posted by davidt on Tuesday September 03 2002, @09:00PM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Hairdresser On Fire / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / Late Night, Maudlin Street / I Like You / Mexico / Sister I'm A Poet / Alsatian Cousin / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / November Spawned A Monster / Speedway // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
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  • So how was the show? I would love to hear from people who have something nice to say about Morrissey performance, instead of the tiresome banter about setlist this and setlist that. I love these songs as do most people who have grown to appreciate and admire his talent as a singer/lyricist. I guess some people will never be satisfied until they get their way. Oh well. WE LOVE YOU IN MOZ ANGELES MORRISSEY!!!!!
    Kid A -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @09:37PM (#38819)
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  • did your sweat reach the rafters and drip back down on you?
    thirsty fists <[email protected]> -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @10:07PM (#38820)
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    "world's ugliest boy"
    • Re:so, was it another 'slim fast' experience? by half-a-person (Score:1) Tuesday September 03 2002, @11:13PM
      • Re:so, was it another 'slim fast' experience? by gonzo (Score:0) Wednesday September 04 2002, @02:40PM
      • Oh! I didn't need to read this. And now, I wish I hadn't. Why don't ya lick the frickin' stage? (Morrissey was standing on it..) Yuck.

        Reminds me of an anecdote from the documentary "Trekkies." I'm no fan of that show, but the complete lack of critical thinking/perspective/coolness of those fans always amazes me. Anyway, a few years back that guy who plays "Q" appeared at a Trekkie convention. He had an extreme flu, and could barely make it through his 20-minute stage presentation. He sipped a glass of water, then left it on stage. As a joke, the convention presenter said that "we're now bidding - one time only! - on a glass of water drunk by "Q"! The bidding starts at $50!". Most of the crowd got the joke, but one harmless maniac in the crowd raised his hand, and won the bid. He walked on stage and put the glass to his mouth. The appalled presenter said - "No wait! You really don't want to do this... John De Lancie is very very sick, he could barely make it here, bad move man." The crazed fan then drank the whole flu-infested water down, yelling "I HAVE THE Q VIRUS! I HAVE THE Q VIRUS".

        Which is a roundabout way of saying I believe you're sick.
        sadlad -- Thursday September 05 2002, @12:55AM (#38950)
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  • Moz in El Paso... (Score:2, Informative)

    Just got back from the concert and I have to say that it was absolutely amazing! I'm so sick of everybody complaining about how hot and crowded it was! Who gives a crap?! Morrissey was utterly stunning! He seemed to shine so bright that it burned my eyes. He comes to only one Texas city and all I read are complaints. I drove 1200 miles to see him and it was worth every second! Get over it.

    God I am so elated right now!

    Some highlights:

    He joked with the crowd quite a bit. He mentioned how small the venue was and that he hoped to play a bigger venue, in El Paso, in the future. He introduced the band and ended with "...and I'm Humberto!" He started "the world is full of crashing bores with: "If you all have ever seen American Idol, you'll know what this song is all about(or something to that effect)". He took some sunflowers from a fan and tossed them back into the audience. He also stated, after "Mexico", "Would you like that song so much if it were titled Italy?".

    The encore, of course, was "the light that never goes out" and ended the show with removing his shirt and tossing it into the audience. A small riot then ensued.

    All in all, it was an amazing show. I got to come home and see Morrissey at the same time! Who could ask for more?!
    soto <[email protected]> -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @11:13PM (#38822)
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  • The hot smelly sweat was worth every single drop! It all only made for a more intimate and lively show. Moz was truly enjoying us, it was so obvious he loved being there. Moz was very energetic and playful and danced around as much as he could on the small stage. I think he was a bit more wilder tonight than yesterday. Also, after the first song, he said they were going to play the same songs from last night, only in backwards order, so that was interesting. He yelled out "Hola" to some people screaming his name, and he introduced the guys and called himself "Humberto." He said "El Paso you've been beautiful," at the end of the show. The guys were great as well...and Gary Day came out to the line to sign autographs and pose for pictures and Alain did the same at the hotel afterwards. I can't decide which night was the best.
    auxocromo <[email protected]> -- Wednesday September 04 2002, @12:48AM (#38828)
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    --from the heart, which is hurt
  • Unloveable Joe (Score:3, Informative)

    Thanks for trashing my name. I was not the "Promoter on Record." I was more like the local contact. I was there both shows. I wasn't hiding, I was out in front helping out. I saw maybe 2 songs that Morrissey performed.

    For the Record!

    The Promoters were told that Morrissey wanted to play interesting venues and not just large Civic Centers.

    The original idea was to have the August 6th show at Far West Rodeo. That date was taken by the Judas Priest concert. Xcape Nightclub was under new owners and Club 101 was too small.
    Club Vallare was the only available venue. The choice was Club Vallare or pass on El Paso.

    It would have been great at E9 Outdoors like Ozomotli show (Mujer Festival). That wasn't an option either.

    We were told by Club Vallare that they could hold up to 2,000 people. The number of tickets printed & sold were a little over a 1,000 tickets per show.

    The original August 6th show sold out quickly and was postponed to Sept. 3rd. There was no way to move the show back to Far West Rodeo. FWR uses Ticketmaster for their shows. We would of had to refund and then re-sell new tickets.

    Club Vallare used to be the old REALM Nightclub.
    The first time I saw the inside of this club was last week. Before that it had been over 3 years ago. My fault for not checking that building out any sooner.

    Club Vallare worked real hard to make this work.
    Club Vallare's Owner, Managers and staff did a great job-considering everything.
    The Huge sound board placed in the middle of the club cut into a big chunk of Club Vallare's Capacity. Something they weren't planning on.
    There were mistakes made on the first show and were corrected on the second show.

    I love El Paso/Juarez/Las Cruces. I'm still passionate about music and the scene.
    Several former El Pasoans from Austin and Dallas
    still can't believe I'm still living in El Paso and that I'm still bothering to help bring shows to El Paso.

    Club 101 is not the enemy. Tell me which El Paso Nightclub has brought more great shows than 101.
    Tell me which club besides 101 that plays Morrissey music.

    Thanks to Hero Radio for providing an outlet for Morrissey's Music to be heard on the radio.

    I'm glad the show came to El Paso. I ran into people from all over the country.

    For a change, it was nice that the rest of Texas had to drive to El Paso instead of us driving out-of town.

    Thanks Stardate Concerts for bringing Morrissey
    to the El Paso/Las Cruces/Juarez Area.

    If there is a next time, hold it at a bigger venue, and let me meet Morrissey!


    Joe Dorgan
    Club 101 -- Wednesday September 04 2002, @05:17AM (#38841)
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  • While I am a huge Morrissey fan, I must say that I do too hope that we see some difference in the setlist on the second leg. Remember, this does not mean he needs to cut any songs but bring back Please and At Amber and maybe a few others. The show is only barely over an hour as it is! That is what we get for waiting so long? I also think that the least Moz could do is meet some of his fans. His running and hiding game during the last song is a bit ridiculous. It is not like he is playing to 20,000 people. Believe me, I will always support Moz but the fans deserve more than he is giving. The Stones are playing for 2.5 hours on their new tour and I will be attending one of their special club shows this Sunday. Can't wait!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 04 2002, @05:55AM (#38848)
  • music and show-wise last night was incredible and maybe the better of the 3 that i saw (although santa fe was the best setting)..boz was a'rockin and his wife lyn was there as well its always good to see the two of them..the venue didnt seem to be AS hot...the biggest problem last night were the bouncers..i couldnt believe how those thugs were acting with people after the show first i could understand them separating the people fighting over the sweaty shirt..but to see them actually go out and attack people and pick fights (they did).. that was ridiculous .. there were probably one or two bouncers that were of which was one who intervened in my own fight. some of you probably saw us scuffle outside..the goon with the shave'd hairline kinda haircut (if you saw it, you'd know what i mean) was feeling awfully macho last night and thought he'd pick a fight with me to make himself feel manly or something (it was totally immature)..i stood up to him and he didnt seem to like make a long story short he was prevented from attacking me and left me with a childish threat... "I'LL REMEMBER YOUR FACE!"(how flattering, wouldnt you say?)
    boz's wife lyn was also being hassled by security and she had her camera snatched and wasnt allowed anywhere near the stage..she definitely looked angry..(she's a really cheery and proud wife, it was a shame to see that happen to her)
    i hope those guys get whats coming to them or at least grow up... kudos to the one or two good guys's nice to see self-control exercised and see that maturity can win.
    dont worry el pasoans...the band now knows about what happened last night...and hopefully if they do comeback it will be at far west..
    (although i cant say i see them ever coming back)
    dannydestruction -- Wednesday September 04 2002, @06:03AM (#38849)
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  • For a second show in the same city, it really should have changed a bit...Please...,At Amber, Glamorous Glue, and Satan have all been soundchecked or played at least once...oh well, maybe in Vegas...(and wouldn't At Amber be perfect even though the Sands is no longer.)
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 04 2002, @09:37AM (#38877)
  • The MOZ was really REALLY having a good time and it showed trough in his performance. I think the set list could have been better but an excellent time was had by all. Can someone please put Alain White on a diet?
    juaninazio -- Wednesday September 04 2002, @11:54AM (#38890)
    (User #847 Info)
  • How long did it take moz to get on stage at this show? What time did he start performing?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 04 2002, @03:41PM (#38923)
    • Re:How long? by aliced (Score:1) Thursday September 05 2002, @11:05AM
  • so what??? (Score:2, Insightful)

    ok, ok, the bouncers, the heat, the crowd,the line, so what? everything it's over, let's just hope for next time (if there's any) things go way much better, and it's freeking obvious it won't be at the same place. I don't like to complaint so much because I was going to see Morrisey live!, not on videos, not on dvd, I wasn't going to hear him on my cd player he was going to be infront of me signing and dancing, and honestly, I could've gone trough a lot more. You all crybabies should realize that he might not come back (even tough he gave us hopes). We should thank whoever brought the show, just think about it, it could've been canceled if they weren't able to find a place. As self proclaimed Morrissey fan, I don't need (and don't want)to start a "witch hunt", it's very unfair to whom made an effort to look for a venue over and over. Besides, Morrissey gave himself to his fans, he didn't mind the heat, you all saw him sweating (right?). This is the way I feel about the concert (and I was there both days), I'm so sorry if someone disagrees with me, but when he came out on stage it was a real star infront of me, and it made me forget about everything, I just don't give a [email protected]*k what I went trough, and like I said, I could've gone trough a lot more, only one more thing to say...

                                    THANKS MORRISSEY!!!!
                                    THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!
                                    VIVA MORRISSEY!!!!!!
                              You have a lovely signing voice
    Beto -- Wednesday September 04 2002, @07:12PM (#38938)
    (User #5622 Info)
  • The concert was excellent, full of energy and Morrissey was as always incredibly sexy. This club Vellare really needs improvement. First of all, they must have sold too many tickets because they closed the doors when the concert started due to safety issues. Bullshit. It was jammed packed and the fire department had to come to the rescue. This left many of us with tickets outside. The security boys were assholes and when they finally decided that the rest of us could go in half way through the show, got to refresh our thirst with 6$ bottles of cheap beer. No wonder I had never been to this club I had never even heard of. I will never return.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 04 2002, @08:13PM (#38943)
  • I can forgive the out of towners for complaining, but most people in El Paso remember Vallare as The Realm and most were there on those 2 cent drink nights...unless you were one of the many "12 year olds" that attended the concert. So, with that in mind, it is common knowledge that Vallare is a small venue. You were all bound to sweat, etc. being a sold out concert. Instead of complaining so much, you guys should focus on the positive. The band played wonderfully and Moz was great. Get over it and on to the next show.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 04 2002, @10:59PM (#38946)
  • Folks, it can only get better now. Unsurprisingly, the lowest moment of Postings for the Morrissey tour came from an event in West Texas. (Oops! Now I'm bashing, this ugly thing is contagious...) What seemed fresh for the first El Paso show has turned into racial slams, non-ideas, non-sequitors and dim comparisons on the merits and likeability of local bouncers and promoters. It can only get better - it has to. At least I hope so.

    Man, all that discussion on Morrissey's use of a stage Gong now seems like gold. Sigh...
    sadlad -- Thursday September 05 2002, @01:31AM (#38956)
    (User #5434 Info)
  • It was an honor to have Morrissey and his players here for *2 days* and have both nights so packed. Because El Paso is a border town, it is very much different than other cities, and it's hard for music and art to thrive here. Morrissey must have had a reason for playing here two nights in a row to 2,000+ with both nights combined, and not any other Texas city. I met Alain Whyte and could not converse with him decently because some l.a. guy kept going on and on about how much El Paso sucks. I'm sure Alain was not impressed by these comments and I'm sure he could care less what people from another cities think of this place. I can say I did not hear one single complaint about the heat, the venue, the bouncers, or the city once Moz took the stage. Everyone looks down on this city because it is stagnant and transitions rather slowly due to its geographics and culture--however, this is not an excuse for people, especially El Pasoans, to bash a place that is already down. Nothing much ever goes one here and when it does, people tend to criticize selfishly. If you don't like where you are, you should leave...and if you hated it here, focus on the wonderful performance you were a part of instead of whinning because you were too weak to handle things here.

    Club Vallare is a hip hop place, so I'm sure most of us won't have to visit it ever again. Also, there is a downstairs level to the club, which could explain why they claimed the place could hold 2000 of us. Let us just thank our lucky stars that the floor did not cave in and that Moz touched our lives two days in a row. I have never seen Morrissey so energetic and pleased with an audience. He was the sweatiest of all of us! Sometimes pleasure is a struggle. I would suffer all over again if I had to just to be a part of it all. Life is never is never kind...
    auxocromo <[email protected]> -- Thursday September 05 2002, @04:38PM (#39055)
    (User #5438 Info |
    --from the heart, which is hurt
  • I saw Morrissey both days and was very glad to have seen him. I drove nine hours from Austin to the concert and was not disappointed one bit. I really did not mind the heat and was actually happy that it was a very small venue. It was actually great to see Morrissey in my hometown of El Paso and was glad that there were still many Morrissey fans out there.

    Now I have to make all of you jeolous and say that I gave Morrissey a tulip and was able to touch his hand when i gave it to him. He had an excellent smile when he looked at me. I truly believe that Morrissey really likes his fans a lot and will come back to El Paso in the future.

    The show was EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!

    abraham w.
    ckpolo14 -- Friday September 06 2002, @11:29AM (#39190)
    (User #5306 Info)
  • i have to say that having a cigarette with gary before the show made up for not meeting morrissey (met him a few years ago anyway)--'cos you can't have a cigarette with morrissey, right?
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 08 2002, @06:53AM (#39446)

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