posted by davidt on Thursday September 05 2002, @10:00PM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Hairdresser On Fire / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / Late Night, Maudlin Street / I Like You / Mexico / Sister I'm A Poet / Alsatian Cousin / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / November Spawned A Monster / Speedway // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • New Song!!! (Score:0, Troll)

    He played a new song!! I can't believe it - he must really love Santa Barbara - and who can blame him???
    Anyway, he introduced the song as an his answer to the NME. It's really going to re-open the whole "racist" debate, but I think he's pretty brave for doing that.

    The song is called "Black People simply Can't Swim" and is quite a jangly song, a bit like "Alma Matters." Hopefully, someone was taping and it'll be ready for download soon.
    gonzo -- Thursday September 05 2002, @10:35PM (#39073)
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    Scene, but not herd
  • I don't believe you. I'll have to see it(or hear it) to believe it.
    tigerwoods -- Thursday September 05 2002, @10:39PM (#39074)
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  • Set list was the same, but Vocally Morrissey was amazing. I did attend the first show of the tour in AZ, thier was a big difference. ( i also consider mself lucky sincei heard him play at amber and please pleas please... ) Anyways A couple of things bothered me.
    (1) I stood for two hours in the pit in the front, just to get pushed back by some drunken fans.

    (2) Some dumb ass lil hoodrat kept causing fights , even Morrissey shook his head in disbelief.

    (3) Some fat girl tried to climb on top of everyone jsut to touch morrissey

    (4) another dumbass tried to get on stage only to get tosed back into the crowd, socked then eventually fall to the floor.

    Other than that i had a blast....THey also had more stuff from the first show of the tour ( shirts, posters , programs )

    I hope everyone enjoyed the show
    sneaky_morrissey -- Thursday September 05 2002, @11:25PM (#39081)
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    • Re:Santa Barbara Is Stinky by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday September 06 2002, @02:44AM
      • Sure..on the cover it says santa barbara bowl morrissey sept 5th blah blahb lah with the venue in the background, its 30 pages about the bowl and 1 page on morrissey it reads...

        " One of the most influential figures in " alternative rock ", Morrissey's legendarily sensitive, melancholy persona made him a higly poloarizing icon, reviled in some quarters with nearly the same intensity he inspired in his passionately devoted fans, as lead singer of the smiths arguably the most important indie band in britan during the 80's, Morrissey's theatrical crooning and literate , poetic lyrics filled with romantic angst, social alienation, and cutting wit connected powerfully with a legion of similarly sensitive, disaffectedyouth. yet as much as his fan base revered him , Morrissey was also criticized sometimes fairky sometimes not for his self absorbtion and determinedly miserable outlook . the smiths were stars in britan exerting tremendous pull over much of the countrys guitar based music for many years after thier breakup, but remainedunderground cult artists in the states, By the time Morrissey firmly establised himself as a solo artist, that cult had grown to the point where he became more popular in the U.S than his homeland, where he was frequently dogged by controversy. Prevailing critical opinion on his solo albums holds that they dont measure up to his best work with the smiths, yet the mozzer has produced enough terrific music to keep his sizable fan base enthralled "

        theirs two more paragraphs, first is about his birth , his intrest in the newyork dolls and his early singer career with the nosebleeds

        2nd talks about viva hate and its singles suedehead and everyday is liek sunday, also talks about the alliance of boz and alain.
        sneaky_morrissey -- Friday September 06 2002, @03:12AM (#39121)
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    • Re:Santa Barbara Is Stinky by daviddiaz1957 (Score:1) Friday September 06 2002, @04:59PM
    • Re:Santa Barbara Is Stinky by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday September 09 2002, @09:20AM
  • Approximately how long was the concert? I got an e-mail from the folks at the official Jaguares site that the main acts for the Concierto Revolucion will each get about 1 hr. on stage, so I'm just trying to figure out how many songs he's gonna have to cut out. Also, there is another band playing called "Jumbo" which sound like the Mexican version of Weezer, so so far it's them, King Cheetah, Moz, & Jags. (No word from Dashboard yet)
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 05 2002, @11:42PM (#39085)
  • "I'm Home!" (Score:4, Informative)

    I thought tonight's show was great. Of course, I've always said that a show can be evaluated completely differently depending on where you sit, the people around you, etc. So everything here is from only my point of view .

    Anyway, I arrived at about 5:45pm and was able to get in the second row of the pit. The venue was pretty nice and the cool ocean air was certainly welcomed. The intro tape was broken--the first song just played over and over about 8 times. Then we heard one other song (can't remember which) and then Nico, so we knew it was almost time for Moz to come out.

    He was wearing his cargo pants (of course), a black button-down ruffle shirt and a sweater over that. Boz had on some sort of tan windbreaker jacket, like someone's grandpa would wear. Alain was denim head to toe, and Gary's looked a bit conservative in a fully buttoned striped shirt. Morrissey came on stage and exclaimed, "Hello, Santa Boo-boo!...I'm home!"

    The set list remained the same. He introduced Meat Is Murder by saying (paraphrasing, of course), "This next song is dedicated to a girl who just had her 19th birthday. She's from the Santa Barbara area. She just turned 19 years old, and I hope she doesn't live another year. Her name is Julia Childs." He writhed on the floor at the end, and even brought back the hands-forming-a-triangle move present throughout the Oye Esteban tour. At the end of the song, Boz pretended to stab Morrissey repeatedly with the neck of his guitar.

    Morrissey even took a moment to introduce the band. He introduced Boz, Gary, Dean, and said, "and that's all. Oh, and Alain." What a card. Morrissey seemed to be in a pretty good mood.

    Before "There Is a Light," he said, "We've been turned down by every record company in America." (Loud booing.) "Twice." (More boos.) "So without you, we'd be...completely screwed. So, from the hearts of our bottoms, thank you." And then the band launched into the encore.

    He shook hands with many people in the crowd, but seemed to wince everytime he touched someone. I didn't see anyone even attempt to get on stage, and the pit was pretty tame by usual Morrissey concert standards. I didn't get pushed around much at all. The security seemed to be against signs, making some people put their signs down. This was the first show I could hear the people singing along. It may have more to do with the acoustics of the place than the enthusiasm of the crowd, but I couldn't tell the difference.


    There are times in life when everything seems completely useless, pointless, hopeless. But for a clear, fleeting moment during "Speedway," I suddenly realized that there was no place on Earth I would have rather been than right where I was standing. I don't want to have tea with Morrissey or to be his best friend. I want always to be able to see him sing live, with the red and blue and green lights illuminating the sweaty, smiling faces next to me. If I can look forward to another Morrissey show, I can endure all the horrible dull days that lie in between.

    Some people go to church. I go to Morrissey concerts.

    Love and other illusions,

    Ghost Girl
    Anonymous -- Friday September 06 2002, @12:04AM (#39089)
  • This will be the best trip I ever take to Santa Barbara. I listened to Morrissey and The Smiths all the way til "I parked the car at the side of the road". I climbed the steepest hill I have ever climbed in california, up the 20 or some stairs. I stopped briefly at the top to breathe in the cool Santa Barbara air. Immediately after I purchased a glass of merlot and sat myself with fierce anticipation. Cheeta was a decent band but I couldn't help myself drifting into my own thoughts as they played. When Morrissey Finally came on stage a flood of tears came to my eyes and I began screaming as loud as I could hoping he would hear me but he din't. I had not seen him live since "your arsenal" tour and the experience was unforgettable. At times I felt like running down the many stairs and jumping into the crowd regardless of what might happen so I sat and listened to every note and kept my eyes on him every minute. I couldn't help to wonder why anyone would get up in the middle of the concert to go and buy beer and such? How could you miss one single second? "He knows I'd love to see him" again, again, again, and again.
    Anonymous -- Friday September 06 2002, @12:37AM (#39093)
  • Morrissey was fantastic, the show was great. Good sound and great setlist, cant see why people complain about it. Moz walked to the stange saying Hello Santa Booboo. about 3 or 4 songs in he introduced the band boz, gary, dean, and he turned to face the crowed and then he turned back quickly and oh yes Alain, as he forgot him, but not really since he was joking around.

    The only drawbacks of the show were some of the fans. Two girls fighting in the middle front of pit before the show even started, and a gay homosexualcouple that(nothing against homosexuals) kept shoving and kept getting elbowed by, and some stupid greaser lops that kept trying to shove to get to the front. In all in all a great show.

    To the 2 girls that I met the one from Diamond Bar that goes to Mt. Sac and the one from Chino you girls were absoulutely lovelym you girls are dolls, hope to see you again.
    bobmoz <[email protected]> -- Friday September 06 2002, @12:39AM (#39094)
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  • I know its over (Score:1, Insightful)

    I know I'm a old man. I am almost as old as Morrissey. I have been to way too many shows. I am pretty sure I am one of the only regular visitors to this place that has seen the Smiths more times than Morrissey. And I have seen him solo alot. Was I at the same show tonight? Trust me . I am a true and devoted fan. This show was good but not great. His voice was OK at best. But i can overlook an off night. It happens. But what is so clear to me is how inadequate the band is. These guys are SO ham-handed. They have no sense at all of how to play any of the songs they didnt play on originally. I'm not talking about Dean. he is new and thats another story. Anything post Kill Uncle is fine. But the performances of songs before that LP are just plain weak. I'm Sorry. And don't even get me started on the Smiths songs they do.... I've seen some of the cover bands do better. Its time to lose these guys. BIG TIME. Its pretty odd considering amount of people he he jettisoned from his life with such ease and remorselessness that he would hang on to such a played-out bunch. Don't get me wrong. I think every album from "Your Arsenal" through "Southpaw are Brilliant(including the live one) and so is the playing.
    But based on tonight's show and especially the new songs, its clear these guys have written all the good songs they are ever gonna write. And that It is time for Morrissey to get some fresh twenty year olds to play in his band and write songs with him.
    It's time for these guys to be given thanks but to be shown the door.
    Anonymous -- Friday September 06 2002, @12:51AM (#39100)
  • There were quite a few empty seats up top!!!But,that didnt stop Moz from putting on a fantastic show!As a matter of fact it was the best show I had ever seen from him-ever!!!Hands down!!!!!His energy was there , he was extremely funny,He played with the crowd.Oh man it was like one huge orgasm from begining to end!!!!! We love you so much Moz-We hope to see you back in LA quickly!!!Have fun in Vegas and overseas!!
    P.S. Love That Mexico Song!!!! VIVA MEXICO!!!!!
    Rest In Peace -- Friday September 06 2002, @12:55AM (#39101)
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  • setlist (Score:2, Informative)

    I Want The One I Can't Have
    Hairdresser On Fire
    Little Man, What Now?
    The First Of The Gang To Die
    Jack The Ripper
    Late Night, Maudlin Street
    I Like You
    Sister I'm A Poet
    Alsatian Cousin
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
    Meat Is Murder
    November Spawned A Monster
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    Anonymous -- Friday September 06 2002, @01:04AM (#39107)
  • Wishing I could be 2 places at once. However the Gene concert kicked ass tonight as well.
    Anonymous -- Friday September 06 2002, @02:51AM (#39117)
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    • Re:Gene Concert by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday September 07 2002, @10:43PM
  • Cool down Rust in Peace Jerk. It was a weak joke I thought nobody would fall for or even bother with. People like you defy belief!!!
    P.S. I didn't post it.
    Rico -- Friday September 06 2002, @05:44AM (#39127)
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    Karma equals minus infinity, but I stand up for the truth
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    • You Suck!!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday September 06 2002, @11:25AM
  • Screamer (Score:2, Funny)

    Yes the loud screamer at the concert was none other than me. And it payed off too. Durring a moment of silence i screamed out "Sister I'm A Poet" and was replied to by Morrissey snickering and saying "Yes that's right, shout it out, get it off your chest!" And then...they played my request! It was the best moment I've had for a long while. After several more of my famous ear piercing screams he called out again "Yes my friend, I hear you!" I was in the front row of the seated area but felt like I had done something better than just touch him. We had, in some strange way, communicated. The best!
    Charmane <[email protected]> -- Friday September 06 2002, @08:04AM (#39149)
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    Day or Night...
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  • Yes, it's true, Morrissey had several puberty flashbacks last night. In several different songs he would have brief high pitches spurt out unintentionally while singing. Anyone else notice? It was funny as hell..he even said something to the fact that he can't sing! The setlist is a great one but I loved seeing At Amber & Please Please Please... at the Phoenix show, I understand why he dropped At Amber because he couldn't remember the words but that's of no one's fault but his own! People are ragging on the band, they are great but bored to tears during some of the songs. Morrissey needs to give them something more to do than just playing SLOW songs like Meat is Murder & Everyday is like Sunday (TOO SLOW). What I would give to hear the Loop! Then you would see the band at full potential!
    Anonymous -- Friday September 06 2002, @08:13AM (#39151)
  • The dedication of "Meat Is Murder" was to Julia Child, the famous cooking show host and cookbook author. Morrissey said that she lives in Santa Barbara, she's 91 years old, and he hopes she doesn't reach 92. Of course, Julia, being an old school chef, advocates the cooking of lots and lots of meat!
    William...Nothing -- Friday September 06 2002, @08:37AM (#39155)
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  • Wow! I so had the time of my life yesterday at the concert. My fiance and I celebrated our 3 month anniversary by driving from Orange County to Santa Barbara to see Moz. We were the 2 guys wearing the matching black caligraphied "Morrissey" shirts. Anyway, it was our first Moz concert and I am so impressed. I've seen Madonna, Tori 4 times, Sarah Mc, Jefferson Starship, and many more and no one compares to Morrissey in terms of sheer vocal beauy, live. After having heard "Rank" and "Beethoven Was Deaf" I honestly was not expecting much in regards to consistant tonality. The entire show he enthralled me with vocals that sounded nearly as good as the albums, and a performance that seemed so relaxed and down to earth. Morrissey truly is the most approachable, caring icon -- someone who cherishes his fans and we, ofcourse, in return worship him. I am so excited about the new songs too! All 4 were catchy and seemed to definately recall the Smiths in their melodicism and subject matter. Yeah, Morrissey!! You're my fave and I can't wait to see you again. Bobby and I will remember last night for the rest of our lives together.
    DavidBeauy <[email protected]> -- Friday September 06 2002, @09:11AM (#39158)
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    "When thirteen years old Who dyed his hair gold ? Oh, I know very well, I don't need to be told"
  • Seeing Mozfest (Score:1, Interesting)

    In my eyes this was the most fun I have ever had doing a pilgramige. I left my house in Bloomington (next to Fontana) at 7 a.m. After travaling down the long road down to Santa Barbara with out a radio or knowing how much gas is in my gas tank or knowing if my car could make it to the show with out over heating I made it to Milpas. After I saw the sign I guned it to the bowl.I had made it there at 12p.m. By the time I had gotten there, there was a small line already formed. It was not to bad. I was something like the 12th or 10th person in line. and since I had traveld there by myself I was very friendly to who ever I saw. I mist seeing people and talking to them. It was a good 2 hours before a nother person would come in to the line. As the day grew longer I had made friends with a few people. Then at around 4 the one of the high lights of the day happen. Gary and Al came to the line just to distrack us. I offerd Gary one of my gigars but he declind. later on I got Al to sign my convention shirt. After they were done signing Al came up to me and asked me were did I get the shirt and if it was a boot. I told him it was fron the convenction and he should go one of this years. After they left there was nothing left to do but count the minuts till the concert. I maneged to sneek in a camera and a English felow manegd to sneek in a video camera so keep a look out for the boot. I feel King Cheeta was under rated. They were a perty damn good band. after the great set the came out with the bowl finally got full of the rest of the L.A. yupys. Keep in mind this was my frist moz show ever, so when moz came out I was almost whent to tears. I had pick out a flower from the bolw to give to moz but he keep ignoring our side. so after the flower broke I trew what was left of it on stage and left my front row set to go some were in the middle. My reson for that was to get pictures becouse if I was going to do it were I was they would hve token my camera. I got a bunch of great shots. After it was all over. All that I can do is just see if the Las Vegas show will be better.

    Crashing in to arms and telephone poles
    Anonymous -- Friday September 06 2002, @10:25AM (#39168)
    • Re:Seeing Mozfest by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday September 06 2002, @12:15PM
      • Re:Seeing Mozfest by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday September 06 2002, @01:33PM
      • Did you get a lot of satisfaction from insulting someone who has clearly just had an amazing time? Why does his spelling matter to you?? GOD, some people are beyond pathetic!!
        Why can't you just be happy for someone who got to see Moz do a great show? Jealous, are we?
        I am too, but there's no need to be cruel.
        Love & Moz,
        goblinmoz -- Friday September 06 2002, @02:22PM (#39210)
        (User #1580 Info)
        "now my heart is full..."
      • Re:Seeing Mozfest by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday September 07 2002, @12:19PM
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  • I will never read any comments at Morrissey Solo again. There is too much negativity going on here. Half the people in here write crap just to start confusion among fans.For this I am sad. Memo to all negeative comments toward Moz. Look if you dont like him stop coming to this site. Why would you waste your precious energy critizing someone? Theres better things to do than search a site just to write crap. When I came here I was hoping to see great things written about a great man.Instead, mostly I get whiney,snot nose people that take everything for granted.Look the real fans have nothing but nice things to say .And they encourage Moz down to every step he takes, they do not bash him for some crap that they think is wrong.They embrace him!!!This man is an idol!!! My idol!!! I do not know him but what I know of his music is why I am here!!! I'm here to celebrate his masters voice.Not to critize and say he doesnt sing this , he should do this, he should, he could.Man, Stop with this whiney little attitude and enjoy the man for who he is, if not leave.We dont want you here.
    Richard III
    Anonymous -- Friday September 06 2002, @11:52AM (#39181)
  • I think the shows in LA are better, the band was not so hiped up. ive seen morrissey in irvin, hollywood paladiem and it seem to me that he plays better in LA. dont get me wrong the show was good but i just wasnt feeling it in santa Barbara .
    Anonymous -- Friday September 06 2002, @12:14PM (#39184)
  • what's the name of the one that's played before Morrissey takes to the stage?
    Anonymous -- Friday September 06 2002, @01:24PM (#39203)
  • Sorry I'm new to this fourm but my friends and I came from LA to see Moz in SB and tried to record the show.

    The recorded mysteriously stopped about 26 mins and 58 secs after my friend hit record. It was on 'hold' and the battery was full. It's funny cause it stopped about 2 seconds into his intro song. After the show he checks it, and the MD is off, but still on the hold feature!!!

    The only thery we can come up with is the bowl, or Morrissey used some kind of device to send a electronic wave to devices like a mini disc to shut them off. I know it sounds crazy but other then that what could it have been?!?!

    Sad cause it would have been an amazing recording.

    If anybody else recorded the show in any format, please e-mail.

    Hopfully this will not happen in San Diego.



    P.S. - if anybody cares Martin Gore (god of all song writers) of Depeche Mode was at the show. ; )
    JAM007dM -- Friday September 06 2002, @01:52PM (#39209)
    (User #6220 Info)
  • God fobid I should get caught up in this stuff about the quality of the "band," but since I don't belive in wrathful God, what's to stop me? I saw both of Morrissey's shows recently in Colorado, and the first thing I said to the wife after the C Springs show was "the band is a stone around his neck." I truly, deeply enjoyed both performances, but some things are obvious, like a boil on your neck, and this is one of them: The band is full of lackluster players. Mind, the music doesn't lend itself to onstage histrionics and they played with the requisite level of skill. But there was no blood in their veins, no strut in their walk, no piss, no vinegar no guts.
    Morrissey once admitteed that he has no music making equipment in his home, no piano, no guitar, nada. He is a poet, and what does a poet need? A clean, white sheet of paper The current band is, for him, just that: bleached parchment on which his places his pen.
    Percy <[email protected]> -- Friday September 06 2002, @02:51PM (#39213)
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    Percy Hazelwood - Down We Go!
    • Re:God Forbid... (Score:2, Insightful)

      Morrissey is not only a poet. Of course he has a musical instrument in his house: his voice. Ian McCullough has said, several times, that since Sinatra died, he (Ian M.) is the greatest singer in the world. Fuck him, fuck him. Since Sinatra died, the greatest singer in the world is Morrissey. Morrissey is also a great song writer. I mean, think about it. The reports al say, since the early days, that the band lays down a finished track, and then the Moz comes in and does his vocals. And it's a complete surprise to everyone. It reduced Mike Joyce to tears, every time. This means: Morrissey co-writes the music. The Smiths songs are not "Morrissey-Marr", they are "Morrissey/Morrissey-Marr". This man, without any technical knowledge, is actually a musician. He is a composer. I mean, you try and do what he does. Take 'Money changes everything' and turn it into a proper song. You will not succeed (and neither did Bryan Ferry). Take 'Honey, you know where to find me', and make it into a song. Write a lyric and sing it. Morrissey is actually a singer-songwriter. That's what I think.
      tanzent -- Friday September 06 2002, @05:11PM (#39231)
      (User #6110 Info)
    • "the band is a stone around his neck" by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday September 06 2002, @05:15PM
  • Did anyone else see Mozzer's tighty whities?? His pants looked like they kept wanting to fall off, i dont know how many times I saw him pulling his pants up! Thats not all, I wasn't able to stop starring while he was on the floor during "Meat Is Murder", that was something else! Keept me wondering what he was thinking while doing that!

    damn I loved it!
    Anonymous -- Friday September 06 2002, @03:42PM (#39216)
  • I had a marvelous time at the show. My friend Craw and I were to the left of the stage, 2nd row. I was the one who gave him flowers in the beginning. I touched his hand, okay, his pinkie and wouldn't let go!

    I thought the concert was awesome. People were very cool in the section I was at.

    I loved when Moz said thanks from the heart of their bottoms. That was classic.

    I didn't like KC. I thought the lead singer was a bit arrogant but I liked the dark haired guitarist. He was cute.

    Morrissey looked amazing. That man has still got it.

    After the show, my friend and I saw Morrissey's bus leave and Alain saw us and waved. He is adorable.

    This was a great concert all around!
    Ms_Diva -- Friday September 06 2002, @05:12PM (#39232)
    (User #5645 Info)
    • Ms.Diva... by Rest In Peace (Score:1) Friday September 06 2002, @07:46PM
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    • Re:I touched his hand by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday September 07 2002, @01:03AM
  • i went to the santa barbara show last night. IT WAS TOTALLY AMAZING. it was my 10th time seeing him and yes it was the best. the only bad thing was that yesterday at lunch i went and and bought a brand new zoom camerato sneak into the concert.well i was able to sneak it in but guess what??the darn thing wouldn't work at all. i was so so so upset bigtime its not even funny.this was the closest i've been to him and my darn camera wouldn't work. what makes it worse was as soon as i got home i decided to try my camera again and guess what??? it started working again. alittle late don't ya think?? once again murphy's law hit me.
    if someone that took photos from the show last night could email or mail me copies i would be very very very grateful. thanks alot
    MORRISSEYPRINCESS -- Friday September 06 2002, @05:19PM (#39235)
    (User #6223 Info)
  • Everything that could have gone wrong yeseterday, did go wrong, my friend unfortunately got outta work late and by the time we got there and found parking, we only managed to hear the last six songs. So if any of you saw a guy with red dyed hair crying, that was me. Alex
    city terrace -- Friday September 06 2002, @06:36PM (#39244)
    (User #2311 Info)
    • Re:Oh No!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday September 07 2002, @09:05AM
  • Does anyone know if Morrissey will be playing any other venues besides the one he will be playing with jaguares in CA??
    NeoMozzer -- Saturday September 07 2002, @02:27PM (#39347)
    (User #6231 Info)
  • Does anybody know the artist and title of the song that played over and over again after King Cheetah let the stage?
    Kid A -- Saturday September 07 2002, @03:19PM (#39353)
    (User #6171 Info)
  • Im 27 and a long time Moz fan. This is the 3rd time I have seen him live, and he was great! I was bummed about the pit at the SB bowl. The last time I saw him at the bowl was in 1991, 11yrs ago and there was no barracade between the stage and the fans. I know because I very easily got up onto the stage and hugged and kissed him and whispered in his ear before I got taken off stage. I was able to go back to the pit as well after that. I feel so priviledged that I was able to do that. People at the bowl on Thursday were climbing over people to just touch him and I felt so satisfied that I had already hugged him!! The pit was also much smaller so only a small amount of people were allowed it was like 6 rows or something. Anyways no one was able to get up on stage because of the barracade and they had a zillion guards at the front. What a bummer I thought Morrissey liked the fans coming up and hugging him? Didnt he used to? Or is that just a new thing with most of the venues now. Anyways it was great. Im a local of SB and have seen him 3 times in SB. Im so happy he comes here every now and then. I even ran into a guy I knew from school which was really nice.
    kathyabad -- Saturday September 07 2002, @11:57PM (#39411)
    (User #6234 Info)
  • THat is what moz said when he came out. anyways, what I also wanted to note, is not only was MARTIN GORE in attendance, so was NICK 13 (TIGER ARMY's lead singer). So I went up to him and told him enjoy the show. I can't believe some people, there were some people there that were sporting clothing associated with the kind of music Tiger Army makes and YET no one else noticed or they were too embarassed to go up to him. before I leave this post, to all those people who complain about the setlist, HOW SPOILED ARE YOU? morrissey has a new drummer who is still adapting to moz's music, and yet you are "no I only want to here new stuff, or I am going home" and then when he plays it, the same attitude comes out of you. I think morrissey was right when he said the new song is true to form "the world is full of crashing bores" he should have actually extended it to include a few of those SPOILED silver-spoon fed "MOZ" fans.
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 08 2002, @12:15AM (#39415)
  • Sad but true, there where many attemps from people to get on the stage they just got stopped before they even touched the barracade!

    I was speaking with the security since I had nothing else to do while waiting for the show to start, and two of morrissey's security guys said they had orders from Moz not to let people on stage. Is this true? Maybe it is or maybe they where just orders from the head security.
    But I would understand if it was comming from Moz himself, he's not as young as he was before, maybe he just cant handle a herd at once anymore?

    But all in all the security guys where friendly, can u believe many had just gotten hired that same day? In a way its kinda embarrassing that no one was able to get past them, but then again they were being watched by 2 or 3 vulchures!
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 08 2002, @12:18AM (#39417)
  • Okay he leaves the setlist the same, people comlain. He changes the setlist other people will complain. He can't please everyone. Just be happy that you even saw him play. I know I am. I'm happy witht the setlist he's playing I'd pay to see him sing these songs at 5 or 6 diffrent shows and I still wouldn't complain. Hell he can sing London bridge is falling down and I still wouldn't complain.

    I'm not saying you can't complain, it is your god given right to say what you feel like saying. It's that some people just go out of there way to do it, and thats what it seems some people are doing. When people do that it irritates other people. So if your gonna complain take in notion that other people are gonna complain about your complaint.

    Everyone at this site wants whats best for Morrissey, for his carrer and maybe even his social life. One person will say he needs to do this or that, while another will say no he doesn't he needs to do this and that or someone else will say he doesn't need to do any of those he can do what he pleases. Also at the same time were being a little greedy what we feel he needs to do, if it's touring, the setlist, making an album or getting new band members. I don't know maybe we need better communication with our peers and maybe we wouldn't be so mean towards each other.

    P.S I'm waiting for the thrashings people are gonna give me for this post.
    bobmoz <[email protected]> -- Sunday September 08 2002, @08:55PM (#39529)
    (User #841 Info)
  • I love you Morrissey....Great show....Great setlist....How dearly i love to watch you get carried away....I wrote some music i would like to give it possible i could get it to you?....Well, I wonder....This was the best day of my life....thank you Morrissey....thank you....
    Blackontheinside -- Sunday September 08 2002, @09:15PM (#39539)
    (User #5829 Info)
  • The Santa Barbara show was NICE!!!! Moz cracking back on Julia Childs, epic performances all around. To hear Morrissey fan earlier ago claim that he was trying to crowd surf and got dropped and then get a bunch of "Yeah, I was the guy who let you fall" posts is just classic! This is Moz post-concert smack that can only happen out of S.B. Great job Moz, see you in San Diego.

    Jim Rome -- Monday September 09 2002, @02:00AM (#39556)
    (User #720 Info |
    ...and how?
  • For the most part I enjoyed the show, but the reasons I didn't enjoy parts of it had nothing to do with Morrissey or the band, but rather, the beastly rude "fans". I am a longtime admirer and listener of Morrissey and the Smiths, and I enjoy the music immensely. And as a musician too, I really appreciate anyone who can express the most complex ideas in the simplest way possible. I don't go to many concerts because I feel most of it is pure crap, but when I do go, I really want to listen and appreciate it all. Therefore, I simply can't understand why people seem to feel so free to yell and scream CONSTANTLY throughout a show, to the annoyance of those who are there to see a good performance. It's really unfair that I pay $40 to see Morrissey, only to have to listen to pinheads scream throughout every song. And, I think it's just plain disrespectful to the man. Anyone who knows anything about Morrissey is well aware of his shy, reflective nature; so it amazes me that the rude fans somehow think he's positively impressed by their disruptive behavior. Several times in the show you could see him just shake his head in disbelief as these morons clammered away up front, at one point exclaming, "Oh shut up!" to one of them in front. And where I was sitting, I was amazed at how so many people were basically not paying attention to the music or the man, but rather were too busy screaming, drinking, talking or scamming on those who appeared to be getting liquored up just right. My conclusions? First, that the world is indeed full of crashing bores/boars, and many of the people who Morrissey was talking about were at the Bowl last Thursday night, and totally unaware that he was speaking of them. And the second conclusion I came to is that a good many of the people there were "fakers". Perhaps they were there for the bragging rights, or perhaps to delude themselves and their friends into thinking they are actually complex and interesting because they went to see a Morrissey concert? Or perhaps it was just another "party"? Who knows what goes on in the minds of crashing bores/boars. But it was obvious that they couldn't have cared less about Morrissey and his beautiful music. I know I'm on my soapbox, but it's how I feel.

    Anonymous -- Monday September 09 2002, @11:18AM (#39608)
  • I've been to enough Morrissey shows to say this: The show wasn't that great and I don't mean to offend anyone but he is getting pretty old and doesn't prowl around the stage as much as he used to. And what was up with that Cosby sweater he was wearing A COSBY SWEATER!!! I love Morrissey but I really do think it's time to throw in the towel. And as far as SMITH renditions go, Alayn and Boz are good, but they're no fuckin' JOHNNY MARR. I will forever love the music and the persona and I'll remember him in his KILL UNCLE touring days instead.

    PS- Did anyone else hear that baffoon that kept yelling that Morrissey was Guatemalan?
    celluloid_history -- Monday September 09 2002, @01:03PM (#39630)
    (User #4895 Info)
  • I really wish I could have been to that show, but I was being taken to boading school. My friend expresses in her livejournal that she saw the top of Morrissey's underpants. I am extremely jealous. She also said that at his last song (There is a Light that Never Goes Out) she almost started to cry. I am very upset that I missed this show, because I've never seen Morrissey live...unfortunately. I hope he plays somehwere near me again.
    xLoveletterx -- Monday September 30 2002, @11:44AM (#43409)
    (User #6676 Info)

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