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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Hairdresser On Fire / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / Late Night, Maudlin Street / I Like You / Mexico / Sister I'm A Poet / Alsatian Cousin / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / November Spawned A Monster / Speedway // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • Morrissey's show here in Santa Rosa tonight was amazing, and far better than the Seattle show from a few weeks ago because of better acoustics. The set list was almost completely the same, including new songs such as "I Like You", which I think he said they wrote while sitting around in their hotel lobby in Seattle the day of the show. During the encore song "There is a light that never goes out" (same as in Seattle), people started jumping over the fence. A girl got past the guards, hugged Morrissey, and ran off stage. When they started allowing a couple more people over, the crowd got rowdy and others started jumping stage, one of which was tackled to the ground. One more devotee jumped the gate, flung himself on stage, and knocked a mic and set list/panel over before clinging to the rhythm guitarist and holding for all dear life. Morrissey took this and the six or so other people jumping stage to say he loved us all and run off stage before he was mobbed. Anyway, wonderful show. I'll take emails if anyone has particular questions.
    sladelink -- Monday September 09 2002, @11:49PM (#39738)
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  • hope you're all right. the knuckle dusters swept over you menacing-like and then you were gone...

    thirsty fists <[email protected]> -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @12:07AM (#39740)
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    "world's ugliest boy"
  • another useless comment..
    I agree completely that was a fantastic show and I feel like the luckyest woman in the world for having held Morrisseys soft warm hand in mine.
    also does he take his shirt off rarely or often?
    P.S. i know im logged as garrett and thats my bro who was there and also enjoyed the show..sorry for useing your name bro.
    Garrett Morrissey -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @12:11AM (#39741)
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  • The last time I saw Morrissey was in '92 at the Concord Pavillion. I was a bit skeptical going into this but since he literally saved my life in the '80's I figured I owed it to him and to myself to see him. I thought the new songs were totally exciting: "I Like You" was totally sweet and "The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores" was a perfect Morrissey sentiment. Nothing new so I doubt he'll be winning any new fans over, but he is definintely giving us old ones exactly what we want. It's interesting that he's relying so heavily on "Vive Hate" - great album but I just wouldn't have suspected it.

    The stage rushers at the end were cute but it appeared like the guards weren't sure what to do. It seemed like the message must have gotten out late to be kind to the kids because they were pretty harsh over on the right side of the stage but less so on the left and then they had a quick conference and the policy seemed to change. Whatever, if only I were younger, I would have been up there with 'em.
    WildOscar -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @12:18AM (#39744)
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  • santa rosa show (Score:2, Insightful)

    I've been listening to morrissey since 94 and have in that time gotten all his albums (and singles and bootlegs) and memorized all the lyrics. For whatever reason, I always ended up busy with an obligation on days of his tours so this was the first live show I show from him as a fan of 8 years (I know that's nothing compared to probably a lot of you). Even though I've been listening to lots of death metal (Impetigo and Autopsy) and indie rock (like shellac and bright eyes, black heart procession), this is easily the best concert I've ever been to. It's because his music is most meaningful to depressed and lost souls. The miserable. The outcasts. Us who don't fit in. He helps some of us lonely ones embrace our sadness until it's not so bad. I forgot how powerful music can be.
    Mojopin -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @12:22AM (#39745)
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  • i gave morrissey some flowers - he said gracias smelled them and threw them back. he was chatting with me over a fan's pic, he thought i was saying it was a pitty - i was saying picture. during the encore i was the 1st person to get up on stage. moz grabbed me up, he is pretty strong. i got a tonne of pictures i hope they come out
    ctgonzales -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @12:33AM (#39747)
    (User #6265 Info)
  • I drove my car an hour and half to get to Santa Rosa panicking the whole journey I would get lost (I'm a terrible navigator), but found my way to the Luther Burbank Center...

    Decided to opt for a beer or two rather than watch Jaguares, I'll check them out on Saturday at Berkeley.

    Santa Rosa... wow... well there wasn't a bad seat in the house, this venue was tiny. Probably the smallest I've ever been to besides small Berkeley punk dives. There I sat in the 3rd to last row and waited patiently for the show to begin.

    Every Morrissey show I've seen since my first in 92 has been phenomenal, and this was no exception. The only difference maybe that Morrissey seamed so much more comfortable and at ease, spoke a hell of a lot more to us all, and was quite a bit more active than that last time I saw him in 99.

    The setlist was much the same as others have described. Even though you know what he's going to play, it doesn't stop the excitement building up inside you as you hear the first chords of your favourite songs.

    Meat Is Murder... I always forget how powerful this song is until I hear it live. Truly brilliant.

    The crowd was friendly, respectful, and beautiful. It doesn't get much better, really.

    A couple of Morrissey comments:

    (Hall and Oates are playing the same venue soon and the "program" handed out to everyone came with a fatty ad for their show)

    "In case you were wondering, we're NOT Hall and Oates"

    (After a song, I honestly can't remember which)
    "Sorry for all the crackling, I have Petaluma throat"

    (One fan was trying to communicate to Morrissey, which he couldn't hear properly, to which he replied with an American-ish accent)
    "I can't hear you, take your teeth out, as I always say"

    Sorry I don't have more info, as it is, Moz shows always seem like a blur to me, ending much too quickly.

    It was great to see people making it on stage. The front doors to the venue had a posting "Anyone who goes beyond the barricade in front of the stage will be ejected and not readmitted" Sounds like they heard about the reputation of his shows!

    See you on Saturday!

    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @01:01AM (#39752)
  • Main points: the band did seem a bit tired but played exceptionally well...this venue had real good acoustics. Dean played very well & looked to be having a good time but part of me misses Spencer...he had so much energy. Morrissey sounded and looked great!! It's interesting how he looks better with each tour starting with Malajusted! Anyway, I knew the set list going in so no surprises but I do wish Meat is Murder was replaced by almost any other Smiths song..."I Want the One..." was F&%#ing amazing &, of course, "There is a Light..." was great although I wish he actually sang "There is a Light and It...etc. at the end. Aside from the "pit" crowd, from where I was (about 8 rows back) it seemed like the crowd consisted of people anxiously awaiting each "hit"...and on this tour, they were satisfied. And that's fine I guess. But it was a little disconcerning being at a Moz show realizing that some around you could have been told "Sister, I'm A Poet" and "Jack the Ripper" were new songs and they would have believed it. But I think it was the area (Northern Cal. College Town.) The new songs and all the stuff I never expected to hear live (Sister, Alstain Cousin, I Want the One, Little Man, and (especially) Late Night, Maudlin Street)
    were great!! Overall, excellent show!!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @08:05AM (#39775)
  • Well, at least a great number of them are. Oh, yes, my friend, read on, for even yesterday, I would have scoffed at such a ridiculous statement, but the events of last night have driven this very fact home for me.

    So what are Morrissey fans? Are they gentle and kind? Are they a bit more sensitive to the needs of their fellow human being? Caring? Cultured? Altruistic? Considerate? Sadly, I thought so as well...

    Last night my wife and I attended the Morrissey show at the Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa California. When I first heard that he was on tour again, I was overjoyed, as it had been far too many years since I'd had the divine bliss of seeing the man in person. In fact, for my wife of five years, this was to be her first show!

    So you see, my wife is handicapped. The rigors of most concerts are much too much of a tribulation for her, as she would find it impossible, not to mention extremely painful to stand for the duration of a full length show, LET ALONE A FEW MINUTES, even with the assistance of her cane. For this very reason, she has to stay at home and avoid the hassle of the usual GENERAL ADMISSION concert, and remain in the background or not go at all when these shows come around. It had been a lifelong dream of hers to go to a Morrissey show. (well a good decade at least) It had been her wish to finally see the man that fills her heart with such unbounded happiness. It was for this reason that I was overjoyed to learn that Morrissey had booked a RESERVED SEATING show at the Luther Burbank Center.

    After a long search, and at GREAT EXPENCE, I managed to acquire two front row seats to the concert. What could have been better than this? A front row seat to a reserved seating show to see the most wonderful man in history! A full unfettered view for my wife and I. She would not have to tremble in fear with thought of a rowdy hooligan’s flailing body sending her to the emergency room once again...and she would see him, with no one impeding her view!

    As the opening act played, we saw the band clearly and without obstruction. Collectively we smiled as we imagined how wonderful Morrissey would look from this vantage point.

    It was sometime after the opening act finished that my heart sank. First, in a small trickle, then soon in a maddening push, the area directly in front of my wife and I (who did manage to pay for and acquire front row tickets, mind you) was filled with the heaving masses of people who thought their view of the show was more important than my wife’s. Furthermore, despite protestations from myself and security, the maddening throng remained in place, belligerent and unmoved by our empty cries. One particularly gentle chap told me to "Fuck Off!"

    As the lights went out, and the crowd screamed in a mighty uproar, my wife sat dazed in speechless horror. After a lifetime of waiting and missed oppurtunities due to hospitalization, instead of seeing Morrissey, she was treated to the view of your ass. Several swaying, sweaty, gyrating asses, all keeping time to the man on the stage.

    She sat there and cried all night as not one Morrissey fan would return to their rightful seat (you know, the one printed on your ticket), or even move an inch so that she could see the man that she had come to see. After so many years of waiting and hoping, YOU broke her poor tiny heart.

    If you were there last night, in the front, selfishly blocking the view of my poor wife, please realize that it is not others in this world who are vile and disgusting. Take a good long look in the mirror, for it is you.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @08:11AM (#39776)
  • Hello everyone, just wondering of there is any more merchandise at the shows now than there was early on during the tour. Thanks
    Sleepy lifeguard -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @09:18AM (#39793)
    (User #4562 Info)
  • I thought the show was superb and was truly impressed with the "band". Post-show I was disappointed that for those of us who waited outside by the tour bus, that Morrissey did a straight dash to the bus w/out acknowledging any of us. Would it have killed him to have waved?

    Afterwards, there were a bunch of us all driving on 101 with the bus (since yes, there were fans who had driven well over an hour to get to Santa Rosa and were going that direction anyways) and what else are you going to do but enjoy the unique experience of caravanning with Moz? It was fun til they pulled over and security told us not to follow them anymore. So we had to pretend we weren't on the same freeway as them just to get home. That's fan gratitude for ya.

    I guess we know Morrissey's hourly rate - spend $42 on a ticket and get two hours of his time. Such is the life of a rock star!
    Suswa -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @10:49AM (#39822)
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  • I LOVE Him. It was really cool that he took my jacket and put it on stage with him. WOW. When I gave it to him I said, "I don't have much in my life, but take it it's yours!" He said no and shook his head but he took it anyway.

    It was so cool that he touched us and sang to us stage-side. I can't imagine a better venue to see him play-the accoustics and intimacy couldn't be beat!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @12:16PM (#39839)
  • morrissey fans today are SUCH IDIOTS, LOSERS, SCUM ,AND TRASH! And did I mention the laziest people on the face of the earth. Spell out his name creeps!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @02:14PM (#39869)
  • I was (really) the first person to make it on stage last night. I went up at the begining of 'there is a light'. I was wearing the black Morrissey beater and jeans. I'm a girl with sholder lenght light brown hair and bangs.
    If anyone got pictures of me up there hugging Moz, I would love to get a copy.
    Please e-mail me!

    [email protected]
    mozzystar <[email protected]> -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @04:54PM (#39917)
    (User #3349 Info)
  • I've seen set lists posted for past shows, so I thought I'd do something different and type it out as it appears on the set list I obtained from the drummer's spot. Apologies if this has been already posted before! I'm new to this forum, and I couldn't find another post like this one. Cheers!


    1/ i want the one I can't
    2/ hairdresser
    3/ suedehead
    4/ Little man?
    5/ the first of the gang
    6/ jack the Rrrrr
    7/ maudlin street
    8/ I like you
    9/ mexico
    10/ sister I'm a P
    11/ alsatian
    12/ everyday is
    13/ crashing bores
    14/ meat is Mmmm
    15/ Nov.
    16/ Speedway

    enc; there is an L that never goes O
    Arithmetic Admin -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @07:35PM (#39953)
    (User #6282 Info)
  • Hi all. I'm a brand new Morrissey fan and this was my first Morrissey show. I have been a huge Cure fan for years and have a bootleg for every Cure show I've been to. This Morrissey show was absolutely amazing. Why in the world did he know so much about Sonoma County (Santa Rosa)? He was talking about Luther Burbank, Hitchcock's 'Shadow Of A Doubt', and Petaluma. :-) That was awesome. (I'm not sure if this post is appropriate, sorry if it's not.) Does anyone have access to a CD boot of this show? I would love to work out a trade for some Cure boots or whatever. Thank you.
    joshuathecook -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @02:08AM (#40007)
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  • You poor thing. Bless your heart for having the nerve to post something so useless. On with your life now little man/boy or woman/girl.
    billybud71 -- Monday September 09 2002, @10:24PM (#39730)
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    We are the change that we seek.
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  • and then what happened??did the backdrop fall to the floor and there behind it low and behold stood johnny marr and andy rourke!! i thought id try make myself look as stupid as you do for posting that comment but i dont think anyone can out do you my friend!!
    nothing but all your -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @12:30AM (#39746)
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