posted by davidt on Monday September 02 2002, @10:00PM
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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Hairdresser On Fire / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / The First Of The Gang To Die / Jack The Ripper / Late Night, Maudlin Street / I Like You / Mexico / Sister I'm A Poet / Alsatian Cousin / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Meat Is Murder / November Spawned A Monster / Speedway // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
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  • The last Morrissey show ended a looooooooooong time ago and yet no-one has posted any info. I think this says a lot about how we all feel about this tour now. I'm looking forward to seeing him in London but the fact that I know the setlist just as well as he does seems to make the experience less vital. Maybe I'm being too pessimistic. Who knows, maybe he'll do a big set list change soon. I hope so.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @01:23AM (#38667)
  • Club Vallere SUCKED (Score:1, Informative)

    Morrissey was great.. he really was.. what was NOT great was the venue.. it was crowded.. no air anywhere! The crowd actually had to boo the security guards just to get the fan turned on.. hmm I don't know about you but I always thought if you have LOTS of people in a venue it's always good to have circulating air. THE CLUB SUCKED!!
    *tsk* *tsk* @ Joe Dorgan for packing so many people in such a crappy place!!

    But beyond that Morrissey was great! I quickly forgot all these problems once he walked on stage.
    Tristeza -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @01:31AM (#38670)
    (User #5324 Info)
  • The set list stayed the same but the EP crowd did itself proud with enthusiasm
    - despite hours waiting in 90+ degree heat before the show, as well as the
    oven-like atmosphere within the venue. Club Vallare may have been the biggest
    "alternative" venue open to promoters who organized the show - and kudos to
    them for pulling it off - but the place was utterly inappropriate. It was
    inhumanly crowded with no air conditioning (nor sufficient fans/air
    circulation) and sub-standard sound.

    That said, Moz & co. gave up a great show and it was all worthwhile in the end.
    The gag for the night was his repeated references to the city as "El Peso". He
    seemed to struggle with the confines of the stage, noted when he said, "I have
    about three inches to move around so I feel like your average battery hen."
    Being on the border, "Mexico" got big cheers from the crowd; M's comment before
    the song started stated, "This song mentions this state, but it's not meant to
    refer to you - it's meant to refer to everybody outside!" Afterwards he dubbed
    the tune "Texico".

    Fans who hurried outside to try and talk to the man afterwards were
    disappointed as he was whisked away back to the hotel even before the last
    notes of "There Is a Light". A few lucky people who'd staked out the hotel
    post-show were blessed with a glimpse of him and a few "thank you"'s as he
    tried to sneak in off the shuttle.

    The El Paso Times had a photographer at the show so I can only assume a review
    will run, most likely in Wednesday's paper.

    Let's hope they get a few more fans (the cooling kind) for tomorrow's sold-out
    gig because if they try and pack any more people into that place it's going to
    spontaneously combust! Also, queue management was miserable - doors opened at
    8:00 and by that time the line was completely around the block. Having arrived
    just before 8, it took us two solid hours to get in the door. Either arrive
    early and bake in the sun, or wait until dark and hope they have more security
    checking people in to move the line faster.

    Adios and buena suerte if you're headed to Vallare manana!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @01:57AM (#38680)
  • as always a great show by morrissey and company.
    king cheetah, eh, well...two nights more to go..theyre still a tad difficult to was the heat and the amount of people crammed into the tiny space..the heat was sickening and it seemed as if the planning for the show was poorly done..shame on seemed as if the show wouldnt start because they were trying to figure out how to cram everybody into the venue (almost an 1 hr 20 min between king cheetah and morrissey)..i'd have to say the santa fe experience was a tad more pleasant..but the band rocked out just as much if not more.. the legend himself, boz, rocked out hard...and gaz, well, much to our dismay did not play rigormortis rock..
    tonight's show should be a tough one too..but hopefully the band will make it worth it again..
    hopefully our teacher friends and albuquerque counterparts will post a review too..(please)
    dannydestruction -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @07:40AM (#38709)
    (User #6074 Info)
  • moz was great...i think that the band was more enthusiastic than they were at the santa fe...more energy from the audience to feed off of...but i would have to agree with everyone else when they say that the venue was a bad one...Yes, IT SUCKED! and we had to wait an hour and twenty minutes after crappy king cheetah to see moz play. but the band made up for it by putting on a great show. the maturity level of the audience was a lot different from that of the santa fe show...but i guess our devotion allowed us to get through it anyway.(to boz and gaz that is) tonight i'm definitely going to stand away from the front of the stage so that i'll actually be able to breathe and possibly not have someone else sweat all over me.
    thalia_destruction -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @07:57AM (#38714)
    (User #6162 Info)
  • First of all Morrissey was incredible last night! What a performance! He seemed to be very flattered by the overwhelming cheers that the crowd gave him. He was literally surrounded by fans. There were so many people in the club that security had to let fans stand behind the stage. They could not pack us fans in any closer together through the front of the club. It was disgusting! I would not be surprised to see the fire department show up for tonight's show. Show up early before the fire department stops the line of fans from entering a very dangerous venue! There were dozens of people sitting and lying on the floor trying to cool off but there was no relief for many of them as they left the club halfway through the show. They did not look very happy. What were you thinking Joe Dorgan? Next time you do a show of this caliber show the artist and the fans some respect by having the show at a venue with some ventilation, some room to be able to walk to the restrooms or for water, a decent sound system, and better security than the goons you had last night! This show was over-sold, plain and simple. It is this kind of greed that has killed Joe Dorgan's Club 101. Anybody been there lately? I didn't think so. I believe he now plays latin salsa music at the club that used to be legendary for playing great music and hosting great bands. I stopped going as the club starting playing more and more rap music, even on their 80's night! So sad. Like I said before, if you are going to tonight's show get there early before the fire department shows up! It took me 2 hours from the time they opened the doors to get in. It's amazing what Moz fans have to put up with to see him. Even with the heat I got chills all over watching Morrissey singing on stage. See you tonight!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @08:44AM (#38719)
  • dial a set list? (Score:3, Insightful)

    a thought occurred to me about one of the perils of the internet. yes, it's great to have a satellite link tracing moz's ever wince and sigh, but it comes with a price.

    gone are the days when one might read a concert revue in some obscure fanzine months later.

    given the information and the baiting of expections, one may wonder if moz will (or even should) ante up.

    just something for you to ponder...

    "With your standards so high..."
    thirsty fists <[email protected]> -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @08:58AM (#38722)
    (User #149 Info)
    "world's ugliest boy"
  • After meeting the man himself this past Sunday when he rolled into town (a little secret pal allowed it) was worth the wait and the heat to see him. He did put on a great show and the crowd was very enthusiastic despite the fact that everyone lost about ten pounds by the end of the night due to the free sauna in there. The air was cranked up to high, but that building is so old that it seemed like nothing was's always been like that...not to mention that they oversold. It's quite common for Joe to do that. I did have a good spot on the DJ booth and enjoyed the show, but even then, I felt like I was at a wet t-shirt contest. The set list is the same as the previous shows and the band did play with heart. The sound was even pretty good and although, Morrissey complained several times about the heat, he said he'd keep playing. Hopefully, tonight he'll add in "At Amber" or "Please, Please, Please..." but regardless, I know I will enjoy the show. Oh, King Cheetah wasn't too bad...just a lot of screaming, though, in the songs. Victoria in Reverse was pretty good.
    17YRFAN -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @10:32AM (#38749)
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    "And love is just a miserable lie.... You have destroyed my flower-like life"
  • Hey, setlists are also the same!!! One or two different songs and that's that. It's very simple. Stop doing like Julia going to every single show. Go to the one nearby your home and stop. You act like crazy boys. One or two shows is enough. Imagine if Morrissey had to rehearsal all his songs to choose a few each night to satisfied you crazy boys. He don't owe you anything.
    Marco -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @10:59AM (#38751)
    (User #615 Info)
    And all those lies, written lies, twisted lies. Well, they weren't lies, they weren't lies...
    • Re:Don't go by gonzo (Score:0) Tuesday September 03 2002, @03:44PM
      • Re:Don't go by Marco (Score:0) Tuesday September 03 2002, @05:43PM
  • What's the deal Joe? If the show tonight doesn't improve GREATLY, I will never support any Joe D. sponsored event (including the run down clubs)! Didn't you learn your lesson with the NIN fire marshall fiasco, Joe? Come on dude!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @11:11AM (#38755)
  • To those of you who would expect the Fire Department to aggresively address the over packing of this venue..... It is the Fire Department that gives the venue the occupancy rating. So for them to suggest that the venue is over occupied is to say that their initial evaluation was incorrect. It's just not gonna happen. Furthermore, as former venue owner let me state this from my personal experience...occupancy ratings for such venues work allot like magic but with more money involved. You grease the palm of a Fire Marshall or Inspector and presto chango your occupancy went from 100-150 just like that. Or sometimes it is a simple as they want 5 bathroom stalls per every 500 people.. You only have 2. So what do you do you hire a plumber that they recommend to install the additional ones. They get a commission (under the table of course) and you get your increase. The strange part is this - they (the toilets)don't always have to be in working condition just present.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @11:39AM (#38760)
  • Heard Joe on the Flashback Lunchbox radio show. He said to come to tonight's show dressed in some light clothing like a t-shirt because it may get "a little warm but nothing too uncomfortable"! Whatever Joe!! Damn A-hole just wants my wet sweaty 30 bucks!!! Oh yeah, also said if you don't have a ticket to come anyways! I can already hear the fire truck sirens coming!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @12:57PM (#38771)
  • it would seem that everyone has a complaint about something. why does everyone hate security so much, if people would act normal at shows maybe the security would have an easier job. another thing that no one knows is that other local venues were contacted and did not want to be the moz venue. how would you feel if the moz show was at speaking rock or the far worst rodeo. just be lucky that joe brought the show to ep and it didn't skip town.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @01:22PM (#38774)
  • I have a friend who wants to come along on Friday and was wondering if anyone has a single ticket they're not using. He won't pay through the nose and he'll try to buy one there from a scalper, but he'd like to know he's got one before the trip. reply here or e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks!
    tigerwoods -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @03:56PM (#38791)
    (User #5212 Info)
  • i don't feel so sad about missing El Paso.

    I was thinking i missed something good, and maybe i did if we lived in a perfect world where 1100 people meant 1100 people.

    And i don't even hear anyone saying anything about the rumored appearances of band members at the pre-show party. Either they are all jaded because they get to meet the band everyday, or maybe the band was out having fun across the border.

        Supposedly the club owner was on the radio today. I could just hear that one. "hey, maaann, its sold out, but we get you in, no problem! talk to my cousin."

    I really don't want to be there when the riot breaks out.

    "hey, yeah, i won't be in to work for a while. I'm calling from PRISON."

    oh well. if any of those british journalists ARE still following the tour, as said by, maybe they've had some sense to hold off a bit to document these dates. They show up to freaking Arizona and expect a party. It's like someone showing up to colorado in July with skiing equipment.

    Then again, from everything they've said that i've read, it looks like they know as much about hispanola as they would a family of Eskimos living in Lappland. Not that i'm queen of the know it alls in that area, either, but at least i've actually talked to a few in my lifetime.
    suzanne -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @04:29PM (#38793)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
  • Hell Paso (Score:1, Interesting)

    I will get all of the negatives out of the way and then focus on the positives of the night. I drove 9 hours to Hell Paso to see Moz for the first time since the wonderful tour of 1992 what a long time ago. I had to drive so far, because for some reason Moz hates any city in Texas except El Paso. Anyways I guess I should address the show. I won't say much about the crap venue since enough has been said, but I will say a few things. Call me petty, but I was thoroughly annoyed by the 17-21 yr olds that completely hogged and pushed there selfish way to the middle and frontmost area of the stage. I had a good position in front after waiting hours only to be shoved out of the way by guys making way for their four foot tall girlfriends that couldn't see Moz. They looked as if they were only wanting to be there to say they went to a Moz concert. I wasn't interested in pushing sweaty stinky bodies to hold my position and by the time Screaming Cheetah oops King Cheetah got off the fricking stage thank god, it must have been 120 degrees in that crap for a venue. By the way I have heard good noise music and Screaming Cheetah isn't it. So I stepped off to the side. I jokingly turned to one idiot next to me with a nose piercing and asked how he thought they were going to get everyone in the venue he didn't seem to care, he said he was in and that was all that mattered, selfish ass. Anyway I couldn't help but be depressed seeing Morrissey play in such a crap venue after seeing the much bigger shows of 1992. The sound totally sucked ass in the venue as well. It was purely awful. Well as you know Morrissey didn't come on for an hour and 20 after Screaming Cheetah (god I hope I don't upset their singer) and I must say it was very powerful hearing the actor recite the lines from that play that eludes me now and knowing Moz was finally going to come out. By the way I can't believe Moz actually came out with everything going on. I was shocked. He looked great 10 yrs older and he was charming as always. The highlights were definitely Late Night Maudlin, Jack the Ripper, all four of the new songs, which thanks to the internet I was able to sing along to. I really think Crashing Bores is a wonderful song and I loved hearing him do it live right there, it was truly incredible. Speedway was wonderful. It was a great performance by Moz even though he was soaked in his own sweat and he really gave it all he had. I was really shocked to see him perform like that under the conditions. We met some people in front of us in the line that were very nice and one of them bought a sombrero for Moz and gave it to him during Mexico. He held it for a bit and threw it out to the audience. She had put a note in it for him and I was sad to see him throw it out. She really seemed to be enjoying herself not like the other annoying people all around me who just wanted to make asses of themselves. Ok so some more negatives, Americans should really work on their Morrissey chanting, I mean I didn't say his name at all knowing I would sound stupid. If you watch the Hulmerist video and listen to the Brits yelling his name as if it were a football match and it really sounds cool, but Americans just can't pull it off. Despite my complaints about sound and venue and annoying people I really enjoyed myself singing along with Moz and watching his every move, hearing him for the first time in a long time live. It was wonderful. Moz what can we do to get you back to the rest of Texas, I don't know what we did in the first place.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 03 2002, @05:07PM (#38800)
    • Re:Hell Paso by sadlad (Score:1) Tuesday September 03 2002, @09:14PM
      • Re:Hell Paso by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday September 04 2002, @10:18AM
  • It is one thing to be loud and talentless, but please don't be rude to audience, especially when they are blowing off steam due to the heat. My friend got flipped off by that pathetic "Kurt Cobain" wannbe when she screamed at them from the side balcony. Shame on you wankers, if you don't be careful, you will end up being more of a Spinal Tap caricature! BTW, those Cheetah CD's and Shirts were selling faster than hot cups of coffee in hell, taking up space from the more valuable Morrissey merchandise.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 04 2002, @12:48AM (#38825)
  • Check out the review from Monday's show with about 6 photos:
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 04 2002, @09:20AM (#38865)

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