posted by davidt on Friday September 13 2002, @10:00PM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Hairdresser On Fire / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / I Like You / Mexico / Sister I'm A Poet / Alsatian Cousin / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / November Spawned A Monster / Speedway // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
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  • I left right after they started to play Frankie's
    old classic- "I did it my way"

    The Morrissey part of the show was too good! I didnt think Moz could top the last show I attended which was the Santa B show.
    ONce the band finished "there is A light that never goes out" many got up and seemed as if they left like I did, not too sure since many moz fans still hung outside the Pond chatting a bit and smoked.

    I dont have the setlist sorry! but we all know its the same, although I have to see which and if he left out songs since he only was given an hour too perform.

    All the boys looked good, and rested or was I sitting too too far?? well I was on the floor which wasnt too shabby!

    See you in San Diego!!
    Anonymous -- Friday September 13 2002, @10:43PM (#40812)
  • i was one of those inconsiderate ones that left after moz but hey sorry that i dont speak spanish and wouldnt understand anything. but heres how the show went down.
    morrissey took his time as usual to come out but once he did it was amazing the whole arena went wild, and believe me the audience was huge!
    very early on in the setlist a guy got on stage and bearhugged moz who replied with a simple thank you.
    morrissey also asked us (his family) to watch Kilborn again tonight because they would be playing the following song which was everyday is like sunday.
    basically thats how the show went lots and lots of energy from both the band and the audience.
    a definite huge moz fanbase representing ,i did however receive a few crooked eyes from those sporting the Jaguares tshirts.hey much love to all of you!! the show was bomb!!
    Anonymous -- Friday September 13 2002, @11:05PM (#40823)
  • i think this concert was better than his last tour becuase of the selection of songs, and of course he was awesome! same old beautiful voice. and might i add a lot of lovely beatiful women at the show. nothing beats a moz girl!! the only bad part about tonight was the stupid drunk chick in front of me that ws throwing up all over the place. and kept standing and falling off the chair, oh by the way did any one see the fight that broke out after moz finished? i thought i was at wwf! same setlist except he didnt play late night on maudlin street :-(
    DEPECHEMOZ -- Friday September 13 2002, @11:22PM (#40830)
    (User #4937 Info)
  • Incredible set!! Not the best venue. Stuck between two spanish bands. Two big of an arena. Didn't get the typical lovely Moz show with flowers being thrown at him and people getting on the stage. One lucky person made it up early onto the stage. Moz was incredible as always. Looking forward to San Diego
    Anonymous -- Friday September 13 2002, @11:58PM (#40847)
  • I hate to say it but the crowd was about 70% Jaguares fans. I, myself, am a much bigger Morrissey fan but stayed for Jaguares nonetheless and they sound really good live. If you looked throughout the arena, it was still packed and energetic, much to my surprise because I thought I had seen many Moz fans leave. Jumbo "the Mexican Weezer" was OK, nothing to complain about. The crowd went crazy for Morrissey, but more so for the headliners, and I admire the passion that Jaguares fans have for their band, truly an amazing event to witness altogether.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @12:02AM (#40849)
  • once again Morrissey was amazing!!
    Still Docked -- Saturday September 14 2002, @12:05AM (#40850)
    (User #869 Info)
    I want to live and I want to love
  • Morrissey was so great tonight, although you could tell the majority of people were there to see Jaguares. They were pretty good though, even though I did not stay the whole time for them.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @12:09AM (#40853)
  • The sound was GREAT at the Pond!
    I was on the floor, and didn't have a "great" view, but it was cool.
    I hated standing next to a group of Jaguares fans that kept yelling out "culero" throughout the whole show!!! Extremely annoying!
    We left right after Morrissey finished his set.
    A bunch of Moz fans did the same.
    I hope Morrissey realizes that certain fans, don't mix well. Oh well, I have much better seats at the San Diego show. Hopefully everything goes well there. Can't wait!!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @12:11AM (#40855)
  • did anyone hear those assholes booing moz when morrissey made the comment about joining the vegetarian gang before meat is murder? well after he said that there were these guys in two rows in front of me booing and saying something about carne asada, i swear im not trying to be funny or sarcastic, i put that on my love for moz, thats what i heard.probably some ignorant Jag fans, its cool cause i didnt stick around after Moz, i was out before sinatra was done singing.
    see yall lovely ladies in berekly.
    man the hotties were out tonight!!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @12:16AM (#40856)
  • i know it sounds harse but many of them were shouting shit like "culero"!, which basically means asshole in spanish , during morrisseys performance. screw those fuckers i dont care if its Jag's event, no disrespect to the band, but your fans are bitches, if it keeps up theres tonights brawl wont be the only one.
    moz fans represent in berekly and san diego. show them who the "culeros" are!!

    blister in the sun ,}
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @12:27AM (#40859)
  • Wow was Moz great! I had a great time at the moz concert at the pond. Truely a great set list. People were danceing and singing along, moz still has a huge following, it was Moz Angeles once again. Lots of people sure seemed to know the new songs (thank god for the internet). So how many people ended up staying for the Jaguares set? It looked like there where a lot of morrissey fans and they all left after his set.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @12:35AM (#40861)
  • the vegas show on the sixth was my first morrissey concert and i loved it so much that i decided to go to the anaheim show as well. i have to say that the vegas show was better all around - and it's not moz's fault at all. i cant complain about moz. he was great, as always. his witty comments were a delight and the music, of course, was beautiful. it just sucked being around people who i knew didnt love him as much as i do. as other people have mentioned, the majority of the audience was strictly jaguares people or people who like both artists but prefer moz. a lot of them were very rude and i found them to be a lot more rowdy than most morrissey fans, getting extremely drunk and disorderly.

    i also must say i wasnt crazy about the venue. there was no pit and the barricades started like 6 feet from the stage making it virtually impossible for one to touch moz (unless your name is leo and you're sneaky and cool like that). i also got screwed over with my tix. i got them from ticketmaster and while i was choosing seats, i asked the chick if they were limited view. she said they werent and i took her word on it. lo and behold, i get my ticket and it says in smallish print "limited view." bastards! i was basically sitting right off the right side of the stage, perpendicular to it. why they would sell such crappy seats is beyond me. it didnt really matter though because i accidentally sat in the wrong seat anyway until "speedway" at which point i was redirected.

    the only cool thing about my actual seat is that i had a good view of the area right offstage and got to watch people come and go. i saw gary day come out and i waved (and grinned like the dork that i am) and he actually smiled and waved back! alain came out too and again, i grinned and waved and he waved and gave me the peace sign (not the backwards V, you evil-minded people - i know the difference).

    one last thing, i actually kind of liked jumbo. i dont know spanish, but musically, it had a good feel. jaguares, i wasnt so crazy about. they were very good musically, but i obviously cant comment on the lyrics. for my purposes, it was an instrumental concert and i hate instrumentals. also, i dont really understand why people try to say that morrissey and jaguares are similar. their styles are very different and some of my latino friends who dont kiss jaguares'ass have told me that the lyrics bear little resemblance. ah well. one last thing that no one has mentioned is that after jaguares, there was a mariachi band. and that's when i left. it just got a little too latin for me. dont get me wrong, my grandma is mexican, but it was like "if you're not mexican, get the hell out."

    thanks for reading my rants people.
    joans_walkman -- Saturday September 14 2002, @12:45AM (#40863)
    (User #6238 Info)
  • this shit was fuckin bad! moz put a great show. i thought it wasnt going to be a set like that but he graciously proved me wrong. set list was the same, but the crowd engulfed it and went crazy. there was alot more excitement here than in vegas thats for sure. joining moz fans and jag fans was a great idea. i dont understand spanish but i do listen to their music and im intriged. man i wish i got the shirt. oh well i always want the one i cant have. lets try and get more people rushing the stage shall we? great show! cheers!
    INTERNATIONAL PLAYBO -- Saturday September 14 2002, @12:47AM (#40864)
    (User #5594 Info)
  • 1) alain had his hair back in a pomp, the way it's supposed to be!!

    2) the shirts were a lot better this time around. i got a really campy one that shows morrissey eating an icecream sandwich and over him, the word "yummy" is scrawled. hurrah!

    3) all those people who say morrissey is no longer a vegetarian are retards. not only were stickers being sold that said "i want you to go vegetarian" but morrissey actually said, while introducing "meat is murder," "i think you have all noticed how all the most intelligent, nicest people are vegetarians..."
    joans_walkman -- Saturday September 14 2002, @12:58AM (#40866)
    (User #6238 Info)
  • tonights show was absolutely amazing it was a blast the setlist was wondeful morrissey sounded absolutely great especially when he went into speedway it just made the day. i did manage to see a whole lot of beautiful women and of course i to left when the ????jaguares took the stage i had better things to do so moz until next time my dear friend.......hope to see you soon
  • Fuck Jaguares and there fans, and also those who went to see both, fucking traders.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @02:31AM (#40890)
  • I with I were as lucky as you people who got to see Morrissey & Jaguares together.
    Regardless of what people think, there are actually some of us out there who are *huge* fans of BOTH Moz and Jaguares.
    Of course they aren't the same type of music, but limiting yourself to one genre of music is a boring thing in my eyes. I would've given anything to see them together. But unfortunately, Morrissey won't be joining Jaguares on their stop here in Chicago. For the people that *did* stay to see Jaguares without knowing them--kudos for opening your minds to a different flavor of music. To me, Morrissey and Saul are gods.
    Feel lucky people for actually getting that oportunity to check 'em out.
    Jessica216 -- Saturday September 14 2002, @02:36AM (#40891)
    (User #4357 Info)
    "How dearly I'd love to get carried away"~Accept Yourself~
  • It was nice seeing Sharron Needles,Omie,and Carlos again...=)

    Morrissey sounded great...even from outside..
    It was Great seeing Alain,Boz,Gary,and Dean outside by the tour bus...
    Thankz Gary and Alain for blowing me kisses..=)

    My highlight of the night...having Morrisseys program guide on my shelf. Thankz for giving it to me Moz. See you in SD!!
    mozluv -- Saturday September 14 2002, @03:47AM (#40892)
    (User #973 Info)
    "guilt by implication by association"
  • I saw there are already pics of the show at Gee he doesn't look like he's changed at all!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @05:25AM (#40898)
  • My boyfriend and I went to see Moz. It was the best show ever. It was even better than the 2000 show in Hollywood. It rocked! We stayed a while heard the Jaguares and left. I am sorry but they suck. I was a little angry at the drunk and annoying Jaguares fans that showed no respect to Moz they were just sitting down while they great one was on stage.
    endmoz -- Saturday September 14 2002, @08:53AM (#40918)
    (User #6245 Info)
    • Re:Concert by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday September 14 2002, @01:38PM
  • moz was great he had a great set and he looked good as always.i liked the comment he made about veggetarians,but there where alot of drunk fucked up jaguares fans booing.fuck all you assholes you should be grateful to be in the same place as the man.well i left right after moz finished theres a light that never goes out.
    great great show thanks moz.
    hugme -- Saturday September 14 2002, @09:40AM (#40929)
    (User #6382 Info)
  • did anyone else stay for the whole thing in the vain hope that morrissey might reappear and i dunno, get on stage with jaguares or something? well i did. i cant say im sorry because it was nice getting exposed to new music, even if it just isnt my thing.
    joans_walkman -- Saturday September 14 2002, @10:13AM (#40936)
    (User #6238 Info)
  • Ok a little's a miracle that I got to the show. I had no ticket and I was feeling so sad that I couldn't go. Lucky my guy pulled out for me and got me a ticket. My highlight was before Speedway when he said "No matter what happens may Jesus and Oscar Wilde always bless you". It was such a great, fun, and lovely night. Moz was dressed like an English professor but changed for "There's a light". He's in great shape since after the show he took off his shirt and threw it into the crowd. I was surpised to see so many great-looking Moz fans. I was one of them. =D However Jaguares' fans out numbered us. Now I know who kept booing during the whole Moz set. Bastards. Could anyone tell me what the whole triangle hand thing means during "Meat is Murder"? The shadow play of Boz "killing" Moz was a nice touch. We stayed around for the Jaguares part. It's nice music to dance to. The whole crowd was moving. I was hoping for a duet with them and moz. It would of be nice but tons of Moz left after his set. So there were not as many beautiful people there. But over all it was a great night!!! =D Viva Moz!!!
    Stephanye Marr
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @10:17AM (#40937)
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      • half a person by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday September 15 2002, @03:52PM
    • Re:Moz is God by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday September 15 2002, @01:25AM
  • I stayed until the very end of the show at Anaheim Pond, and I am very glad that I did. Morrissey did a great set, in my opinion better (though shorter) than his set in Santa Barbara. The performance of "Jack the Ripper" was the best I have ever heard. During the intermission, some Morrissey fans left the venue, and the mood of the crowd changed. The atmosphere became more charged and volatile, perhaps because many had come especially to see Jaguares, or perhaps because everyone was a little bit drunker.

    I enjoyed Jaguares, but I thought their live sound was a lot more conventional than their studio sound. (I suppose this is inevitable.) The crowd was indeed rowdy, and I got hit with several lobs of flying beer, but for me this was a trivial distraction. The enthusiasm of the fans was a force to be reckoned with, and I found myself wishing that Morrissey had received similar attention. I missed the dangerous electricity of The Smiths¡¯ days. Despite what individual concertgoers may say about what they endure, the present generation of Moz fans is generally rather well mannered and not very aggressive.

    My mind was well and truly blown by the end of the concert. I got up and prepared to leave, but my companion alerted me to the roadies preparing the stage for another performance. I hoped that it might be some sort of Saul Hernandez and Morrissey duet, but what eventually transpired was much more radical. A band of mariachis took the stage and did several numbers, to the delight of most of the audience. It was like a trip backwards in time, from the 80¡¯s (the time of Morrissey¡¯s earliest material) to the 70¡¯s (the era revisited by Jaguares in their live sound) to the past of our parents and grandparents. Would the audience for one of those contemporary retro bands (The Strokes, The White Stripes, etc.) have put up with a real blast from the past? I doubt it. Nobody in the crowd seemed to mind one bit that this "old fashioned" music ended the evening. The squabbles between partisans of one style of music over another were silenced by a whole audience yelling "VIVA!" The evening was an unprecedented example of some sort of crazy historical continuity expressing itself, and I must say I was incredibly moved by the experience.
    William...Nothing -- Saturday September 14 2002, @10:18AM (#40938)
    (User #4040 Info)
    • flamebait? by William...Nothing (Score:1) Saturday September 14 2002, @04:09PM
      • Re:flamebait? by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday September 14 2002, @04:29PM
  • As always, the mexicans demonstrated their ignorance and stupidity. What a bad bad choice for The Man to play for mexicans, 'cos they don't give a crap.
    Mexicans go back to Mexico!
    La_Tete_de_Suede -- Saturday September 14 2002, @10:20AM (#40939)
    (User #3733 Info)
  • what's up with the shallowness? i'm just curious as to why so many people are making remarks about how great it was to be around so many goodlooking people and how they are so proud to be numbered among them. without sounding bitter, i would just like to say that it is about the music and the man, not the image. i truly believe that morrissey doesnt care about such things, especially since much of his music addresses his own bouts with low self esteem. additionally, he often makes comments about how much he loves all his fans and how they are all "appealing" to him. ah well, it doesnt really matter. i was just wondering why people are getting all superficial when morrissey is anything but. thank you.
    joans_walkman -- Saturday September 14 2002, @10:41AM (#40945)
    (User #6238 Info)
  • We just got back from the concert and we thought it was great. We are big fans of both Morrissey and Jaguares. I just wanted to say that it was great show. This show will go down in history and i hope more mixing of cultures are integrated more in the future. We saw Morrissey in Yuma, AZ and it was a good vibe too. It was pretty cool how in one night, the same people listened to Jumbo "Mexican Weezer", Morrissey, Jaguares, and a Mariachi and most of the people knew the lyrics of the songs of all 4 preformers. A lot a of people seemed to have left after Morrissey's set, but returned becuase it still looked packed.
    For more information on JAGUARES, you can visit
    Jumbo started playing at 6:30 - 7:15.
    Morrissey palyed from like 8:15 - 9:30.
    Jaguares played from 10:00 11:45
    Mariachi played 5 songs.
    setlist for jaguares:
    Cuando la Sangre Galopa Dime Jaguar, Nubes, El Milagro, Cuentame Tu Vida, Detras de los Cerros, La Vida No Es Igual, Como Tu, El Ultimo Planeta, El Secreto, Avientame, Afuera.
    encore acustic: Te Lo Pido Por Favor, Antes de que nos Olviden, La Celula Que Explota.
    MatenmePorqueMeMuero -- Saturday September 14 2002, @11:01AM (#40955)
    (User #6384 Info)
  • Thank GAWD Morrissey didn't take the stage until nearly 8 PM (he was scheduled for 7:10 PM SHARP) cuz I was stuck in traffic until then... We got our WILL CALL tix right as the opening song "I Want The One I Can't Have" started and made our way to the 10 row on the floor and I was thinking "WOW! My friend who got me these tix is REALLY connected" but after one song security came over to us and the guy at WILL CALL was with them- he said sorry he made a mistake and then gave us our REAL tix and they escorted us to SECOND ROW FLOOR -CENTER- ****FUCK**** !!!! There was ONE person in between us and Morrissey- and we towered over them... So my friend was even MORE connected than I thoght... My GAWD this week has been incredible... soooo anyways, yeah I guess there was a Moz show- he was FANTASTIC- and kudos to the dude who got onstage!! It was amzing feeling the love of 20,000 people strong screaming our devotion to the Mozza... After the AWESOME set it appeared as though half the crowd was leaving- but no- when the Jagueres took the stage the place was full again - and they ROCKED!! My GAWD those guys really are ROCK GODS... I was blown away. And then just when you thought the show was over a Mexican MARIACHI band came out with these BIG ASS SOMBREROS and the crowd went wild- it was HYSTERICAL to see and the music was great- I got in touch with my own Castilian-Spanish roots and discovered an incredible sound with these Latin bands... and then afterwards we headed backstage to meet Saul the lead singer of Jaguares and he was VERY nice and kissed my date on the cheek TWICE (all of her friends have WORSHIPPED that man for nearly 20 years) all in all a SPECTACULAR evening and INCREDIBLE week!!


    Mud <[email protected]> -- Saturday September 14 2002, @11:14AM (#40958)
    (User #454 Info |
    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
    • Re:INCREDIBLE Show!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday September 14 2002, @02:44PM
    • Cooool by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday September 14 2002, @07:26PM
      • Thanx ;^) by Mud (Score:1) Sunday September 15 2002, @01:08AM
        • Re:Thanx ;^) by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday September 15 2002, @01:29AM
  • The show was great . Lots of moz fans representing, But why did they turn off the big screen Displays off for Morrissey's Show?
    That made it really hard to see the man in such a big venue.
    little320 -- Saturday September 14 2002, @11:51AM (#40966)
    (User #1601 Info)
  • And so was Bon Jovi afterwards. Or I mean Jaguares.They are respectable.But,nothing out shines The Man.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @01:16PM (#40986)
  • Moz was great to no one's surprise but Jaguares ROCKED!! I had never heard them before but I was going crazy! AWESOME guitar melodies and solos to dance to! I'm gonna have to buy the damn albums soon! The guitarist, Vampiro, blew me away.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @02:19PM (#40993)
  • I guess some of you had bad experiences with the super hardcore Jaguares fans who were sitting near the front, but throughout other parts of the arena people with Jaguares shirts who may have never heard a song by Moz in the past were rocking out to him and giving him a lot of love after each song. They didn't know the lyrics, but they were able to appreciate the greatness nonetheless. That's something some of you can learn from I hope.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @02:54PM (#41005)
  • Thanks Moz for joining Revolucion! I went into the Pond dreading that I was gonna have to stay until the very end and listen to Jaguares, but damn was I in for a surprise! That is some DAMN FINE rock music; don't let Saul's hair give you the impression that this is some 80's hair band, they sound GREAT (Otherwise my cheap ass wouldn't have bought a Jaguares shirt).
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @03:00PM (#41007)
    • Think Again by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday September 14 2002, @08:04PM
  • If anyone cares, JAGUARES is playing the Wiltern on November 1st, just announced. Tix go on sale tomorrow. Thanks to last night, I am sooooooo there.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @03:31PM (#41019)
    • no, no one does by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday September 19 2002, @12:18AM
  • Excellent performance by Moz again, I would HIGHLY SUGGEST that he doesn't play with Jaguares again. The mix of the crowd did not work well, if there is going to be groups in the crowd booing the man, then maybe they should have shown up later! We politely left after his amazing set. Me and Esteban got to meet Big Sandy in the halls! Glad to see him there! Oh yeah, saw a guy with a Polecats shirt, cool...
    ChrisRossetti <[email protected]> -- Saturday September 14 2002, @04:50PM (#41034)
    (User #5546 Info |
  • ok, it is very tipical that in a concert, hispanic people tend to get excited and start yelling things like "culero." IF YOU NOTICED, after the jaguares finished singing, the audience also began screaming culero. i've been to many concerts and i hear the culero screaming in each and everyone of them.

    the reason people yelled culero with morrissey was because they wanted him to return and sing more songs not because they thought he was an asshole. also from what i saw, there were more morrissey fans than jaguares so i don't know where all this shit about jaguares fans outnumbering morrissey fans. in the area where i was sitting alone everyone had a moz tee-shirt on. i then later went to buy a drink and all the people outside were wearing morrissey shirts; i only saw a couple of jaguares fans.

    stop complaining and if your virgin ears can't handle hearing the word culero then don't go to another mixed event.

    oh and ladies, remember that bras are ladies best friends and we should not forget to wear one. it was disgusting seeing all the jello jiggling around. i mean come on, it's not like you are actually going to meet any of the band members and marry one of them.

    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @05:08PM (#41040)
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  • A great show with amazing energy. I was lucky enough to catch the shirt morrissey threw out into the audience during the encore. Surprised to see morrissey shops at the GAP. j.k. Actually, its a lovely Marc Jacobs shirt. Someone offered $150 for it. The people in the pricy seats were rather tame, anywhere else I would have probably ended up with a button off the shirt after immediately being mobbed by hooligans. Unfortunate he didn't play Late Night... but happy he sang Speedway.
    till the next time.
    rockworld -- Saturday September 14 2002, @05:59PM (#41046)
    (User #6393 Info)
  • morrissey blem my mind away. i couldn't have asked for anything better. i was so moved by him that the tears began to roll down my face. he did such a great performance, and it made me fall in love with him all over again.
    mars -- Saturday September 14 2002, @07:39PM (#41065)
    (User #4290 Info)
  • I was in the 3rd row at the Arrowhead Pond, and sad to see that not enough Moz fans attempted to get near to his highness. Also the fans in the first 10 rows were definitely not there to see Moz, the Camera situation was a bit looser for this venue. I hope that San Diego shows a little more love.
    tiger -- Saturday September 14 2002, @08:04PM (#41068)
    (User #6394 Info)
  • Not to be mean but Jaguares looked [email protected]#ked up!!! I didn't know Big Hair Bands were back.Does Motley Crue come to mind. But really I'm glad they didn't sound how they looked cuz it would have been a long night.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 14 2002, @08:11PM (#41071)
  • cause i'd DIE for it. to know that he performed NSAM makes me wiggle with delight.

    naturallyfled -- Saturday September 14 2002, @10:53PM (#41088)
    (User #6256 Info)
    ~there's more to life than books, you know, but not much more~
  • I attended the show in Anaheim. It was a good combination. To all you people that put Jaguares down, sit on a big one. Their one of the bands that revolutionized spanish rock. It was a great show. Yeah maybe some of the fans were jerks but that doesnt mean you all have to be saying fuck Jaguares. They should get together again and sell out another venue.
    NeoMozzer -- Sunday September 15 2002, @12:14AM (#41114)
    (User #6231 Info)
  • Don't get to hear my fav Moz song (late night maudlin st) or my fav Jaguares song (las ratas no tienen alas). Enough whining, this was a historic evening, Jumbo is hopefully on their way to a lot of success, Moz had his fans and Jaguares fans going crazy.. and as for the headliners, pure joy and bliss. I'm naming my first-born "Saul."
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @01:20AM (#41141)
    • Re:Shame... by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday September 19 2002, @08:16PM
  • Some stupid Jaguares Fan was calling Moz a
    " Fag " in the bathroom so I was surprised when Jaguares came out and there lead singer looked like a girl. Long live men who look like men. Curly haired "arena-big-haired-ugly shirt wearn'-will be forgotten in two years-band(thats right Jaguares)and all your drunk smelly ugly ass fans -piss off.
    Perms Are Out,
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @01:59AM (#41156)
  • why are people so damn negative here??? if some of you are educated enough to understand spanish, go into and read the postings,,their fans show nothing but love and talk positive about everything, their band, morrissey, the shows, etc. In here there's nothing but controversy and people putting each other down. It's only a show!! Get a life and get laid! this seems like a site to express anger,,its sad morrissey is followed by a bunch of negative unhappy and UNGRATEFUL filth!
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @02:17AM (#41164)
  • Moz=THE MAN
    Moz fans who show prejudice towards Jaguares and their fans=Elitist, insecure, ignorant people who can't stand the fact that their fav artist was a mere sideshow on the night that Jaguares invaded The Pond and should be thanking Saul & the boys for inviting Morrissey to join Concierto Revolucion in the first place.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @02:35AM (#41169)
  • The place went crazy when Jaguares took the stage; crowd was so loud they were drowning out poor Saul! Highlights were Saul letting the crowd sing "la vida no es igual," a nice cover of Juan Gabriel's "Te lo pido por favor," "la Celula Que Explota," "Detras de los cerros," etc etc! What an event! Oh and I heard Morrissey made an appearance? Can anyone confirm this?
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @02:44AM (#41171)
  • it's sad to see the morrissey crowd not showing appreciation for jaguares. never again will they be able to see morrissey play in such a big arena with awesome atmosphere. morrissey can't even sell out coffee shops on his own nowadays. also, jaguares fans added a lot of life to the show,,morrissey fans were just sitting down scratching deez nutz the entire time, even during memorable morrissey songs. most of you are very ungratful. i hope jaguares decide to play alone next time and you guys get to see no morrissey at all. all of you are truly CULEROS, CULEROS, CULEROS!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @03:21AM (#41180)
  • The user La-tete-de-suede made a racist fucken remark. It just shows how stupid and fucken igorant you are. "Mexicans go back to Mexico"......A couple of words to you....Fuck you
    NeoMozzer -- Sunday September 15 2002, @11:22AM (#41219)
    (User #6231 Info)
    • Re:Ignorant by Moz_Freak (Score:1) Sunday September 15 2002, @02:56PM
      • Re:Ignorant by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday September 15 2002, @03:01PM
        • Re:Ignorant by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday September 16 2002, @08:58AM
  • Well what can i say "Jaguares" were great, no questions asked but I tried really hard to get a feeling from morrissey's songs but i didnt like them. dont get mad im not ignorant like much of the people here, because i know morrissey does have his followers but the thing is that his music does not have that poetic, out of this world, metaphoric lyrics and songs like "Jaguares". His music is more common and all i could say is that the show was great but i didnt enjoy his act, im being honest, but hopefully you people had a wonderful time with morrissey like i did with "Jaguares".
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 15 2002, @11:55AM (#41228)
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