posted by davidt on Saturday September 07 2002, @09:00PM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Hairdresser On Fire / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / Late Night, Maudlin Street / I Like You / Mexico / Sister I'm A Poet / Alsatian Cousin / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / November Spawned A Monster / Speedway // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by Az Moz Fan
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  • long live Morrissey, going to see him in Berkley.

    Here's the shameless plug for my morrissey website..
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 07 2002, @10:39PM (#39407)
  • Here's the setlist for tonight...

    - I Want The One I Can't Have
    - Hairdresser...
    - Suedehead
    - Little Man, What Now?
    - The First Of The Gang To Die
    - Jack The Ripper
    - Late Night, Maudlin Street
    - I Like You
    - Mexico
    - Sister I'm A Poet
    - Alsatian Cousin
    - Everyday Is Like Sunday
    - The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
    - Meat Is Murder
    - November...
    - Speedway
    - There Is A Light...

    The only word that comes to mind about tonight's show was UNBELIEVABLE! Never mind the set list being the same... the crowd was very emotional and "in to it" (sorry for the bad phase)... it was very California-like and I mean that in a good way. I would guess atleast 60% of the fans tonight drove up from Cali.

    During Speedway the crowd went absolutely crazy. I can't describe in words how I felt during that song... it was very powerful. That song started all the crowd surfers trying to get a piece of Morrissey. A few managed to touch Morrissey, but only one girl was able to get on stage. I believe she's from Houston... I meant her in Santa Fe... CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for taking it easy on Morrissey tonight. Morrissey was limping on stage throughout the whole show... I hope you are OK Morrissey! When Morrissey came back out for the encore... I think the barricades almost gave in on those in front... everyone was crowd surfing to get to the Man. Beside the girl that did manage to get on stage, there was this one dude who grabbed a hold of Morrissey's feet. His body guard had to rescue him. People actually were pulling the stage apart... I think everyone knew that was the last song and it was very chaotic until the end and then the lights came on and My Way started and that was when we all knew it was over.

    I love you Morrissey!

    Az Moz Fan
    Az Moz Fan -- Saturday September 07 2002, @11:00PM (#39412)
    (User #1326 Info)
  • I would really appreciate it if someone on this site would post a review of the show with at least some amount of objectivity. Every review posted on this site says every show was "Unbelievable" and there is no way they have all been that great night after night. There are way too many extenuating factors for that to happen (Moz's and the Lads age, venue, sound equipment, etc.) So please, please, please, somebody give an objective review. Say something negative about the man just for once! I'll even start it off!

    I haven't been lucky enought to have been within a 2000 mile radius of any of the shows, but if I was lucky enough to have been, I would be pissed about the repetitive set list. You idiots keep spending your money to see multiple shows featuring the same set-list every night. You are way too into this. These remarks of "It was the same set list ast the past 10 shows, but it was just great to see the man again" is sooo sad. Maybe if we complained about the set list, it would change. It's just a suggestion, but the greatest concerts and tours in history didn't feature the band playing the same thing every night. What has Moz been doing for the last 2 years?! Has he forgotten the words to the other songs?! Has the band forgotten the chord progressions?! This repetitive set-list is bull shit for Vegas acts and not for so-called "important" or "relevant" artists others and Moz himself have labled himself. He better have a good excuse prepared for this crap on Kilborn. I am so disappointed. He owes us more than this.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 08 2002, @08:36AM (#39452)
  • I doubt Morrissey planned on having a flock of obsessive-compulsive fans following him around from town to town as if he were the pied-piper. Under normal circumstances it wouldn't matter if the set-list remained the same because there should be new faces to play to at each show.

    If you are unhappy with the unchanging set-list then stop following the man around. Morrissey fans have got to be the greediest, most self-centered fanbase out there. People here don't appreciate anything.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 08 2002, @08:52AM (#39457)
  • Just when you thought it was almost over....the storm clouds come, the sky turns night, and MORRISSEY has re-entered the industry.
    Thats rite boys and girls, it seems he's had a plan.
    First the move to L.A. and absorbing life in it our real world. Then onto a world tour of nothing but pure Morrissey Live. Next as fate would have it, American Media. Were he will unleash The World of Morrissey YET AGAIN!

    The World Will Listen,

    The Mozkateer
    Mozkateer -- Sunday September 08 2002, @09:23AM (#39461)
    (User #1871 Info |
  • I have been reading the comments, debates and reviews on this website with ever-increasing anticipation ever since the announcement of Morrissey's tour this summer. I have held off contributing to the site until I felt I had something to add to the discussion. After seeing Saturday's show at the House Of Blues Las Vegas, I think I do. Because of a tight work schedule, I didn't arrive at the HOB until 7:50, ten minutes before the show started. Miraculously, I was able to secure a spot on the floor, maybe twenty feet from the stage. I say this because, as a frequent visitor to the HOB for concerts (including Moz in December 1999) and club nights, I have never seen the place so packed. The energy was indeed electric. (This may be criticized as cliched or fawning, but it is not. Compared to Moz's previous visits to Vegas in 97 and 99, where the crowd was lethargic and seemed there out of obligation, this crowd made me feel like I was part of something special.) Even the appearance of Morrissey on an overheard projection above the stage brought a cheer most bands at their peak would be happy to hear during an encore. I have never been at a concert where the crowd was so attentive at the beginning. When the openers, King Cheetah appeared, the crowd was very focused and supportive. Perhaps it was the claustrophobic nature of the room that prevented much milling about or socializing, but King Cheetah got a very responsive audience. They played for about 30 minutes. I thought they were perfectly fine, although their hard, almost glam-goth rock made me think they would be a stronger opener for Bauhaus or the Cure. Once the lights dimmed for Moz and the band's arrival, the crowd's energy surged and didn't let up for 80 minutes. I can't hope to add much new commentary to the show so late in the tour, so perhaps a few observations would suffice:
    -Opening the show with a Smiths song is a bold and terrific choice for someone who, until recently, refused to even play those songs at all.
    IWTOICH was a fantastically charging rendition.
    -Is it just me, or is Boz starting to look like George Lucas?
    -Compared to the two previous shows especially, the band (including Moz) seemed to be really enjoying themselves.
    -Alsatian Cousin, never one of my favorite songs on Viva Hate, sounded phenomenal, one of the highlights of a very tight show.
    -Morrissey, as has been noted previously on this site, was very talkative, funny and charming. He seems to be having fun on this tour in a way that hasn't been evident for a while.
    -I am as anti-animal cruelty as the next Morrissey/Smiths fan (I have volunteered at the SPCA and don't eat any meat except for fish), but Meat Is Murder is still the stupidest, most ridiculous song the man has ever written, and its performance in the show (Moz writhing on the floor being "stabbed" by Boz's guitar) was the one moment I couldn't wait to end.
    -The pushing and shoving didn't start until Speedway (surprising, given the crowd's enthusiasm) and hit a feverous pace during the encore. The one song I was excited to hear more than any other, TIALTNGO, was stopped short by Morrissey because the crowd was finally riled up almost too much. I myself was pushed forward by people behind me about fifteen feet.
    I know that people reading these comments from around the world are thinking that all of these shows can't be "unbelievable". I am sure that is true, but this will be the only show on this tour I will attend, and I thought it was terrific with a few minor quibbles. As I looked around the HOB on Moz's second consecutive sold-out night (acts with current multi-platinum albums can't always guarantee that), I can't believe this man doesn't have a record label. Looking forward to Kilborn.
    Las Vegas
    Michael's Bones LVNV -- Sunday September 08 2002, @01:11PM (#39492)
    (User #5375 Info)
  • I love Morrissey.
    I hate Morrissey's fans.

    I know I am not alone here. It makes me sick everytime I read a post where someone is bitching about the setlist not changing. NORMAL people don't follow an artist from town to town and wouldn't be aware of setlists remaining the same. He's playing to different cities each time. He shouldn't have to cater to the mental cases on his trail.

    Maybe Morrissey should switch from playing concert halls to mental homes. After all, it seems like that's where most of his fans are coming from.
    WhoreInRetirement -- Sunday September 08 2002, @01:15PM (#39493)
    (User #2420 Info)
    Telling you all that you never wanted to know...
  • This isn't the right place to post it, but could Moz have been kidding when he mentioned appearing on Craig Kilborn on the 12th? If you check "upcoming guests" , there is no mention of him, and Craig hasn't made reference to it and he would've totally hyped up his upcoming appearance.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 08 2002, @02:43PM (#39510)
  • Thought this might be of some interest...
    gonzo -- Sunday September 08 2002, @04:21PM (#39516)
    (User #335 Info)
    Scene, but not herd
  • Is the band that sang that MORRISSEY song in spanish before he came on?? Someone please help!! By the way, KICK ASS SHOWS and good to see all who attended there!!!
    UCallMeMOZ -- Sunday September 08 2002, @06:17PM (#39522)
    (User #219 Info)
  • i am so glad i didn't stay for the saturday show just to hear the same songs. i few here and there were different but a couple just isn't enough. some fans were so rude at the friday show. jabbing, elbowing, pushing people that arrived there early for a good spot. if you want a good spot get there early people! don't be an asshole and irritate everyone around you just because you took so long to get your pomp up.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 08 2002, @08:35PM (#39540)
    • Re:glad by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday September 08 2002, @09:27PM
    • Re:glad by joans_walkman (Score:1) Sunday September 08 2002, @09:55PM
  • I'm not going to go into an uproar about anything negative or complain about the bloody playlist. Keeping it simple, all i must say is that this concert was one of the greatest i've seen! oh and to the dude that "threw" the Meat is Murder sign...I LOVE YOU!!!! =D
    DmodeMozGirl -- Sunday September 08 2002, @09:31PM (#39544)
    (User #3502 Info)
    It's so easy to laugh. It's so easy to hate. It takes strength to be gentle and kind
  • I just got back earlier today from my Vegas weekend. I was only able to go to the second show, but my boyfriend and I got there Friday night.

    About Gary:
    At around midnight we walked over to the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. As were walking up the stairs to the Casino area, we notice Mr. Gary Day walking down the stairs with a female. My bf and I just looked at each other, wondering who was going to say something, but of course didn't say anything. Shyness is nice, but shyness can stop you.

    About the Drama:
    This occurred as we were all waiting in line for the Saturday night gig.

    As we waited in line, some security guard guy started walking down the line, asking us who was 21 so we could get a wristband for drinking. He then continued to say that there would be a pre-show "party", and we could get into that for 10 bucks. The party would begin at 3pm, and would involve drinks and finger foods, and with the wristband they would give out there, Morrissey fans would be admitted at 6pm instead of 7pm (for the 300 people who bought the ticket). Based on the last three digits of the new wristband, fans would be let into the show in numerical order.

    This is where it gets really complicated:
    They made us with these "party tickets" get in line on the other side of House of Blues while people who had been there early on remained in the other line near the front entrance. Once word got around there was a "Party", people started to line up at the other line. Everyone started freaking out about which damn line was the real line, and security was panicking.

    I didn't care - I just wanted to know what was going on. A fan who had been in line all day started yelling at the Security guard and he retaliated by threatening him ("keep it up and you won't be let in the show blah blah blah").

    The decided to keep the new line, but let those who had been there earlier get in front. Basically it was all a scam to get us to pay 10 extra dollars to get into the same show. It goes on and on, but that's basically what happened.

    About the alleged threesome:
    During the show, since I was getting my ass kicked in the pit, I made my way to the left side of the stage to a clearing near the bar railing. I was singing along to 'Everyday is Like Sunday' when I notice a woman making out with another woman. (Let me mention how typically there would be nothing wrong with this, but they were going at it total porno style, grabbing each other and everything). I thought 'oh well' but then the boyfriend of first mentioned woman starts to grab her ass, proceding to "dry hump" her!! What the hell, people!!! Does 'Everyday is Like Sunday' really have that effect on people? hahaha Oh well. After I made my way further down the floor, I was able to enjoy the rest of the show.

    The end.
    ladymoz -- Sunday September 08 2002, @09:32PM (#39545)
    (User #154 Info)

  • 9/7/02- WOW! Morrissey's voice was brilliant. He only growled and slurred his words a few times during the entire performance...and he HIT EVERY NOTE solidly. His performance was very very impressive. I hope there were some record company executives in the audience creaming their pants.

    Did anyone notice him limping? My wife pointed out that he seemed to have hurt his left leg somewhere in the set...I did see him limping and stepping lightly on his left foot. Hope he's ok.

    One thing was very disheartening...and I hope Morrissey doesn't allow the record industry to keep him down. But he said something that worried me. I'll try and paraphrase what he said as best as I can. He Said.

    "I'm very glad to be associated with everyone on this stage and I'm very happy to be associated with everyone of you. No matter what happens in the future because of my cowardly heart, Thank You. I love you all."

    I probably got that wrong...but the key factors of what he said are there.

    I presume the cowardly heart comment was directed toward his ongoing battle to find a record label worthy of him.

                                    Javier aka Spencer For Drummer

    P.S. Dean wasn't bad at all...just needs a little more UMPH...and some showboating.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 08 2002, @09:37PM (#39547)
  • MOZ HOB Sat Night (Score:1, Informative)

    This show was great! The energy level was at a maximum. I've never been to this venue, but I can't imagine anyone delivering a more powerful performance. The crowd's response was equally energetic.
    I was also at the Phx and Tucson shows which I enjoyed thoroughly, however the HOB Vegas show was absolutely the best. This reoccuring setlist has one excellent advantage,the Band and Morrissey have their show dialed. I can never get enough of "I Want the One I Cant Have". Morrissey was throwing some hilarious gestures during this one, while singing "these are the riches of the poor" Also It was quite funny as Morrissey kept making jokes/comments about the unchanged setlist.

    Only negative comment regarding the show is that for some reason his "cowardly heart" comment has left me somewhat depressed/sad.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 08 2002, @11:38PM (#39554)
  • Before the cowardly heart comment and right before Speedway, I thought Morrissey was speaking to the crowd when he said, "YOU HAVE AS ALWAYS BEEN FANTASTICALLY ATTRACTIVE AND (UH) I'M VERY PROUD TO KNOW YOU AND I'M REALLY PROUD TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH YOU!" One of the previous post mentioned this was directed to the band. Either way, I'm sure he was speaking to all fans and the band.

    When Morrissey came back out for the encore, that's when he said, "PLEASE REMEMBER THAT WHATEVER HAPPENS IN THE FUTURE WITH MY COWARDLY HEART, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!" I don't know what to read into this comment (and the other), but when I heard him say that, I couldn't help but think of the day when Morrissey calls it quits. Just thinking about it makes me sad.
    Az Moz Fan -- Monday September 09 2002, @01:10AM (#39557)
    (User #1326 Info)
  • This may have already been mentioned, but on Friday, someone flew the flag of Mexico on stage, and Morrissey proceeded to wipe his sweat off on it. I have no opinion on this, but several fans seemed upset.
    mozette21 -- Monday September 09 2002, @01:16AM (#39558)
    (User #5188 Info)
    "it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye"
  • The whole point of this site is music. In particular, one man's music. Our Morrissey. We loved him because he did not feel obliged to tread the usual course. He did it on his own terms. He defied the odds and he did it in a dangerous, yet dignified way.

    These unintelligent and, frankly, vicious squabbles about setlists, muso-ratings and such do nothing to advertise this gift. They merely serve to draw a big ugly ring around Morrissey's fans and label them according to their actions.

    Look. It's simple. If you can't bear the setlist, don't go. If you love the songs, the singer, the players, rejoice. Either way Morrissey's going to do this his way. It's why we're all here.
    Clint Boon's Dad -- Monday September 09 2002, @07:20AM (#39588)
    (User #6213 Info)
  • why did morrissey not finish singing there is a light???????
    bobomoz -- Monday September 09 2002, @07:34AM (#39589)
    (User #1976 Info)
    hang the DJ!
  • The energy was a hell af alot better then the santa booboo show. And I have half the show on tape this time around. Viva Hate. Viva La Moz.

    Crashing into treas and arms
    Anonymous -- Monday September 09 2002, @07:53AM (#39591)
  • I drove from San Jose, Cali to see both shows and LOVED IT! I will be seeing him again in Fresno and Berkeley. I don't care if he keeps the same set list, just to see him perform is worth my travel and cash!

    BTW anyone have video/audio of either HOB shows??
    BlueStar -- Monday September 09 2002, @08:17AM (#39593)
    (User #6248 Info)
  • Had a GREAT time in Moz Vegas. It was great seeing alot of my fav faces.
    Morrissey was just excellent.. couldnt ask for a more perfect show (both nights).

    On the way back from Vegas, The Guys with the Green Civic with "This Charming Car" on the back of the window..... nice lip ring :)

    Omie: Can someone please inform me of the weekend, as much of it is a blur.
    mozluv -- Monday September 09 2002, @08:39AM (#39596)
    (User #973 Info)
    "guilt by implication by association"
    • Re:Just Amazing by nowmyheartisok (Score:1) Monday September 09 2002, @03:33PM
  • I would really love to know who knows who I am. I have to give you ALOT of credit, however, where does the negativity come into play from you. I did say hello for you and I have another " message" to pass along:) Back in the old days.....1987 -1992 the fans of MORRISSEY ( not moz)had a certian quality about them. It was a PRIVILAGE to be a fan. Ok, times are not as great now, however the new fans seem to think Morrissey is in the same league as Dave Matthews, Coldplay, Brittney etc etc. This never was , and never will be the case. It is very special to be a morriseey fan as the true ones have a common bond between them and their beloved. That is love, togetherness, and equality. That is what makes Morrissey so special. Sure , he is FAR from perfect which also makes him so alluring. So..... get off his back and decide whether you are really a true fan. Bitching about the set lists , the sound ,. the venue, the crowd is getting old. Sure, we will still carry on, but for all of you weekend wavers, like I said before..... here are your walking papers!! See ya, find 27 other "artists" to critcize. We dont need you! Thge allure of Morriseey will be there FOREVER and we will get by with the true fans. You wonder why he does play games with his fans?? There are too many hypocrits. We can never go back to 1992 , but enjoy what is there because it's still beautiful. And for the record, he loves to be referred to as Morrissey........
    Anonymous -- Monday September 09 2002, @10:46AM (#39612)
  • Hello,I'm not sure who this chap is who keeps writing about the spelling of Morrissey's name, however I must admit I do agree with him to a certian degree. I grew up in London and was a big fan of the smiths in the early 80's. I then moved to nyc and became a bigger fan of Morrissey. The following that he was talking about was pretty much true back in those days. You could go out at night, listen to Morrissey, go to clubs that played Morrissey, then go and have a bite to eat and talk about Morrissey without ever hearing a glimpse of negativity. Perhaps it's the age of the internet that brings out the worst in people. As far as the spelling I never heard anyone ever refer to morrissey as moz back in the late 80's early 90's. I'm sure that is his point of view it just seems like he has a rough way of presenting his case. Im' sure he is from salford!
    Anonymous -- Monday September 09 2002, @01:37PM (#39651)
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  • what is the song and poetry at the beginnig of each show??????/
    Anonymous -- Monday September 09 2002, @03:55PM (#39677)
  • Once again Morrissey let me down. The one song I was really looknig forward to, There Is A Light....and he walks off one third of the way into it! I've seen well over one hundred shows by many well-known bands, and not once have I experienced what I've experienced at SEVERAL Morrissey shows...UCLA, he invites the crowd to leave their seats, show is stopped after six songs! Greek Theater, halfway through Shoplifters, again the POTENTIAL highlight, leaves the stage, Vegas two years ago, 1 hour before thew show, cancelled! Don't blame the fans, Morrissey instigates this crap, then plays innocent. THe only bigger A**hole is me for continuing to pay for this crap. I like his muisc, he's talented, but a pain in the ass! No wonder he has no record deal, the labels are sick to death of him. My friend who works at Rhino got an email when Morrissey was coming to the office, no one was to look him in the eye. Dude, get over yourself, most everybody else has! sign me DISAPPOINTED
    billyzoom -- Tuesday September 10 2002, @06:12PM (#39946)
    (User #3946 Info)
  • Please anyone with photos, bootlegs cd or video, please let me know. I went to both shows and I would really like buy what ever anyone can offer!
    You can email me at [email protected]
    mozzer130 -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @09:32AM (#40062)
    (User #5329 Info)
    "Here my voice in your head and think of me kindly." Morrissey
  • I finally found a place to post the highlights of the Vegas show II (Another Saturday night)...
    1) "1 more Cadillac Please." These three mobzsters were downing cadillacs like there was no tomorrow. Needless to say, they didn't make it through two songs.
    2) Watching the Cadillac drinkers spill drinks on everyone as they were being passed back.
    3) RG jumping halfway on stage during the "There is a Light..." encore and, while struggling to pull himself up, almost taking down the two boxes stage front, forcing Moz to end the song early [BTW, Does anyone know what he said when he walked off?]. CLASSIC!
    4) Watching the security guards struggle to hold back stage-jumpers during and before the encore.
    5) Bucking the supposed wristband numerical order that was theoretically going to give earlybirds first entrance into the venue.
    6) Latino pompadours. LATINO FREAKING POMPADOURS. I've never in my life seen so many cool latinos/hispanics/chicanos or whatever. Where are you all hiding?
    7) OK, I have to admit it was pretty groovy seeing the girl get on stage, but it wasn't me, so it isn't higher on my "highlight" list (it wasn't an easy stage to launch onto).
      Did I mention latino pompadours? You know, the mound of hair. I had no idea there was such a big Morrissey latino following.
    9) Morrissey by Leo Garcia. I'm now in love with that song. Very funny. It took me two days to finally find it for downloading (if anyone wants a copy, send me an email).
    10) Watching the cadillac drinker tell some guy he was going to crack his head (tolchock) if he crossed into his space when Morrissey started singing.
    11) Some girls are bigger than others...
    12) Serving all-you-can-eat chicken wings and sausage rice at a Morrissey pre-show party.
    13) Seeing Jack the Ripper live. I don't ever need to do anything in life again.
    14) Meat is Murder -- LIVE. Amazing.
    15) Speedway live. Speedway live!
    Well, there are more highlights... so it goes.
    snow from st. george
    [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @05:13PM (#40167)
  • Well, I must say that I agree with whoever mentioned the Latino "pomps". It was an amazing, and good looking crowd. Oh, how could I forget. As you know, cameras were prohibited, but I managed to get one in anyway. My pictures came out breathtaking! Every time I look at them I get chills! Since there was a lot of time to socialize, I think I met about 20+ guys and girls from my area, southern california. We all seemed so close, as if we'd known each other for years. I only wish we could have exchanged contact information--You guys out there? That's what I love about Morrissey fans. Back to the subject--a lot of people were being kicked out of the show for taking pictures, and yes, I was one of them. But since I got my pictures, which were fascinating by the way, I'm not entirely dissapointed. I was in the so-called "alcoholic section". I was on the floor, front and center. I got a lot of good, or should I say great pictures of the band, but some of them did come out kind of blurry due to the moshing and jumping. But that's a minor concern of mine. By the end of the night, I was covered in alcoholic beverages, since they were being spilled all over. But I was a little tilt myself;-)
    I went with my aunt and uncle, who had a little too much to drink. If anyone I talked to reads this, remember the big 'n' tall guy? Ok, the really big 'n' tall guy?
    Overall, I had a great time. It was my first time seeing Morrissey live, and I must say that I can now die happily. Morrissey looked GREAT!
    -BTW- Did anyone pay attention to the introduction of the band? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but did Morrissey introduce himself as "Fabian"?...

    Did I mention that he looked GREAT?...
    mozzgrl <[email protected]> -- Wednesday September 11 2002, @07:13PM (#40184)
    (User #4186 Info)
    Leave me alone, I was only singing...
  • Hey Mozz Girl,
    People think you're a guy because of the "Big N Tall" remark you better clarify that you were the little chick standing next to the B&T dude.

    Hey, you forgot to mention that Moz pointed to you on "I like you." Don't give up your bragging rights:)
    Marquezee -- Thursday September 12 2002, @11:58AM (#40302)
    (User #6183 Info)
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