posted by davidt on Tuesday September 10 2002, @11:00PM
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Set List:

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Hairdresser On Fire / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / Late Night, Maudlin Street / I Like You / Mexico / Sister I'm A Poet / Alsatian Cousin/ Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / November Spawned A Monster / Speedway // I Want The One I Can't Have

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  • Wonderful! His version of "speedway" was extremely stunning as well as "Jack the ripper".
      He started the show with "there is a light" and was very vocal throughtout the show. About 6-7 people made it on the stage. Morrissey still rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @11:14PM (#39972)
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  • Two questions:

    1) Somewhere back at the beginning of the tour, someone posted a song-by-song listing of the intermission music. I can't find it now (it may have been on Can someone repost it here if they stumble across it?

    2) Thumbing through my copy of Best of Morrissey tonight, I noticed Moz thanks Dean Butterworth. I was under the impression Dean joined the band just prior to the tour? This must be wrong.

    3) Okay, three questions. I know Moz is currently without a label, but is there any validity to the rumour that he's already recorded the next album (25 tracks I read, again somewhere-- this damn internet is so hard to keep track of)? Is this recording merely a demo? If not, are there any rumours as to who produced it? I'm assuming Dean played on it.

    Okay you California boys and girls, tell us about the show.
    Old Mathew -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @12:09AM (#39989)
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  • I loved last nights show!!! i was so close and he was absolutely amazing....thank you Morrissey for another wonder nite once again.

    Still Docked -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @02:39AM (#40011)
    (User #869 Info)
    I want to live and I want to love
  • setlist (Score:0, Troll)

    bengali in platfoms, sing your life, there is a place in hell, my love life, picaddily pillare, girl affraid, this night has opend my eyes, i know its over, stop me if you think that you heard this one before, i like you , the first of the gang to die, mexico , the world is full of crashing bores
    DEPECHEMOZ -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @03:43AM (#40017)
    (User #4937 Info)
  • have a picture of a setlist,and it has as an encore 'Irish Blood, English Heart'. But it wasn't played. Anyway, this song really seems to exist, and Morrissey is considering playing it.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @05:44AM (#40023)
  • set list - venue (Score:2, Informative)

    Here was what he played:
    There is a Light that Never Goes Out
    Hairdresser on Fire
    Little Man, What Now?
    First of the Gang To Die, The
    Jack the Ripper
    Late Night, Maudlin Street
    I Like You
    Sister, I'm a poet
    Alsatian Cousin
    Everyday is Like Sunday
    The World is Full of Crashing Bores
    Meat is Murder
    November Spawned a Monster
    I Want the One I Can't Have

    It was a very nice venue to see him at. the crowd was good, not to hot or uncomfortable, however the sound could have been better. The Mozzer's voice sounded very high pitched and tiny.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @07:27AM (#40039)
  • What a show! It was good to see die hard fans like myself and the new generation of fans.I have followed Morrisey since the Smiths and have been to all concerts that come my way, I share the same bithday as my fellow Gemini and am about the same age.I Love Him so.
    Morrissey you have always been in my American Music Scene. It was great to see the new generation of Morrisey fans apreciating the genious in a man who can whale out lyrics that codle my heart and a voice that can make me melt. Oh how I love you Morrissey. You are the story of my life! I have all your tapes and cd's and buy them as gifts as well. I only wished I could have made through the crowed to shake your hand. when you came out on stage and informed us that all was well with the world and America well that sho me how much you care. I love you!!
    kiwi522 -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @11:00AM (#40066)
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  • Boz has a beard! I didn't even recognize him at first!
    I have been to about 12 Morrissey concerts since 1991, and they get better each time - but maybe that is just because I am one of those "hardcore Morrissey fans" with funny hair and no subjective opinion. And if that is the case, GREAT! I've been called worse. I just can't get enough of the guy.
    There isn't much new to report. The major difference was that he opened with "There is a Light..." and closed with "I Want the One I Can't Have." "Meat is Murder" (which I don't beleive, but still respect) and "Speedway" sounded better than ever. Though, to none of their fault, there was microphone feedback off and on throughout the show - but not enough to detract from it.
    A woman in the crowd caught Morrissey's attention, and he held the mic to her mouth so he could hear her question. She asked, "Are you happy, Morrissey?" His reply: "Yes, I am happy. I have never been happier in my life."
    During the break before the encore, Morrissey was led off stage - he held his head low, with his shoulders slumped. It seemed that Gary Day already had a cigarette lit for him when he got off stage. He went directly into the bathroom (while the rest of the band went behind the stage). I assume he needed to take a piss and finish his smoke. He waved goodbye to the crowd at the side of the stage after the encore. The band all seems to be a fine group of lads, more comfortable with the crowds and their performance than ever before. I hope I don't have to wait another three years to see them again.
    Take care all you fellow Morrissey fans. We may not know each other, but it's nice to have each other. Later.
    ssombie -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @11:00AM (#40067)
    (User #5660 Info)
  • We Started the Alain Fan Club
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @11:29AM (#40074)
  • why was wolf blitzer up there strumming and swaying away, and what has he done with boz?
    niilo -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @11:55AM (#40087)
    (User #893 Info)
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  • Moz is really getting crazy and creative on us. He changed the first song with the last song. That is nuts. I do not know how he thinks of these things. Genius I tell you, genius.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @01:01PM (#40102)
    • Re:Wow! by ssombie (Score:1) Thursday September 12 2002, @11:09AM
  • Got the 1st 5 songs recorded on MD, they came out really good, if anyone's interested email me...
    mute001 <[email protected]> -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @02:08PM (#40119)
    (User #1167 Info |
    download, something, useful or useless...
  • hello, my name is alex.
    i was the one passing out the flyers
    for my MORRISSEY/SMITHS radio show
    tonight in fresno...
    i was wondering if anyone was able
    to film the show last night because i
    was one of the lucky people to get on
    stage. i'm the one that hugged and kissed
    MORRISSEY during his encore!
    it still feels surreal.
    anyway, please feel free to contact me
    with any info of a video or audio recording.
    love you all,
    "now my heart is full"
    alexXx1978 -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @02:59PM (#40133)
    (User #669 Info)
  • Not that anyone should be interested in this, but I actually had a dream last night about logging on to morrissey-solo (how damn sad is that?). Anyway, I dreamt that some people had posted that Moz sang 2 new songs at the latest gig - they were called "In the Garden" and "Being Perfect". I have no idea where these titles come from and I really can't imagine how a Moz song called "In the Garden" would go, but there you go. Bit of a coincidence that he 'nearly' played "Irish Blood" after that dream.
    gonzo -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @05:27PM (#40162)
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    Scene, but not herd
  • I LOVE YOU ALAIN WHYTE. Would you kindly return my heart?
    auxocromo <[email protected]> -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @07:10PM (#40175)
    (User #5438 Info |
    --from the heart, which is hurt
  • 6:00-6:30 King Cheetah
    7:00-7:30 Jumbo
    8:00-9:00 Morrissey
    9:30-11:00 Jaguares
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @08:18PM (#40186)
  • I just wanted to saw Alex from is a fine as when I first saw her in 91. It was a shame that I was with someone that night........
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @09:08PM (#40192)
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  • One thing no one seems to have mentioned about this show, at one point many in the crowd started chanting "Charming Man! Charming Man!" Morrissey, coy as ever, stopped and looked at them, and said, "It sounds like you're saying 'This Charming Man.'" And people screamed in reply. So he said, "Which means, what, exactly?" He looked at Alain for a second, said something, and they proceeded to play something else. I wonder if this band even knows it. But, judging from the set lists that have been posted here, they really play the same songs at each show, and it doesn't look like they'd do requests. A shame...
    notexactlychomsky -- Thursday September 12 2002, @08:58AM (#40261)
    (User #6317 Info)
  • i thought this was an american site??? speak english and spell out MORRISSEYS name!
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 12 2002, @10:49AM (#40278)
  • Are the organizers of the Concierto Revolucion insane? or stupid? how do you [email protected]#king dare to give only 1 hour to The Man and 1 hour and a half to a bunch of mexican unknowns like Jaguares, for whom nobody gives a piece of crap? And they're even set to close the show.
    What an insult that is. I feel sorry for that mexican band. The venue will be half empty by the time they get on the stage, 'cos the Moz is gonna bring his own fans and will leave with his own fans.
    La_Tete_de_Suede -- Thursday September 12 2002, @11:22AM (#40284)
    (User #3733 Info)
  • I was a 10 year die-hard fan of Moz who lived in Houston. I was also probabely the only standing fan of his who had never him perform live. It took me 29 hours of driving a distance of more than 1700 miles in nothing but desert-roads to see the man whose art I have admired since teenage years (and of course I have paid great dues for as well). I must say it was not comparable to my expectations. I was blown away!!! I was left with no words to utter, no thoughts to entertain, no emotions to dwell on. I was broken he had left and I was ecstatic I had finally seen the person, not the singer, Morrissey. To all of you fans who were out there, I thank you for providing for one of the best audiences I have ever seen and if the odor of a an almost thirty hour long trip troubled any of you accept my sincere apologies. I'm sure wearing tank-tops did not help the situation either :-) Morrissey, great show, great performance. Everytime you began to sing a song I could close my eyes and remembers hundred of instances I have associated with that song. But I could not bare to close my eyes for I knew my 90 minutes of seeing "The Artist" was ticking away. Love you Morrissey and love all of you fans; amazing, wonderful, mature, sober, intelligent, fashionabely insensetive, insesetively free, and freely loyal fans of Morrissey. I am proud of being one of you. Now wipe away the tears and I'll shut up.

    Mo from Houston
    MozIsOnFire -- Friday September 13 2002, @02:18AM (#40482)
    (User #6339 Info)
  • hola us moz fans

    travelled from downtown salford for this.
    worth it

    favourite bit during speedway after moz sang,
    can you delve so low?
    and this this great gal with blonde and pink hair
    "come down here morrissey and i'll show you"

    i am still laughing about it now
    cheers thanks allot

    Anonymous -- Friday September 13 2002, @07:19PM (#40782)
  • You sound like you have to much time on your hands. Get a fucken life and move on. Why were you there in the first place. People like you always find a reason to bitch ( I am not talking about yr mother). Get the fuck off the stage.
      Love and kisses yr BITCH mother
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @11:29PM (#39976)
  • You say you're sick of all the fans that look like Morrissey yet you take and use a Morrissey quote in your bitching?!?

    "in the heart of my bottom"

    What a moron!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @11:43PM (#39979)
  • What you have said about Alain is totally uncalled for. I want to share something with you. Instead of looking objectively at people, please, start looking subjectively within people. That's where all the beauty is.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @11:44PM (#39980)
  • You're free to say whatever you want. You're also entitled to multiple cracks on the head.

    One at a time folks, single file...

    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @12:00AM (#39984)
  • Why the Alain bashing? He still looks 4895734 times better than Boz.. but that's not the point..stop hating!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @01:38AM (#40002)
  • This worthless moron has only been posting for a few days, obviously trying to get some shock value out of his trite commentary. Ignore him, he's just begging for attention. If you happen to see him at the Pond on friday though, you have my blessing to break his neck.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @02:35AM (#40009)
  • Alain doesn't look fat or fucked up, the only thing I could agree with you is that he does need a better hair stylist. His bangs are long and his back hair is short and kind of spikey, doesn't look very good, I'm not trying to downsize Alain but he look unusual with the way he has his hair from what he normaly looks like.
    bobmoz <[email protected]> -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @02:47AM (#40013)
    (User #841 Info)
  • You bunch of wankers, get your life and asses together and stop bullshitting around!!!!
    Enjoy life and enjoy MOZ.....

    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @11:44AM (#40080)
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