posted by davidt on Wednesday September 18 2002, @02:00PM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Hairdresser On Fire / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / I Like You / Mexico / Sister I'm A Poet / Alsatian Cousin / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / Irish Blood, English Heart / Late Night, Maudlin Street / Speedway // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • Another fine show. Some sentimentality crept in ...

    "I'd like to say my parents are in the audience tonight ... so no swearing"

    "My life long friend Linder Sterling ..." [goes stage right and hugs Linder.

    We're going to miss him
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 18 2002, @02:21PM (#41923)
  • fantastic!
    Just before introducing the band, Moz went and put his arm round/introduced the legendary Linder (who was taking photos all night). She was looking particularly foxy! He introduced Dean as 'the best drummer we've ever had' and the crowd went bonkers; "Deano, Deano!".

    As previously mentioned, his parents were there (aah!). Surely he should have played 'Sweet Boy' and dedicated it to them!

    Mentioned still having no UK record deal and that a prequisite was that the band had to have a dance routine so "Boz and Alain are learning the military two step: they might show you later!" (Alain responded with some bizaare little dancey thing!).

    Alain said something thru the mike at one point(The Queen is Dead?) and Moz responded "I deduct £10 from his wages every time he speaks: he now owes me £10!".

    He also mentioned the reviews of last night "we have actually had some good reviews in British papers today: must be doing something wrong!" One review said 'older and greyer' to which Moz quipped something like "did they expect me to get younger and blonder!".

    Set list was the same as last night. First of the gang was brilliant. I noticed in There is a Light that Alain was picking out the flute and subsequently the violin parts on his guitar in the outro.

    The band gave a communal bow at the end of There is a Light and, to their obvious delight, we gave them a massive cheer and thunderous applause; touching stuff!

    That's about all I can remember for now; hope you enjoyed my little review!

    John Steed.

    PS just remembered something else: Moz described Linder as a 'Wonderful Woman' (wasn't that song about her?)
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 18 2002, @02:49PM (#41929)
  • It was a grand venue - august surroundings in which the support band looked like a toy band hitting some tin pot instruments. Some nice atmospherics drifted along the corridors of the Royal Albert whilst I ordered my triple vodka - with coke and ice. I received it from a flustered girl in three different plastic cups, and tipped them into one dropping in two ice cubes and wandering along for a chat with the steward. The proms finished only a few days ago. She said she'd brought some cotton wool for her ears.

    The lights went dark and Morrissey strolled onto the stage. He uttered a few welcome words and ripped straight into "I want the one I can't have." The sound was quiet but the voice seemed to fill the hall and bounce of every wall, every circle and every box. The voice was well hysterical than on the record, more reflective and I would say more beautiful. It filled the hall as though the great organ behind was singing every note.

    Hairdresser on fire and suedehead followed. Jangle-alongs as tender and mockingly innocent as a song can be. It was one of the quietest concerts I've been to - but then I have been playing "rank" and "viva hate" on my walkman on nine bars every night for a couple of weeks. The atmosphere was joyful and voices from all around were gently singing along. Norrissey's voice has never sounded this great live. The occasional idiosyncratic wails and grunts were there; he moved around the stage almost on tip toes not as waif-like as he once was but equally elegant.

    The set-list was fairly similar to other nights on the tour. He didn't play 'November' and played each new song. 'The First of the gang' sounded very good and very Moz on first listen. Apparently it's a great throwback to the days of Suedehead and Everyday according to the NME. 'I like you' was like a maladjusted-period B-side. Mexico seemed beautiful, seductive and gentle with the feel of a gently burdbling stream. The proclamations "Mexico" seemed heartfelt. I loved the song. 'The World is full of crashing bores' was good and typically Moz and 'Irish blood' did sound like suedehead meets kill uncle, as someone earlier said, with just a touch of glam.

    The concert glided by. it wasn't explosive like Oye Esteban or Morbid like the Vauxhall and Maladjusted tours. It had the feel of a man happy and alive "Meet my lifelong friend, Linder Sterling." We just listed, each song was played beautifully and sung gloriously. The voice truly was perfect.

    'Little man, what now?' was perhaps the pick of the night. It sounded even better live and was sung with an almost psychedelic backing, clanging guitars as Morrissey sang "I remembered you."

    "Why do you come here" he gestured at us during Suedehead "when you know it makes things hard for me" "ooh why do you come?"

    It made one wonder what Morrissey would be doing if we'd never come to see him. It may make things hard for him, but you'd never have guessed by his mood. He seemed upbeat, the new songs were fine and the voice was haunting, tuneful and touched with the strange dust that gets on your hands and on your face.

    He talked a lot - some of it was tender, some a little wry "No-one in the whole of England will give me a record I must be doing something right." He felt a little awkward at times I felt and one or two of his comments met with a silence but tonight was about the most beautiful voice in British music, those words and this event. I do believe he will be back and I think his next album will be something worth waiting for.

    He finished with 'Speedway' and came back out for a sparklingly sweet 'There is a light.' It was as sweet as sugar contrasted with the uniquely Smithsian lyrics "If a double-decker bus should kill the both of us" and soon it was over. The crowd were dancing and singing, two men on the floor did some 50s rock and roll moves on the floor. I smiled and it was remarkable. He'd transformed infinite sadness into a throwaway pop concert and I have to say it was quite splendid.
    brokenforever -- Wednesday September 18 2002, @02:49PM (#41930)
    (User #6504 Info)
  • Well what can I say, Morrissey in London doing what us fans wanted to see and it was filmed. Did like some of the comments namely Boz pouring parrafin into his banjo before Every day is like Sunday !!!!!!!!!! the mind boggles. If Morrissey Ma & pa were indeed in the audience, no swearing please, only me. It was over too soon.

    Will go to sleep HAPPY man
    juliogeordio -- Wednesday September 18 2002, @03:11PM (#41939)
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  • A wonderful night,a magical venue, nothing to add from the reviews alredy given except he said at the end ' thank you for making this a perfect night for us' he played ' irish...' and it had all the drama and poise of a moz song i'll want to revisit again and again, the crowd erupted after speedway and kept the atmosphere electric with the 'morrissey, morrissey...' chants between at least three songs so he had to wait to speak, the lights undulated blue purple and red all around the building which is a perfect morrissey venue dripping with victoriana,one odd thing i noticed unless i'm mistaken was that Moz seemed to be limping slightly tonight and was unable to throw himself around too much, it took him 5 minutes to lay down for the meat is murder 'death scene'. The best gig since the cramps played the forum, now all thats needed is for a record executives brain to develop.
    disappointed -- Wednesday September 18 2002, @04:10PM (#41947)
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  • Setlist:
    I Want The One I Can't Have / Hairdresser On Fire / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / I Like You / Mexico / Sister I'm A Poet / Alsatian Cousin / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / Irish Blood, English Heart / Late Night, Maudlin Street / Speedway // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

    Same setlist as the Tuesday, in other words.

    Starting of with I Want The One I Can't Have kicked things off in typically riotous fashion. The rather polite "Morrissey will be onstage in five minutes" announcement seemed to pass ignored by dozens who suddenly flew up various flights of steps to cram into the standing area. Straight away it was clear Moz was in great form, with his slightly Suggs-esque stance in evidence from the off (leaning back with a spidery hand doubled back on itself - you'd know the one if you saw it).

    A mark of a good Morrissey gig is if the versions you hear are better than those you've already got on record, and favourites such as Suedehead and Jack The Ripper suffered slightly by comparison to the studio originals. I quite liked the "When he said I'm gonna screw you" amendment in Hairdresser though, and Little Man, What Now? surprised me by being something of a clap-along.

    The show seemed to flag from the point that The First Of The Gang... aired. It was at this point that I realised most of the recent MP3 downloads weren't being made from UK locations, as only a handful of people seemed to know any of the new material. Not that they weren't superbly sung or played, but unfamiliarity sent the crowd quiet, and the lack of movement for the next four songs or so was a little embarrassing. The later ...Crashing Bores also suffered a similar fate, but there's little doubt that they are very strong - and dare I say it, commercial - tracks.

    Sister I'm A Poet picked things up somewhat - a cracking version. Unfortunately, Alsatian Cousin went down like a lead balloon - clearly not a crowd pleaser on this showing, regardless of the plethora of barking sound effects. The banjo-fuelled Everyday Is Like Sunday was great though, if a yard or two short on pace, as Ron Atkinson would probably say.

    "You'll all be vegetarian one day. All the best people are" heralded a pedestrian Meat Is Murder. All very impassioned, but I couldn't help of thinking how Linda McCartney-esque it was coming across. Nice version, but definitely not among the shortlist of Smiths songs I'd have on the setlist if I had a say. At that point of the show, Rusholme Ruffians, Nowhere Fast or ...Hooligan would have given the audience the arse kicking they clearly needed at this point.

    I was fascinated by my first exposure to Irish Blood, English Heart. I thought it sounded great, but then it suddenly stopped. Not sure if my internal clock was buggered, but it seemed a verse short of a 3 minute marvel. That said, it's the riposte to the Finsbury Park/Madstock affair that he really should've got out in the open almost a decade ago, and I can't wait for a studio version.

    Maudlin Street was lovely, again dedicated to Katrin Cartlidge, and in spite of some bizarrely inappropriate pogoing in front of me on the part of some misguided individual, was undoubtedly the highlight for many of those around me. Speedway beat it for me though - nice slowed intro as remarked upon elsewhere, and then a whip-crackin' Moz really working the crowd. If only he could've slid a few more crowd-pleasing moshables in amongst the newies.

    There Is A Light was the sublime encore once more. Faultless version, although after emerging grinning like a loon, half crushed from the moshpit, I can't help thinking how much the net has tempered the impact of such songs on this tour. If I'd have seen Moz on the Boxers tour, and then he'd come out and unleashed my favourite song upon me, I'd have probably keeled over. Unfortunately, when you know he's encored with it every night (bar one?) on the entire tour, it
    ivor_the_injun -- Wednesday September 18 2002, @04:23PM (#41951)
    (User #6512 Info)
  • Incredibly few singing the 'new songs' tonight.

    Mr & Mrs Morrissey were delightfully delivered in the limo 'ROK 1'

    I pulled an Oxon prof of philosophy on my way home

    Good night ruffians
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 18 2002, @04:37PM (#41953)
  • Just got back, the show tonight was just brilliant, and much better than last night. Morrissey was energetic and sounded wonderful both nights, but tonight the band sounded better and was more lively, and the crowd was much more vocal. All the new songs sounded great, and in my opinion, the band played There Is A Light much better tonight.
    One thing I thought was sweet was when Linder blew him a kiss from the side of the stage after he hugged her.
    And towards the end when he said to the crowd something like "You make me very happy".
    Also I thought he said something about his heart being here, did anyone else catch that as I might be mistaken?
    He really looked great. Perhaps why someone in the balcony yelled "suck my cock" between songs? Rather strange, but Moz didn't hear it. Someone else yelled "I love you" and he sort of glanced over with a funny look on his face and mouthed "why?"
    Another highlight was that I got to briefly meet Bernard Butler (Suede) and Jim Glennie (James), while they were on their way into the after show party, and I got a picture with Jim. I also saw Harry Hill going in, and Sean Hughes in the bar before the show started.
    I also finally got to see Linder in person (she looked great!)and Michael Bracewell.
    All in all a truly wonderful evening.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 18 2002, @05:25PM (#41964)
  • Great show. Having heard the new songs on the net, then in person tonight, I'd say HE STILL HAS IT, A-PLENTY!!
    'I Like You' had a special effect on me, being there with my lovely wife. 'We're thinking the same lines' and 'You're not right in the head, and nor am I' - really summing up the mystery of true true love [now does THAT sound trite?]

    Lovely stuff, this Morrissey.

    I think I saw his family in one of the Boxers [sic] in the K block stalls, and Bernard Butler, [ex suede and now recording again with one-time Morrissey Support act David MacAlmont was in the Entrance hall as I left looking very Urbane in an old velvet jacket.

    Anyhoo .. a great peformance by the Band and Morrissey, whose voice seemed polished, recreating the highs and lows of all his recorded work well.

    Is it just me or has Morrissey developed an stage routine based on that of 'Bad Boy Bubby', with all the odd barks and grotesque gurning?

    Well, nearly all the gig on tape, just the end of There is a light missed, so hope the quality is ok for the web - we'll see.

    Back home in Notts now, thanks to the Choo-Choo, and sorry to say a little stoned [around Sloane Square...]

    Love to all the faithful.
    Let's see if I get to Dublin
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 18 2002, @06:11PM (#41972)
  • Ya'll give such amazing reports! Felt like I was reading one of them novels! lol

    Seriously folk’s thank you for giving such great reviews, they are very informative, and a bit romantic is some way (it must have been a Morrissey concert!!) made me feel a bit envious!! Wish I could have been there too. I hope there are more fabulous reviews like these in the shows to come.
    Bigmouth Struck <reversethis-{moc ... } {noissesbOdaM}> -- Wednesday September 18 2002, @06:51PM (#41974)
    (User #1626 Info)
    That was very cheesy of me...
  • i really wish all you UK fans could migrate to the US and join the dying few who arent so negative and degrading to moz, even though they claim to love him. not one of the London posts were negative i love that !!!
    bOy aFraid
    peace to the moz family
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 18 2002, @11:13PM (#41985)
  • how long did the gig last?????
    inlovewiththepast -- Wednesday September 18 2002, @11:21PM (#41987)
    (User #1028 Info)
    truth rest your head there is more than a life at stake here..she may well sell sanctuary but she'll also sell your soul
  • I always leave a Moz concert wanting more, wishing it was me who touched his hand. I did try, but I was 3rd row back and couldn't quite reach. I only managed 15mins at the front before getting totally crushed. His voice was fantastic, he was fantastic.
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 19 2002, @12:27AM (#41993)
  • I downloaded your performance on TV (Craig Kilborn) and I recognize you are a clever swine, in a good manner, I loved when you make that sign with your hand meaning something like "Stop" than turn your head aside: Stylish!

    God Blessssss you Boy!
    Don't forget South American fans!! Come here.
    AnthonyBrazil -- Thursday September 19 2002, @12:55AM (#41997)
    (User #1409 Info)
  • The first Albert Hall show was OK but last night's was just brilliant. The audience were totally energetic and, occassionally, quite mad. This seemed to appeal to the band as they were very much on form (they were'nt the night before). The new songs: First Of The Gang, Irish Blood and I Like You are great. Crashing bores is OK. Mexico is still awful. He has to drop that one, it's way too embarrassing. He was on fantastic form though. Great voice, amazing presence, looking good and very funny. Why, if I owned a record label......
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 19 2002, @01:02AM (#41998)
  • is it me,or does anyone else think moz was a lot more camper than usual?!he seemed happy enough last night,chatting away between every song.good the way,how come much of the setlist is from his early solo days?im not being critical here(god forbid),just wondering.hope to see the new album out soon,cos it seems like it could be rather special.the new songs really do have alot going for them dont they?great riffs and lyrics and really easy to listen to.mind you,would still probably get panned by the media.tossers.oh,one more thing,did anyone see the guy who looked the spitting image of morrissey in the crowd?!uncanny!looked like moz from the early 90's era.
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 19 2002, @01:19AM (#41999)
  • Great show last night - the first time I've seen the man and he exceeded my expectations completely.
    Apologies if anyone has already asked this or answered it, but does anyone know who was recording the show or for what?
    Dan. -- Thursday September 19 2002, @01:20AM (#42000)
    (User #6522 Info)
  • That was my tenth show, and for me it was the best...maybe it was because I was in Block G and could see everything. The sound seemed better than the previous night.

    I'm amazed the barrier didn't give was bowing at the middle and security really had to be on top of their game to prevent anyone getting on stage.

    If I had the means, I'd go to Paris...Dublin...sadly doing so might mean loss of job, girlfriend etc...!!

    Did anyone get any pictures or audio? and does anybody know who was filming?
    Ghostface -- Thursday September 19 2002, @01:21AM (#42001)
    (User #255 Info)
  • We hung round by the stage door for 2 hours after the concert. Met Harry Hill, Bernard Butler, Shaun Hughes oh and Dean and Alan Whyte. Had a good laugh with the other groupies including a guy who had just been released after 16years in a mental home over his beliefs about Morrissey. Also witnessed a security guy losing his rag over a harmless comment about his rucksack. Hilarious. As for the man himself. He pi**ed off through another door after we'd been waiting for 1 1/2 hrs. Truly disappointed. Thanks for nothing.
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 19 2002, @01:26AM (#42002)
  • Last night I recall him saying "Thank you, you have made me a very happy man. However, how long it shall last I cannot say. It shall pass"

    Then he went on to say...

    "you will grow hairs on your chest and it shall pass". An odd thing to say but Morrissey was was wonderful and I really enjoyed the show. I didn't even mind being totally lost on the tubes going home.
    lament -- Thursday September 19 2002, @02:06AM (#42005)
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    • Re:happy. by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday September 19 2002, @03:19AM
  • Anyone know where you can get hold of T shirts from last night. Didnt get a chance to buy one but want to get hold of one
    gareth -- Thursday September 19 2002, @02:23AM (#42008)
    (User #6527 Info)
  • Well I must say that was an excellent evening. Morrissey and the albert Hall were a classic combination. Morrissey had a lot of excellent banter out between tunes- I mean you couldn't have asked for more!

    The new tunes were not the Maladjusted Moz-by-numbers we might have been expecting but were instead fantastic. I love "The world is full of crashing bores". I don't know what you guys think but I reckon the sound of them was by turns very Your Arsenal and very Viva Hate. He deserves a record deal, that is for sure. Any man with this much charisma 20 years into his music career who can pack out the Albert Hall 2 days running MUST be given a recording contract- he just MUST!

    One last thing to say, despite living in the US he certainly has his finger on the pulse of what's what in this country! Viva Moz!!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 19 2002, @02:40AM (#42014)
  • Still breathless (Score:1, Interesting)

    Wow. I'm still getting over last night. My first Morrissey gig, and my first time at the Albert Hall. It was a tearing rush getting there from Bristol - especially as I remembered at the last minute that I had to pick up my inhalers from the chemist - but thanks to the wonder of mobile telephony I met Davy and the others in the pub in good time, if totally out of breath.

    Both Davy and I had never been to the Albert Hall before and spent about 10 minutes saying, "Oh my God!" [It makes Bristol's equivalent, the Hippodrome, look like theatre from Talons]. I can't objectively review the gig right now, it's still too fresh. But seeing Morrissey, even from the heights of the balcony, was strange and moving and heartening. He began the show by saying, "Welcome to a night to forget!" How wrong he was. Old Smiths songs and early solo stuff mixed with stunning new material, especially, "I Like You" and "Irish Blood English Heart." Hightlights: "Meat Is Murder", the ending of which had Morrissey wirthing in a spotlight whilst Boz Boorer chainsawed his guitar over him; and "Hairdresser on Fire" - a sublime song, one of my faves which instantly gives the lie to the "Smiths good / Moz-solo crap" theory. Davy said the sound was crap but somehow I didn't notice. There was not an empty seat in the Albert Hall and the crowd were adoring, when he moved to the!
      front of the stage it was like a magnet to iron filings.

    Morrissey himself seemed genuinely touched by the vast response to these two gigs. "You have made me happy", he said, and sounded like he meant it. "It won't last," he added laconically. A great showman, you couldn't take your eyes of him and he was full of wry banter between songs. And his voice! I've heard some very dodgy live performances from the man over the years, but last night he was perfect, hitting every note and sounding as good as he ever has. I shouldn't neglect his band, who have been with him now for almost a decade. They are credible contenders live, seeming perfectly at home in the cavernous space of the Albert Hall. They ended with an encore of "There Is A Light..." which I shall never forget.

    The man has packed out the Albert Hall for 2 nights. His new songs are fantastic. His band are shit-hot. People love him. He's as fit as he ever was, judging by the glimpse of his torso we were privileged with when he whipped his shirt off at the end, and his voice is if anything better than ever. Someone give the bloke a record contract! NOW!!!

    The whole thing was over by 10.30 and so I was able to catch the last train back to Bristol, reluctantly foregoing a drink with Davy, Jac, Nick, Alastair and *Ruth. It was an entertaining journey, a drunken nutter boarded the train at Reading, and refused to get off at Didcot despite having no money to pay his fare. He became violent and had to be forcibly ejected from the carriage, the police were called but he'd buggered off before they arrived. They announced over the tannoy that he'd had a knife in his pocket the whole time. I arrived home at 2 o' clock in the morning still not quite believing that from a totally mundane start the day had ended with me seeing one of my all-time heroes.

    Thanks to Davy for that e-mail, and for meeting me as I wandered lonely as a clod around Knightsbridge. And to Alastair for getting the tickets. And to Gary for buying too many tickets in the first place.

    Nick Walters
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 19 2002, @02:52AM (#42017)
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  • ...All the people I talked with during these 2 wonderful days, you're all great ; I'm the little French with blond hair ;)

    See you in Paris !!!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 19 2002, @03:10AM (#42019)
  • For anyone who hadn't been to one before, the splendour of last night in the Albert Hall would be flavoured with a curious mix of extremes:
    Passion, bizarre sentinments of love, footballcrowdesque aggressivemness, punks and flowers, loud bellows and heart warming seconds of silence all together with wonderful, wonderful music.
    For the rest of us, we all absorbed too this, a scene reminisent of every Morriseey concert.
    Only, last night I felt a sense of something else.
    Morrissey emerged as powerfully and humbly as a man can be.
    His voice as unique and charming as we have grown to love -and more.
    more than usual he talked and was as lucid and articulate as any of the men that he,himself admires.
    The set list was suprising but pleasantly so, where Morrissey sang songs we all hold close to our hearts but did not perhaps expect to hear. The new tracks raised excitement, anticipation and admiration.
    I could go on about what you already know.

    A splendid evening Sir, Thank you
    Sarah Wood -- Thursday September 19 2002, @03:23AM (#42022)
    (User #6528 Info)
  • The bouncers were very violent and rough to the people who managed to get on stage , i had always heard that mozza gets angry with the bouncers when they are rough with fans, but he didnt seem to care tonight and last night! He could have at least touched their hands or something!
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 19 2002, @03:27AM (#42024)
    • Re:bouncers by Dave C (Score:1) Thursday September 19 2002, @12:15PM
  • I am confused!
    I always thought that the typical mozza fan was the shy and retiring type who looks to moz cos they are lonely and cant get on in life and he helps them through it(i certainly fit into that category). But i constsantly keep reading about how he attracts hard, violent, petty criminals as fans because they dont feel they fit into society and mozzas lyrics speak to them in some way. Im now worried that i dont fit in with the mozza obsessives. Well what do u lot think is the typical mozza fan? is it the first category(shy and lonely) or the second(violent criminals) or both or neither? You lot arent all violent criminals are u?please say you arent!!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 19 2002, @03:34AM (#42025)
    • Re:mozza fans? by lament (Score:0) Thursday September 19 2002, @03:42AM
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    • Re:mozza fans? (Score:2, Insightful)

      Don't blame the sweet and tender hooligans.

      Although last night seemed a little too 'civilised' (and consequently tame) what with the sitting down and all, I must admit feeling more comfortable than I did at Blackpool for the Boxers tour where there were still a lot of hangers-on from the whole National Front Disco palaver. I guess if Moz has a fascination with certain criminals then he's bound to attract people with a different kind of fascination of them.

      I don't know though, who am I to say?!
      Busy Scissors -- Thursday September 19 2002, @03:45AM (#42031)
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    • Re:mozza fans? by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday September 19 2002, @04:35AM
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  • Well, was my first Moz experience and I was impressed. The man has such presence (this I did exepect). The set list was the same as every other this tour (bar November) which was to be expected. His voice quite lovely and the band were tight. Gary looked rather bored to be honest, but then as this is my fist show he might always be like that. Alain looked the don in his sharp clothes. Boz looked fat, but looked to be loving every minute.

    One or two gripes; Hairdresser was far to slow for my liking. After the first verse you wondered if it was ever going to get to the end! The sound was (as I'd be warned) suspect. The guitars were getting muddled around a bit however I think was due more to the engineer than the PA. Also, sorry to moan, but (in my opinion) Everyday was dreadful. That banjo sucks, and when the chorus kicked in, there didn't seem to be any guitars playing! Surely Moz should get someone in on keyboards as loads of his songs have strings / keys which siply arent there live. Also, I know I'll be unpopular for saying this but I really do hate Meat Is Murder & Maudlin Street, in my opinion no good as live songs. Sorry...

    Highlights for me were Sister I'm a Poet, I Like You and Jack The Ripper - this song simply blows me away (although was Alain playing the main riff with the chorus... hmmm not sure). Also, when he left after There Is A Light his trousers were descending rather quickly ;)!!The venue didn't do Moz any favours but certainly added a little bit of England to the show. What else, well just elated to have ssen the man in person, feel truly honoured. How does Moz get clothes that fit so well. Never have I seen such truly 'fitted' numbers.....
    mrbleepbleep -- Thursday September 19 2002, @03:43AM (#42028)
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  • can someone tell me that the triangle thing during meat is murder was all about?
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 19 2002, @03:52AM (#42032)
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              • Re:triangles? by Almodis (Score:1) Thursday September 19 2002, @08:09AM
              • Re:triangles? by Grillo (Score:1) Thursday September 19 2002, @08:18AM
              • Re:triangles? by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday September 19 2002, @03:13PM
              • Re:triangles? by MozCelt (Score:1) Friday September 20 2002, @09:38AM
  • Can the blonde girl from Manchester who attended both Albert Hall shows please get in touch with me. Or post a reply to this and I will contact you. I met her on the G platform (wheelchair platform) side-stage and spent all evening with her on the Wednesday. I was wearing a black leather jacket and I am Scottish. She will know who I am if she reads this. Sad to say I left without swapping numbers but wish I had :-(
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 19 2002, @04:20AM (#42037)
  • Any opinions on the support act Pony Club ? (assuming they played - I wasn't there, unfortunately.) I finally got around to getting his album - I think his lyrics are excellent - but I'm not sure about the music or how it'd work in such a big venue.
    Almodis <reversethis-{moc ... } {ta} {sidomla}> -- Thursday September 19 2002, @04:31AM (#42038)
    (User #4664 Info)
    ...the Crime they styl'd 'Anonymity.' That is, I left messages posted publicly, but did not sign them. -- Thomas Pynchon
  • What a fantasic night I had watching old Moz last Tuesday night.

    We left Leeds around 1 on Tuesday afternoon. 20 miles down the M1 my friend Andy remembers he had left his ticket back at work in Leeds, we turned round got the ticket and headed back to London. All was back on track until we reached Luton and was caught up in traffic.

    It took us another 3 and a half hours to reach Greater London. By now it's 8pm and we get lost on the South Circular Road (We were satying in Tooting).

    I thought that we were going to miss the gig. I pulled up to ask directions to get to Tooting or even the Albert Hall. We got the directions and headed off.

    Then POP! one of my tyres blew. It was the fastest wheel changes ever (6 minutes!). At this point I thought that was it and dissapointment started setting in.

    We then ditched the car near East Putney Station and got a tube to the Albert Hall.

    We arrived at the Albert Hall just before 9 and I has just enough time to have a piss and wash oil of my hands before the start of the set.

    What a top night!!

    Best part of the night was the line "David/Bacharach would have shit to have wrote a song like that"

    I thought the new songs are the best he has done for a long time, but Im not too keen on "Mexicans".

    I dont think Morrissey can do any wrong at the moment, the press are loving this comeback.

    A record deal must be round the corner.

    aly.smith -- Thursday September 19 2002, @05:48AM (#42047)
    (User #3669 Info |
  • I have now calmed down after an exhausting and emotionally draining two nights. Many subjects and opnions to share but this tale from Tuesday must be told.

    Ambled to the back stage area on Tuesday night after meeting a few Morrissey solo faces in the Catherine Wheel. Then, by chance in the RAH, bumped into Mimi.. and this is where she unwittingly played a part in the story, because afterwards me and a friend went looking for her.. and before we could catch her, there she was going backstage. Which is fine for her, and frustarting for us, for the security as you can imagine was tight. Then, by immaculate chance, we were given two priceless Guest passes for the after show 'party'.. actaully given them.. we just blinked in amazement and couldn't believe our luck. Now we're no more deserving than anyone else here but we had to take our chances so we drew big breth, looked like we belonged, and strode in with purpose.

    The after show was downstars. A mix of ages were there. Media people, but very few fans by the look so on that level we felt well within in our rights to be there.. real heart felt fans rather than media sychophants.

    We took a seat. And, by chance, happened to sit at the table next to where Linder Sterling and a small entourage were privately chatting amongst themselves. We exchanged small talk amongst ourselves and spoke to a couple of people associeted with the support acts (roadie for the Thrills one of them) and a lovely girl who lent me her pen. We was not prepared for this to happen and then, like a dream, it unfolded before us.

    First Gary Day appaeared. Black t-shirt, Covered in tattoos .. every inch a 60's rocker from the beach at Brighton. Wasn't quite sure of the social ettiquette of the ocacssion but thought ahh, what the hell, Morrissey won't be here, so may as get him to sign the ticket.. So asked Gary to sign and I've never met a bigger cockney than him.. brilliant, even if the 'f*cking pen was f*cked' to quote him as the ink wouldn't flow at first. So thanked him and went back to our table before somone brushed past my back.. and was followed by a big Ameriacn minder. It was Morrissey. the place sort of buzzedand the convesration sort of went up a notch .. but no-one really hassled him. A few approached and shook hands and one picture was taken.. but then he joined Linder and sat with his own private and personal friends.

    It was amazing. we were talking and trying to be oh so cool.. for it was really inappropriate to have down anything else than to polietly glance but let him have his moment of privacy. But we really could not believe it as our Morrissey hearts raced. Our good fortune. We consider ourselves so lucky.. so very lucky. It was just wonderful, for there he was.. looking better than he did on stage. Sort of younger dare I say in close up real life, despite the flcks of grey on the side of his head. He was relaxed. He had his own tour t-shirt on with the motorhead style Morrissey logo on.. and a dark jacket. He joked and smiled. And we were just feet from his distinguished profile. His chiselled jaw and proud forehead. A man who had touched our lives with his words, his poetry and his charisma.

    Just to further paint the detailed picture for you, Boz arrived shorly afterwards, and said hello to Morrissey and gave his shoulder an affectionate squeeze.. I am sure Alain was there but didnt see where he was.

    Sorry, back to the tale, so, after about 30 mintues, Morrissey got up without too much pre-amble to leave. A young couple pressed a copy of maladjusted into his hand and he signed.. and then we just couldn't hold back.. and approached him and asked him to sign our tickets. Which he did. He even signed the ticket with Gary Days name on it making a amusing remark that he gets everywhere. And I said something like 'and wear shirts that tear more easily' (as I nured bruised fist from the shirt melee) but couldn't say anything else. Anything else to say would have been superfluous, and then my friend came forward, she is one
    Ruffian <[email protected]> -- Thursday September 19 2002, @07:46AM (#42064)
    (User #1813 Info)
    "In the days when you were hopelessly poor, I just liked you more..."
  • What a show! It was my first time seeing the great man live, after wanting to for three years. I wasn't disappointed.
    I turned up early at about five to six, where the 'hard core' of about 30 or so fans were already assembled (you know who you are guys). Spent the time talking to a really nice bloke, Hairdresser on Fire... When it was time for the doors to open, the security were really arsey - exactly as you'd expect a bunch of people used to classical concerts to be (except they'd experienced Morrissey Fans the night before and have put on numerous rock concerts on before?!?). They kept saying 'no running, no pushing' and at one point stopped issuing wrist bands until 'we all calmed down'. Personally I thought we were actually well behaved, by gig-going standards. Actually the security were hard all night, very efficient at dealing with would-be stage invaders / crowd surfers etc, I didn't see any brutality but they weren't pissing about. It did mean that the closest anyone got to hugging Morrissey was touching his hand as they were bodily removed from the pit at the front.
              Morrissey came on stage at about ten past nine. The opening poem really brought excitement in the hall to fever pitch, chants of 'Mor -ri - ssey'almost drowning it out! He came on and said 'Welcome to a night to forget', we cheered our approval. The set was the same as the previous night. I hadn't heard any of the new songs and was pleasantly surprised, I especially liked 'I Like You' and 'The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores'. The band were all looking good, though the glasses put a few years on Boz! Gary by contrast seemed not to have aged a day since the 'Kill Uncle' days. Boz's mad guitar at the end of Meat Is Murder (a true aural assault, to the extent that he moved his guitar in a hacking motion down on the prone form of Morrissey (he didn't actually get anywhere near hitting him though!).
              The highlight of the evening for me was holding the hand of the great man himself. It was something I had always dreamed about since I first saw the 'Live In Dallas' film. I was in the second row, right in the middle. Morrissey had shaken the hands of the guy in front of me (nice quiff by the way mate!!) and to his left (nice west ham boys t-shirt) and to his right, every time he came by I stuck my hand out imploringly and I know he saw, because he came back and looked down at me and tried to shake my hand, but it was knocked out of the way by someone in front (even though I am tall, bear in mind I was in the second row, so it was pretty hard to reach him). But I could see that he knew I still hadn't shaken his hand, he was looking to come back and about two songs later he did, extending his hand which I took briefly as he looked down.. I this might seem a bit fanciful (looking to come back etc), but the two friends I was with said he was looking to come back, and he didn't shake the other people's hands he had already shaken again around me (not until much, much later). He could see how much it meant to me and though I knew it from his lyrics, this really showed to me what a caring, considerate man he is. I will treasure the memory of the whole evening forever, but especially that moment.
              The only downer was the crowd surfing during the encore, just felt it was a bit inappropriate, considering the song, and everyone could see there was no way you were going to get to Morrissey that evening. I suppose I can't blame them for trying! But a shoe in the face is never nice. That is only a minor gripe, the whole evening was simply wonderful, the whole crowd gave Morrissey a great welcome that he and the band were visibly touched by (Alain, Boz, Gary and Alain had smiles a mile wide when they took a bow at the very end after Morrissey had left the stage). They put on a great show that demonstrated the man still has it, and could make a great return if all his new songs are as good as the clutch presented yesterday.
    2-J -- Thursday September 19 2002, @09:11AM (#42083)
    (User #4798 Info)
  • I understand that there was also a film crew interviewing fans outside, a la Hulmerist. Did anyone see this going on? Get interviewed?
      I always wonder what those kids in line look like now that were jumping in front of the camera, feeding the goats, etc...
    "Moz fans, now and then. How well have they aged?" I can hear the intro now...
    SpringHeeled Jim AZ -- Thursday September 19 2002, @12:12PM (#42118)
    (User #5203 Info)
  • Erm, kind of late in the day to ask but would anyone be willing and able to tell me what was the first track that played after the Thrills' set, I mean the background music, not Morrissey's set. It was a pretty wild one I wish I could listen to it again.
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 19 2002, @12:16PM (#42121)
  • Great show at the Albert Hall last night. It was a better atmosphere than Tuesday night and the crowd seemed more up for it. One of the best Moz shows I've ever been to I think. A couple of observations -

    1) The recording truck outside the RAH was from Sanctuary Studios who are part of the sanctuary records group. Has Moz signed to Sanctuary or is this just coincidence?

    2) Moz's parent's were sat right behind me in one of the boxs. Strange to think they'd come along to watch their son perform where most people had come along to see their idol (if you get what I mean!).

    Roll on an album and more dates.
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 19 2002, @12:43PM (#42130)
  • Morrissey was brilliant! I've been phoning people about it all day! My seats were great, I could see fine and he was just soooo beautiful, not bad for 43.... It just went too quickly, I'm still stunned by it. The only thing was there wasnt much atmosphere where I was, I couldnt see anyone near me singing along, but his voice... And he was so witty, the banter between songs was brilliant, i've never beeen to a gig where whoever youre there to see actually spoke to the audience so much. The new songs were fantastic, especially Irish Blood English Heart. From where I was I could see that the standing bit wasnt packed, there was loads of space at the back. I dont know why they couldnt have sold more tickets for standing, it was a bit weird, all these people sitting down. On the other hand, the RAH was so civilised, all clean, which i thought was a nice change to some nasty london dives. I was suprised, we were the youngest looking people in the bar, 20 and 21, I thought there were only a few people that looked about the same age as us, I expected there would be more teenagers. Speedway was amazing, as was meat is murder, I thought I was going to cry, but I didnt! It made me soooo happy! Drunkenly on the way home I kept singing really badly and asking my poor boyfriend, why wont someone give him a record deal? Please come back soon Morrissey!
    talulah <[email protected]> -- Thursday September 19 2002, @02:15PM (#42156)
    (User #6212 Info)
    Where words are scarce, they are seldom spent in vain; For they breathe truth that breathe their words in pain.
  • My first Morrissey concert! It was wonderful, except i wish i could have been down in the standing area. In fact i was in the highest seats in the hall! (I was on holiday when the tickets were first announced, by the time i got back i was lucky to get one at all.) Up at the top i was the only person moving all night, the majority of people didn't even stand & not just older people, teh couple by me were about my age (18) and they didn't even sing once. Can't wait till my second Moz concert whenever that might be.
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 19 2002, @02:53PM (#42160)
  • Did anyone find it amusing when Moz said "PLEASE Come Nuclear Bomb" in his rendition of "Everyday is Like Sunday" at the Albert HAll on Wednesday. He really emphasised the Please. I Thought the show was one filled with jokes and the Moz Man was at his prime. Who could tell that he has'nt toured for Five Years! Hats off to you Steven and your Family in the crowd, they would off been prowd!
    Mozinsider -- Friday September 20 2002, @01:09AM (#42237)
    (User #3849 Info)
  • I had a standingplace the 2 nights and saw that rude bodyguard who, it seems, wasn't informed by the insiders about the adoring fans. That guy should be replaced sooner than immediately. Such agression, rude behaviour, I saw him slam the fans I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Why such a beast???
    Anonymous -- Friday September 20 2002, @02:44AM (#42243)
  • I went to both gigs and I had the crappest seats - I was so disappointed (circle X and circle P). There's nothing worse than wanting to be down there with your friends shouting and dancing... However beautiful the RAH might be, I thought it was not such a great venue for Mozzer. The Forum was pretty amazing in that respect. Anyway, enough of complaints, the highlight of both nights for me was JACK THE RIPPER but also THE WORLD IS FULL OF CRASHING BORES. I actually like the new songs very VERY much now, I wasn't too sure to start with but his voice it's just soooo amazing... Will I ever get over this guy?
    gladioli <[email protected]> -- Friday September 20 2002, @04:42AM (#42265)
    (User #786 Info |
    Gor'blimey... Did you know there's more to life than books, but not much more...
  • anyone who knows where you can find pictures (except morrisseytour) from the RAH concerts?
    Anonymous -- Friday September 20 2002, @05:34AM (#42276)
  • and my sister heather went to see the wednesday night concert, unfortunately we were in the circle in the very last row and even with my glasses on i couldn't make out any facial features.....nooooooooo! i think he was wearing the same clothes as he is in those rolling stone shots. did the sun say there was no sign of his younger fans..? what rot!! i'm twenty and my sister is 14, was she the youngest person there? there were loads of young fans (most amusingly sporting huge quiffs) hanging round outside door 6 of the rah, where the channel four camera crew were. we got interviewed by them! apparently they're following morrissey round for six months and the documentary'll be shown in about a year. we have met someone who has met morrissey.........that's enough for me! unfortunately my sister kept repeating 'morrissey is god' into the camera so she may appear rather crazed on the prog, lol. there was a really nice looking lookalike, sporting a moz haircut and wearing all denim. if ure reading this, you're very cute! he looked like moz about 5 years ago, but a bit skinnier. i was the girl wearing a long black cord skirt and a brown velvet jacket with purply black hair, with the girl wearing a black coat and with long red hair. if u were there and good looking (i have now discovered a morrissey concert is my ideal hunting ground for attractive intelligent males!) get in touch! also cheers to the bloke with curly blondish hair who directed us to the albert hall.....we'd been wandering around it for about an hour trying to find it. i'd have loved to have met fellow fans there, but was too shy to talk to anyone, i wish i had. also, if u were the lad who also went who stayed at the earls court youth hostel, and was in the tv room afterwards, you should have spoken to us! i wanted to speak to you but was too shy.
    on a serious note, i was pretty impressed by the concert. there was certainly a lot of standing room left which i was very annoyed about, i'm sure most people would have preferred to be down there. morrissey was very funny and played a good selection of songs (my sis and i love speedway and jack the ripper). hardly anyone was standing up and dancing tho, which was annoying, i felt a right fool when i stood and danced. the rah certainly looked the part but i think other venues may have been more appropriate. i don't know if i appreciated the concert as much as i could, i couldn't believe the distant figure onstage was really him. of the new songs, i like you was good, as was english blood, irish heart (or the other way round), the world is full of crashing bores sounded a bit out of tune and weird, and mexico was a bit boring. overall a really good concert, ending on a high note when morrissey took off his shirt and flung it into the audience!! i couldn't see properly of course but he looked in pretty good shape....i thought it was supposed to end at quarter to 11 tho, not quarter past ten! one more complaint....the prices of the drinks, i paid £3:20 for a miniscule malibu and lemonade!! i don't know if this is average in london, but it certainly isn't in newcastle. it was a birthday present i won't forget.
    lily -- Friday September 20 2002, @06:26AM (#42286)
    (User #771 Info)
  • Birthday Gift! (Score:1, Interesting)

    My birthday is on the 17th September 1970. I'm from Frankfurt/Germany and I decided to visit both of the shows at the RAH.

    The first problem was, that I booked a flight with Ryanair at 9:20 a.m. on Tuesday and they decided to cancel the flight due to the bad weather conditions. Can you imagine, how pi..ed I was.

    Then my friend and me decided to fly with another airline from the airport in Frankfurt, Buzz Airline, they saved my day, because, we left Germany at 3:20 p.m. and we reached the RAH in time.

    Moz was so fantastic, I've weared my "West Ham Boys Club"-Shirt from the 16/11/99 show at the Forum and it was just so wonderful to see him for the 11th time of my life.

    I just want to say "Thank you!!!" to him for the greatest birthday gift I've ever got!

    I love this new song "Irish Blood....". It's one of the finest songs, he ever wrote. Does anyone know, who has written the music for this song?

    Deano is a fantastic drummer and a very nice person. I've met him after the second show on door 1. Someone gave me his backstage-pass and I saw the fantastic Linder.

    I also want say to all english people: You are a great nation with a fantastic humour:

    One of the older visitors left the building and someone asked him, if he's Mr. Morrissey and he answered spontanous "No, I'm Mrs. Morrissey!". Fantastic! This kind of humour I will always missing in Germany!
    Anonymous -- Friday September 20 2002, @07:53AM (#42305)
  • The pink shirt he threw out at the end (which I have about 1cm square of) was produced by Gucci. And people say he's tight...
    danbutt -- Friday September 20 2002, @09:06AM (#42318)
    (User #88 Info)
  • I recorded the Morrissey Show at Berkeley.
    Interested? You better e-mail me now
    at [email protected]
    TheLittles -- Saturday September 21 2002, @12:14PM (#42442)
    (User #6459 Info)
  • Wow - Has anyone ever been to a better Moz concert than that? The big man really seemed to enjoy it, and the response to the new songs was way better than the night before, this really seemed to please him (for how long?). Hopefully this will encourage him to do a full UK tour.

    Same set list of course but just seemed to go perfectly. I would be really interested to see how other people felt, and of course what He thinks.

    I was right down the front, couple of rows back. I thought I'd just hang back but when he came on I couldn't restrain myself and I was fighting my way to the front. I was the bloke with the black shirt and glasses at the front left of the stage, if I bumped into anyone I apologise. But I was somewhat out of control!

    See you next time.
    Ooh you've done a ba -- Monday September 23 2002, @08:07AM (#42509)
    (User #5879 Info)
  • Why did no cunts reply to my posing?

    Ooh you've done a ba -- Friday September 27 2002, @03:33PM (#43202)
    (User #5879 Info)
  • So does anybody have a good bootleg from Royal albert Hall? I would very much like one :)
      So please e-mail me if you do

    [email protected]
    Glitterknyttet -- Monday November 04 2002, @12:51AM (#47476)
    (User #4478 Info)
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