresser On Fire / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / I Like You / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Sister I'm A Poet / Alsatian Cousin / Meat Is Murder / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Late Night, Maudlin Street / November Spawned A Monster / Irish Blood, English Heart / Speedway // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • The suspense is killing me. Anyone out there?
    fut -- Monday September 30 2002, @02:08PM (#43435)
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    • Re:Hello? (Score:2, Funny)

      i'm here.... didn't go to the show though.... any more UK tour rumours?
      clive -- Monday September 30 2002, @02:15PM (#43438)
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      • Re:Hello? by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday September 30 2002, @02:33PM
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  • set list (Score:2, Informative)

    1 I want
    2 suedehead
    3 little man
    4 hairdresser
    5 first of
    6 jack (what is the brit equivalent of paris ? white chappel !)
    7 I like
    8 everyday
    9 sister
    10 alsation
    11 meat
    12 crashing
    13 maudlin
    14 november
    15 irish blood
    16 speedway
    enc 17 speedway

    lots of cameras, was filmed ....
    Anonymous -- Monday September 30 2002, @02:20PM (#43441)
    • Re:set list by clive (Score:1) Monday September 30 2002, @02:29PM
    • Paris's gig (Score:2, Informative)

      Morrissey was in great form, saying "Bonsoir", I CAN speak french", regarding to the long time joke he started with french audience in 1991 and continued in 1992. He even said some "merci".
      Great sound, better than Royal Albert Hall, great power, however Morrissey spoke less than in London.
      Mexico was out, and we listened back to November.
      Will Morrissey play "Please please" again, like he did for the first venue ? I was sure he would, he didn't...may be later...
      However this was a powerfull performance and the DVD should be excellent.
      Tonight Morrissey told he'd been arrested by french police because he had pissed on Jim Morrisson's grave ; it was of course before introducing the band. - Christophe NEFF
      Anonymous -- Monday September 30 2002, @02:31PM (#43445)
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      • Re:Paris's gig by Aaron (Score:1) Tuesday October 01 2002, @02:51PM
      • Re:Paris's gig by supermimi92100 (Score:1) Wednesday October 02 2002, @01:54AM
      • Re:Paris's gig by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday November 08 2002, @05:19AM
    • Correction to set list by amol (Score:1) Monday September 30 2002, @03:12PM
  • Pics of the Olympia (Score:3, Interesting)

    Pic of the Olympia []

    Closer shot of the name in lights []

    Closer still []

    The lights reflected on a metro bus []

    They have these great all neon signs at the Olympia here in Paris.

    Morrissey, on the venue: "Edith Piaf, Charles Aznevour, and do you know who played here December 10th, 1972?...The New York Dolls!"

    Morrissey's outfit: that string-tie neck thing he wore on one of the Late Late Show appearances, over brown cargo-style pants. For the encore, he put on a plain cream colored shirt, buttoned once at the waist. As the band railed on with the finished passage of There Is A Light... he tore it off, tossed it to the crowd, revealed a not-too-bad physique, and slinked off stage.

    Sadly, I expected to waltz in with this digital camera. They made me leave it at the door. If he comes back later in October, I won't be so obvious. Perhaps they were extra-careful due to the multi-camera filming going on? (But the stage rig was generally rather plain. Just the set up and a gone behind the drums. Used only at the end song, I forget which. Sorry!)

    Also, if for some reason you want the full 2MB images, just post here with some kind of email address and we'll work it out.

    amol -- Monday September 30 2002, @03:29PM (#43464)
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  • can anyone tell me if this
    was a sold out show?
    november -- Monday September 30 2002, @04:11PM (#43470)
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    • Re:anyone...?? by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday September 30 2002, @11:31PM
      • Re:anyone...?? by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday October 01 2002, @01:44PM
      • Re:anyone...?? by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday October 02 2002, @03:55AM
  • Zut alors! Je m'en fous car J'ai manqué le concert. : ( Il faut travailler.

    Unhappy burfday, too.

    No piccies of Morrison's grave, no piccies of Morrissey pissing, just some other old graffittied ruin at Père Lachaise -- Oscar Wilde's tomb [] and my boring commentary.

    Click here [] to see a piccy of the pervvy old vicar strolling around the streets of Pigalle.
    Mel Torment -- Monday September 30 2002, @11:08PM (#43494)
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  • Somebody said somewhere that he played "Bengali In Platforms"...though I think this is highly unlikely...
    Ramon -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @12:25AM (#43502)
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    "I'm all over a vulture, like impending death"
    • Re:Unlikely by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday October 03 2002, @10:28AM
  • All in all it was an excellent show, but whatever happened to Gary and Boz? Especially Mr. Day appeared close to becoming petrified, whereas Boz at least was moving some more towards the end of the show. To anyone out there still complaining about Alain: Go and do something useful instead, as his playing has gained a lot of class over the years, which was most obvious during the quite solid solo spots. Too bad MOZ left out "Mexico" for "November...", as I would've liked to hear all of the newer songs. Other than that, "Meat is murder" always kills and "Speedway" was also awesome, especially when opening the song like this. It's not really necessary to rave about "There's a light that never goes out" as an encore anymore, is it? This REALLY made the OLYMPIA go berserk!! MOZ himself was quite talkative and in an obviously good mood, though being offended by seeing so much fur in the shops of PARIS. Besides that, he really seemed to enjoy the show as well as the audience did.
    Opolus -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @12:38AM (#43504)
    (User #5987 Info)
    "Slit my eyes, for they'll remember..."
  • Great Great show!! and i miss all the french moz fan; where are all of you & what're you doing right now? Is there any "shoplifters union" in paris for all of the supporter? à 28 oct.....
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @12:46AM (#43505)
    • Re:Great!! by jim_boyracer (Score:1) Wednesday October 02 2002, @12:08AM
      • Re:Great!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday October 02 2002, @02:58AM
        • Re:Great!! by jim_boyracer (Score:1) Wednesday October 02 2002, @06:13AM
          • Re:Great!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday October 02 2002, @02:56PM
  • No Mexico? (Score:1, Interesting)

    Why did they leave out Mexico? Was it for geographical reason? I think so.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @12:54AM (#43506)
    • Re:No Mexico? by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday October 01 2002, @04:09AM
      • Re:No Mexico? by monicahotts (Score:1) Tuesday October 01 2002, @10:34PM
        • Re:No Mexico? by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday October 02 2002, @04:03AM
  • Well hey........this show was being filmed for DVD right? Did anyone make it up on the stage tonight? Nobody has mentioned that yet. I was just wondering if it were a wilder show like "Introducing Morrissey" where lots of people were getting up there and hugging Moz? Anything? Did he touch a lot of hands?
    Sharron Needles -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @01:34AM (#43512)
    (User #762 Info)
    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
  • Morrissey talking (Score:2, Informative)

    Morrissey was very talkative. Among other things he said that "I will be at a certain persons grave by midnight. Would you like to join me?" Or something like that... I don't know whether he went to Oscar Wildes grave or not =)

    "May God and Oscar Wilde always bless you"

    Very suitable in Paris!

    And, of cause, he had a conversation with Julia Riley, where he asked her where she'd been since last time and so on...

    "You have big hearts, Julia Riley has a big heart, mine heart is small..."

    He asked us if we liked Sack, and when the audience cheered, he said 'I didn't' in true Morrissey-manner.

    And when he played on of the new songs, he said something like 'This is a new song, which means it's been written in the last seven years'

    Thought you'd like to know. well, I might remember more later...It was an AMAZING evening!!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @03:01AM (#43522)
  • Somebody throwed up an english flag onstage, which Morrissey took and used as a tovel in his sweaty hair, and then throw it back to the audience. A lucky boy got it, and I know he deserves it!!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @03:26AM (#43524)
  • Setlists (Score:2, Informative)

    here :
    Setlist []

    check [] for other ones, photos, etc...

    c u,
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @03:48AM (#43529)
  • C'est Quasimodo, bossu et claudiquant, que les cloches de Notre Dame ont introduit sur la scène de l'Olympia hier soir.
    jlo -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @04:17AM (#43533)
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    • Re:Quasimozdo by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday October 01 2002, @06:39AM
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      • Re:Quasimozdo by jlo (Score:1) Tuesday October 01 2002, @09:13AM
        • Re:Quasimozdo by supermimi92100 (Score:1) Wednesday October 02 2002, @02:19AM
    • Re:Quasimozdo by Montaigue (Score:1) Tuesday October 01 2002, @11:42PM
    • Re:Quasimozdo by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday October 05 2002, @02:11AM
  • The first thing that stroke me while I was walking down the queue to the venue : not only many quiffs have disappeared along the years due to some basic fashion change and also some... urh... natural disorders or hair disease, but, MY GOD, the Smiths and Morrissey T-shirts !!! They're so old, over-washed, deformed, colour-faded... Please, Morrissey, tour more often so the kids get newer shirts.
    BuggerFace -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @04:21AM (#43534)
    (User #6271 Info)
  • All that september the 30th has been very nice : a marvellous sunny weather all day long and then a nice evening meeting with ol' good Moz. The man seemed to be in good health, and was quite funny with many comments between the songs ("I've been arrested by french police yesterday", his mention about Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour). I think that many people were surprised by this new way, some seemed to regret the time when the man was more serious. Manuy complained about the band, and we all must admit that Moz was superior to his musicians... Morrissey seemed to be pleased with the french audience. The atmosphere was great, with a great reaction during manby songs (Sister, November, There is a light...)

    Morrissey's more like a sarcastic crooner now, but it is quite funny. One of the most successful song was "Sister I'm a poet", which was sung by all the audience. I was surprised to hear something like 6 songs from "Viva hate", and especially the difficult "Late Night". I could tell so many things, but it was a real joy to attend this show and to see Moz in good mood. I think the DVD will be great. I hope the sound will be better on it than in the Olympia. I'm already waiting for october the 28th at La Mutualité. En résumé : vivement la prochaine !
    Montaigue -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @04:26AM (#43535)
    (User #6688 Info)
  • ... at the beginning of the concert. what was written on it?
    I presume it was something regarding his 10 years of absence from the parisian scene cse he said 'what is 10 years in a life?'
    other sentences:
    ' I know my name is morrissey'
    ' julia, where have you been in the last concert? what you flew back to boston. incredible'
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @06:12AM (#43542)
  • Nice evening wasn't it ? But where are the pictures ? where are the MP3s ? Come on...let's share your best souvenirs sweet and tender hooligans...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @07:42AM (#43550)
  • Another thing Morrissey said to a fan screaming "I love you" was: "It's just an imagination - I'm not a person".
    I think that's quite interesting, isn't it?
    First of all he created parts of this imagination himself, then it earns him a living and besides, isn't it always just an imagination one loves?
    Perhaps one is better of beeing free from this and staying alone as Morrissey obviously does... .
    Whatsoever - this concert was the best of the Morrissey concerts I've been to and I "really" love him!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @08:16AM (#43558)
  • ...and introducing "Crashing Bores" he said that song is about a person you leave at home tonight.
    jlo -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @09:24AM (#43568)
    (User #56 Info)
  • Julia Riley was annoying, she's frightening and obsessed.

    The sign that was held in french at the front rows said: Bienvenue a Paris (after 10 years)
    very well made sign.

    English hooligans shouting rude things at Morrissey, like: C'mon we all know that real star here is BOZ! (Mozz trying to ignore but heard it very well) the same guys pointing and yelling at Julia ugly things

    Alain indeed like somebody mentioned looked a bit upset , i noticed when Mozz was talking to somebody who was screaming nonsense about deserving Julia to be noticed , he was like AHw.. making faces and immediately started to play with the rest of the band (before Mozz had finished talking) hahahah that was hillarious!

    Jump Stagers? You bet , there were a lot ..and they succeded.
    When Mozz took his shirt and throw it , people were like dogs over a bone , it was pretty dangerous I saw a lot of people getting hurt , and they didnt even want the shirt.

    too many information too tell too many details to be mentioned ..

    What a beautiful venue! elegant, french, classy.
    french people are nice.
    they didn't mind that Julia cut in line once again, over people queing since 9 am.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @10:04AM (#43576)
  • When Morrissey crawled on the floor during 'Meat Is Murder' he made a sort of triangular sign with his hands, does anyone know why or what that stands for?

    Also it looked like he had a ring formed like that, although I'm not sure...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @11:35AM (#43586)
  • Julia should be honoured! Come on, she goes to every single concert, do you really think it would be fair if she had to queue for 10 hours each time? And of cause she gets attention from Morrissey, don't you think he'd recognise you after attending some hundered gigs?

    by the way, Morrissey is just that kind of obsessive personality himself. If he hadn't been Morrissey, but Steven(and not worldfamous...) he would have done the same thing as Julia Riley. After all, he was the president of New York Dolls fan club, that's quite impressive...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @11:47AM (#43589)
  • a europe version of, somebody should get this goin... it would be keen
    boy shankley -- Tuesday October 01 2002, @03:39PM (#43623)
    (User #4022 Info)
    There is no life i know, to compare with pure imagination.
  • Have a look to the URL below to see more details about this crazy night!!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 02 2002, @01:22AM (#43651)
    An article about his performance...go!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 02 2002, @01:26AM (#43652)
  • no "morrissey-morrissey" chants, between the songs quite like at a funeral. why taking this boring audiance for a dvd??? this was not a typical morrissey concert...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 02 2002, @02:04AM (#43657)
  • Bonsoir!

    I'd forgotten how beautiful Paris can be...

    I had just slept off the rigours of a 5.40am flight from Luton in an uncomfortable chair by a fountain in the Jardin de Tuileries and was wandering half-dazed down Rue de Rivoli when I met M waiting at a pedestrian crossing with a young woman.

    It was a strangely matter-of-fact encounter given that he has occupied my thoughts so much recently, just seemed the most natural thing to have happened. We talked for a few minutes - or perhaps it was just me - and then I wished him well and wondered off to the Musee Picasso to review the work of another great artist.

    I returned to the Olympia at 6.30pm to meet my friend, a photographer, who lives in Paris. He tells me that the Olympia charge £1500 to put your name on the front of the building and, looking up at the illuminated facade proclaiming his name for all to see, you have to say it was money well-spent.

    The venue itself was just perfect - tight, hot, loud. It was a wonderfully conceived set (as before, but with 'November' replacing the sublime 'Mexico) and although there was but one song from the last three albums, it was an omission that was only striking in hindsight (it's just embarrassing how many good songs he has to choose from, isn't it?)

    M himself was full of mischief, archfulness and asides, his voice sounding better than ever and so clearly enjoying himself . It's hard to reconcile the thoughtful, gentle man I met in the street with this commanding performer
    (but then we're all a little bit different at work, aren't we?)

    An exceptional day and I can't wait for the new album. Someone should make a documentary...
    SB UK
    SB UK -- Wednesday October 02 2002, @02:51AM (#43666)
    (User #6700 Info)
  • ... other people's grave?
    and was martin (singer from the support act "sack") the comedy copy of morrissey or morrissey the comedy copy of martin? i think "carry on" was quite better to laugh about.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 02 2002, @06:23AM (#43681)
  • At 9.15pm, Morrissey arrived on stage, limping slightly as the first night in London. He weared his blue string-tie neck thing and a brown cargo-style pants. He exclaimed : "Bonsoir … I can speak French … Hello, Hello, Hello"

    After I Want the One I Can’t Have, he added :
    "Thank you for dragging himself along to this British musical comedy …You’re so sweet … 10 years? … a short time"

    After the beautiful chain Suedehead / Little Man, he added :
    "We are very pleased to be in this very famous venue… Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour …
    and on December 2nd 1973…The New York Dolls ! …Very Good…God Bless the New York Dolls"

    "Thank you for the flowers. I’m still alive Julia. Where did you stay last week…Where ?…
    You flew back to Boston … Julia flew back to Boston ! Incredible !"
    A lot of fans shouting a lot of things to which Moz responded : "Shut Up ! "

    Then he introduced The first of the gang with : "This is a new song which means it was actually written in the last 7 years!"

    Before Jack the Ripper, he said : "This next song turns about England .. equivalent of Paris…called White Chapel"

    At the end of the song, he added : "I hope you’ve enjoyed our friends Sack…Yeah !…
    …This is a new song which is called … Done it ! Done it ! … I Like you"

    Later, Alain said : ‘Je m’appelle Alain’ then Moz smiled and said : "No…Eric Cantona !"

    Before Sister I’m a Poet, Morrissey said : "This song…We sang the last time we were in Paris".At the end he added : "Strangely enough… This song we sang the last time in … (crowd shouted PARIS)" …The band played Alsatian Cousin.

    "I noticed all around Paris in many many shop windows… ? ? ? …So horrible…
    …Repeato … I…Will…Become…Vegetarian … You said it !" for Meat is Murder.

    "This next song is about the person you left at home tonight. It’s called The World is Full of Crashing Bores"
    PS : my wife is not a crashing bore Moz! She loves you too...but she couldn't come to the show

    Introducing the band : "I don’t know if you know, but last night, I was arrested by French Police … Oh Yes …
    For peeing on Jim Morrison’s grave… And while I was in the slammer, I met 4 lovely musicians … Boz…Gary…Deano…Alain … and my name is … search (?)"

    "You have big heart, Julia has big heart … my heart is small"

    A fan screaming I love you to which Moz responded : "It's just an imagination … I'm not a person".

    Before Speedway : "We still don’t have a record contract … but we don’t care … we’re happy"

    Before the encore, he said : "At midnight tonight, I would be spoiled across a certain grave…Join me if you’d like to…
    …May God and Oscar Wilde always bless you (as in London)"

    He ended with : "JE T’AIME"

    PS2 : I can't understand people who said Paris is not good for the DVD. Are you jealous? I saw the London & Paris Nights, and Moz was at his best the three nights. And the audience in London & Paris was very good too. On my mind, i don't care if he release Paris London or US show for the DVD. All fans are good. But I know, you who make descrimination, there are some bad people and some real crashing bores on earth.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 02 2002, @11:02AM (#43731)
  • You can take a look on the article which was published in the french daypaper "Le Monde",9687,292630,00.html?query=Morrissey &query2=&booleen=et&num_page=1&auteur=&dans=dansarticle&periode=30&ordre=pertine nce&debutjour=&debutmois=&debutannee=&finjour=&finmois=&finannee=&G_NBARCHIVES=7 45+033
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 03 2002, @04:11AM (#43921)
  • moz was really right at this evening to such a dumb audience. why nobody heared the wake up call at the beginning of the show? shame of you.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 07 2002, @10:38AM (#44524)
  • Reliable source:

    These were the two video recording nights.
    London should get the DVD title.
    Bonus tracks to Paris.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 09 2002, @12:51AM (#44795)

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