posted by davidt on Sunday September 15 2002, @09:00PM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Hairdresser On Fire / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / I Like You / Mexico / Sister I'm A Poet / Alsatian Cousin / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / Irish Blood, English Heart / Late Night, Maudlin Street / Speedway // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • As Boz had stated yes, they did open the show. At least the venue waited for people to get inside before they made the band start. Moz and Company had to catch a flight to London from the San Diego Airport, and that is why they had to open and leave the venue right after...the Setlist was the same as all the other shows, but "Irish Blood,English Heart" was played instead of "November". Irish Blood is awesome, I would describe it as a hybrid of Mute Witness meets Suedehead for a short drink at a cafe.

    Moz was very chatty...more so then the other shows I had seen on the tour. He looked fabulous as did the band. He announced his name has "Crazy Eddy" and it had the crowd laughing pretty hard. It seemd more of a Moz crowd then Jaguares, as the whole place was singing and dancing. Also, many people seemed to have left after the set was done.

    I hope that's enough details of the show.
    Roll On London...
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @09:22PM (#41362)
  • San Diego was the BEST Moz show I've seen, and I've seen a few, since 1991. His voice is just AMAZING right now. He was in fine form, talking a lot between songs, obviously having a good time. Here's the setlist:

    01 I Want The One I Can't Have
    02 Hairdresser On Fire
    03 Suedehead
    04 Little Man, What Now?
    05 The First Of The Gang To Die
    06 Jack the Ripper
    07 I Like You
    08 Mexico
    09 Sister, I'm A Poet
    10 Alsatian Cousin
    11 Everyday Is Like Sunday
    12 The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
    13 Meat Is Murder
    14 Irish Blood, English Heart
    15 Late Night, Maudlin Street
    16 Speedway
    17 (encore) There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

    Irish Blood, English Heart was SERIOUSLY good. He introduced it with something like "This song is my autobiography in two verses." I can't remember the lyrics, but it addressed racism, and mentioned Oliver Cromwell, and included the lines "I will die with both of my hands untied" and "There is no one on earth that I am afraid of."

    Speedway was perfect, the highlight for me. So very powerful, and the slow intro is superb.

    Little Man, What Now? got a rapturous reception. The mostly (80%?) Hispanic/Latino/a audience seemed to really get into that one, for some reason.

    Actually, having read some of the reviews of the Jaguares shows on here, I didn't expect the audience in San Diego to enjoy Morrissey so much. Practically everyone was on their feet, clapping and dancing, including the Spanish-speaking couple in their 60s next to me!

    Jack The Ripper: oh boy. So darn good to hear this one again. Takes me back to 1992.

    He introduced Meat Is Murder with something like "All the best people are vegetarianos" - pronouncing the 'g' as in the English word - "All the rest can go to hell!" Very powerful version of the song.

    Mexico got a rapturous reception, of course. San Diego is 15 miles from Tijuana, Mexico. There was some waving of the Mexican flag in the crowd.

    Someone in the pit whistled strangely, and Morrissey said "Good whistle, that. Good whistle. [pause] You should work on that."

    The finale was There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. So moving, as almost the entire crowd sang along. But Morrissey still didn't sing the final lines, "There Is A Light And It Never Goes Out ..." - instead, he took his shirt off, threw it into the crowd, and ran off.

    No one got on stage. Security was very tight. No one saw him leave out back afterwards either (I think he sprinted off stage into a car before anyone got outside), though Dean came out and signed things for the waiting fans.

    All in all, stunningly good. He still has it, in bucketfuls.
    pleonasm -- Sunday September 15 2002, @09:24PM (#41363)
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  • Moz & the boys gave San Diego another great show. The sound was good, the night was pleasant, the crowd was having a great time, and the new material was better than i expected.
    ilovemoz -- Sunday September 15 2002, @09:40PM (#41366)
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    "Rejection is one thing, but rejection from a fool is cruel"
  • Can anyone shed some light on this new song? Lyrics?
    ladymoz -- Sunday September 15 2002, @09:52PM (#41369)
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  • Hello All-

    First time posting over here... I thought I'd wait to post until I had something of importance to say. About 10 months ago a guy at work introduced me to The Smiths and moreso, Morrissey. Since then, I've been grabbing albums by both left and right - putting my paychecks to good use!

    Anyways... I saw Morrissey tonight for the first time down at San Diego's open air arena. It's an awesome venue. I was surprised to see Morrissey's drum kit set up, and to see him play first! He introduced it as "the Morrissey matinee" seeing how it was only about 6:30 and it was still light out. As he played for about and hour and a half, the sun went down rather quickly.

    Since it was my first time seeing him, I guess my review of him and the group is pretty un-biased, but then again, it's un-founded seeing how I don't have anything to compare it to! At any rate, I thought his voice was -dead- on tonight, and Boz, Alain and the gang were all sounding excellent.

    My favorite moment during the show was easily this one... the lights dimmed to a blue, and he came to the mic and said: "It's 1888... it's late at night, and you're in [can't remember specific name] castle. You feel a chill on your back, turn around... and if God's not on your side tonight, then, well..." then he spun around and pointed towards the drum kit as the opening beat to "Jack the Ripper" started up. I don't think that quote is exactly right, but the moment was one I will never forget.

    I loved the show... and am definately excited for his next album. "The First of the Gang to Die" is an awesome, awesome song... as well as the (unbeknownst to me before reading this) newly un-veiled song "Irish Blood, English Heart". That song stood out to me, I figured it was one of the many Smiths songs that I didn't know. I don't know what it was about it... probably just the awesomeness of it.

    At any rate - an excellent, excellent show. I look forward to many more! Thanks for all the great posts, folks... gives a new Moz fan something to fish through!

    Rocketnino -- Sunday September 15 2002, @09:53PM (#41371)
    (User #6435 Info)
  • For those interested:

    I was at the Berkeley show last night when this wonderful song was debuted and am lucky enough to have a recording of it to listen to over and over. The lyrics, from what i can decipher, are as follows:

    irish blood, english heart
    is son? made of
    there is no one on earth i'm afraid of
    and no regime can buy or sell me

    i've been dreaming of a time when
    to be english
    is not to be painful
    to be standing by the back?
    not feeling shameful
    racist or racial

    irish blood, english heart
    is son? made of
    there is noone on earth i'm afraid of
    and i will die with both of my hands untied

    i've been dreaming of a time when
    the english
    are sick to death of labor
    and torries
    and spit upon their name
    oliver cromwell
    and denounce this royal line
    that still salute him
    and will salute him forever

    This song has a great vocal melody as well as catchy guitar and bass parts. Definitely my fav of the five new songs. The recording isn't the best so it was hard to make out all the words but this is my best approximation.

    Long live Moz!
    Lord Jefferson -- Sunday September 15 2002, @10:06PM (#41373)
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  • first, i showed up about an hour & a half early, but i lucked out and got Alain to sign my ticket.
    he was very cool, although there was a shortage of pens...

    he complemented me on my pink hair and knocked me off balance when i shook his hand. he also liked my girlfriend's Elvis shirt.

    the audience seemed about half and half for Moz/Jaguares, but as soon as Morrissey took the stage, most, if not all the people in the audience where on thier feet and clapping.

    great set, i love all the new songs (1st of the Gang is the best) and i really like the new banjo-fied Everyday is Like Sunday-on a Sunday no less! i could have done without Last Night on Maudlin Street, but i'm not complaining-he did play Suedehead. Morrissey was very talkative (loved when he introduced the band as prison buddies)and all the guys were very animated, Boz has the coolest little footsie dance. much better than the last time they played San Diego.

    Morrissey's voice was great, but did anyone else think the sound was a bit trebel-ly? maybe it's just 'cause i had a migraine. we left right after the encore, where Morrissey tossed a cheap Mervyn's shirt into the crowd.

    after the show i waited out by the buses and got Deano to sign my ticket-he almost wrote right over Alain's autograph! we all saw Boz and Gary get into the bus, but they had to catch a flight so they didn't come over. no sign of Morrissey...he must be teleporting to London.
    mr. superinvisible -- Sunday September 15 2002, @10:23PM (#41376)
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  • san diego was one of the best shows i saw this tour...before the show my friends, myself and a couple of other people chatted with alain...i was in the pit!!! the new song was wonderful!!! and i have a piece of Morrissey's shirt
    *i just might die with a smile on my face afterall*
    Still Docked -- Sunday September 15 2002, @11:16PM (#41379)
    (User #869 Info)
    I want to live and I want to love
  • I've been a Moz fan for a long time now. "Viva Hate" is an album which sends me back to the good all times when I was in High School (since I used to skip school and go to my car to have long naps listening to "Viva Hate"). Late night, Maudlin street almost made me cry, ooohhhhhh the memories!!!

    The crowd gave the warmest reception to Moz, as soon as he took the stage everyone (including the ones knowing Morrissey for a couple of songs) stand up and clap and screamed so loud!!! Very emotive!...

    Highlights... I think "There´s a light..." gave the perfect ending to the show since it's a classic in México (and there were a lot of mexicans) and Moz throwing the shirt to the audience made quite a few ones envy the ones on the front! (Damn!!!!)

    So I beleive Moz came out and said "this is how a live performance should be", without really saying the words... and a lesson to Jumbo and Jaguares... you have to make the audience to love even if they don´t!!!

    It's time now for a new album and another tour for Morrissey... he's at the top!!!!

    About Jumbo... hey, you suposse to import a culture, SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE!!!, even at the soundcheck, sayin --check, one two-- instead of --probando, uno, dos--... and then speaking english to a crowd that was 80% mexicans... come on!!!! Who are you trying to be?

    I left right after the 5th or 6th jaguares song, I used to be a grat "Caifanes" fan, but now the band has gone way done on the quality of their performances... even the songs I really like a lot, I didn´t enjoyed them too much!!! And then Saul (the vocal) speaking shit of the politicians in México... hey Saul! I´ve known you for a few years now, we've been chating in hotel rooms and backstage on a few shows (I used to be a promotor) and you've always tried to get the most of the money, PEOPLE, open your eyes to this he doesn´t really care that much about the fans, he charges TOO MUCH for every show and doesn´t really care if one can afford it or not, that´s his price!!!! So, with all the respect, Jaguares will never be what "Caifanes" were. After reading this ask yourselves this question... -why did the original members of "Caifanes", Diego Herrera (keyboards), Sabo Romo (bass guitar), and Alejandro Marcovich (lead guitar) left the band?--- and what was the real reason for the fight between Saul and Marcovich?...

    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @11:55PM (#41382)
  • Morrissey sounded great last night. He also seemed very happy to talk to the crowd. The best part of the show was at the last song he came over and shook my hand which lasted for a slpit second, but it seemed to last forever in my book. The band played very well.

    morrisseydavis -- Monday September 16 2002, @04:50AM (#41400)
    (User #1547 Info)
  • when he was going to introduce the band. He said something around these lines: "As some of you may have heard, I went to prison last year. I was in there for nothing big, just for murder. While in prison, I met 4 great great..." blah blah I can't remember what he said exactly but then he went on to introduce the band. In between these lines, people were laughing and was great.

    This was definitely one of the best Morrissey show's I've ever seen! the response from the audience was just excellent and made the show that much better.
    SleepTheClockAround -- Monday September 16 2002, @06:38AM (#41403)
    (User #3329 Info)
  • Last night's concert was one of the best I've seen in a VERY long time. I've followed Morrisey and The Smith's for a long time, and this one topped the charts! Very chatty with the audience, aging gracefully, and still temping fans with his illustrious voice. Highlight for me? All of it!

    I'm also a Jaguares fan, and it was good to see a joining of cultures in one venue. Unlike the Anahiem postings where everyone pretty much bashed each other, this concert proved to do what it seemed set out to do. Join and expose people of similar tastes, and yes Morrissey does have a huge Latino following but he also has a huge following around the world, to open their minds and their hearts, if nothing else, to lyrics and sounds that people would enjoy.

    I give props to Steven for opening himself and his band to an audience that may, or may have not heard some of his symphonic meldoies before. I give props to Saul Hernandez (Jaugures) for recognizing that long and before Caifanes, there was The Smith's, and for the Morrissey and Jaguares union of the Revolucion Tour 2002 which brought together, in San Diego at least, a wide and diversified array of dedicated fans to their respectful musicians.

    For those of us that are fans of both bands, I hoped we enjoyed the show as none before because we may not see the union of such influences again. For those that are true Morrissey fans, and stayed behind after his set, Jagures fans thank you for opening your mind and heart to differences that exist in this world. It's not about bashing people, it's about enjoyment. Enjoyment of music, of influence, of lyrics, of lead singers, of their bands and the way in which they create and interpret music that makes it special and memorable to each one of us.

    Anonymous -- Monday September 16 2002, @08:02AM (#41414)
  • Personal highlights:

    1. DEAN!!! I harshly criticized his lethargic performance at Berkeley, but I swear he must have read that post because he sure made up for it tonight. The bass was thumpy, the snare was snappy, he mixed things up well, and actually appeared to be enjoying himself! We are lucky to have some a promising young musician with the band. If he continues to grow looser and more confident, we are (hopefully)in store for many more great shows.

    2. This was my 5th Moz show ever, and I have never heard the band rock out so hard. Boz, Alain, and Gary were together and totally into it. They were also quite active, displaying excellent showmanship throughout. I might add that though some may prefer their old rockabilly garb, all 3 looked fresh, clean-cut, and remarkably stylish. Whereas in Berkeley Moz basically carried the show himself, this time all 4 band members were also on top of their game.

    3. The sound at Open Air Theatre. Loud and crisp, perfect with the band in peak form.

    4. Moz's performance. It sounds like he has done nothing but top-notch performances on this tour, and though Berkeley was quite good, at San Diego he seemed to me to strike a deeper connection with the crowd in effort to overcome the frowny attitudes of venue security. It sure worked.

    5. The crowd. Instead of being hindered by the attempts of security to rain on our parade (see below), this audience took that as inspiration to show even more love and devotion to our favorite artist. It seemed like everyone was on their feet, connected, and screamed their heads off after each and every song!


    Only one... security! More than I have ever seen at a concert of this size, they were mean, cold, and overly aggressive, especially for such a mellow crowd. But this show was so good, I can hardly call this a disappointment. When it was over, I was floating and totally in love. What a beautiful performance, a beautiful night, thank you Moz, band, and crowd for one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life.
    ratsoup_eater -- Monday September 16 2002, @08:22AM (#41419)
    (User #6136 Info)
  • It was an amazing audience combo: brits-alike and hispanic/mexican. Perhaps the hispanics cheered Moz and Jags at the same level since language is no barrier for them as it is for brits, but I witnessed respect and tolerance over all. Only in SD!
    Morrissey very good. Never seen him before but seems to be a cool guy, probably his maturity. Some very good classics, some very powerful songs and other songs i didn't know but enjoyed it. The only down moment was when he sent the carnivorous to hell! perhaps nobody has offered a good carne asada burrito, ajua!
    Jumbo was a good excuse to get some coke tea (unbelievable the consession was selling warm cokes, whatever).
    Jaguares was very good as well, obviously nobody believes his retoric about zapatistas and dirty politicians and stuff but the tunes are good. Can't complain: Two culturally different prime acts for one ticket!
    Saul Smith -- Monday September 16 2002, @08:46AM (#41426)
    (User #6418 Info)
  • hey everyone,
    this is the first time I post so apologize if it's too long...I just wanted to share the most amazing and memorable night of my life. The memory of yesterday's show will forever be running in my head over and over and over again.

      At first, I was pretty bummed when I got there late and missed the first few songs but I made up for it towards the end of their set. I had great eyelevel seats in the AA section. looking into gary's eyes trying to make him smile was great...will somebody please tell him i think he's fine..and that he is the best bassist of all time, especially when he slaps his stand up.

      Jack the my favorite song and when they started playing it I felt chills going down my spine..when the lyric "crash into my arms,i want you" i started to cry of excitment .the new songs were cool too and i can't wait till the new record comes out.
      but the highlight of the night was when i kept waving at esteban during "There is a light that never goes out"....and he finally saw me :) or so it seemed, well i signed to him that i could see into his eyes and he put horns in front of his eyes back to then i was so damn excited i couldn't stay still in my seat and then i waved to him to come into the crowd and instead he pointed towards his feet, i may have been too excited or maybe i was just hallucinating...well whatever, i decided that he was calling me to him so i went.since my seat wasn't in the pit i had to hang out in the walkway by the rails and then i saw the guards coming and so i crawled over the rail into the pit area but i had to walk all across the seats armrests and then over other fans seats, sorry guys but this is probably the last time i will ever come that close to the great Mozz and i was convinced he called me. "THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU THAT LENT ME YOUR SHOULDERS AS SUPPORTS SO I COULD WORK MY WAY TOWARDS THE FRONT, NOW I COULD DIE WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE", i would also like to apoligize to the people which I may have blocked when i went on my little adventure.sorry.but thank you all for sharing this experience with me:)
    mozzrchik -- Monday September 16 2002, @10:09AM (#41442)
    (User #6443 Info)
  • Seeing the moz man for the first time is such an experience in itself. Words can not describe the feelings that were running throught my body. Also beeing there with my wife and experinceing that moment was priceless. The moz man is resposible for bringing my wife and me togother and being able to share everysong espically "speedway" . Well lets just say my life is complete. Thanks Moz man for everything. good bye and thank you.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 16 2002, @11:20AM (#41454)
  • My review will be redundant because of how great it was.... I guess given the fact that it was the last show of the California dates it marked the last time I would see Morrissey after 6 fantastic shows in the U.S. Morrissey was unreal, the glow of the light that still lingered in the late afternoon gave Morrissey such a bigger brilliance.

    We arrived @ 5:30, a line waited and I could hear Jumbo warm up and what I thought was the Morrissey band warming up briefly. Upon getting to the pit, I saw many sitting down. As the intro music still played on, security asked us to stay on our seats. However, once the queue that Morrissey was going to go on stage, we got to the very front. Security was tight, no one dared to go up on stage. But that night was really memorable. I saw a couple of moz fans crying, at times I turned around to see the entire arena up on their feet with open arms singing along with Morrissey. New song was totally fantastic. No one really knew what to expect and the audience kept quiet listening to Morrissey sing then Alain's guitar riffs.

    I took a couple of good photos that will hopefully be up on my site this week. Security had allowed cameras into the venue.

    The shirt that had been tossed into the audience created a big chaotic tug-of-war. I managed to grab 2 pieces of it. Might have been a cheap shirt or not...but it once belonged to moz.

    Jumbo was great but I was disappointed that they only played only 3 songs..I think. Jaguares was another story by it self. They were alive and I think that the audience reaction fed their energy. Saul spoke about the destructive political powers, poverty and so on. The night ended with the basis wrapping a huge Mexican flag around Saul that some fans had thrown on stage.

    Enough said. Thanks for all the other wonderful posts.

    Anonymous -- Monday September 16 2002, @11:49AM (#41461)
  • I went to the Anahiem show and the presence of Love for Morrissey was there from the crowd,I mean the thrill of excitment flowed through out the hearts of every person there. In San Diego, it was different. It just seemed dead. Yes, people were cheering but there was no energy from the from the fans it seemed. Morrissey and Band were awesome the only complaint I have is that they are playing the music like 10 to 15 BPMS (beats per minute) slower than usual, it just kind of makes the sound of the songs real draggy. But I love they're music, regardless of the way they play it. Ohh by the way "Irish Blood, English Heart" was GREAT!!!!!
    Jimi Bones <[email protected]> -- Monday September 16 2002, @11:58AM (#41463)
    (User #5845 Info)
  • Towards the end of the show when people finally started crashing the stage, I think I saw a guy with spiked blonde hair get carried out limp as a wet noodle. Right after the show an ambulence came flying up to the venue lights and sirens blaring. Did anyone see this or know what happened? This happened during the encore.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 16 2002, @12:45PM (#41481)
  • What a handsome devil! Even at his age he can still look awsome. Show was great. Dissapointed at the fact that Morrissey could of sang through Jumbo's set. Oh well. Until next time....
    JohnnyBoyRacer -- Monday September 16 2002, @01:37PM (#41503)
    (User #5334 Info)
  • I've only been to a few Morrissey shows since '97, but I have to say last night was one of the best shows I've seen. Morrissey was just enchanting, the crowd was fun and Jaguares were good as always. It's nice to see two completely different cultures (music wise)come together. Safe to say Morrissey is aging so gracefully.
    Highlights: 'Last night on Maudlin Street' and Morrissey topless.
    Fav new songs: 'First of the gang to die'
    'The world is full of crashing bores'
    'Irish blood, English heart' was AMAZING
    sherry -- Monday September 16 2002, @05:23PM (#41542)
    (User #4777 Info)
  • I am completely baffled by all the great reviews this show received!

    Last night's show had to be at least the 15th Morrissey concert I've been to, beginning with his solo tour in 1991, and was the WORST show EVER! (Sorry, Morrissey!)

    I arrived close to 6:30, approaching the front area and hearing music start, and then learning that Morrissey was opening?!?! Since WHEN does Morrissey play as the opening act? That is SO WRONG!

    Buying tickets late, our seats were in the 3rd, or furthest, section from the stage. By the time we got in and got seated, he was singing Suedehead, and it was beginning to get dark. I looked around me, and I didn't even feel like I was at a Morrissey concert! I was surrounded by hispanic people who lacked all enthusiasm, looking at their watches to see how much longer they had to wait for whatever WAH-HARRR-EZ is! Who the fuck is Jaguares?! And what the FUCK is Morrissey doing touring with them!?

    Then, as soon as it got dark, a spotlight located what seemed to be directly behind Dean (don't get me started on Dean!) went on, which was absolutely blinding to anyone sitting at the top! Now I'm squinting to see Morrissey and the rest of the crew, and I basically have that big blob you get from staring at the sun too long, and can't focus on ANYTHING! This went on for several songs, changing color as if this might help. IT DIDN'T!

    I will agree with some other reviews that most, if not all of the songs were much slower than usual, and almost sounded like a record playing at the wrong speed! It was worse than when you go to a cheesy dance club, and they've sped up "November Spawned a Monster" a la Alvin (and the Chipmunks) so as to make it danceable!

    On Dean-O: This was my first concert without Spencer. Morrissey needs to get a new drummer with a LOT more oomph. This Dean-O character was about as lifeless as the people that were sitting around me on the bleachers.

    And he should have left out the long and drudguous "Maudlin Street"...instead of nixing my absolute favorite, "November Spawned a Monster". This was my first EVER Morrissey concert not hearing "November". Bummer.

    And whoever said that they hung around after the show, but Morrissey had already been whisked off was WRONG! Because I hung around after the show, and saw Dean too, and Morrissey came out about 10 minutes later! They snuck him around the back side of the bus so idiots like us didn't rush him, or make a big scene, which I've seen plenty of.

    I'm not sure if my bad experience is due to the seating (I've almost always been at the stage or near it), people (oh, stop getting know how a Morrissey concert USUALLY is!), the music (slow, but great), or the lighthing. I only have one thing to say regarding my next Morrissey concert (oh, don't let this one be the last!): I'M GETTING FRONT ROW CENTER SEATS AT WHATEVER COST!

    Anonymous -- Monday September 16 2002, @07:05PM (#41554)
  • Wow!! That's about all I can say right now. I am finally home from what has been an incredible month +. Last nights show in SD was a perfect way to end the tour. Amazing show, in all aspects. The band sounded so tight, and the crowd was really into it. The best out of the three joint-bill dates by far. Where do I even begin with all off this? I was only gonna do the Az dates on this tour in the beginning, but as many of you know, after attending a few, everything just kinda snowballs, and you end up doing practically the whole tour. Luckily I had a few weeks of vacation time, with about a week and 1/2 of fake weddings/funerals/sick days, etc. to use. I have been to lots of shows on all of the US tours since 91', and I can definitely say that these have been by far, the best ever. Performance-wise, and everything. Yes, the setlist did not really change ever, but with it's selection, why would you want it to? Last nights show was no exception. Strong from start to finish. I arrived super early to make sure I did not miss any of the early performance tonight as the band was leaving for London literaly right after the show. I was lucky enough to score tix on the guest list tonight since I did not have a ticket and seriously zero dollars left in my wallet after all these shows. As soon as the band took the stage, I took the opportunity to upgrade myself from the first row behind the pit into the second row of people back from the barrier. The people franticaly scrambling and running to get closer were easy targets for security to grab, so if you just non-chalantly walked up there, you were all right. I thankfully got a VIP pass for tonight too, so the security was cool about letting me stay up there with all of my friends. Sorry to the guy whos foot I stepped on in the beginning. Yougave me a real dirty look, but I truly appologise. I did not mean to do that at all. The show rocked!! YOu could not ask for a better performance than tonights, and just as the night before, "Irish Blood, English Heart" blew me completely away! It is so beautiful, and it rocks out during the main chorus. I know other have posted the lyrics but I am listening to it right now, so if anyone's interested here it is. Now there are couple words I cannot quite get so I will leave them blank and let other interperate them....

    Irish blood English heart this I'm made of
    There is no one on earth I'm afraid of
    And there is no regime that can buy or sell me
        Chorus(Rocks out!)
    I've been dreaming of a time when
    To be English is not to be painful
    To be standing by the flag not feeling shameful
    Racist or racial

    Irish blood English heart this I'm made of
    There is no one on earth I'm afraid of
    And I will die
    with both of my hands untied
    I've been dreaming of a time when the English
    Are sick to death of labor and torries
    And spit upon the name of ______ Cromwell
    And denounce this royal line that still excludes him
    And will exclude him forever....."

              I cannot tell you how great this song sounds. It's a very passsionate song, and if you have not heard it yet, it should be up on someones site in a day or so. It's great how it starts off rather slow and build into on the most passionate chorus' I've ever heard from Moz. No stge invasions tonight, which was OK with me after being beaten to a pulp at the other shows during the last few weeks. He was very chatty with the crowd again tonight as he has been lately, and he seemed to really enjoy the show tonight, as he was making eye contact with us in the front all night, and smiling and nodding to many of us individually. It seems that the "Truly I love you" part at the end of "Late Night Maudlin Street" has become a tradition betweem him and Julia, as he makes his way to her and grabs her hand. But hey! If I had been to THAT many shows, I'd expect some tradition as well. "Speedway"
    Sharron Needles -- Monday September 16 2002, @07:59PM (#41559)
    (User #762 Info)
    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
  • Well, I'm late on this one... Everything of any significance was being said by now...

    What else can I say, the show was a treat! Morrissey was at his best, wise-cracking, graciously moving and gesturing, being his own self... He was very cheerful, totally opposite of his supposedly stereotypical gloomness... He was kidding the crowd: "No smiles, smiles are prohibited here"... Everything else about him at that eventful evening was said, down to the slightest details... 5 new songs (including Irish Blood, English Heart for the first time for me live!). About 90% of the crowd were Mexicans and other Latinos. San Diegans were of course much more dressed-up and well-behaved comparing with El Tri crowd last year... Again, gorgeous dolled-up Mexican women all around me, I can not help but survey the competition all the time... LOL

    Jaguares (Saul Hernandez was a leading Caifanes singer, as everybody knows) were awesome too... I really liked when Hernandez played this old Caifanes golden classic Piedra song from el Silencio days... When Jaguares were playing, Mexican flags were everywhere... Again, somebody rightly mentioned, that almost everybody who came and cheered Moz stayed for Jaguarez to cheer them up too... Not surprising, that the same peoples enjoy both Smiths/Moz and Caifanes/Saul Hernandez, even if, IMHO, Jaguares are not up to the Caifanes level... Alas, absence of Diego Herrera, Sabo Romo and Marcovich versus current Jaguares substitutes is the same sad fact as an absence of Johnny Marr versus say Boz and Alan... Yet, Saul is still the same Saul, full with fire and Mexican soul... Still Jaguares are damn good...

    For me, personally, it was a special show, 'cause I was with my boyfriend! Not alone, as usual...

    Now, I'm ready for Mana show... Let rock Espanol rule! (Hey, Moz could be as well now be classified under rock Espanol! LOL)
    Viva Moz, Viva Mexico and...
    Viva Argentina, of course!
    Fox in the Snow -- Monday September 16 2002, @08:00PM (#41561)
    (User #4967 Info)
  • Morrissey said something terribly cute near the end of the San Diego show, something like, "God bless you, Oscar Wilde bless you, [someone else] bless you. . ." and I didn't quite catch it. Does anyone remember what exactly it was that he said?
        AMAZING show, of course, but that's redundant. It was my first Morrissey show, and I can honestly say that I could die right now and be pretty content with the way my life turned out. My best friend, who was a casual Morrissey fan (whoever heard of a "casual" Morrissey fan, anyway? Ludicrous.) before the show was completely floored. It was SO worth flying in from New Hampshire for. But seriously, next time, EAST COAST!!
    SybilVane -- Monday September 16 2002, @09:09PM (#41579)
    (User #6462 Info)
  • amazing is all i have to say. this show last night gave me that same giddy feeling that i had the first time i saw morrissey in 99. i had seen him earlier on in the tour and was disappointed but this show certainly redeemed him...he belongs on the big stage.
    charming_gal4 -- Monday September 16 2002, @09:20PM (#41581)
    (User #120 Info)
  • Disappointed?! (Score:1, Insightful)

    I'll reiterate the fact that last nights show was great. All of those complaining about the show and Jaguares (who i am not even a fan of) you knew they were going to be headlining, if you didn't like that idea then you should have taken off after Moz. I've even read some complaints about the "Mexicans/Hispanics/Latinos" which is totally absurd not only for obvious reasons of ignorance but also because this was a Jaguares & Morrissey (who's major fanbase in Southern Ca. is Mexican/Latino) show in San Diego (15 miles from the border).So what if he opened for Jaguares & Jumbo (who's great by the way), the man had to catch a flight, would you rather have had him dick us out, and not show at all?. First you wanted new material, then you wanted him to find a drummer, and then you asked for a tour. Beggars can't be choosers.
    ilovemoz -- Monday September 16 2002, @10:06PM (#41588)
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    "Rejection is one thing, but rejection from a fool is cruel"
  • Wow, I'm still speachless, I'm just realizing that I've seen Moz,Boz,Day,Dean,and whyte, WOW!
    I've been a fan for year and years now, but never had the chance to see Moz, the last time when he played at the Greek I was sneeking in and I was almost in but then Morrissey was gone and off the stage:(, but now the day has come and I've seen him. WOW!
    All the new material was great cant wait to hear the rest, I was impressed with Meat is Murder loved the performance by Moz! or should I say "CRAZY EDDIE" Speedway was great so was Their is a light that never goes out and i like that they opened with I want the one I cant have. everything was great.
    I was very pleased that Dean came over to strike a chat with all the devoted fans and it gave me the chance to give him my bands new EP that we just finished, He said he would give it to Morrisey and the rest of the guys I hope they enjoy it they have been a great influence on "Pleasant something"
    Well enough of my rambling on
    "Thank You and Good Night"
    Ricky-Pleasant Something
    Boz_Angeles -- Monday September 16 2002, @11:54PM (#41602)
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  • Did he not open at the other venues where he shared the stage with the Jags?
    haljam -- Tuesday September 17 2002, @02:55PM (#41693)
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  • There was a very *handsome devil* with beautiful old-school tattoos on both arms sitting behind me and a few seats over in Section AA, Row N at the San Diego show. I was planning on making an attempt to talk to him, and never got the chance. Tall guy, dark hair, glasses. . .very attractive. Are you out there?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 18 2002, @09:44PM (#41979)
  • i work for a security company who does security for concerts , you know the ones with the yellow jackects..well a week before the show i ask if i could please please have back stage and thank the lord they said yes the whole day before i had to go to work i was so nervous i kept telling myself "keep your cool dont make a ass of yourself". the time came and before i knew it i found myself backstage in the tiny hall way and i saw the sign that read"Morrissey Dressing room" and right next to it was the bands then the "Jaguares dressing room"..not to long later i heard a bunch of yelling and cheering so i knew he was comming my way . I found that i couldnt stop smileing as i turn to my left there stood Morrissey himself it was a dream come true i smiled at him and he smile back closely follow Morrissey was the the band i was so star struck but i knew i couldnt make a seen of myself as they all went to there dressing rooms and shut there doors i couldnt beleave what i saw i stood right outside his door for about a half hour then finally his dressing room door opened amd his head peeked out he looked both way left and right as if he needed something i couldnt help but to just stand there and stare and this is where the most unbeleavable part happend he look at me and said "do you know how to put down blinds?" his voice was so soft with the loveliest accent i have ever heard after a second i finally opened my mouth and said "yes" he then opened his door and proceded to walk towards his restroom o followed closely behind him he then turn behind and looked at me a showed me the set of blinds in his restroom he said " i couldnt put those down " so i turned my back to him and put them down and smiled at him as he thanked me i proceded out the restroom then out his dressing room and i took in a deep breath i nearly fainted . I didnt see him but two more times i did get to enjoy the humor of the band members each time they walked by me Alain was the most chattiest. when it was all over as they all left for there flight i got a wink from Alain and a "thank you" and a "good night" from morrissey...
    1oz -- Friday September 20 2002, @10:44PM (#42400)
    (User #1035 Info)
  • What would you like?
    Anonymous -- Monday September 16 2002, @06:36PM (#41548)
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