posted by davidt on Saturday September 14 2002, @09:00PM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Hairdresser On Fire / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / Late Night, Maudlin Street / I Like You / Mexico / Sister I'm A Poet / Alsatian Cousin / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / Irish Blood, English Heart / November Spawned A Monster / Speedway // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
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  • Irish Blood, English Heart... he finally played it for us! It was wonderful, but I don't expect that if it was shit, I would even notice, let alone admit it... It was a wonderful show, but I missed part of the set... who knew he would be on so early??? I drove by the venue and turned down my radio and sure enough, he was already on... parking was a b*tch and I should have known better and arrived much earlier.
    Kim -- Saturday September 14 2002, @09:41PM (#41084)
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  • This was definitely all I could have hoped for and more. Morrissey has not decreased in quality at all since his early years with The Smiths but only become richer and more fabulous. His songs were fantastic and he was SO entertaining with his actions onstage. I loved when a small boy on his father's shoulders made his way up to the stage with his arm outstreched carrying flowers. The gracious Morrissey happily accepted them and then stuck the bouquet in the back of his pants just like he used to with the gladiolas back in the day. He played most of the songs from the Viva Hate album which was awesome, as well as a new song "Irish Blood, English Heart." Morrissey's fans were awesome and really into the music but the Jaguares fans were a little over the top. They were screaming and completely took over the instant Morrissey left the stage. I left so as not to endure them and to allow the great memories not to be tainted. I will remember this forever...
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @10:17PM (#41098)
  • MORRISEY and the guys looked a little tired. The fans didnt really get into it untill the last song!! Could have done without all the JAG fans. He said he was staying at the double tree....wonder if anyone waited for him there?
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @10:18PM (#41099)
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  • An excellent performance tonight by Morrissey--funny, witty, interactive with the audience, much more so than I've ever seen. And as handsome as ever. The Morrissey fans were charmed, and I was moved by his presence tonight. My favorite performance of his thus far. Morrissey is still loved and respected.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @10:36PM (#41104)
  • This Show was Perfect. I didn't have the chance to see any of the other shows but this show couldn't have been better for ME. The only down fall was nothing on Morrissey's part. It was the people who wanted to rush the stage were stuck behind the people in the front who wouldn't let anybody near they're part of the rail for a good jump. But the Performance was Better than any book, cd or video could ever convey. With 3 Smiths Songs and 5 New Songs, how can you beat that?

    Dreaming to be a Moz -- Saturday September 14 2002, @10:49PM (#41107)
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    Others sang your life, so sing theirs.
  • I got there about 6:30pm and missed the opening act. Moz came on around 7:15pm and seemed like he was in a good mood. He opened up with a Smiths song, I think it was "I want the one I can't have" but he mostly played songs off of "Viva Hate". He also played "Meat is Murder" and told all of us we would eventually become vegetarians. Moz seemed very lively and talkative with the audience which seemed to help live'n the crowed up especially towards the end of the show. Overall, it was a great show and everyone including the fans there to see The Jaguares seemed to have a good time. I am surprised so many people posting about this Berkeley show are so unhappy as I just feel lucky enough to see Morrissey after all this time.
    SubGenius <[email protected]> -- Saturday September 14 2002, @10:52PM (#41109)
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  • set list

    I Want The One I Can't Have
    Hairdresser On Fire
    Little Man, What Now?
    The First Of The Gang To Die
    Jack The Ripper
    Late Night
    Late Night, Maudlin Street
    I Like You
    Sister I'm A Poet
    Alsatian Cousin
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
    Meat Is Murder
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    November Spawned A Monster

    There's A Light That Never Goes Out

    Glad to go back to the beginning as the Berkeley Greek Theatre served as the venue for Morrissey's first show as a solo act in the Bay Area(from what I gathered from other friends that saw in the past, the Smiths played there too, and the Henry J Kaiser was the last venue the Smiths played in the Bay Area.)

    I enjoyed this gig better than the last time I saw them at the Maritime Hall since the viewpoints are very good all around the venue and I like the athmosphere of an outdoor venue. Plus it's pretty easy to get a viewing point from the main floor.

    Merchandise was quite a deal with people snatching up the posters that went for $5.00. Shirts were $20.00 with the Morrissey logo in old english letters(font) and there were two others, one with Morrissey himself on the shirt with his name in old english letters and one more with his face in a square. Stickers went for $3.00.

    The band played very well, Morrissey came on with with a blue cardigan sweater with a tuxedo shirt underneath. As expected, many flowers were thrown at Morrissey. This time, no over zealous fans were able to get on stage(as they stopped the Maritime Show during "Last Night I Drempt" which got scratched when too many fans were on stage.)
    On "Meat Is Murder" during the later parts of the song, Morrissey laid on the ground and seemed to make a triangular sign with his fingers.

    As soon as Morrissey ended his set, most of the venue emptied(I've seen this happened before when the Ramones were the opening at on the "Escape From New York" tour.) We stuck around for 3 songs of Jaguares, and politely, we just couldn't get into it, so we bailed out early.
    WrEtcH -- Sunday September 15 2002, @12:06AM (#41130)
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  • The show was so great, parking was so f***ed up that I didn't get in till about 7:40. I was able to bootleg Everyday is like Sunday-Encore(There is a Light...) Again, like the Fresno show, I'll have boots available for those that email me :)
    Morrissey looked great, his voice was smooth and flawless. He had great audience interaction, and at the end when a fan almost ripped his black shirt he took it off and threw it into the audience.
    He honored us with a new song that he didn't play in Fresno, it sounded awesome, and keep in mind, all these new songs, as great as they sound, are going to be AWESOME once recorded, produced, and mastered! I brought a buddy who isn't really a Moz fan, but after tonight, even he was super excited about his new songs.
    On an unrelated note, I don't have a lick of Mexican in me, but find the comments towards them by Morrissey fans here on the site, offensive, juvenile, and disgusting. What is wrong with you stupid judgmental f'ers?!
    mute001 <[email protected]> -- Sunday September 15 2002, @12:12AM (#41134)
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    download, something, useful or useless...
  • Personal standouts of this show:

    1. Unexpectedly changing the setlist... to include Irish Blood, English Heart!!! Probably the rockinest of the new songs I've heard. Didn't catch the lyrics, but it is very strong musically and the singing was superb, as usual :)

    2. Moz's attitude... the most chatty, upbeat, and interactive I've ever seen him. He's gotta be getting laid.

    3. The new songs. If/when the new album is released, I think it may very well stand with his better solo works.

    4. Jaguares fans. The entire pit was alive, pogoing in unison, crowd surfers everywhere, one guy even got on stage and the singer stepped aside to let the fan take the mike for awhile... it looked like the same kind of enthusiasm one would have found at a Morrissey show ten years ago!

    5. Morrissey removing his shirt after TIALTNGO and throwing it into the crowd (he looks great, BTW), who fought over it like animals, of which I am certainly not above, because I got a piece! Still wet with Moz-sweat, I might add... smells yummy, like Xmas tree! Disappointments:

    1. Dean. Not only does he play like the drums are made of fine China, but the boy is seriously lacking in the funk department. He plays everything strictly 4/4, no playful off-beats to spice things up, no authoratative thump, no showmanship... boring!! But he is indeed awfully good looking.

    2. The lethargic crowd. Then, this has been the case at all 4 Moz shows I've been to (since the Maladjusted tour). It saddens me to see videos like Live In Dallas or Hulmerist and see how loving and enthusiastic the crowd is, and then finally catch a real show and try to give back to Moz by dancing or otherwise participating, and people give you dirty looks. See how the Jaguares fans supported their band? That's the kind of love we need to show Morrissey! Undecided: 1. The venue. No horrible logos like the HOB, the sound was decent, but not loud enough (decibel limit, according to Moz), but the views were great everywhere and I liked the neo-classical facade. Quote of the evening: Moz's intro: "You're American... we're English... welcome to the Greek!"

    ratsoup_eater -- Sunday September 15 2002, @12:50AM (#41153)
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  • Its
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @01:13AM (#41162)
  • sad but true (Score:1, Insightful)

    why are people so damn negative here??? if some of you are educated enough to understand spanish, go into and read the postings,,their fans show nothing but love and talk positive about everything, their band, morrissey, the shows, etc. In here there's nothing but controversy and people putting each other down. It's only a show!! Get a life and get laid! this seems like a site to express anger,,its sad morrissey is followed by a bunch of negative unhappy and UNGRATEFUL filth!
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @01:15AM (#41163)
  • the Moz show was awesome, yes i bowed out after a couple jaguares songs, - there very sincere, i dont understand the dissing here either - reason would suggest that they share a respect for Moz and vice versa, and the jerkoff opinion-fucks need to learn discipline...
    this said, i couldnt get into them too much. we - we late - arrived during JTR, all in excellent form. I hadnt seen him live yet at all, and was afraid it would be a ridiculous thing to see, (like a stones concert- i'm confusing generations here) and it was not, voice almost impeccable, and it seemed like he was having a tremendous amount of fun, and it scame through in his music...
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @08:03AM (#41202)
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @09:31AM (#41212)
  • EXCELLENT PERFORMACE. Genuine and Charismatic, yet boyishly charming. The new songs had my wife and I craving for more and wishing that a new CD would be out soon. Seeing Morrissey several times, this show was definitely better than his last two performaces in the Bay Area.

    On a down note not all but some of the Jugaures Fans were just straight obnoxious not letting us hear the show. They talked over the performace and could care less about Morrissey and his Music. Being Latino, it was sad that a few Juagares fans create the negative Latino Stereotype, because we witnessed so many Latinos being so disrespectful. Good Idea but they should not mix this fanbase again.

    Great Rendition of Sister Im a Poet!!!
    I like You a beautiful song......
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @10:41AM (#41225)
  • I'm glad I wasn't the only one who couldn't find a damn parking spot. We drove 2 hours to at least catch the last half of the show, then spent forever! trying to park and well, got there just in time to catch TIALAINGO--the 80 dollar song! It was great as was MOZ, but I think a lot of people missed out bacause there was nowhere to park. I still don't understand why MOZ isn't on last. I guess I'll have to plan better next time. For those fans going to upcoming shows--get there by 7:15 or you'll miss out on what sounds like a great show.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @11:04AM (#41229)
  • ok im here to give a realistic opinion about the Berkelely show. first of all if you know the show starts at 7 get there an hour early. parking was no problem because we paid 10 bucks at a parking lot 2 blocks down the hill. if you werent so damn lazy you might have done the same. anyways this was the first i had seen Morrissey live and he was fucking great, i had already heard his new songs via internet so i knew all of them and enjoyed myself fully. yes i heard the boos coming from ignorant Jags fans but what do you expect when you mix english with spanish. there are bound to be confused people. but never the less its still a good combo of bands. Jaguares kicked my fucking ass although that decibal level restriction is hella stupid. usually Jags play really loud but i could hear talking people around me this time and that always sucks. couldnt make it to the after party because i was hella hungry and tired but still a good night i think. one more thing about Moz's crowd not being enthusiastic, what do you expect he doesnt exactly play fast paced loud music. not neccesarily mosh pit stuff but good anyways.
    ToolArmy -- Sunday September 15 2002, @12:18PM (#41244)
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    I'm just a sweet and tender hooligan
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  • I'm a "new" Morrissey fan and this was my first time seeing him. I've always liked certain songs but just never paid much attention, I've always more of Siouxsie head (I'm 34 so I've been around)

    ANYWAY- he was brilliant! Great set list, basically the same as Anaheim I believe- don't know all the songs well enough but it sounds right. His voice and stage presence are outstanding, quite an impeccable performance.

    Hated Jumbo- they are great musicians but I can't stand boring college rock. I left along w/ the hordes of people after Morrissey because I don't know Spanish and don't care about another band I know nothing about nor would even understand. There were very few Jaquares fans, I felt a bit bad leaving but then again- the show should NOT have been set up that way. POOR PLANNING! If this show were in Mexico it would have made sense but here in Berekely it was just stupid.

    We were granted a radiant sunset- pink and purple clouds hanging over the Greek theatre- what a sight! Lots of cute boys too! I assume Morrissey has a pretty big gay following, correct? Anyway, I was in heaven!

    lovEternal, Walter
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @12:34PM (#41245)
  • I had a really great time last night at the berkeley show. We had been waiting since about noon in the line that later twisted all down the street. The anticipation as morrissey warmed up inside the walls of the outdoor theatre was unbearable. The set list was just the same as was posted here, and every moment was unforgettable. My personal favourite was the aura of 'meat is murder'. Red lights and heads hanging as moz assures the crowd that we're all good people and we will all someday be vegetarian. The experience was irreplacable! Morrissey is a god!
    birdmadgirl21 -- Sunday September 15 2002, @12:48PM (#41248)
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  • From the opening lines "You Are America - We Are British" I just knew this was going to be a great concert with Moz taking the piss. I doubt if 95% of the people there got the joke. Especially the Jaguares people who really are misguided.
    shirtliftersofthewor -- Sunday September 15 2002, @01:35PM (#41263)
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  • Moz was great. Jaguares was spectacular, should've played for another hour. Sorry, this is a fact, not an opinion, and is not open for debate. Thank you kindly.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @01:44PM (#41267)
  • whats with everyone in here trying to sound british with all this Cheers and crap. do you have bad teeth and drink tea all day as well?
    ToolArmy -- Sunday September 15 2002, @02:58PM (#41284)
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    I'm just a sweet and tender hooligan
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  • were you wearing pork flavored cologne or something. cause i saw or felt no mosquitos or moths down in the mosh pit. try bathing first.
    ToolArmy -- Sunday September 15 2002, @03:15PM (#41290)
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    I'm just a sweet and tender hooligan
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  • After reading some of the other threads I now understand that this was a Jaquares tour and that THEY asked Morrissey to play with them- that was not clear to me. I feel bad for the Jaquares fans that saw everybody leaving, it must have seemed ungrateful.

    I wouldn't even have been at this show though if my friend hadn't asked me to join her, I had just heard about it the day before.

    As I said in my first post below earlier,it was my first Morrissey show and I enjoyed it quite a bit but I wish I had known it was a "joint" venture- I would have at least stayed and saw a bit of the band that made the show possible.

    I thought about joining this board but some of you people are MEAN so I think I'll stick w/ Siouxsie, Nina Hagen and the Butthole Surfers.

    lovEternal, Walter
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @04:45PM (#41310)
  • I waited for 10 years to the man of my Melancholy dreams live and in person, and it was oh so worth the wait. The show was amazing. He was amazing. I got to stand about 15 feet from him as he sang to me (because he has always been singing just for me of course, and I finally got the full in person effect.) It was so increadible... When he came out for the oncore, "There is a light that never goes out" I was like a bobby soxer over Frank Sinatra - sobbing uncontrollably as he sang, screaming, jumping up and down, the whole shebang - and much like me, the crowd (which had been very tightly packed before) went crazy. Amidst the chaos, I got shoved to the floor and someone accidently kicked me in the back of the head (just as my Morrissey had ripped his shirt off as the climax to the song - I saw his half-nekkid body for all of two seconds before I got kicked to the curb, and by the time I managed to get back up, he was off stage again. I was so upset.) So at this point the show was over, and I made my way out of the crowd. I was feeing sick dizzy, so I went and found a security person and told them that I had gotten pushed down and kicked in the head, and was feeling really unwell. They called the paramedics, who called an ambulance, and I ended up leaving the show in a neck brace, strapped to a backboard, on a gurney, in an amubulence (btw, if you are wondering where all the hottie fireman/paramedics are, the answer is - Berkeley. I've never had so many hot men ask me for my name and number, for so little personal benefit. It was a tragedy.) I went to the hospital, was diagnosed with a concussion, and let go after a few hours. I would never have expected a Morrissey show to get so rough, but it was because everyone was striving to get as close as they possibly could, and that energy from the crowd was really intense (had some bad consequenses, but it was kind of neat none the less). The adoration pouring from the crowd to Him was beautiful. It was amazing.
    inebrigoth -- Sunday September 15 2002, @08:09PM (#41351)
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    "I smoke because I'm hoping for an Early death, and I need to cling to something."
  • Hey posers.... WTF? I love Morrissey and also love Jaguares. Just to enlighten you morons, Saul (lead singer) is extremely sensitive and writes beautiful lyrics. His songs celebrate individualism and compassion for all. Sound familiar?? Well that's the point. Sure the music styles differ but the message is the same. So you idiots that walked out tonight and missed an awesome show should be ashamed and become instantly deaf as you demonstrate that you are not worthy of Morrissey's music and love. I stayed through the WHOLE incredible event and can happily say I understand why Morrissey chose to team up with Jaguares... As for the rest of you ... Please open your hearts and prove that you have other than just cement between your ears.

    ...Cuentame tu vida
    ImAPoet -- Sunday September 15 2002, @09:01PM (#41356)
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    Do Something New...:)
  • I was at the Berkeley show last night, and the large Hispanic audience, many of the men with Morrissey shirts and Morrissey hairdos, made me remember a similar, larger audience gathered in Indio, CA, to see Morrissey three years ago. I've also heard that there are Hispanic gangs of men who adore Morrissey. And with Morrissey singing "Mexico," speaking in Spanish at times, and singing "The Last of the Gang Members to Die" (I think that's the title), I'm really, really curious about the connection between young Hispanic men and Morrissey. Does anybody know?
    Sundayeveryday -- Sunday September 15 2002, @09:16PM (#41359)
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  • Great show. I have not seen Moz live since 1992 at the Cal Expo Amphitheatre in Sac. Moz' popularity has increase significantly since that time. Ata Cal Expo there were 200 people. Last night there were about 3500.
    Great show. We went totally last minute, got tix for $20 from some Jag fans. Totally cool.
    Got confused about the order of artitsts though. Got there thinking Moz was not due at earliest 8pm. Did'nt know he was opening. Sup with that?
    Left after his set.
    Gusto -- Monday September 16 2002, @06:56AM (#41405)
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  • Seems to be alot of animosity on this site. It is understandable, though. This is my 4th Morrissey show and, with the exception of The Smoking Popes, his choice of opening bands always seemed a little odd to me.
    My first show was the Kill Uncle tour. I saw it at Astroworld in Houston and the opening act was Phranc, a lesbian folk singer. I remember I thought it was odd to see this tiny woman take the stage all by herself with an acoustic guitar. But I liked her and ended up buying her CD.
    Next I saw him at the Summit in Houston for the Your Arsenal tour. The opening band was a rockabilly trio. I thought that was odd as well.
    Last show, before Berkley, was in Tulsa for Maladjusted. That is where Smoking Popes opened. They were fantastic and a great act to build up the energy level before the show.
    So I have gotten used to hearing unexpected bands before Moz hits the stage.
    The only problem was the crowd at Berkley was split into three camps; those who only knew Morrissey (predominant), those who knew all the bands(2nd most predominant) and those who only knew Jaguares and Jumbo.
    I do not know much about Latin music. I speak a little Spanish, but not well enough to keep up with the Jumbo's songs. I thought they were very energetic and it looked like they were having a lot of fun on stage. And their fans were going nuts for them. I applauded for every song not because I knew what they were saying, but because they were fun to watch and I was having a good time.
    I could not stay for Jaguares. I was sweaty and exhausted and crushed from being so close to the stage. I bought my tour shirts and headed for some cold water after Moz's encore.
    Anyway, I just wanted to remind you that Morrissey has almost always toured with bands that played drastically different music than his own. If you are upset about that, just wait till the next tour. He will probably pair himself with a band that will confuse us even further.
    It was truly a great show. The best that I have been to yet. I am glad to see Moz so happy to be on stage and willing to interact so much with his fans. I have never seen him so upbeat. P.S. I was the one who caught the cigarette he tossed into the pit.
    NowItsDark -- Monday September 16 2002, @08:46AM (#41425)
    (User #5945 Info)
  • That made my day! My sister and brother and a friend came from out of town to see this show. We all grew up there and was really quite a surprised. There's a huge following in East Los. I've lived in the Bay for four years and I still remember back in the day in high school sporting the pomp and singing along to these songs. So were is Boyle Heights? BH is an old latino neighborhood in East L.A. It has a violent history of gang warfare. Some of these clashes run back from scores that haven't been settled for three or four generations back. "First of the Gang to Die" was a great song and I was touched. That moment really made this a memory to last a life time. Maybe Moz is realizing the scores of Latino fans has? It really is pretty ridiculous. I remember a group of kids that used to go to a park on Moz's b-day and have a cake with his name on it and sing happy birthday to him! Crazy! Que no?
    zonambulo -- Monday September 16 2002, @01:32PM (#41500)
    (User #6453 Info)
  • Hey Moz Fans,
    I was so impressed with this show! I've seen Morrissey before in SF at the Warfield and his royal highness sucked! But this time he was awesome!The sound was great, and he's kinda funny too.I love his performance style, he definitely created an awesome musical ambience.I especially loved "Last Night, Maudlin Street." It's one of my favorite Morrissey songs. It almost brought a tear in my eye, awwww!! I'm a fan of both Jaguares and Moz.And I'm almost ashamed to say that Jaguares was horrible this time...really. Anyway, I loved the show and now I'm even more of a fan, despite past[music]loves...A fading fan is back!!
    VickLuvsJaguaresyMoz -- Monday September 16 2002, @02:11PM (#41513)
    (User #6455 Info)
  • What a fantastic performance! I didn't realize he was going to be on first before Jaguares, so i unfortunatley came in a couple songs in. But I wasn't dissapointed at what i saw. I was glad there was more crowd control this time, because he could at least get through the whole thing. I like the way he would taunt the crowd. He is certainly a showman!
    roky -- Monday September 16 2002, @07:03PM (#41553)
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  • 1639.DTLe

    haloinreverse -- Monday September 16 2002, @09:51PM (#41586)
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  • I'm not surprised this song starts out the postings on this topic "Morrissey at the Berkeley Greek Theatre" - had I a computer at my disposal any time of the day/night, I was hoping to comment on this very song as soon as I returned from the show Saturday night. When I heard the fan down in front say the title after Morrissey addressed said fan with, "I think someone down front has something very important to say" - and the fan shouts out the title, and Morrissey says, "No, it wasn't very important." (I whispered to my friend who was with me, that it's the title of a song that no one's ever heard yet.) Then, he does the song after all!!! Those are some of most powerful lyrics he has written in some time; and we all know all his songs have powerful lyrics! Thank you for finally sharing this song with us, Morrissey - it is apparent that it is a very meaningful one to you, and hence we are now made to feel even more the closer to you!
    J. Razor -- Tuesday September 17 2002, @01:50PM (#41674)
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    I'm Alone
  • Hello i was wondering if anyone out there has a copy of The Berkeley Show on cd, video, or anything or all. Well if you do could you let me know.

    Thanks a lot
    Dreaming to be a Moz -- Tuesday September 17 2002, @06:06PM (#41735)
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    Others sang your life, so sing theirs.
  • I recorded the entire show on Minidisc.
    I have the intermission music and the Morrissey show, and some of the Jaguares show.
    Interested people always e-mail me.
    TheLittles -- Tuesday September 17 2002, @07:06PM (#41747)
    (User #6459 Info)
  • i think morrissey ought to play by himself with some small opening act. it was a nice idea, but i dont think it was altogether successful. but then again, at least you got to see the man.
    joans_walkman -- Saturday September 14 2002, @09:54PM (#41089)
    (User #6238 Info)
    • Re:blah by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday September 15 2002, @10:42AM
  • Stop pretending to be British and stop being racist. You should hate the fans for being morons not because you like to generalize that they're all magically 'stinky mexicans'.

    i was at that show, am mexican, and am in no way stinky, nor was I a Jaguares fan.

    You should really learn some racial tolerance and give up those stupid and old stereotypes before someone knocks them out of you.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @10:07PM (#41096)
    • I couldn't have said it better myself, where do these ignorant morons get off generalizing like that? I too am Mexican, was at the show and was there for Moz. I stuck around to check out Jaguares but they just weren't my cup of tea. They were good , but just because I am mexican doesnt mean Im gonna be into spanish rock. and how the hell to you know if all the hispanic fans there were mexican? Did it ever occur to you that there are other latin people besides mexicans? its a shame that such a tolerant person such as morrissey has such insolent fools as fans. I agree that it was a huge mistake for him to play with these bands but Moz isn't a racist bastard and i have a whole new respect for the man.
      I certainly could have done with out the boo's and the heckling from the Jaguares fans, but theres nothing you can do about that now.
      So next time becareful about calling us "mexicans" nachoheads and stinky.
      and as far as who ever said the venue sucked, i disagree completely. obviously you had to get there early to get a good seat and since i'll be graduating on that same stage in the spring, it makes me happy to think that morrissey and coldplay graced that very stage.
      haloinreverse -- Saturday September 14 2002, @10:26PM (#41100)
      (User #6406 Info)
    • Re:Bollox...Mozzers is NO Opening Act!! This is WA by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday September 15 2002, @08:10PM
    • Re:Bollox...Mozzers is NO Opening Act!! This is WA by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday September 16 2002, @10:52AM
  • What, no Jumbo (The now dubbed "MEXICAN WEEZER")!? Before you complain about the gig, maybe you should site what made it bad instead of spewing some hateful, stereotypical remarks about a band you probably didn't even stay behind to check out. It's Morrissey that agreed to do the concert, so take it up with "The Man". So if you want to be the one to shoot him and get jumped by his main fanbase, then it's all you. Have fun at whatever lame internet cafe you're at idiot.....
    Mozcar -- Saturday September 14 2002, @10:27PM (#41101)
    (User #6064 Info)
  • "What a *horrible* venue: mosquitos, moths and stone seating that was crumbling enough so that everywhere you sat you were sitting on tiny annoying little stones."

    WA WA

    where the hell did you sit in a f'in tree? No pests where I was. Or maybe I was there to enjoy the music not pick apart the venue and whine. If you didnt like it why the hell didnt you leave.. more seats for everyone else. Hey Ill sit on a rock, hell ill stand (like most places) just to see Morrissey.
    Why the hell do you care if someone gets on stage? You were on stage?Its about the music.. or did you forget?

    Quit whining.
    cornstar -- Saturday September 14 2002, @10:43PM (#41106)
    (User #6409 Info)
  • mosquitos and moths where I was down on the floor! I LOVE the Greek Theatre-the sound is great, the view from the top is great-I love everything about it. It's also where I first saw Moz back in '91. Next time you'll know to bring a blanket or seat cushion-did you not know that it was a *Greek* style theatre, with concrete seats??? I didn't feel any bad vibes from Jaguares fans-again, no booing where I was. I stayed for the first few songs of their set, and the mosh pit was outrageous! I wish some of that enthusiasm had come from Moz's set-my main complaint of the evening was that the crowd was so friggin' dull and comotose, and I am so glad that I got to go to Santa Rosa where there was a little more enthusiasm. My other complaint was that they decided to make it general admission seating for the entire venue at the LAST minute, when I thought I had reserved seats! Oh well-still had a good spot, and I got to see Moz take his shirt off!!!
    glam72 -- Saturday September 14 2002, @11:51PM (#41127)
    (User #5468 Info)
  • I'm not one to judge one's opinion, but I'm gonna! There were no mosquitos or moths where I was, and the Jaguares fans were just fine. hey everyone was there to enjoy the music, what the fuck were you there for??! The sound was excellent at the Greek Theater.
    So boo yourself, and don't go see the man perform again if it was so boring...
    It's true..."the world is full of crashing bores" and you are one!
    mute001 <[email protected]> -- Sunday September 15 2002, @12:20AM (#41140)
    (User #1167 Info |
    download, something, useful or useless...
    • Re:blah by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday September 15 2002, @10:38AM
  • What a bummer to be you. I, on the other hand, had a wonderful time. Moz sounded unbelievable, and that was my whole purpose in attending the show. I think those of us who really love him got exactly what we wanted. I didn't notice any pebbles or bugs. I was so into him that I didn't even notice anything else- except for the amazing sunset.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 16 2002, @10:44AM (#41446)
    • Greek by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday September 18 2002, @05:03PM
      • Re:Greek by ToolArmy (Score:0) Thursday September 19 2002, @11:21AM
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